EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Food (wholesome) - Foreign country, Foreign countries

Food (wholesome)

1. For children and youth

2. Nourishing (nutritious)

3. Palatable (appetizing)

4. Preparation of (proper)

5. Quantity of

6. Simple (plain)

7. Variety of

8. Miscellaneous

1. For children and youth 2T 359-62

abundance of, provide CG 390

best of, provides CG 390

building up mind and body, provide SD 212

cooked improperly, do not serve 2T 61

plain, is best CD 232-3

provide only 2SM 439

selection of, care needed in CH 114

2. Nourishing (nutritious)

affliction of body by depriving it of, mistaken notions re 1T 205

body must be supplied 9T 161

digestible and, peanuts in limited quantities may be used with grains in making 7T 134

eat only 4T 365

good blood made by 2T 537

health cannot be retained without 2T 538

health reform calls for CD 273

many people do not understand how to prepare CD 275

need of CD 344; 9T 162

people who labor with their hands need 1T 206

pregnant woman needs 2T 378-9, 382

preparation of, skill needed in CD 408; CG 372; CH 117; MH 303

prepare CD 203; COL 359

serve only 3T 489

tact and discretion needed in preparing CD 92

visitors should be served CD 88

3. Palatable (appetizing)

art of preparing, importance of CD 263

bountiful variety of, consisting of fruits, grains, vegetables, milk, and cream, of which we may freely eat CD 92

can be had, without its being rich CD 289

do not deprive yourself of MH 323

God esteems those who prepare CD 251

harmful foods should be replaced by CD 92; 9T 163

health reform calls for CD 273

inviting and, needed Ed 216

milk or cream used with vegetables make 9T 162

need of CG 373; MH 303; 2T 538; 9T 162

not all persons can eat the same kind of CH 154; MH 320

preparation of, most valuable of all arts CD 263

skill needed in CD 408; CG 372; CH 117; MH 303

prepare CD 473; COL 359; 2T 538

from locally grown products 7T 133

so that unperverted appetite can relish it CD 196; 2T 367

remedial agency Te 248

restaurants should learn to prepare CD 275

sanitarium patients should be served abundance of CD 289

simple and, learn to prepare CD 256

skill needed to prepare CG 372; CH 117; MH 303

strengthening and, householder should provide MH 322

students should be taught how to prepare CT 312

teach people how to prepare CW 129; 9T 161

time is not wasted in learning to prepare 1T 682

variety of, can be had CD 256; 2T 373

vegetables make, with milk or cream CD 92; 9T 162

well-cooked, need of CD 354

women should learn to prepare 1T 681

4. Preparation of (proper) MM 225; 7T 124-6

art of: cook’s sacred duty to learn MH 302

children should be taught CT 127; FE 160

daughters should be taught 2T 369

give more attention to MH 300; MM 270

more important than teaching music or dressmaking MM 270

most valuable of all arts MM 270

new believers should be taught CD 443

person who understands, worthy of highest commendation CD 251

san. patients should be taught CH 469

SDA should learn CH 117

teach people GW 233; MM 262, 306; MYP 218; 7T 113, 132-7; 9T 112; WM 128

wife who did not know 2T 369

ask God for wisdom re CD 271

blood of good quality calls for 1T 682

butter in, poor people should not be required to give up MM 289

God will give ability and tact in eliminating 7T 135

teach people how to eliminate use of 7T 135

See also Butter

care needed in CD 196; MH 318; 2T 367

Christ will instruct His people re, for all times and occasions 7T 114

cream in, as part of healthful diet CD 92; 9T 162

God will give ability and tact in eliminating 7T 135

See also Cream

discretion needed in MM 273

eggs in, God will give ability and tact in eliminating 7T 135 See also Eggs

every improvement possible in, teach people to make 7T 113

God is teaching men and women re 7T 113

God promises skill and understanding in MM 267

God will give good judgment in CD 287

God will guide and teach His people re CD 92, 268

God will teach men how to utilize natural products in MM 268

good can be done by teaching people re CD 254

grease defiles 2T 63

how God regards MM 271

importance of knowledge re 1T 682

in best manner possible, should be a science CD 289

in inviting manner, needed CD 211, 232; 2T 538

in simple manner, be satisfied with CD 85

camp meetings need 2T 602

teach people art of CD 260, 296, 473; CG 372; CH 117; MH 296, 303; ML 132; 2T 46, 63, 68, 485; 5T 311; 9T 161; Te 157

