EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Faith (Part 2 of 3)

moment by moment ML 8

when you feel destitute of Spirit EW 72

experience in, God’s people need 5T 532

experiences that test, are for Christian’s benefit MH 231

expression of, increases faith MH 252-3

eye of: become accustomed to beholding Christ with SL 92

can discern between path of error and that of truth TM 229

can look beyond things of time 4T 525

can see heavenly Father CT 184

Christ must be seen with AA 452

must be fixed upon cross of Christ 5T 167

must behold Jesus standing before God’s throne SL 91

must fasten upon things unseen 1T 706

threshold of heaven may be seen by PK 274

failure to work in, truth is not powerful to save now because of 5T 158

fanatical presumption erroneously supposed to be 1T 357

feeling and: are two distinct things EW 72

as distinct as east from west 6BC 1073; 2SM 243

confounded by some people MYP 111; SL 89

distinction between 1T 167

do not confound 1T 167

feeling has nothing to do with 1T 167

feeling is not Ev 138; EW 72; FE 341; GW 260; 2SG 291; 1T 620

feeling must not be accepted as 1SM 351

fight good fight of PP 208; 5T 521, 629

with will power 5T 513; Te 113

fight of, every soul is required to fight 2SM 20

only way to fight 4T 624

firmly found your, upon God’s word 5T 708

first glimmer of, that grew into conviction MH 75

first round in ladder of advancement ML 96

flourishes only as it is cherished GC 527

foundation (basis or ground) of: Christ our righteousness must be 5T 742

do not take another person’s course as 4T 583

evidence and God’s word should be 7BC 928

is in Christ FE 433

self-denying life is not GC 256

framework of, God’s blessed promises are set in 5T 630

friendship with world corrupts GC 388

fruit(s) of: courage PK 164

good works 1SM 397

hope PK 164

humility 5T 438

meekness 5T 438

obedience SC 61; 5T 438

genuineness of your: God will test 1T 288

shown by your fruits 2T 694

will be proved 4T 633

gift of God 6BC 1080; 7BC 940; PP 431; 2SM 375

imparted to every human being Ed 253

give more expression to your MH 252-3

go forward in, as God’s providence opens way 4BC 1175

God does not propose to work miracle to sustain, of His people 4T 107

God longs to have men reach out after Him by COL 146

God requires, on man’s part 1SM 375-6

God supplies needs of all persons who come to Him in PP 68

God tests Ev 241

by bringing His people into difficult times 9T 273

by not immediately answering prayers CH 380-1

by obstacles PK 594-5

by special annoyances 4T 116

by suffering 1SM 117

by trials PP 293; SD 193

in small things 3SG 251

of all professed Christians 2T 687; 5T 660

of every soul Ev 591; 2SM 178, 214; 5T 104

God will make way plain when His people move forward in 4T 26

God would have His people sound in 1SM 394

God’s claim on your, give cheerful response to 4T 253

God’s people do not have half enough Ev 62; LS 424

God’s people must advance by LS 424

God’s people sadly destitute of 5T 232

God’s people scarcely know what is TM 187

God’s promises have no limit but man’s ML 14

golden treasure of, lacking among God’s people 3T 255

good works appear where there is 1SM 398

gospel work calls for more 4T 70

gossip and talebearing undermine 4T 195

grand themes in God’s word should inspire SC 107

grasps: eternal realities PK 545

eternal things 4T 448

God’s promises for forgiveness GW 436

green cord representing, in dream EW 81; LS 36; 2SG 19-20; 1T 29

ground for, persons desiring to know truth find ample Ed 169

grow up in Christ by SC 70

grows as believer becomes better acquainted with Christ MYP 121

guilt cannot be removed by 6BC 1071

hang your helpless soul on Christ by 2SM 58

hand of, grasp God’s hand by DA 123

harvest of precious fruit is borne by 1SM 398

healing brought to the sick by MH 61

health is given by 6T 472

health promoted by MH 241

heart’s impulses must be controlled by 1SM 366

heaven can be reached only through 4T 27

heights of, God’s people must reach MYP 103

