EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Faith (Part 3 of 3)


exciting, not necessary to exercise FLB 122:2

independent of OHC 120:3

inferior to, for knowing that Christ accepts you FLB 123:5

no criterion for TMK 245:5

should not affect LHU 332:3; OHC 119:2; 3SM 324:3

sight and, are not TDG 156:4

fighting the fight of,

at any cost 2MCP 462:2

doing all we can; help is available FW 48:1; NL 35:2

every day OHC 119:5; TDG 9:4; TMK 284:2


when working by love like Christ’s TMK 226:5

under test, more than handed down from fathers OHC 332:3

foes looked upon calmly through HP 252:5

forgiveness and immortality to be received by TMK 79:2

fruit of,

justice, truth and mercy are TMK 226:4

seen in true service for Christ RC 186:2

future is concealed to permit exercise of TMK 12:2

general, not enough RC 108:5; 3SM 194:3


and spurious, contrasted UL 279:5

does a genuine work in the believer RC 79:4

“like precious faith” is OHC 67:3

ring to, when we show our allegiance by obedience FW 16:2

shown by working for souls TMK 337:4

gift of,

cannot be manufactured TDG 72:2

Ellen White holding on to TDG 56:6

through sincere humble prayer TDG 315:2

we cannot originate or perfect it 3SM 198:3

gift of God HP 221:4

gift of salvation accepted by TDG 176:4

gives entire person to guardianship and control of Christ HP 104:3

gives warmth, health, consistency and sound judgment UL 72:3

gloom pierced by, OHC 324:3

when clouds hide sun of God’s favor TMK 257:2

glory seen through darkness by HP 247:4


has been dishonored by lack of, for long enough FW 67:0

reaches for, in us to direct it to lay hold of Christ RC 308:6

teaches unquestioning OHC 85:5

will honor your, and cooperate with your efforts TDG 304:6

God’s existence and presence familiar to soul by TMK 257:4

God’s presence a terror to those not walking in TMK 250:4

going forth in, with prayer to communicate light TDG 330:3

governed by, instead of circumstances; essential lesson HP 109:2

grasping Christ by, as did Peter on the sea RC 356:4


advance in unity to UL 254:2


for our great work HP 107:2

in this period of earth’s history TMK 229:3

to receive all things from Christ TDG 176:5

hand of divine power grasped by HP 106:5

hand of, passes through darkness to grasp infinite power HP 264:3

healthful premises show we are not made lax by TDG 331:5

heaven not claimed by, without complying with conditions Mar 232:4

heaven sees, of even a few claiming promises RC 207:6

heights of, only through darkness and clouds TDG 212:2

heroes of, counted unworthy here but honored in heaven HP 268:4

higher attainments seen by UL 73:2

hold on, never to be released OHC 126:5

Holy Spirit,

forms, in minds OHC 117:2

sent to guard RC 129:4

works in those who have TMK 57:4

honored by those set apart for service to God TDG 281:3

hope, love and, sisters whose works blend and shine TDG 131:4


ability of, not to be the basis of FW 89:1

and God both shown, by words and actions LHU 221:4

humble trusting, will reveal itself HP 326:3

“I” is a very leaky boat for HP 106:3

immovable, by looking to God like mountains pointing to heaven OHC 251:4


commands of God to be received with TMK 252:4

required for God’s work of righteousness UL 346:5

in the heavenly Builder TMK 150:3

increase in,

aid from knowing truth in Jesus VSS 325:1

by believing though we cannot see God’s purpose RC 165:8

by dwelling on Christ’s life and love TMK 161:3

by exercise FLB 9:6, 23:5; TMK 231:2

by hope and our relationship with Jesus HP 86:6

by overcoming doubt and obstacles TMK 161:2

by resisting evil HP 231:5

by studying God’s Word OHC 279:3

by talking about it RC 235:5; TDG 75:3

by talking and living it FW 78:2

by working for others OHC 260:2

by working in companionship of Christ HP 183:6

