EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Evil, Evils - Exercise (physical)

Evil, Evils

Evil, Evils, accountability for, that you might have checked 4T 516

agencies of, combining and consolidating forces for final crisis 9T 11

permitted to punish evil PP 728

appearance of, abstain from all 2T 615; 4T 364-5

SDA women should abstain from all 2T 455

apprehended, drive many people nearly distracted PP 687

beginnings of, guard against Ed 203

being overcome by, is not necessary AH 177

best way to prevent growth of, is to preoccupy soil CT 136; FE 164; MYP 282

Christ will not leave us alone to battle with 2T 271

comes from Satan FE 429

confederacy of, never stronger than now GW 149

courage of hero needed to resist MH 497-8

deadly, selfishness is MYP 308

dreadful, persons who have continual fearful looking for of some 1T 566

dwelling on scenes of, corrupts mind and soul MH 178

effectual resistance to, man cannot offer 5T 294

end of EW 52, 54, 294-5; GC 504, 544-5, 673, 678; 3SG 86-7; SR 428-30, 433

entrance of, God is in no wise responsible for GC 492-3

far easier to prevent, than to cure it afterward CG 460

finds little foothold in life having noble aim PK 660

flourishes: when good and right are not carefully nourished 1T 212

without cultivation 1T 318

followed eagerly as though righteousness 5T 546

God did not create 5T 503

God has not left us to battle with, in our own strength MH 175-6

God will restrain forces of, till warning is given to world 5T 453

God’s justice and benevolence in dealing with GC 492-3

grossest of, nature worship has always resulted in PK 281-2

habit of brooding over anticipated, is unwise and unchristian 5T 200

imparted, returns again MB 136

impending, when God’s restraining hand could no longer ward off PK 530

increases faster than good AH 201; 1T 400

is result of disobedience 5T 503

knowledge of, all that transgressor gains is Ed 25

leagued with evil for destruction of good DA 405

man cannot resist, without Spirit’s aid SC 52

man may be strong to overcome, in God’s might PK 175

man may lessen some, but can never remove them 5T 312

ministers’ duty to rebuke PK 140-2

multiplying fast in last days ML 88

must be permitted to come to maturity GC 499

must not be covered with cloak of false charity PK 675

no power on earth can compel man to do PP 421

noble and Christlike spirit thinketh no 5T 55

only safeguard against, Christ dwelling in heart is MB 118

origin of EW 145-7; GC 492-504; PP 33-43; 3SG 36-8; SR 13-9; 5T 503

parental failure to correct, in children 7T 66

perpetuated by neglect of training children 5T 325

power of, cannot be overcome by man except by union with Christ 5T 230

man in his own strength cannot resist SC 17

powers of, man is not left alone to conquer FE 86

put away by terrible severity PP 324

qualities that make man strong to resist 4T 656

resulting from departure from God’s statutes PK 294-8

Satan as author, originator, and instigator of See Satan

seeing many, cannot be avoided ML 88

some people are always anticipating PP 293-4

strong current of, professors of truth borne down by 5T 209

succeeds in appearance, but not in reality Ed 108

takes root much more readily than good 1T 212

that we might have checked, our responsibility for DA 441

thousand, practices that open door to 9T 90

tide of: strongest effort is required to press against 4T 421

sweeping over world as not seen since Noah’s day PK 275

that man is powerless to stay PK 348

twin, tobacco and alcohol are Te 72

watching for, minister’s neglect re 1T 314-5

working of, overruled for good by Christ DA 341

you cannot frown away, in children CT 121

See also Sin; Wickedness


abhorrence of,

believing in the Word and looking to Jesus TDG 89:3

from dwelling on Christ’s love and mercy HP 111:4

Achan sold himself to TDG 134:2

activity of, in last conflict 3SM 425:5

agents of, persons with perverted moral tastes become OHC 256:2

angels guard us against HP 101:3

appeal for seeing, lost when seeing Jesus OHC 334:5

appearance of,

as right after general confession without repentance TDG 134:5

avoided by all who love Jesus and obey TDG 146:2; TSB 81:2

array of, against us surveyed by unseen intelligences OHC 311:4


of causes of VSS 305:0

of seeing, claimed impossible; public schools 3SM 210:4

battle with, directed by the Holy Spirit; encouragement in UL 82

bias toward,

conquered by cultivating righteous principles 1MCP 30:4

See also Propensities

bondage of, wonder that so few care to be freed from OHC 321:4

borders of, converted will not venture on UL 371:7

casting out, and being filled with Christ’s righteousness TMK 290:3

character quality requires willingness to part with TMK 164:3