holy men of old proclaimed their, by their conduct 5T 188

hope and, God calls for men of Ev 63

hopes all things 4T 27

how to exercise, needs to be made very plain Ed 253

how to stimulate your 3T 420

humility is not 5T 438

importance of: children should be taught CT 182-3

in matters of prayer COL 145

in struggle with sin 1SM 335

in successful work for God PP 554

includes not only belief but also trust 1SM 389

increase of: God’s people need CSW 72; FE 198

pray for GW 258

prosperity ought to be accompanied by 4T 77

increases by exercise 5BC 1143; Ed 253-4; 2SG 261; 1T 161; 6T 471

increases only by exercise 3T 256

increasing assurance and satisfaction imparted by 6T 199

individual exercise of, Spirit’s grace is not substitute for TM 518

infinite power brought by 1SM 85

inseparable from repentance and transformation of character COL 112

invalids must walk out by 2T 535

is element of prevailing prayer SC 96

is ever interested in others 4T 377

is manifested by works 6BC 1073

is not: certainty of knowledge 4T 28

dependent on feeling 6BC 1073; 2SM 243

in feeling, but in truth TM 387

man’s Saviour 6BC 1071; DA 175

reality FE 341

sight FE 341

is not feeling MYP 106

is of no account unless will is put on right side ML 318

is trustful FE 433

is valueless unless will is put on side of faith and action 5T 513

is voluntary act GC 190

Israel was to walk by, and not by sight FE 509

it must not be said that SDA do not believe in Ev 599

Jacob chose inheritance of PP 208

justification by See Justification

keep your, revived and firm Ev 329

labor in, for God 9T 270-6

law and, under new covenant PP 373

leads man to: obey God’s commands GW 260

trust God’s love DA 126

learn to live by 1SM 359

lessons of: children need CT 182

God’s people must learn 5T 70

learned under pressure of discouragement GC 622

things of nature teach 4T 579

let only words of, be heard 2T 516

let your: guide you along narrow path to New Jerusalem 9T 287-8

guide you to City of God PK 732

increase continually PK 732; 9T 287

let your works testify to your 2SG 232

liberty is very essence of GC 189

life is molded by GC 597

life prolonged by MH 241

life’s smaller as well as greater affairs call for Ed 255

lightens every load PK 175

live, to have increased faith 5BC 1121-2

live by 2T 430

living springs of God’s grace must water 4T 567

look of, gives life in Christ PP 432

looks beyond difficulties GW 262

love takes precedence of 2T 36

man acts out all, that he has CS 225; 1SM 93; 1T 195; 2T 442, 663

man cannot please God without 1SM 364; 1T 310; 5T 437

man is to be saved by PP 279

man possesses secrets of life’s success by Ed 253; GW 259

man will show all, that he has 1T 704

men become Christ’s by SC 70

men cannot be strong in, without determined effort GC 527

men of: angels enlighten and strengthen 5T 199

God will reward 5T 651

God’s people must be GC 460

will go forth with holy zeal GC 606

yield their souls to divine guidance 5T 199

many Christians walk by sight and not by 1SM 350

many people’s, does not grow for want of exercise 2T 657

martyrs burned at stake were sustained by GC 249

meaning of Ed 253

meditation on God’s word strengthens DA 431

medium through which truth or error lodges in mind 1SM 346

meekness is not 5T 438

mingle, with your prayers and efforts CW 108

ministers should preach GW 158; 4T 394

miss. work strengthens 9T 38-9

move from, and not from feeling 2SG 225; 1T 187

moves in God’s strength and wisdom FE 344

must be: developed 5T 474

enlarged 4T 254

sustained by works 1T 620; 2T 167

must be kept in exercise 1T 167

constantly FE 433

must increase 1T 308

constantly Ev 329

in strength 1SM 108

must mean something more definite, decided, and important 1SM 91

must not require that all be made plain before it 4T 28

must not stagger 2SM 157; TM 387

must rest on evidence, not demonstration SC 105; Ed 169

must rise with emergency GC 610

mysterious power of, Bible study awakens in soul Ed 192

narrow plank of, walk 1T 167

need of, ministers must urge home to hearts their 5T 302