in tasteful manner, needed CD 211; Ev 265

ingenuity needed in 6T 374

instruction in, is important CH 450-1

means of breaking down prejudice CD 472

need of CD 470, 472

restaurants should give 7T 115

sanitariums should give CD 254

schools should give CD 254

should be given from house-to-house CD 443; Ev 527-8

intelligence needed in MH 300

knowledge re, is God’s property 7T 133

learn to utilize products of your section of country in MM 268, 274

milk in, as part of healthful diet CD 92; 9T 162

God will give ability and tact in eliminating 7T 135

teach people how to eliminate use of 7T 135

See also Milk

mother’s time should not be absorbed in CD 232

much is to be learned in CD 272

nicety needed in, correctly representing health reform CD 211

which invites appetite 2T 63

nurses should be taught MM 226

parents’ duty re 3T 568

physicians should educate people responsible for CD 256

science of, teaching of MM 266

should not encourage gluttony or gratify perverted tastes CH 50

skill needed in CD 408; Ev 265; MH 300; MM 226

that it will be eaten with enjoyment 1T 682

that it will not make sour stomachs and tempers MM 270

to secure best mental conditions CH 50

to secure greatest physical strength CH 50

skillful, one of most essential arts CD 263; CT 312-3; MM 269

stands above music teaching or dressmaking CD 263; MM 269-70

very important FE 425

study and experimentation needed to improve 7T 112

tact needed in MM 226, 273; 6T 374

what to remember as you use best ingredients in COL 359

5. Quantity of

average, at camp meeting persons accustomed to hard work should eat less than 2T 602