conflict and suffering cause OHC 327:3

in conflict with doubt and trials OHC 361:4

in force and efficiency 2MCP 540:4

needed daily TMK 230:3

needed when you have much work to do TDG 104:5

rather than smooth paths requested by Ellen White TMK 170:3

responsibility for, although we don’t create TDG 219:2

sanctification must be known 3SM 200:4

individual, stand before God with, RC 35:4

knowing for yourself 2MCP 428:2

not relying on others TMK 134:3

influence of UL 72:3

inspired in others by encouraging words and works TDG 75:5


believing because God has said it OHC 124:4

feelings replace, in believing without obedience FW 32:2

if tested by the Word of God OHC 143:2

investment failure may cause loss of UL 93:5

invincible, those who possess humility have TMK 37:4

Israel would have left different record had they possessed 2MCP 534:0

Jacob prevailed through TDG 104:3

just persons live by,

a spiritual, Christlike life OHC 67:3

not by feeling OHC 119:2


and sanctification through 3SM 191

and sanctification by power of HP 51:4

by, See Justification by faith

requires, appropriating the merits of Christ 3SM 191:4


although seeing strong power of deception TDG 198:4

during trials UL 211

strong though waiting time has lengthened Mar 106:5

key of, to unlock God’s storehouse LHU 266:6

knowledge of Godhead grasped by UL 148:4

lack of,

belief instead of, through the Holy Spirit HP 22:4

by unfruitful hearers; (faith that overcomes) TDG 361:3

causes Christian experience of many to fail TMK 104:2

Christ pleads case of those with; (without) OHC 327:4

disasters result from UL 95:5

failure of knowing God and Christ by; selfishness AG 324:4

God displeased by HP 276:4

shadows from TMK 273:3

to appropriate promises 2MCP 493:2

lacking experimental knowledge of TDG 301:3

language of, even in temptation VSS 163:2

law of God conformed to by true; faith shown in works FW 12:2

lay hold of Jesus by,

putting self aside TMK 342:4

then He will be found TDG 74:3

leads people of God in straight paths OHC 323:4

learned by meeting difficulties with trust OHC 326:5

learning from experience requires UL 72:5

lessons of,

given us in experience of John the Baptist RC 352:5

to be learned now UL 32:6

life of,

a series of triumphs UL 156:3

leads us to praise Christ HP 248:2


witnesses to HP 347:5

lived by UL 36:5

lifeblood of the soul UL 72:3

lifts by practice UL 73:2

light given still leaves one to walk by UL 108:3

little, expecting too little 3SM 150:2

lives elevated by reform recommend their OHC 230:5


assurance in the word of eternal life by TDG 223:3

cheerfulness in, while watching for salvation TMK 170:4

cultivate; eyes turned to heavenly things TDG 271:3

experiencing God’s will, promises and Word HP 23:2

Israelites possessed Canaan by exercising TMK 162:3

lacking in men who have stood in pulpits FW 16:1

ministers to be educated about what constitutes FW 18:2

needed, HP 107:4

claiming merits of Christ FW 64:1

preach truth with power 3SM 150:3

position of FW 65:2

saved by, and through Christ FW 71:2

showing brotherly confidence removes cloud 2MCP 436:1

shown by a spirit of sacrifice toward God’s cause TMK 316:2

strong arm of Jehovah grasped by HP 244:4

unlocks heaven’s storehouse UL 154:5

virtue and efficacy of mediation enjoyed by having 3SM 201:3

living by,

as we are forced into conflict with evil OHC 362:3

because it is needed to please God TDG 359:2

brings strength HP 16:7

daily TDG 58:4

daily in Christ TDG 310:2

not by feelings HP 126:2

longing of soul for more OHC 188:2

look of, healed Israelites; those stopping to reason died FW 69:4

looking to Christ in, trusting in His righteousness FW 91:1

looks beyond discouragement laying hold on the unseen TDG 131:4