need of more, God’s people have 1SM 83

no man can have, for another COL 412

no virtue in, to save men 6BC 1073

whereby salvation is merited 1SM 366

noisy protestations of 2SM 22

not matter of fits and starts FE 433

not supported by works is dead 1T 704; 2T 161

not the ground of man’s salvation 6BC 1073

obedience is not 5T 438

one failure of, Elijah’s lifework cut short by Ed 151

one fruit of Spirit SD 32

one of soul’s great moral powers 3T 187

one of soul’s great motive powers Ed 192

one round in ladder of Christian progress AA 530

pardon is promised to sinners on condition of 6BC 1073; 1SM 366-7

part played by, in surrender to God SC 50-2

penetrates darkest cloud 2T 140

permanence of, is condition of union with Christ 5T 231

person who disguises his, in dread of suffering or reproach denies his Lord DA 712

persons who talk and cultivate faith will have 5T 302

pierce clouds of darkness with 9T 286

plants banner in heart of enemy’s camp SD 202; 4T 163

point re, needing study 5T 651

power and grace of gospel’s divine authorship is in 6T 441

power of, to withstand powers of world AA 575

world cannot withstand 5T 484

power to exercise, is yours EW 72-3; PP 431; 2SG 291

powerful in its results 6BC 1074

praising God increases PK 202

pray in ChS 239

claiming all that God has promised PK 158

prayer and EW 72-3

does what no power on earth can do MH 509

does wonderful things Ev 489

Elijah’s example in EW 73

mix 1T 167

needed to behold deep things of God FE 180

relationship between Ed 253-61; GW 260-1

prayer and work and, remedy for disheartened PK 164; 6T 438

prayer for all needed blessings requires 5T 17

prayer for the sick requires 7BC 939; CH 380

prayer is key in hand of, to unlock heaven’s storehouse SC 94-5

prayer of: God hears PP 203

power will come in answer to 4T 402

weapon for resisting Satan’s assaults 1SM 88

prayer strengthens CSW 40-1; DA 431

preach Ev 599

present, in connection with God’s law Ev 599

press your, through Satan’s dark shadows MYP 198

presumption and: allied in no sense DA 126; GW 260

contrast between GW 260

paths of, lie close together 2SM 17, 345

presumption is Satan’s counterfeit of DA 126; GW 260

presumption mistaken for 1T 231

prevalence of unbelief should not cause, to grow dim ML 8

privilege and duty of exercising, failure to realize EW 72

professed believers whose works deny their 1T 195; 5T 10

profession of: appetite and diet should correspond to CD 297

men are not made Christians by CT 433

sustain, by heartfelt piety FE 203

valueless without home religion AH 319; CG 481

property bought by, for God’s work in large cities 9T 273

quality of, trials test SD 193

reach heights of God’s purpose for you by PK 157

reaches out and grasps God’s promises PK 157

reaches to the unseen PK 545; 4T 448

reality of, Christians standing true under trial show GC 48

rebuffs should give stability to 4T 556

regarded as: old-fashioned PK 178

opinion DA 347; MH 62

simply assent of mind to truth 1SM 390

unworthy of modern thinkers PK 178

rely on faith of others if you cannot rely on your own 2T 319

remedy for the disheartened 6T 438

repentance and, essential to salvation 1SM 365

freedom from condemnation of sin is obtained by AA 393

rests upon evidence 1SM 28; 3T 258; 5T 69

right order of DA 409

righteousness by See Righteousness

Rock of, Christ is DA 414

sacrificial offerings were worthless without PP 634

salvation by, illustration of DA 175-6

Satan works to: destroy SD 191

unsettle AH 111; 5T 273

Satan’s barriers penetrated by DA 403

says: “Go forward” 6T 72

self-denying life is result of GC 256

send up petitions within second veil by EW 72

SDA must often move forward by, working as expeditiously as possible CS 280

SDA work calls for exercise of LS 439; 9T 10

shield of, how Satan can take away your EW 73

needed for defense CT 182-3; 1T 407

shipwreck of, people who will make 5T 675-6

show your, by works CS 29, 41, 263; PP 279; 1T 704; 2T 657-8; 3T 117-8; 5T 153, 445, 537