by some UL 242:4

heinous character of, not discerned TMK 368:4

in our midst works most grievous disaster TMK 153:3

choice for, known but not required by God CC 371:2

chosen by Noachian world UL 88:5


in conflict with, sensed price to be paid TMK 48:4

refused when enticed to TMK 30:3

uncorrupted by surrounding TDG 143:3

Christians to be testimony against UL 137:5

Christ’s holiness made contact with, painful TMK 34:3

closing eyes and ears to, changes the individual 2MCP 670:4; OHC 334:3

compromise with, not made by God RC 57:4

confederacies of,

revealed by Christ; count the cost RC 356:2

Satan is forming, against Word of God TMK 345:3

stirred from beneath HP 284:5

consequences of, inestimable; depraved habits, communicated 2MCP 508:1

conspiracy of, agrees that God could do no more to save humanity TMK 69:4

contemporary HP 313:2

continuing in, after tender reproof returns blessing to counselor TDG 105:5

correction of, attempted in a cross spirit UL 59:3

current of, swim against TDG 108:5

decided testimony to be given against practicing TDG 108:4

deliverance from, full in heaven; but not all kept till then TDG 62:2

denouncing of, by Christ excited hostility against Him UL 262:3

describing, purity not taught well by LHU 297

dominion of, Satan tempted Christ to place humanity under TDG 318:3

duty to labor against AG 258:6

dwelling on, wrong; talk of Christ and be glad you are His 2MCP 582:3

ears to be closed to UL 237:3

emptied of all that leads to, in reflecting God’s glory RC 37:5

example in,

by carelessness HP 299:4

not from those with Christ’s peace TDG 207:3

experiment with, wrong CC 20:4

familiarity with, makes it difficult to see even after repentance OHC 81:3

firm resistance against, shows Christlikeness PM 190:1

flee from OHC 15:4

forces of, conquered through Holy Spirit OHC 155:4

gathering like a storm, coming on some when least expected TDG 250:3

God always has some who can discern between good and RY 31:2

good overridden by, by unsanctified passions 1MCP 192:1

groups doing, individuals in, each responsible OHC 303:4

grows through repetition TMK 209:3

hereditary tendencies to, unnecessary FLB 140:4

Holy Spirit needed to restrain; accumulated for centuries UL 51:3

imagining, See Suspicion

increase in; divorce and marriage; live away from cities CL 14:3

influence of, flooding the world AG 258:6

irreligious work never cures UL 302:2

kindness returned for, by David when kingdom threatened TSB 180:1

leaven of, working of UL 293:2

let no, be truthfully said of you OHC 174:5

love of God in giving His Son to counteract TMK 206:4

loyal preserved from the current of TMK 211:5

meeting human and satanic agencies of, after time with God OHC 116:5

mind should not be permitted to dwell on OHC 113:4

moral, intemperance lies at foundation of all HP 194:3

one false step brings much UL 32:2

opened to the world through our first parents UL 41:5

overcome by,

if we do not overcome unholy desires AG 333:4; TMK 254:4

unless more evident moving of Holy Spirit TDG 36:6

overcoming / victory over,

cooperating with the Holy Spirit TDG 89:4

(every tendency) in strength of divinity UL 303:4

if we do all in our power TDG 374:2

must be progressive work OHC 214:5

power provided for HP 42:2; UL 149:3

See also Overcoming

peace between humans and angels who are both RC 323:3

people of God to work against AG 124:2

perpetuating, by talking of spiritualistic theories PM 225:1

pointing out, is not enough; teach prayer and service VSS 347:1


of humanity for, without controlling Spirit of God 3SM 416

of Omnipotence acts in battle against OHC 311:2

to resist, God gives, when asked HP 231:5

powers of,

churches called to pray and help God fight RC 201:3

conquered by the Creator for youth OHC 14:3

pray to be kept from, then act to please Christ TMK 41:3

presented through ceremony as a blessing OHC 109:3

pride of dress is OHC 272:2

promise of better name for those who keep from doing TDG 325:4

proving, in others UL 266:7

reflected on human faces AG 161:3


and appreciate good TMK 89:4

angels guard those who are HP 99:2

in word or thought; practice Bible teachings 2MCP 439:4

with humility; inducements TMK 128:4

reigns on every side in this age HP 347:4

remedy for, to be tried; work for souls TDG 11:2

remnant under persecution have not submitted to control of Mar 213:5

removal of, only by food for pure, solid thought OHC 202:4

reprove, faithfully UL 122:5

resistance to,

angels help souls who show HP 253:6

by holding to Christ HP 260:6

constantly HP 195:5; Mar 229:5

requires more than meekness TMK 155:2

training for heaven encourages RC 251:6

with a word for God saves you and others UL 32:4