excessive, fretfulness in babies caused by AH 261; CD 228

for your personal need, not necessary that someone prescribe 2T 374

health reformers can err re 2T 365

insufficient, good blood cannot be made by 2T 368

intemperance seen in CH 576

men often eat much larger, than can be easily digested 7T 257

mistaken idea re proper CG 399

need of right FE 425; 2T 485

never eat double, simply because it tastes good 2T 373

people can subsist on much less, than we think CH 495

personal need of, cannot be prescribed by weight CD 108

persons craving great, should not indulge appetite GW 230

reduced, physical strength is reduced by 2T 63

should be in strict accordance with laws of health 2T 367

surplus, nature must work hard to get rid of MM 295

system should be supplied sufficient FE 425

twice as much, as system needs is often eaten MM 295

See also Eating excessively; Gluttony

6. Simple (plain)

be satisfied with CD 85; 4aSG 129

brain affected by 2T 46

camp meetings need CH 121; 2T 602

child should be allowed only CD 228; 2SM 439

child who did not relish FE 151

children should be taught to be content with CT 158

Christ fed 5,000 with DA 367; MH 47

church members should show neighbors how to prepare 7T 112-3

Daniel and companions ate CD 31; PK 484

digestive organs not weakened by 3T 568

eat only CD 87, 90, 333; CH 37; MM 274; 5T 311; 9T 163

at all times MM 295; 5T 206

to preserve health CD 85

eating too much, results of 2SM 412

family that perished from lack of 2T 384

God has provided abundance of CD 90-2; MM 283

good blood made by 2T 537

health and strength ensured by 2T 432

is best AH 262; CD 52

Israel ate, while in bondage PP 377

Israelites murmured against 3SG 249-50

live on 1T 455

make proper use of CD 90; MM 283

many people will not understand how to prepare CD 275

nerves steadied by 2SM 437

nervous forces not unbalanced by 3T 568

outdoor picnics need 1T 514-5

patients should be taught to eat MM 260; 2SM 281

persons of sedentary habits should eat sparingly of 4T 515

preparation of: all need to understand CD 473; CH 155; MH 323

instruction needed re CD 470

instruction re, needed in every church 7T 112

many people will not understand art of CD 275

men should understand CH 155; MH 323

recommended 2T 46

san. patients should be taught to eat MM 260; 2SM 281

sanitariums should serve MM 170

sin of eating too much 2T 412

stomach’s health maintained by 2SM 437

strength and power of endurance imparted by MH 296

vigor and intellect imparted by MH 296

what to do if at first you cannot enjoy 4aSG 131

7. Variety of MM 276

ample, God has given MH 297

available CD 256, 390; 2T 373

bountiful, palatable, and nutritious, provided by God CD 92; 3T 50, 63

cooked in healthful manner, men can have CD 256; 2T 373

great variety (or too many kinds) of MM 276

dangers of eating, at one time CD 110

digestive organs injured by 7T 257; Te 161-2

do not eat, at one meal CD 87, 107, 111, 169, 275-6, 333; MM 225, 274; 2T 63

do not eat hurriedly of GW 241

do not force upon digestive organs a CD 111-2

dyspepsia caused by 7T 257

not essential to sustain life Te 161

overeating encouraged by 3T 563

sedentary workers should avoid, at one meal Ed 205

war in stomach caused by Te 161-2

mixture and, stomach ruined by CD 411

needless, caution against buying 4T 646

8. Miscellaneous

Adam’s original diet of, is best 7T 135

brain and nerve powers nourished by FE 227

camp meetings should provide CD 329; 5T 162-3

prepared in simple manner CH 121

children should be trained from infancy to eat only CD 239

children should not be permitted to eat only, that they like CG 391

children should not be permitted to murmur re CG 391

do not deny yourself of CD 203

eat freely of, twice a day CD 191

eat only 2SM 416

eat regularly of MM 230

eat temperately of CD 281

eating excessively of See Eating excessively

eating immoderately of, avoid CH 119

excessive eating of best, produces morbid condition of moral feelings CH 67

expensive, do not buy TM 179

needless variety of, results in neglect to feed the hungry 4T 646

family should be provided 2SM 427

fasting makes, palatable CH 148; 4aSG 131

for students MM 79-80

for visitors CD 88

free from irritating substances, needed CD 339

general meetings should provide, prepared in simple manner CH 121

God can provide, in wilderness PK 242-3

good quality of: body tissues of good quality require CG 373; CH 116

eat regularly of MM 230

good blood requires CD 263, 306; MM 230, 270; 2T 537

health reformers can err by eating immoderately of 2T 365

sanitarium patients should be served abundance of CD 289

sick persons should be supplied MM 228

system should be supplied FE 425

healthful sinews and muscles need FE 227

inexpensive: health reform calls for CD 273

needed CD 272

teach people how to prepare CW 129; 7T 113

intemperate eating of, system injured by CD 131

learn what, to eat and how to cook it MH 323

learn what kinds of, best nourish body CH 565; GW 241

moderation essential in use of CG 391

multiplied by God, in hands of sons of prophets PK 242-3

necessary for health, every country produces CD 94

nuts used too freely in CD 269

overeating of See Eating excessively; Gluttony

people are enabled by, to better appreciate words of life 5T 163

people are made more susceptible to Spirit’s influence by 5T 163

physicians should prescribe, best suited for patients CD 306

pure, be satisfied with CD 85

health and strength call for CG 188

quality of: attention should be given to MH 300

care should be given to CH 577

intemperance seen in CH 576

need of proper FE 425; 2T 485

should be in strict accordance with laws of health 2T 367

san. patients should be served MM 228

san. workers should show value of CD 282

selection of, care needed in MH 318

teach people how to make MM 306

serve enough of, to nourish system CD 489-90

SDA diet should consist of, now Ev 265

sick people helped by, to find health 7T 86

simplification of, reason for failure in 2T 63

strength-giving, san. workers should be served CD 297

students should be supplied abundance of MM 79-80; 6T 209

system should be supplied with FE 425

taste for, cultivate MM 108

tastefully prepared, san. patients should be served CD 285, 289

tasteless, extremists in danger of MM 287

tasteless and insipid, do not prepare CD 203

teach people how to use locally grown products as MM 262

that is eaten is never lost CD 409

unstimulating, children should have CD 243; CG 461

is best CD 52

stomach that will not acknowledge CD 340

varied diet of, sick people need CD 203; MM 287

vary your: according to circumstances MH 296

from day to day CH 155; MH 300

from meal to meal CD 109-10, 408

warm, needed at camp meeting 2T 602

waste of, sanitarium cooks should avoid CD 298

EGW suffered from lack of 2T 373

Food, Foods, health

1. Manufacture (production) of

2. Preparation of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Manufacture (production) of CD 268-72; 7T 57, 127-31