sing CT 234

slight difference of ideas must not be allowed to unsettle CW 31

so-called, that is presumption CH 381; GC 472; MH 227; SC 61

some measure of, imparted to every human being Ed 253

some people find it hard to exercise DA 819

some things must be accepted solely by 5T 701

somebody must walk by, or no advance moves will be made by God’s people 3T 14

soul is connected by, with only One who can help TM 161

soul is sanctified by 6T 472

soul living by, desires no other and no greater good than to know and do God’s will 5T 644

sound judgment is given by 6T 472

special evidences of, erroneous ideas re 1T 412

Spirit creates, in man’s mind 7BC 940

Spirit inspires GC 527

Spirit kindles, in soul DA 392

Spirit’s aid brought by, in battle against Satan DA 431

spiritual coldness shrinks from presence of 5T 48

spiritual life is begotten through DA 98

spiritual strength depends upon ML 8

steadfast and unmovable in, be 4T 74

step in reformation of character CT 50

step required in conversion Ev 306; SR 289; 5T 412

strength brought by, for coping with powers of darkness MH 65; PK 157; 1SM 335

for coping with Satan DA 429

strengthen your, by frequent contact with God’s word Ed 254

strengthened by: exercise CH 381; MH 231; 4T 237

grace during trial 2T 270

studying God’s word diligently and perseveringly strengthens FE 433

superstitious and fictitious sentiments must not be embraced by CT 182

takes God at His word GW 261

takes hold of: Christ in love 1SM 349

Omnipotence and refuses to be baffled SD 193

talk CS 225; CT 233-4; MM 335; SD 191; 2T 98-9; 5T 514; TM 391

and not doubt 1SM 85

and you will have faith Ev 633

if you want faith 1T 699

to have increase of faith 5BC 1121-2

under all circumstances 7BC 928

talk as if, were invincible 5BC 1121-2; COL 147

telling confession of your, things that make SD 186

temptation can be resisted by MH 488

tendency to less, accompanies increased activity ChS 98

test of your, cheerfully accept DA 306

tested when believers are brought into strait places 2T 657

testing circumstances strengthen 3T 67

theory of, empty as flour barrel with both heads out 2SG 47

too little, God’s people have LS 207; 3T 209

touch of, distinguished from casual contact DA 343-4; MH 60-2, 100

divine treasure house of power and wisdom opened by 5T 228

trial can be endured by MH 488

trial of: is more precious than gold 5T 578

needed to purify and refine God’s people 5T 578

trials strengthen PK 175

tried often to uttermost by command to go forward 4T 27

tried to test character 6T 104

true gospel workers walk and work by 7T 245

true growth and efficiency is aided by Ed 253

true life of, is to watch, pray, work 5T 235

trusts in God’s promises GW 261

truth presented in, no opposition can prevail against 1SM 118

unbelief and, danger of vacillating between DA 409

in every soul there is battle between SD 328

unbelief and skepticism take place of many people’s 5T 74

vitality and vigor of, exert powerful, unconscious influence 6T 472

walk by: not by feeling Ev 413

in path God marks out PK 175

whether you feel any special gratification or not 2SM 242

warmth is given by 6T 472

wavering in, there must be no appearance of your CW 95

wavers when Christians constantly neglect to meet together for conference and prayer 4T 106

weakness of, blessings are limited by CSW 72

weariness relieved by PK 175

what it means to: have COL 112

live by SC 69-70

why difficulties cannot baffle GW 262

why God’s people have so little EW 73

will never save you unless justified by works 2T 159

willingness to advance by, prosperity promised to persons who have PK 577

wings of, prayers ascend to God on SD 85

work in MM 335; MYP 198

and leave results with God 7T 245

work of, is to rest in God in darkest hour AA 575

sowing seed is COL 64

work of conquering evil must be done through CT 182

works and See Works

works by love 1SM 349, 374, 391-2, 398; 4T 377; 6T 472

works can deny 4T 43

works should sustain 3T 52

works show whether, is genuine COL 312

works strengthen SR 289

working faithfully for God strengthens 6T 44

working in harmony with natural laws does not hinder CH 382

See also Belief


(confidence and trust)