with perseverance UL 111:2


through consecration UL 237:4

work of the people of God AG 124:3

restraint from, never lessens children’s love for parents 1MCP 171:2

righteousness offered to replace, as in Noah’s day TDG 278:4

safeguard against, Christ dwelling in heart is TMK 233:2

Satan tries to establish, in hearts HP 348:2; Mar 95:3

Satan’s throne—location of beginning and support of all FLB 66:6

sin in heart causes carelessness in FLB 92:5


discerned by one guided by principle and Christ HP 260:6

leads to greater disaster UL 95:5

society of, doesn’t compel one to enter into it OHC 132:2

speaking of, ruins souls VSS 144:4

speaking carelessly does great TMK 137:3


loses attraction when conversation is on heaven OHC 181:4

of brethren places own soul in jeopardy TDG 298:3

put away, to enter heaven TDG 108:5

readily of one another allows bitterness 2MCP 639:2

remind speaker that Scripture forbids OHC 181:3; TMK 153:5

spread by human association UL 123:4

strength lacking against TSB 204:2

struggling against,

God never forgets His people who are Mar 326:6

without trusting God TDG 266:5

surmising of, See Evil, imagining; Suspicion

sustaining another in TMK 174:4

talker of, let alone UL 363:6

tampering with, leads to control by a stronger will FLB 312:2

tendencies to, See Tendencies

testimony of faithful in this age of HP 347:4


and speaking, of brethren TDG 165:3

empty soul temple of; keep unhappy thoughts out TDG 347:6

tolerated by Eli in his sons CC 143:3

tongues ready to exaggerate everything HP 178:3

transmitted to future generations by violating laws of life RC 142:4

truth is only safeguard against HP 179:5

turn from, condemned by the Word of God OHC 37:4

unwillingness to part with AG 285:3

venturing to the edge of TDG 319:2

war with, no release from, until end of world AG 333:2

warfare against, accept that God knows your difficulties in RC 352:3

word of, makes room for more like seed 2MCP 676:4

words that stir up, in others VSS 144:5

working to oppose, God offers divine help in TDG 209:3

See also Defilement; Propensities; Rebellion; Sin; Wrong

Evildoer, Evildoers

Evildoer, Evildoers, be kind to MB 75

God has no sympathy for 4T 185

love of Christ is more effective than sword or court of justice in reforming DA 350-1

resist not MB 69-75

See also Sinner

Evil servant, Evil servants

Evil servant, Evil servants See Servant


Evilspeaking 2T 50-5; 5T 289-95

among sins productive of greatest evils in church 5T 609

as poisonous plant: put in heart by Satan ML 179

sown by Satan AH 196

check, by not listening to it 2T 54

Christ’s presence may be lost as result of DA 83

do not indulge in MYP 424

falls more heavily on speaker than on hearer MH 492; 5T 176

framing excuses for 2SM 236

gathering of many believers in one place tends to encourage 8T 83

is of Satan 6T 42

leaven of 2SM 71

men may deny Christ by DA 357; 1T 408; 3T 332

no, should escape Christian’s lips COL 337

not a light thing PP 385-6

person guilty of, duty of MH 229

how Satan uses PP 663

put away all DA 651; 5T 279; 9T 23

in every church 5T 609

reproduces itself, even in God’s cause TM 186

seeds of, produce harvest of their kind 1BC 1106

sin of: begins with cherishing evil thoughts 5T 177

put away 6T 95

repent of 2T 76

should be confessed before God and church CH 374

spirit of, results of cherishing TM 441

twofold curse MH 492; 5T 176

weight that must be laid aside to win race for immortality AA 312

See also Backbiting; Criticism; Faultfinding; Gossip; Judging; Slander; Talebearing

Evil spirit, Evil spirits

Evil spirit, Evil spirits See Spirit; Spirits, evil

Evil surmising, Evil surmisings

Evil surmising, Evil surmisings, about Battle Creek 1T 526-8

benefiting no one, ministers should avoid MM 100

brotherly love caused by, to die out of heart 7T 197

cherishing, weakens spirituality AA 549

Christians have no right to, re fellow men GW 498

do not allow, to come into your heart TM 505

do not cherish, in heart MYP 424

door closed to Spirit’s working by AA 271; Ev 370

evil effects of 1T 311

evil fruit 5T 63

fraud and dishonesty seen by, where all is right 4T 234

friendship and love turned into bitterness and hatred by 2T 566

gathering of many believers in one place tends to encourage 8T 83

God’s law forbids PP 309

God’s work retarded and crippled by Ev 633

giving utterance to, warning against DA 323

heart in which there will be no 5T 488

heart must be purified from all MM 46

hellish shadow 3BC 1163

is lying against truth 7BC 936

jealousy and unrest resulting from 2T 572

lack of holiness leads to 2T 445

leading to unrest, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness 2T 572