loss of,

by falling, not by earthly loss for the truth TMK 269:3

peace cannot exist with TMK 227:3

love and,

gold of Rev. 3:18 OHC 351:3

strengthened by meditating on heavenly theme 2MCP 406:1

true riches, completeness of character HP 173:5

love for the Saviour kept alive by UL 279:5

love increases with HP 173:5

marriage relationship to show holy HP 204:2

matures amidst disappointment UL 102:4

means to the end for salvation TDG 329:2

measure used in the judgment TDG 204:3

merit of justification is not in; righteousness is a gift FW 25:2


should dwell on facts of RC 124:3

trained to talk about, instead of doubt and jealousy 2MCP 533:3

ministering to those without, in God or humanity RC 246:2

move by, pressing through objections UL 206:4

mystery of, Christ acknowledged instead of hovering about TDG 231:4

nature study awakens OHC 250:3

necessary for Christ’s cleansing UL 328:6

need for,

as showed by impotent man told to take up bed FW 68:3

at every step UL 73:2

grasping arm of infinite power FW 66:4

in this important time FW 49:3; NL 37:1

in what God can do UL 333:3

more, seeing God as willing TMK 230:4

now, HP 350:5; UL 356:6

to not be led astray FW 45:2

(only faith) is a delusion TDG 299:2

that works,

and purifies from selfishness TMK 327:3

prophets and apostles spoke of it TDG 262:6

to believe God will do what He has promised TMK 230:4

to understand God’s dealings and to trust Him OHC 323:4

when tempted to distrust God TDG 156:2

nothing in, that makes it our Saviour RC 78:4

nurse kindles; God’s care realized CME 29


gives genuine ring to TMK 293:2

lacking makes, sounding brass FW 47:2

produced by true UL 20:5

results from TMK 229:3

shows HP 109:4

obedience and,

lead to everlasting life HP 183:2

reaped by, sowing to them TMK 92:4

obstinate person does not walk by TDG 351:3

overcoming, through Saviour and recognizing helplessness TMK 166:5

overconfidence in strength of; wrong reading OHC 276:3

paralytic showed, in suggesting entry through roof FW 67:4

path of Christian made brighter by TMK 190:4

Paul received grace by, and imparted to others Mar 120:2

peace and self-denial result from, not fanatical demonstrations TDG 359:3

perils of last days test HP 184:4


loss from neglecting, in seeking God TDG 75:4

needed HP 88:5


believing in Christ’s acceptance 3SM 151:2

hearts not cold when we exercise FLB 123:3

required; many believe Jesus was the Son of God FW 70:1

Peter’s admonition of additions to OHC 68

petition offered in, enters heart of God TMK 230:4

pierces blackness and rests in the light of Christ TMK 284:3

pillars of, Living Temple undermined confidence in TDG 126:4

plants of, instead of plants of doubt FW 17:2

possibilities before those with UL 99:3


claimed by taking God at His word and acting TDG 187:5

for which Christ is Author TDG 99:2

given proportionally to RC 112:2

is at the demand of HP 319:4

power of,

Christ grasped by, only safety HP 199:6

convincing CME 22:4

in face of persecution described by Paul HP 268:2

seen in kindness, forbearance and love OHC 305:3

practical results produced by HP 109:4

praise to God increases TDG 305:5


and striving for, believing God will give it HP 57:3; Mar 120:2

answered by exercise of TDG 31:5

answers delayed to test OHC 134:2

for more UL 72:4

for small favors and larger gifts in TMK 143:4

requires TDG 315:2

unanswered through lack of TMK 78:5

with importunity that will not accept denial HP 73:6

with incense of, always heard by God TMK 270:4

without, brings no relief or hope OHC 130:3

prayer and,

necessity of, to behold deep things of God OHC 365:2

people of lower ranks to succeed through TDG 31:5

required in claiming the love of God HP 69:4

strong OHC 127:5

prayer of,