business of 7T 57

careful and prayerful consideration needed in 7T 124

connected with school at Avondale CL 20:1

cost of, lessen CD 273

different countries need 7T 124-5, 128

from products grown there CD 272

do not conduct, in selfish way 7T 130

employment should be provided by, for needy believers CD 272

for needy poor 7T 57

famine and distress will greatly simplify CD 271

God will give tact and intelligence in CH 496

God will help in, in different countries CD 269, 272

improvements can be made in 7T 127

in other countries, do not forbid CD 272

industries for, should be established in many places 7T 125

lesson on economy in CD 271

men of ability and economy needed in 7T 57

methods of, betrayed to worldly businessmen 7T 129

wordly businessmen should not be given knowledge of 7T 129

much still to be learned re CD 271

not needed merely to supply physical needs CD 277

process of, needs to be simplified CD 273

purpose of, speculation for personal gain should not be CD 269; 7T 57

reasonable income should be produced by 7T 129

rights to produce CD 272; 7T 128

secrets of Dr. J. H. Kellogg’s, do not pry into 7T 132

selfish and worldly policy should not govern 7T 57

warning re CD 277

2. Preparation of CD 268-72; 7T 127-31

formula for, should not be sold for personal profit 7T 130

fruits, grains, and roots may be used in CD 268, 272; 7T 125-6

God will give skill in CD 268; 7T 127-8, 132-3

God will give wisdom in 7T 124, 128

in different countries CD 269, 272

in different places CD 271; 7T 132

in mission fields CD 272

ingenuity needed in 7T 132

instruction re, needed wherever a church exists CD 275

needed wherever a church school exists CD 275

knowledge re, do not selfishly withhold 7T 125

light re, not confined to few persons 7T 128

that should not be made public 7T 130

many products may be combined in 7T 132

nuts should not be used too freely in 7T 126

unwholesome ingredients should not be used in 7T 130-1

3. Miscellaneous

answering every purpose, needed CD 270

churches should prepare CD 272

Dr. J. H. Kellogg and associates prepared special line of 7T 127

foreign countries should not depend on America for CD 272; 7T 124-5

God originated CD 269

God’s productions CD 272

impure articles should not be placed on market as 7T 130

inexpensive: different countries need CD 272

God will teach men how to prepare 7T 128

need of CD 268, 270; 7T 128, 132

need of preparing CD 272; 7T 57, 125

people should be taught how to prepare 7T 135

poor people need CD 272; 7T 125, 128

Southern States of USA need 7T 57

make, blessing especially to the poor 7T 132-3

nourishing and palatable, people should be taught how to prepare 7T 135

nut See Nut food

people should be taught to prepare, for themselves CD 272

from local products 7T 132

persons experienced in sale of, should sell SDA books also FE 521-2

sale of 7T 132

careful and prayerful consideration needed in 7T 124

profits from, should come principally from world 7T 126

schools should be held to give instruction re Ev 534

sellers of 7T 124-6

simple, need of more CD 268

need of preparing CD 272; 7T 57, 125

people in mission fields should be taught how to prepare CD 275

people should be taught how to prepare CD 275

wholesome and inexpensive, experimentation needed to produce CD 271

Food business, health

Food business, health 7T 57

conduct, for purpose of educating people to live healthfully and economically MM 267

dishonest practices in, warning against 7T 130

do not borrow or steal, from others 7T 129

do not conduct, for selfish purposes 7T 125

employment should be provided by, for poor and needy persons 7T 128

extravagance in, warning against CH 495-6

make, subject of earnest prayer CD 271

needs means and co-operation of SDA CD 350

object of, should not be financial gain MM 267

should not be financial speculation for personal gain 7T 128

one of God’s instrumentalities for supplying a necessity 7T 114

persons who operate and work in, warning to 7T 130

profits from, should be used for benefit of suffering humanity 7T 128

purpose of, to provide substitute for flesh meats CD 350

to provide substitutes for milk and butter CD 350

should be school industry CH 495

slipshod work in, warning against CH 496

Southern States of USA need 7T 128

trouble as high as mountains lies ahead for 7T 127

various industries should be established in connection with 7T 57

work of, greatest simplicity needed in CH 496

Food combinations

Food combinations, complex, not needed MM 281

complicated mixtures of, health-destroying CD 113

health injured by CD 113

for sanitarium patients, care needed in MM 283-4

improper, blood contaminated by 7T 257

brain confused by 7T 257

caution re CD 275

disturbance in digestive organs created by CD 111; 7T 257

fermentation in stomach created by MM 225; 7T 257

stomach disturbance caused by CD 111-2

judgment needed in determining what, agree with you CD 492

proper, attention should be given to Ed 205

knowledge re, is of great worth CD 282; MM 284

need of knowledge re CD 109

richer, sanitarium patients need CD 298

simple, should be made of nuts, grains, and fruits CD 269

wholesome: combine fruits, seeds, grains, and roots into CD 470

grains and vegetables may be used in making healthful MM 267

teach people how to put together MM 267; WM 128

Food elements

Food elements, all needed, found in grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts CD 92, 310, 313, 363; Ed 204; MM 267