learn in school of Christ how to dismiss 8T 195

leaven of 2SM 71

ministers need to put away all 2T 516

mischief wrought by 2T 566

must be: overcome 2T 76

subdued and sacrificed forever 1T 705

no room for, in heart at peace with God and fellow men MB 28

no surer way to weaken spirituality than by 8T 242

parents easily stirred to CG 264

people who seek food for 1T 527

person who termed, discernment 1T 332

poisonous plant sown by Satan AH 196; ML 179

put away every Ev 102

reproduces itself, even in God’s cause TM 186

rubbish of, sweep away 8T 240

Satan instigates, to produce discord and dissension 7T 182

Satan is author of 6T 42

seeking after style and ostentation creates 6T 451

self-esteem often results in DA 650

shaped by traits of character 2T 547

singers warned against Ev 507

some people call special foresight 7BC 936

wearisome load 4T 241

words that would check utterance of MB 68

See also Distrust; Doubting; Imagining; Insinuation; Questioning; Suspicion

Evil thinking

Evil thinking, do not indulge in MYP 424

put away DA 651

weight that one must lay aside to win race for immortality AA 312


Evolution, process of, man was not created by Ed 128-30; PP 44-5, 111-6; 3SG 90-6

sentiments of, used by Satan to lead souls astray AA 474

taught in schools from kindergarten to college Ed 227

taught in schools of every grade Ed 227

theory(s) of: contradicts Mosaic record of creation Ed 128-9

finds no support in Bible Ed 129-30

Satan’s falsehood re TM 135-6

that destroy man’s dignity 7BC 906

See also Creation; Earth; Geology; Man

Ewe lamb

Ewe lamb, Nathan’s parable of 2BC 1023; DA 566; PP 721, 727

Exacting spirit

Exacting spirit, warning against 3T 417

Exaction, Exactions

Exaction, Exactions, arbitrary, God’s laws are not MH 114

temptation to think the Christian life is full of TMK 121:2


Exactitude, business connected with God’s cause should be done with TM 181

needed in efforts for God PK 65

pharisaical, danger in TM 195

See also Care; Precision; Thoroughness


Exactness, do with, whatever you do MH 499

important in little matters TMK 325:2

Exaggerated impression

Exaggerated impression, giving, ninth commandment violated by PP 309

Exaggerated report, Exaggerated reports

Exaggerated report, Exaggerated reports, expressed under excitement of tea Te 79

told by children to parents 2T 559

Exaggeration, Exaggerations

Exaggeration, Exaggerations, becomes habit 1T 157

check; harmony of mind destroyed 2MCP 376:2

God condemns Ed 236; MB 68

how God looks upon 4T 336

God’s commandment is transgressed by 4T 331

in business deal is condemned 4T 494

in conversation, warning against 1T 201

in giving reproof, warning against Ed 294

in talk, evil of 2T 186, 315

of truth, warning against 4T 496

put away FLB 69:4; HP 179:3

when, becomes habit in children 2SG 255


Exalt, men are safe only as they, Christ 8T 145


Exaltation, God promised to keep EGW from EW 20-1

many people have fallen as result of EW 20

many souls lost because of 3T 185

of man, lays snare for his soul 2BC 1035

of men, is perilous PP 717

See also Flattery; Self-exaltation


angels wanting, were expelled from heaven TDG 128:2

avoid, by holding God and God holding you TDG 277:2

only from God if living near Him TDG 16:3

See also Honor; Pride

Examination, Examinations

Examination, Examinations, last great, schools should prepare students for FE 517

of baptismal candidate See Baptismal candidate

of candidates for gospel ministry See Minister; Ministry

of guests at wedding feast See Judgment; Parable

school See School examination

See also Self-examination

Example, Examples

Example, Examples, Abraham’s worthy, as man of prayer PP 128

according with truth SDA profess, influence of 2T 334

believer whose, did not accord with his profession 2T 392-3

believer whose bad, caused others to stumble 2T 256

beware lest your, place souls in peril TM 158

cast on side of evil, becomes well-nigh irresistible Ed 150

Christ as See Christ

Christ was, of what He taught Ed 78-9

consistent Christian life as, exerts powerful influence for good 4T 286

Daniel’s See Daniel

godly, has power that cannot be resisted AA 511; GW 59

tells more for truth than greatest eloquence GW 104

good, aids others in developing good principles PK 348

importance of setting before others a PK 348

gospel workers who set bad, for others 7T 201

gospel worker’s See Gospel worker

human, do not follow 5T 189

husband whose, was not best before wife and children 2T 78

influence of your, in crisis MB 127-8

Israel’s, in liberality is worth imitation PP 344

of morning and evening prayer should be followed by Christians PP 354

Joseph’s See Joseph (son of Jacob)