and put entire trust in God RC 119:7

brings light and strength to withstand Satan HP 39:4

eternal influence RC 102:3

grace for right living through TDG 104:6

guarded with expectancy and hope OHC 134:3


by circumstances that require it OHC 313:3

by exercise HP 104:4

principles of, talk of UL 371:4

privilege of holding, fast OHC 124:2


are the ground upon which rests our TMK 213:3

depended on by, instead of feelings FLB 123:5

develop UL 15:6

encompassed by HP 118:2

taken by, helps everyone TMK 213:4

promoted (not created) by working with Christ HP 109:5

protect reputation of, by being sanctified OHC 32:4

protected by Christ who is your armor UL 335:4

pure, sustained Christians in every age UL 244:3

purifying, youth to know OHC 60:5

quality of, shown in continual improvements TDG 219:2

reaches out knowing God will hold tighter UL 72:2

receiving Jesus by, is buying eternal treasure TMK 83:3

rendering to God the intellect and energy He gives HP 221:4

repentance and good works produced by justifying 3SM 195:2

required to profit from spoken word UL 75:3

requirement of more than; character must be like Christ’s TSB 134:4

resisting temptation increases TMK 91:4

rest in,

by humility and obedience TMK 293:3

instead of worrying yourself out of Jesus’ arms TMK 285:5

through the promises HP 125:2

rest of, is patience UL 69:3


in Christ’s love through HP 51:2

on promises of the Word with OHC 117:4

returning to God His own HP 221:4


living, saving UL 244:2

in loving acts OHC 73:4

when truth is in the heart TDG 289:5

reward for one with UL 111:4

righteousness by,

meeting in South Lancaster to present 3SM 180

neglect of preaching 3SM 186

resistance to light on, feared after 1888 3SM 180:3

teaching of, may be imperfect but needed in churches TDG 93:4

understanding of, needed 3SM 183

See also Christ, righteousness of

righteousness of Christ,

accepted by LHU 40:3

accepted by, as self is removed TMK 165:3

imputed by TMK 302:3, 150:2

robe of Christ was not object of woman’s; He was 2MCP 539:1

rooted and grounded in, not thirsting for strange ideas TMK 300:5

roots of,

deep in Christ OHC 331:3

grounded in Christ NL 38:2


is not; faith is the eye, ear, feet to grasp it TDG 329:2

not purchased by; Creator would be obliged FW 20:0

salvation by/through,

claimed by many; faith only FW 47:1

leading to obedience FW 12:2

more than belief OHC 52:4

only, claimed by many NL 34:1

only in Christ’s name HP 51:4

same for Abraham as for sinner today 3SM 195:1

seen in works, not based on profession HP 130:4

sanctification requires, for character transformation 3SM 191:3

Satan presents difficulties to weaken; do not trust feelings 2MCP 480:1

Satan’s shadow pierced by; it centers on Jesus HP 127:5


belief may differ from RC 79:5

belief only is not; it leads to conformity to law FW 52:2

effects of 2MCP 531:1

is a precious treasure OHC 67:3

more than an impersonal belief FW 70:1

more than assent TMK 165:4

repentance and good works always produced by OHC 52:5

trust through belief in sacrifice on Calvary 3SM 192:1

works by love FW 49:0; NL 36:1

saving souls requires; carelessness may bring death TDG 171:3

science of eternal realities HP 51:4

secured by earnest prayer and faithful practice TDG 150:7

seeing and taking steps in salvation by TMK 21:5

seeing glory of Jesus by TMK 61

seek God in, of childhood; message to Edson White TDG 310:4

seek, which purifies the soul through love HP 19:7

self deserves no credit for HP 221:4

self must die before we can possess, emanating from God TMK 226:5

selfishness leads to shipwreck of 1MCP 272:0

shadows penetrated by, to see our Advocate OHC 126:2; TMK 273:4

shallow, sudden temptation causes one with, to drift OHC 332:4

shipwreck of,

by trusting in self TMK 79:4