proper, blood must be supplied with MH 271

Food factory, Food factories, health

Food factory, Food factories, health, denominational time and money should not be largely employed in establishing CT 494; FE 488-9

methods used in 7T 130

sales of foods prepared in, health education’s relation to 7T 132

why SDA establish, while believing in nearness of second advent MM 268


commercial interest less important for, than spiritual 3SM 47:4

problems of location of, shown to Ellen White 3SM 46:4

Food industry, Food industries, health

Food industry, Food industries, health, establish, in many places 7T 125

Sabbathkeeping businessmen will be impressed to establish 7T 128

school needs CH 495

Food manufacturer, Food manufacturers, health

Food manufacturer, Food manufacturers, health 7T 124-6

Food preparation, Food preparations

Food preparation, Food preparations, expensive, health not ensured by use of CD 270

many people cannot buy CD 268

no need of using most CD 273

food treasures of each country should be used in producing 7T 124

less expensive, God will teach His servants how to make 7T 127

should be made of grains and fruits CD 270

nuts should not be used too freely in 7T 126

production of, experimentation needed in 7T 124

retarding or preventing recovery of health, sick persons should be denied MM 260

rich, do not continue to use 9T 153

simpler, God will teach His servants how to make 7T 127

should be prepared from fruits, grains, and vegetables CD 270

some manufactured, can be improved 7T 126

unhealthful: do not continue to use 9T 153

physical, mental, and moral efficiency weakened by CW 125

schools should not serve CT 298

students should not be served 9T 157

Food product, Food products

Food product, Food products, locally grown, study and carefully investigate CD 273

teach people how to wisely utilize GW 233

Food question

Food question, light on, is to SDA what manna was to Israel MM 267

perfection not yet reached in CD 271

Food recipe, Food recipes

Food recipe, Food recipes, for bean broth 2T 603

for camp meeting 2T 603

for graham gems CD 319-20, 343

for graham gruel 2T 603

for nut foods MM 274

for rolls CD 320

in health journals, care needed in preparing CW 129; 7T 126

in How to Live 1T 680

need of plainest, simplest, and most wholesome CW 129

nuts in CD 273, 364-5; 7T 126

sanitarium cook should not confine himself to CD 297

unwholesome, discard CD 297; 7T 135

See also Camp-meeting recipes

Food sale, Food sales

Food sale, Food sales WM 284-8

at state fair in Battle Creek WM 284

on holiday occasions WM 285

Food store, Food stores

Food store, Food stores, denominational time and money should not be largely employed in establishing CT 494; Ev 24; FE 488-9; 8T 229

in San Francisco, Calif. 7T 110; WM 112

Southern States of USA need 7T 56, 234

Food work, health

Food work, health: God’s gift to His people 7T 128

God’s property CD 269, 272; 7T 128

great dangers that may attend CD 277

how to profitably engage in CD 277


“Fool,” use of word, in OT Scriptures MB 57

Fool, Fools

Fool, Fools, educated, girls who are 3T 152

intoxicating liquor makes Te 39

need of becoming, to have wisdom from God AH 404

to know true wisdom of Christ TM 196

persons who became, in supposed wisdom 2T 42

prodigal son as COL 199

prosperous persons who become, in eyes of God and angels 2T 42

rich, parable of See Parable

smartness that almost makes man a 2T 563

wise men who are 6BC 1068

wives who make themselves 2T 463-4

worldly wise men whose only hope is in becoming 4T 541

See also Dunce


professed wise ones become Mar 76:3

Satan makes, of people he controls 3SM 164:2

scientists feeling power of own wisdom pronounced 3SM 307:0

“Fool’s Prayer.”