minister’s See Minister

of Bible characters, why God has given Ed 150; 4T 10-12, 15

one, worth more than many precepts MH 149

one sin fostered in life, is powerful enticement to evil Ed 150; MB 94

parents’ See Parent

Paul’s life was, of his teaching AA 507

physician should be, in every respect to believers CH 547

physician’s, should be positive power on right side MH 132

power of 1T 274-87

is great 1T 278

is wonderful Ed 150

preacher’s See Preacher

precepts you give to others should be backed up by 2T 438

respected believer’s unfaithful, in Sabbath observance influences others 4T 250

right, benefits world more than all profession COL 383

SS teachers should set CSW 104-5

SS teacher should not follow, of person who does not grow spiritually CSW 105-6

what would be results if Christ’s followers would follow His 2T 683-4

why God has presented many, showing results of one wrong act Ed 150

your, will preach louder than words CS 41

See also Influence; Model; Pattern


bad, reacting impatiently with difficult ones OHC 243:3

cheerful, children and youth need influence of RC 186:6

child follows, of parent in losing temper 2MCP 519:1


came to be sacrifice and LHU 169


in every sphere where we are placed RC 138:2

of obedience UL 166:4

to be followed UL 134:2

life of,

adapted to be universal TMK 134:4

to be, for youth; criterion TMK 325:5

is our only TMK 174:2

was, by really resisting temptations OHC 57:2

consistent, power of HP 172:5

correct, duty of Christians to set OHC 185:4

duty to present correct; mistakes injure 1MCP 317:2

earnest and powerful TDG 187:4

excuse based on your wrong UL 32:3

gift of showing, misused by some TMK 327:4

God’s ambassadors to be UL 268:2

health laws followed strictly improves TMK 313:4

human, imitating RC 35:4

imitating, of those who love not God TMK 269:3

leading away from obedience, condemned UL 272:4

leading others by,

in obedience LHU 176:6

to a relationship with God UL 253:5

to Christ; avoid divided affection LYL 37:3

light to shine brightly from HP 312:4

lives through eternity UL 55:3

minister as, in licentiousness TSB 188:4

need for, in large churches HP 299:4

others affected by, as by Solomon’s TSB 192:1

parents to give, of the divine Pattern TDG 219:4

perfecting of, unlimited UL 305:4

power of, not always realized OHC 243:3

professed Christians’, hurt others RC 65:2

safe only of servants of God 3SM 308:3

sweetens lives of others AG 124:2

teach truth by precept and TMK 358:3

try to become, to others AG 65:5

unchristian, dishonors God and endangers souls TMK 138:2

value of heaven shown by, as well as by words TDG 223:6

words weaker than, in teaching children HP 212:3

wrong, terrible to give UL 275:3

See also Actions; Behavior; Influence


Exasperation, woman given to, at trivial matters 4T 495

See also Anger; Irritation


Excellence, highest point of, God desires youth to attain MYP 164

highest standard of, strive to reach 7T 127

man’s, determined by his possession of Christ’s virtues CW 175

no, without great labor SD 333; Te 210

of character See Character

perfect, found only in God’s word CW 121

price of, hard work is SD 322

true, found in life’s humblest lot PK 219


consecration of heart, soul and voice to reach TDG 71:5

desire for TMK 91:3

divine, Christ had, although human TMK 111:2


Christ assures AG 195:5

overcomer to strive for, daily TDG 102:3

to be appreciated TDG 100:5

possibility of attaining, revealed through Christ TMK 134:2

seeking qualities of sanctified, safety lies in TDG 257:7

See also Perfection


Excess, carrying what is lawful to, is sin 4T 505

consequences of, mankind should not be ignorant of CH 38

danger of going to, in that which is lawful 2SM 18, 91

eating to See Eating; Gluttony

in dress See Clothing

in work See Work

men are constantly tempted to go to CD 29; Te 101

Satan tempts men to go to, in what is lawful in itself GC 555

sexual See Sexual intercourse

world is plagued on one hand by, and on the other by want DA 367

See also Extravagance; Extreme


eating and drinking not wrong if not carried to OHC 79:3

lawful (permissible) things carried to TMK 322:3

powers taxed by lawful things carried to TDG 33:3

ruins thousands OHC 79:4

suffering from, in what is lawful CC 35:2

warning against, in describing the days of Noah LHU 353:3

See also Indulgence


Exchange, vast, when outer court of temple became DA 157


Excitability, children’s, improper eating causes 4aSG 132

Excitable elements

Excitable elements, among SDA, warning re 2SM 44

beware of, in gospel work Ev 68

Excitable temperament, Excitable temperaments

Excitable temperament, Excitable temperaments, persons of, flock to standard of revival enthusiasm 4T 74