playing fast and loose with truth means HP 179:2

Satan tried to make one believe he had made TDG 38:2

shortsighted, trials cause complaint because of RC 354:4

shown by resting in Christ’s love TSB 259:0

sickly, needs to be cultivated and placed in sunshine TMK 230:2


needed even by important ones in God’s work TMK 26:3

needed; trusting our best Friend LHU 376:5

Noah had, amid unbelief and scoffing RC 322:4

promises realized by 3SM 326:0

valuable LHU 139:6

simplicity of,

endangered by misusing God’s gifts CC 193:5

for complete trust and help HP 270:4

in believing Christ’s promises UL 320:3

living testimony presenting 3SM 201:1

lost when trying to measure God 3SM 307:3

simply taking God at His word TDG 9:4

sincerity of,

sacrifice will prove OHC 191:3

shown in trials 2MCP 496:0

sing and talk, and light will come 2MCP 651:0


placed on vantage ground by UL 322:4

sees by, that Jesus is Saviour RC 75:6

slumbering, danger of being lost with UL 200:5


given to control of Jesus in saving 2MCP 531:1

purified from selfishness by, working in love 2MCP 533:3


convinced by, shown in works UL 102:5

work for, requires UL 127:3


claims promises without doing works of Christ TDG 9:3

quenches Christlike love UL 279:5

standard should be raised on subject of TMK 226:2

steadfast in, learning of God’s cause and becoming OHC 332:4

stimulant, not an opiate FLB 93:2

strength in,

to resist Satan TMK 245:3

under every temptation OHC 136:5

strengthening of,

by aged ministers by relating experience RY 24:1

by communion with God HP 107:2

by constant mediation on heavenly themes OHC 113:5

by exercise OHC 134:2

by going often to the cross OHC 361:2

by looking to Jesus in confidence UL 30:5

by prayer UL 369:2

by studying Testimonies 3SM 359:1

by trial as muscle develops RC 349:4

by viewing God’s attributes through darkness TDG 43:4

clouds permitted for, by grasping promises of God OHC 327:3

important HP 107:2

in others OHC 232:5

if love is in your heart TMK 153:5

needed daily; converted hearts also needed TDG 285:2

strong, needed; spread plans before God CL 28:1

success assured if we move forward in 1MCP 44:3

superficial, substituted for uprightness FW 89:2

sustained by, in power of Christ UL 42:4

take everything to God in earnest; living faith, needed 2MCP 541:0

take hold,

of Christ in; He can heal body and soul TDG 305:3

of one line of, after another, reaching higher TMK 328:4

taking God at His word, TDG 234:2; TMK 226:3

not happy feeling OHC 119:5

praise Jesus 2MCP 639:3

talking; RC 109:6; TMK 342:2; UL 329:4

in order to have it; we are changed by beholding TDG 92:5

increases it; likewise for discouragement 2MCP 579:1

living and, that it might increase FW 78:2

more to have more HP 247:5

practicing what we have asked for grace to do UL 185:3

soul will be strengthened TDG 75:3

strengthening it by exercise; grasp more promises 2MCP 676:2

we need to hear more about works FW 50:1; NL 38:1

when hope is centered in Christ TMK 284:4


comes to try our TMK 279:2

to lose, lessened by hopeful future UL 137:4

thief on cross had, accepting Christ as He appeared TDG 236:5

threats against saints keeping, ignored; looking up 3SM 428:2

too little UL 346:2

touch of, Christ distinguished, from casual contact HP 108:3

trial because of, Christ can be with us in OHC 357:4

trial/test of, HP 184:4; TMK 282:2

at the Red Sea UL 341:5

before us requires knowing why we are SDAs Mar 217:6

by conflicts FLB 8:5

by delayed response to prayer HP 125:4

by giving us a part in His interposition for us HP 150:4

by lack of water at Rephidim RC 353:2

by temptation to vent feelings HP 270:2

in the furnace is better than gold UL 292:6

joyful witness even during HP 176:2

makes you valiant 2MCP 676:1