“Fool’s Prayer.” poem by Edward Roland Sill, quoted MB 124

Foolish indulgence, Foolish indulgences

Foolish indulgence, Foolish indulgences, youth should not fritter away time in 3T 222


Foolishness, close your heart against all SD 283

highest human knowledge is, in comparison with Christ’s knowledge 5T 588

human wisdom is 6T 151

leaning on your own wisdom is 4T 538

men whose wisdom is 1SM 16; 2T 569

philosophers in, exalt nature’s law above nature’s God 6BC 1068

whiling away time in, unbecoming to Christian 7T 204

wisdom of persons separating from God will be found to be 4T 560

See also Folly


avoid; we have been bought with a price VSS 269:1

broad road travelers indulge freely in TMK 303:3

cleansing desire for, to reap righteousness TMK 281:4

dishonors God HP 161:4

eternal things kept in mind would preclude HP 299:3

excuse for licentiousness and, as thoughtlessness TSB 146:4

forbidden by example of Christ; absent in life with grace TMK 138:3

joy in God’s love and truth has no foundation in HP 245:3

joy of Christ lacking when pleasure is found in 1MCP 315:1

lives of professed Christians reveal TMK 352:3

mind emptied of, supplied with Holy Spirit OHC 115:4

parties of,

on enemy’s ground TDG 10:2

where all is lightness FLB 237:3

peace of mind lacking after a day of OHC 115:3

produces cheap experience and is not to be encouraged HP 245:3

put away; take hold of God; improvement possible 1MCP 105:3

soul with truth will not have TDG 207:2

Spirit of Christ grieved by, in home and church TDG 73:3

spiritual indifference and, friends not to have OHC 256:4

youth and children to empty minds of OHC 202:5

youth generally characterized by OHC 283:2

See also Joking; Trivia

Foolish talk

Foolish talk, persons indulging in, what to do in company of COL 337

Foot (feet)