led easily into fanaticism 2SM 43

extreme views of 2SM 17

Excitant, Excitants

Excitant, Excitants, unnatural, are harmful CD 150

See also Stimulants


Excited, ministers should not become, under opposition EW 102

person who becomes easily 3T 516


Excitement, aimless, Paul reproved persons given to AA 267

artificial, many holidays tend to encourage FE 312

busy, do not cultivate life of outward zeal in 2T 673

close and bolt doors firmly against Ev 138; GW 316

common and earthly, no need to live only for FE 455

constant round of, that causes indifference to God PP 103

continual round of, many people seek MYP 367

desire for, is temptation and snare CT 325

depression that follows CD 55

discontent and despondency that follows MH 247

do not have people wrought up into 2SM 60

do not hunger for Ev 170

do not move from EW 118

effects of, as result of time setting 4T 308

false: arising from time setting EW 75; 1SM 188

destroys discernment and spiritual eyesight 1T 323

diverts minds from true issue for this time TM 59

erroneously regarded as spiritual gift 1T 412

ill effects of 1T 419

new and strange things will arise to lead to 2SM 17

Satan’s efforts to create TM 59

SDA have no need for Ev 600-1

false and fanatical, cause of truth should be stripped of everything like 1T 415

fever of, exciting amusements keep minds in AH 521

feverish, God’s people do not need 6T 475

frenzy of, is not evidence that minister has zeal for God 4T 405

gospel workers laboring in cities must beware of GW 316

great: in gospel work does not please God 3T 227

not necessary in evangelism ChS 181

strange work is done under GW 316

high pitch of, do not seek to get wound up to 5T 649

evangelist should not work himself up to Ev 657

high state of, exercise of faith does not call for 1SM 83-4

human, be careful not to go into or to try to create 2SM 57

in evangelistic work, warning against Ev 130-1

in revival meetings 2SM 18-9

in school, severe illness or death of students caused by CT 270

in speaker, is not power but weakness 2SM 59

intense, we live in time of 6T 31

intoxication of, many people seek 2SM 21

keep children as free from, as possible CG 216

manifestation of, in sickroom may produce death MH 219

ministers must not rely on, for stimulation 3T 212

mixed multitude in Israel was moved by PP 281

not favorable to: growth in grace Ev 612; 2SM 35

purity or sanctification Ev 612

of emotional character, passes off as rapidly as it comes 4T 70

of feeling, results of creating 2SM 95

people make use of extreme utterances to create TM 227

person who will never hunger or thirst for FE 461

religion of, do not turn to 8T 300

minds that will not turn to GW 309

religious: declension in faith follows 5T 647

passes off as rapidly as it comes 4T 70

Satan uses EW 261

sensational, methods used to create 4T 74

sensational revivalists rely on 4T 74

tends to weaken church 4T 73-4

unbelief and skepticism become strong in proportion to 5T 647

Satan will raise, in fallen churches before loud cry is given EW 261

scenes of, in fanatical movements 2SM 34

SDA do not wish to create Ev 170

special season of, do not live in expectation of 1SM 186; 2SM 23

latter rain is not to be expected as Ev 702

storm of, prayer for sick should not be offered in 2T 147

strain of, do not be always under ChS 249

surface of, people who drift on 4T 74