abiding in Christ,

means a living, working TMK 132:2

then failure of HP 83:3

above ignorance, superstition and unbelief HP 96:5

act of the mind RC 77:6

act out, without suspicion or distrust TDG 268:5


brings peace and leads to self-denial RC 130:2

insures against sluggish soul TDG 50:2

living principle HP 109:3

working power; new faith shown in prayer and praise TDG 315:2

add to, to receive the promise OHC 68:2

advance in UL 362:3

advancement resisted by those lacking in RC 201:5

and works, See separate listing

anything that lessens, regard as worthless HP 186:2

apprehension of the greatness of God is not to confuse TDG 268:5

appropriating, Moses’ confidence in God through UL 111:4

arm of, sometimes seems too short UL 133:5

aroused by permitting Satan’s shadow UL 72:6

asking in,

answering prayer in own strength to be avoided 2MCP 467:0

believing we shall obtain HP 80:3

assent to God’s words in consecration FW 25:2; HP 221:4

assurance in, ignoring suggestions of Satan TDG 213:5

atmosphere of,

chosen by those who love Jesus TDG 141:2

surrounding the soul, HP 104:5

in deciding our destiny 2MCP 433:5


lost without; loss from unbelief 2MCP 673:5

with unbroken front presented in TDG 369:3

battle of, is lifelong OHC 163:2

becoming part of Christ by receiving Him by RC 129:7

believing God can do what He says OHC 119:2

benefits available through, longed for by Ellen White TDG 220:4


honor, when aroused by business entanglements UL 72:5

in response to HP 187:4

of Christ fills us with HP 166:6

building up one another in, is a blessed work OHC 181:3

built up in, commandment keepers distinguished if TDG 258:2

buried by walking in darkness HP 74:6

call of, to go forward without discouragement TMK 170:5

certainty is not FLB 90:2

character strength from UL 156:3; TMK 233:3

characters must agree with professed OHC 336:5

cherish and exercise UL 30:3

childlike, needed RC 79:2


accepted as Saviour through RC 21:2

and Heaven seen by HP 236:5

assists those weak in UL 296:4

found by, as tree roots reaching water LHU 276:5

grasped by, OHC 127:4

as revealed by the Holy Spirit TMK 94:4

in the heart by, makes us wise in God’s sight 1MCP 16:4

maintained, though bowed in anguish Con 41:1

makes our efforts acceptable through, in Him TMK 229:2

relieved all who came in TDG 249:3

seen by RC 22:2

taken hold of by, when the Light shines OHC 20:4

taught about, everywhere 3SM 188:3

tested the, of His followers TMK 254:2

Christian (meaning of being) is to have simple FLB 130:4


abiding presence sensed only by HP 56:5

claim to our, not half acknowledged TDG 290:2

hearing prayer accepted by, followed by His peace OHC 326:4

merit realized by TMK 288:4

church members have no reason to be without TDG 242:6


saying you can do nothing for yourself; Christ does it FW 55:2

while disloyal to commandment FW 50:1; NL 38:1

without works dishonors God OHC 119:4

cling to Jesus in,

more firmly as burden grows heavier OHC 317:3

with simplicity of a child TDG 184:5

combined with earnest effort to win others to Christ RC 235:2

come to Christ/God in,

willing to be taught and claim Psalm 32:8 TMK 249:4

with diligence to make calling sure FW 48:2; NL 36:0

compared to rootlets of palm tree HP 240:5

complete in Christ only by abiding in Him by RC 76:4


by past experience UL 72:4, 352:2

by pressing against barriers UL 370:5

conflicts and doubts promote; strength in resistance 2MCP 673:6

conforms body, soul and spirit to God’s will AG 223:6

conforms us to Christ as Scriptures are studied HP 21:5

confused ideas about OHC 77:2

connection between human weakness and divine power HP 107:2