Foot (feet), children’s, need of properly clothing 2SM 470-1

cold: drive blood from extremities to brain or internal organs 2SM 296-7

students who have hot heads and Ed 208

unwise to sit with CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 296

cut off, if necessary to save body AA 313

girls’, should be as warmly clad as those of boys 2SM 471

given that men might run in way of God’s commandments 6T 298

habitually cold, cause of 2T 532

keep your, comfortable with warm clothing 2SM 479

injured, prayer for healing of 2SG 117-8

Israel’s, did not swell in wilderness PP 429

placed under law 8T 264

protect your: from cold and damp CG 425

from cold by abundant clothing MH 293

in damp weather CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 297

in exercising in open air 2T 529

provided with large veins and nerves 2T 531

rusty nail passed through 2SG 117

thin-soled gaiter boots worn by 2SM 470

women’s, should be clad as warmly as men’s 2SM 477; 1T 459

See also Extremity


choice of God to use, may result in hunting for souls TDG 26:6

Christ washed disciples’, in love and rebuke to prepare them RC 261:3

know whether, planted on eternal Rock OHC 356:3

talent of, to be shod with preparation of the gospel TMK 328:2

Football playing

Football playing, absorbs people’s attention Te 142

Christ’s disciples not educated to play, to obtain physical exercise FE 229

Christians should not play FE 225

counteracts Spirit’s influence and work 1SM 131; Te 142

has become school of brutality Ed 210

objections to, in school Ed 210; FE 225, 229; 1SM 131

students’ interest in, Satan exploits 1SM 131

three evil characteristics developed by Ed 210

Foot bath, Foot baths

Foot bath, Foot baths, warm, eucalyptus leaves used in 2SM 301

Footprint, Footprints

Footprint, Footprints, Christ’s: how to follow in GW 336

keep your feet in GW 316

mark path of trial 4T 448

reward of men who walk in DA 523

way to heaven consecrated by DA 480; GC 633

where to find MH 106; TM 512

leaving, behind on sands of time 2SM 168

Foot race

Foot race See Race

Footstep, Footsteps

Footstep, Footsteps, Christ’s, walk continually in 1SM 191

of approaching God can be heard Ev 219

Foot washing

Foot washing See Feet washing


Forbearance, cherish 2T 647; 4T 133

Christ taught men CT 29-30; FE 177

Christ’s, toward people who spurn Him 2T 566

Christ’s spirit of, partake of 6T 473

Christian 5T 331-6

exerts powerful influence for good Te 131

Christian’s life should ever be characterized by 2SG 266

Christlike, leader in God’s cause should manifest MM 164

manifest, to the erring AH 118; ML 84

cultivate 4BC 1160

divine, men today are under 6T 426

draw, from God CG 58

due to persons who fall under temptation 5T 247

exemplify Christ’s character in 5T 239

exercise of, all associations of life call for MH 483

God’s: Canaan’s posterity passed limits of PP 118

caused Eli’s sons to harden their hearts PP 582

end of, with people persisting in disobedience is rapidly approaching PK 276

has limit 7BC 946; LS 413; 5T 117-8, 208

is wonderful COL 177

Israelites who presumed on, till they sealed their destiny PP 361

man has remission of past sins through DA 762

men are fast approaching limit of 4BC 1169; 9T 13; TM 21

nations are fast approaching limit of 5T 524

people of Sodom passed limits of PP 159

presumed upon continually 5T 139

presumption on 2SM 372

sign that limit of, is reached 5T 451

toward the wicked, emboldens men in transgression GC 627; PP 628

toward the wicked is part of vast and merciful plan Ev 697

very great PK 275-6; PP 588

will not always continue FE 357

with His people’s tardy and unbelieving movements 8T 27

with Satan COL 72

God’s means of calling our, into action WM 306

God’s restraint removed when men pass limits of His GC 36

God’s wonderful, toward sinner 3BC 1147

gospel worker needs to be educated in 2T 220

hearts of, Christians need 3T 111

is fruit of tree of love 2T 134-5

kind, how the ungrateful and guilty are affected by MH 495

lack of, cloud brought over family by CG 246; 1T 386

displeases God CG 246; 1T 386

lessons of, for ministers and church members 4T 486

manifest: in home AH 429

in order to be light to world AH 429

toward all in darkness Ev 341

toward faults of others 4T 61

toward mistakes of others 5T 279

toward persons undergoing trial 2T 20

toward persons who do you wrong MH 487

marks words and acts of: all who live new life in Christ MH 362

persons born again ML 52

true Christian MH 362

meet provocation with MYP 327

minister should possess 2T 568

much can be accomplished by ML 52

minister who lacked 2T 707

mutual, makes home a paradise AH 422; ML 200

needs to be cultivated in home AH 427; CG 205

needed in, case of misunderstandings PP 519

dealing with children AH 160

noble, is becoming to head of family 3T 556

parents should set example in Te 180

patient, needed under provocation MH 494

we shall conquer in 7T 266

person who manifests, will find same spirit reflected upon him AH 120

preferable to intolerance 4T 65

principle of, should abound in man’s life 5T 650

spirit of: cherish 5T 96

cultivate 2T 424

cultivate, toward persons who do you wrong SD 144

pervading life has power to soften and subdue hard hearts 5T 174

sweet love should be mingled with 2T 437

teacher’s work requires CT 236

that causes adultery and fornication to be lightly regarded TM 426-7

towards the erring should not degenerate into tolerance of sin AA 504

virtue of, encourage 2T 314

wonderful, lesson of COL 72

See also Long-suffering; Patience; Toleration


Christ is example in TDG 263:2

extended to a guilty world Mar 55:4

general disunion caused by neglect of OHC 237:3

matures amidst disappointment UL 102:4

perversity of professed followers veils Christ’s TMK 345:4

souls ready to die need our TMK 45:3

See also Patience