think calmly and work without TM 227

too much fear of, in God’s service CT 338

true healing is not found in MH 246

undue, people who complain that Christ’s teachings produce TM 284

Spirit’s work has been condemned as CT 367

whirl of, thousands attracted from sober duties of life by 9T 89

youth drawn away from sober duties of life by FE 422

work of SDA is not to create 2SM 16

world is full of CT 343

youth’s love for 1T 501

See also Enthusiasm; Fanaticism


Christ moved in the world of, as the sun above clouds TDG 263:4

depression of one in sinful life in absence of TSB 171:2

false, believers led into; avoid controversy 1MCP 42:1

feverish, influence of Satan shown in, passion, etc. TMK 147:3

freedom from undue/unnatural,

in meetings in South Lancaster 3SM 182:2

safer for children LHU 32:7

ministers to speak earnestly but without VSS 259:1

peculiarities of voice and attitude cause, and deceive 1MCP 42:1

pleasure lover seeks, wasting time and intellect TMK 318:2

power instead of, by looking on Christ and God’s love RC 178:6

religion consisting largely of TMK 133:3

religious fervor replaced by desire for TMK 248:2

sanctification is not; entire conformity required FW 121

Satan plans pleasures to fill time with TDG 87:3

seeking, to compensate for loss of Spirit 1MCP 321:3

strange work is done in 1MCP 46:1

susceptibility to; choose words in harmony with truth VSS 402

worldly, does not lure ones filled with Bread of life OHC 209:5

worship not to have confusing Mar 234:7

See also Amusement

Exciting amusement

Exciting amusement See Amusement

Exciting indulgence, Exciting indulgences

Exciting indulgence, Exciting indulgences, sick people are not benefited by MH 246-7


Exclusive, Christ was not DA 86

Enoch was not inclined to be PP 85

God would not have His people SC 101; SD 44; Te 219

re associates GW 335-6


Exclusiveness, cannot exist in institution where God presides 7T 198

Christ’s example forbids, at Lord’s Supper DA 656

Christ’s example rebukes GW 334-5

Christ’s opposition to their, Pharisees irked by DA 86, 243

early Christian, that was contrary to spirit of gospel AA 142

established by custom of ages, abandoned by early church AA 142

family, rebuked 2T 74, 76-7; 3T 521, 534-6

forbidden at Lord’s Supper DA 656; Ev 276-7

with exception of persons living in open sin DA 656

greatest, found in Jerusalem AA 197

narrow, education that fosters Ed 241

national, increased facilities of communication breaking down ancient barriers of GC 288

not God’s plan for His people PP 368

of Jews toward Gentiles DA 33, 150, 243, 402; MH 25; SR 303-4

Christ’s attitude to Samaritans was contrary to DA 193-4

Christ’s disciples were not free from DA 400

Christ’s healing of Syrophoenician woman’s daughter rebuked DA 400

designed by Jews as safeguard against idolatry PK 708

gospel was to utterly destroy SR 291

parable of good Samaritan rebuked DA 497-505

Pharisaism led to DA 819-20

results of, for heathen peoples DA 35-7

of Jewish leaders, toward Gentiles DA 150; MH 25

toward majority of their own people DA 150, 243

proud, why Israel shut themselves away in PP 370

self-righteous, God’s people must not shut themselves up in PP 369

separating different classes of society, Christ sought to break down DA 150

See also Aloofness; Bigotry; Caste; Intolerance; Rank; Seclusiveness; Wall of separation