consider whether we are in; constantly search heart TDG 83:4

constant, glorifies God UL 69:2

contemplating Christ as priest cultivates FLB 212:7

continual, necessary to abide in Christ TMK 55:2

continual need of, seen by one reconciled to God FW 54:0

contrast of, of thief on cross to note sounding all around TDG 236:5

creation of,

by looking to Calvary FLB 93:2

impossible, but in Christ we make it grow TDG 219:2

crown gained by, and hand-to-hand warfare with self HP 162:3

cultivation of,

at all times UL 279

keep it important 2MCP 535:0

necessary OHC 67:3

now OHC 357:4


not to be permitted to destroy TDG 213:4

penetrated by hand of, to grasp arm of power LHU 341:5

pierced by, in financial perplexity 2MCP 493:1

that shuts out God’s love lightened by FLB 115:7


unless life corresponds with profession OHC 270:4

we have too much UL 111:4

deficiency in RC 113:5

definition of saving: giving all to Christ 2MCP 531:1

demonstration of personal, best presentation of principles HP 149:4

dependent upon spiritual food and atmosphere OHC 255:6

description of,

that overcomes the world RC 21:2

that we need UL 111:4

despite stormy times TMK 212:4

destruction of,

by known sin or neglected duties FLB 138:2

by some claiming to believe Testimonies UL 115:5

social barriers not to cause TDG 269:6

determine manner of, and conscience by comparing to Word 1MCP 323:5

develops slowly FLB 120:4

devices turning one from right path seen by eye of 1MCP 42:3


dwelt on destroy AG 65:2

turned to sweetness if we look to God in RC 354:6

doctrine of, without works Mar 232:3


is not what is required TMK 229:2

saving faith required in place of FW 48:3; NL 36:1

doubt counteracts TMK 227:3


that seems nonessential requires UL 230:2

to encourage TMK 228:4

to talk TDG 216:2

earnestness lacking in; contentment knowing truth TDG 95:4

educate your souls in, rather than in doubt FW 78:2

education of the soul in FW 72:2

effort required to depend on, instead of feelings TDG 9:4

elevates above every low trick OHC 225:4

Ellen White expressed perfect UL 44:2

Ellen White’s vision about TMK 201:1

enables God to work His will in humans TMK 55:2

encouragement to have UL 37:4

enduring, exercised by those true in previous tests TMK 350:3


from living; human opinions are dangerous 3SM 308:3

imparted by a living LHU 61:4

essential for gaining eternal life UL 73:2

eternal glory given some in Sardis because of their HP 294:5

eternal life begins with HP 183:2

evidence of Christianity; feeling is not 2MCP 538:2

exercise of,

brings us into communion with Christ RC 130:2

by all TMK 170:2

for God to use His power on hearts 3SM 201:3

important UL 75:3

in Christ taking troubles to God not neighbor RC 178:4

in every prayer UL 102:5

leaving the results with God 2MCP 735:3

may seem against evidence of sense or emotion OHC 124:2

not relying on feelings OHC 119:5

prepares to receive light OHC 315:5

strength in Christ gained by FW 78:2

to receive grace and peace from Christ OHC 67:5

unnecessary if all occasion for doubt removed HP 105:3

expecting little we receive according to our HP 107:3

expects a future good HP 127:2

explanation of, impossible, HP 51:4

bringing Saviour into life FW 65:3

expressing, and rejoicing in blessings brings strength OHC 120:2

extinct (almost) when Christ comes HP 105:2

eye of, fixed on Christ FLB 248:4

failure of,

by seeing others do wrong OHC 124:5

interrupts communion and mars life RC 228:5


accepting mind control shows, in works of Satan 2MCP 710:3

without obedience NL 34:2

familiarizes soul with existence and presence of God OHC 324:5

fasten, directly upon Christ TDG 289:6

feebleness of, seen in seeing Jesus FW 107:4