Forbearing, calm and, God wants His people to be always 7T 156, 199


Forbidding, when everything looks most, God will reveal His power TM 206


Force, brain See Brain force

brute, family ruined when governed by 2T 260

not employed by Christ to compel conscience COL 77

children cannot be brought to God by AH 307; CT 114

Christ did not use, to make men believe Ev 171

Christ does not use, to make men walk in His footsteps CS 138

to open door of heart 2T 216-7

Christians should not resort to, to deliver themselves COL 171

earthly governments prevail by COL 77

educational See Educational force

enemies of Sabbath will use, for arguments lacking in God’s word Ev 235-6

exercise of, contrary to principles of God’s government DA 22

external, not employed in work of redemption DA 466

God does not use: to make men accept truth AA 241; 6BC 1112

to make men be good 5T 445

to make men do right MH 114

to oppress His creatures 2BC 999

gospel never employs, to bring men to Christ COL 235

Israelites were not to use, to obtain anything from Edomites PP 424

last resort of every false religion is 7BC 976

lover cannot be won by DA 22

Luther (Martin) held that Reformation should not be supported by GC 209

Luther (Martin) opposed use of, in dealing with his enemies GC 189-90

may secure outward submission while creating rebellion of heart Ed 288

of arms, God’s kingdom not to prevail by COL 35

of habit See Habit

of persecution follows dragon’s steps Ev 236

only argument left to sinking cause is SR 276

persuasion is more appropriate than CD 177

Pius IX quoted re Roman Church’s use of GC 564-5

Satan cannot take possession of human mind by 2SM 353

Satan seeks to rule man’s conscience by GC 591

Satan’s deceptive power could not be broken by DA 22

Satan’s kingdom is one of DA 436

Satan’s rebellion not overcome by DA 759

shepherd does not depend on, to direct sheep DA 480

should not be used in God’s work 5BC 1098

strong to do hurt 2T 135; 4T 138

use of, met by defensive and repelling position 2T 135

reactions of men to 2T 135

used to make men unite with confederacies and unions Ev 26

vital See Vital force

See also Coercion; Compulsion; Freedom; Liberty; Will


allegiance by, not method chosen by God OHC 333:2

Christ does not use, to enter the heart TDG 74:2

influence prevailing in Noah’s day CC 36:2

vital, destroyed by appetite intemperance CC 35:3; TDG 340:6

Force (energy)

Force (energy), as active virtue, essential to success MH 497

life-giving, you need stimulation by Christ’s 3T 47

positive trait of character 5T 404

Force, Forces

Force, Forces, books of Daniel and Revelation will start, that cannot be repressed TM 116

of darkness restrained till warning is given to world 5T 453


Force, God does not, any man’s will or judgment GC 541

man may stand where nothing can, him to do evil Ed 289

rules and regulations devised to, will of others TM 363

Satan cannot, man to sin See Sin

when Satan uses compulsion to, man’s conscience GC 610

Forced allegiance

Forced allegiance, God takes no pleasure in GC 493

Forced obedience

Forced obedience, God takes no pleasure in PP 34

Forced service

Forced service, God wants no 2SM 211

Foreboding, Forebodings

Foreboding, Forebodings, distressing, do not cherish Ev 180

hearts filled with, when thoughts are engrossed with troubles and trifles of earth CT 234

King Saul indulged in, at Gilgal PP 617

Forehead, Foreheads

Forehead, Foreheads, black spot on, X-ray treatment for 2SM 303

Christ’s name must be written in your 1SM 56

God’s law should be written now in your EW 58

God’s name in, of those who gave Him their minds TMK 364:5

high and broad, shows great intelligence EW 145; SR 13

144,000 have on, glorious star containing Christ’s new name EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

“God, New Jerusalem” EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

Satan’s, high and broad before his fall EW 145; SR 13

recedes from his eyes EW 152

See also Mark of beast; Seal of God

Foreign believers

Foreign believers, fraud in dealing with, rebuked 4T 512

Foreign country, Foreign countries

Foreign country, Foreign countries, carrying truth to, greater zeal needed in 4T 426

customs and climate of, missionaries must take into account GW 468

duty of church members not called to labor in ChS 12

enterprises requiring means must be started in Ev 413

God will use SDA youth to take truth to 1SM 319

gospel commission calls self-sacrificing missionaries to GW 464

God’s work in: management of TM 321-2

planning for GW 454

ten or twentyfold more might have been accomplished in 5T 391

gospel work in many, must be largely sustained by conferences in homeland CT 524

gospel work needs to be extended into GW 465; 3T 407

gospel workers that are needed in 5T 580

great work to be done for God in TM 43

med. institutions should be established in 6T 440

med. missionaries sent to, careful education needed by Ev 518

memorials should be raised up in, for God 1SM 112

missionaries must be sent to 4T 479

missionaries sent to, instruction needed by MM 231

missionaries should be willing to go to 3T 94

miss. work in, work in homeland is helped by 6T 27

miss. work needed to carry truth to ChS 180

people in, EGW’s writings should be made available to FE 549

people will be led more and more astray in Ev 610; 2SM 72

persons sent to, culture on all points of practical life is useful to CT 313

sanitariums needed in 7T 99

schools should be established in FE 531

SDA message is to be carried to 9T 60

SDA publications needed in other languages to arouse interest in 3T 205

some of God’s people are to be missionaries in WM 111

strife and oppression in, will break forth with intensity not now anticipated LS 421

time to work in, now is 6T 18

truth must be carried to FE 545; 4T 426; TM 194

youth should study, and their peoples Ed 269