precious and makes you valiant OHC 86:3

strength from UL 65:5

training to trust in God HP 89:4

triumph in HP 107:2

without wavering HP 120:5

trials show, as precious UL 324:5

true, consists of doing what God asks UL 346:3

trust is true, producing fruits 3SM 195:1

trusts regardless of feeling 2MCP 538:2


contemplated for a foundation for HP 16:5

inspires TMK 208:2

works for one with HP 109:5

trying circumstances that sap, known to Jesus TDG 144:4

trying too hard to have; look away from self 3SM 145:1

twin sister of hope TDG 65:4

unbelief shown by those who do not encourage UL 266:2

understanding affected by; who gave the understanding? FW 25:2

understanding of, needed,

belief alone will not save 3SM 191:4

many are discouraged 3SM 183:2

unexplainable, immeasurable, beyond human expression OHC 117:2

united with Christ by; loved by the Father TMK 19:4

uniting our weakness to Christ by TMK 96:3

unlocks heaven’s storehouse TMK 7:5

unseen grasped by UL 72:4

unsettling, by reproach cast on God’s messengers OHC 360:3

unsettling others’, by sowing envy and disunion Mar 63:4

unswerving, light given to those with TDG 135:2

unwavering, guards against strategies of Satan RC 121:6

value of simple TMK 116:5

victories of, cannot be compared with any others OHC 126:5

victory through, by grasping God’s promises HP 24:2

wait and receive in OHC 131:3

walking by, AG 271:3; HP 248:2

in the sacrifice of Christ FW 72:2

irrespective of circumstances 2MCP 533:4

not by feelings which change OHC 124:6

studying God’s character, to understand Mar 76:2

when committed to God UL 353:4

when complying with written Word OHC 120:2

walking by sight instead of by OHC 85:2

walking in darkness by burying, in the shadow of Satan TDG 177:6

wavering of,

be ashamed of HP 257:4

neglect of worshiping with believers causes TMK 154:3

weak in,

assistance for UL 296:4

helping those who are, after prayer, not condemning TMK 187:2

lift those who are; speak of promises 2MCP 435:2

weakened, man overcome when HP 256:2

wickedness affects, of God’s people TMK 352:2

without works, Word of God is against the doctrine of Mar 232:4

Word of God,

is the source of HP 132:4

not important to some who claim to have FW 55:2

provides TDG 120:5

studied to establish, most firmly TDG 204:3


and actions always express HP 109:4

of Christ encouraged LHU 90:7

that inspire, needed by perishing ones UL 117:5

words of, recorded in books of God’s remembrance TMK 234:6

work and purification of, youth need to know TMK 236:2

work of God,

carried by, disregarding hindrances 2MCP 540:4

(not of nature) on human minds HP 51:4

on human minds, not work of nature OHC 117:2

work of, means genuine reliance on Word of God TMK 226:3


by love, purifying the soul; TMK 226:5

ennobles the whole person UL 148:5

expelling love of sin TMK 162:4

produces fruit HP 109:6

rules given to all OHC 206:2

when allegiance shown by obedience FW 16:2

See also on Gal. 5:6

for God in the cities requires RC 241:5

for souls in, learned by casting nets on right side TDG 253:2

love flashing from the cross produces FW 72:1

purifies soul by the cleaver of truth TDG 219:2

purifying of moral defilement TDG 208:2

search Scriptures prayerfully for TDG 85:5

seen at the cross; He loved my soul FW 72:2


a requirement of UL 30:3

and, See Faith and works

are fruits of; they become a blessing 3SM 200:1

must accompany, for salvation TMK 229:2

of righteousness to show TMK 312:4

prolific when there is RC 79:6

required or, is useless HP 118:3

said to be unimportant to; preaching FW 89:2

to show OHC 68:3

world sees change in us made by, in eternal reality TDG 344:5

yielding intellect and will and making Christ the door FW 25:2

See also Certainty; Distrust; Trust