literature distribution system should avoid PM 323

national, Christ overthrew, to make salvation available to all TMK 50:4

selfish, refusing to admit need TDG 249:3

wrong because God’s blessings are for all OHC 245:4

See also Equality; Nationalities; Prejudice


1. Jewish

2. Papal

1. Jewish

applied to any Jew who believed in Christ DA 538

healed blind man suffered, from synagogue DA 474

priests and rulers believing in Christ dreaded DA 699

30-day, results of DA 472-3

2. Papal

bull of, against Luther (Martin) and adherents GC 141-3, 147

power of, Wycliffe (John) attacked GC 84, 141, 143

terrors of GC 141

See also Interdict

Excretory organ, Excretory organs

Excretory organ, Excretory organs, inactivity places double burden on MH 238

Excursion, Excursions

Excursion, Excursions, money wasted on, for selfish gratification Ev 344-5

SDA families benefited by, into countryside 1T 514

students benefited by, in field or wood Ed 213

studying and planning for your own, cease FE 461

teachers should accompany students on Ed 212

youth who will cease to long for FE 455

See also Picnic; Recreation

Excuse, Excuses

Excuse, Excuses, all the lost will be without, in judgment day 1SM 96

another person’s defects are no, for your guilt 4T 357

framed for neglecting health reform 2T 486

given for: gratification of perverted appetite have no weight with God Te 106

mistaken sensitiveness 2T 571-2

not keeping Sabbath Ev 240, 242

refusing gospel invitation COL 224

given in Luke 14:18-20 were not founded on real necessity COL 222

lying, swept away at final judgment DA 58

no, for not heeding Mal. 3:8-10 TM 305-6

for sin DA 88, 311; 1SM 225; 4T 623; TM 455

person who adds apology to, for his wrong course 5T 641

persons having heard and rejected truth will be without 1T 125-6

Satan suggests, for disobedience 4T 146

spirit of confession without, for sin 5T 641

sufficient answer to, given for not keeping Sabbath Ev 240

tempter’s agency is not, for one wrong act DA 311

trifles that ministers should not regard as, for neglecting their work 2T 338-9

valueless if you have not Christ’s attributes TM 421

See also Apology


failure to live up to standards explained by 3SM 179

for character deformities lead to sin RC 293:6

inheritance used as an, for wrong HP 270:2

looking for, to avoid obedience and lifting a cross FW 41:2

Satan makes, by disobedient ones claiming Christ’s name FW 42:1

sinner would find, if plan of redemption were deficient TMK 96:5

some make, for walking in way of enemy TDG 177:4

studying, for neglecting obedience TMK 297:4

testimonies leave souls without 3SM 31:3

See also Disobedience, excuses for

Executive, Executives

Executive, Executives, Christian, conduct that is not calm justice of 4T 269

See Leaders; Managers

Executive ability

Executive ability, Judas Iscariot had Ed 93

manual training develops Ed 220

See also Ability; Capability; Leader; Leadership; Manager; Management

Executive judgment

Executive judgment See Judgment


Executor, of will 4T 483

Exercise (mental)

Exercise (mental) See Mental exercise; Mind

Exercise (physical)

1. Benefits of (or from)

2. Kinds of

3. Lack of

4. Outdoor (open air)

5. Miscellaneous

1. Benefits of (or from) ML 144

animal passions provided healthy outlet MM 81

blood circulation equalized LS 354; MH 238

blood circulation improved CH 199-200; MH 238, 385; ML 150; MM 81, 106; 2T 525-6, 529-30; 4T 94

blood circulation quickened FE 426; MH 238; MM 106

blood helped to expel impurities 2T 529

body is invigorated 3BC 1157

body organs strengthened MH 239; 3T 77

body receives 1T 394, 686

body strengthened 3BC 1157; 2T 428

bowels strengthened 3T 78

brain relieved of weariness 3T 152

complaining invalid restored MM 107

digestion aided 2T 413, 530

disease prevented MM 81

diseased persons helped CG 343

diseased stomach relieved 2T 530

diseased system helped to recover normal condition FE 146

dyspeptic’s digestive organs given healthy tone CD 103; MH 240

entire human system invigorated MM 107

girls improved in mind and body 1T 686-7

health recovered MM 232, 297

how to realize FE 418; 2T 533

impurities thrown off by body 3T 490

inurement to life’s hardships 3T 193

invalids given life and strength 2T 530-1

invalids receive CD 302; MH 238; MM 107; 2T 526

kidneys strengthened 2T 533

liver strengthened 2T 533

lungs kept in good condition MH 238

lungs strengthened 2T 533

mind diverted from self 2T 670

mind healthfully influenced ML 150; 1T 394, 686

mind strengthened 2T 428

minister receives 2T 569

ministers blessed 2T 643

muscles given tone 1T 448

muscles strengthened CH 199-200; ML 150; MM 81; 1T 448; 2T 528, 533; 3T 78; 6T 192

persons of sedentary habits receive 3T 489-90

physical development aided FE 426

recovery from sickness promoted MH 240

remedy for disease MM 225

skin given healthful glow 2T 530

skin helped to expel impurities MH 238

skin kept in healthy condition MH 238

tone given to system FE 426

waste matter accumulating in system is worked off 3T 310

young women receive FE 74-5

youth protected from secret vice 2T 348-9

2. Kinds of

active, man who did not enjoy 2T 411

sedentary and mental workers daily need CD 110; MH 310

best, manual training provides CT 354

brisk but not violent, person who has a cold needs 2T 530

cheerful, recovery from sickness is helped by MH 240

combined with useful labor: blood circulation improved by 4T 94

happy influence exerted on mind by 4T 94

invalids benefited by CH 199-200

invalid’s attention diverted from himself by 4T 94

is beneficial CH 199-200, 627

muscles strengthened CH 199-200; 4T 94

youth afforded most benefit by Ed 215

healthful: aids recovery from sickness MH 240

important remedy for disease MM 225

invalids need 2T 530

ill effects of eating too much with little 2T 432

instructive and useful, is best FE 418

judicious: beneficial in treating colds 2T 530

blood brought to surface by 2T 530

blood circulation improved by 2T 530

blood sent to extremities by 2T 530

diseased stomach benefited by 2T 530

sick people benefited by CD 303; MM 297

skin given healthful glow by 2T 530

moderate, after meal is beneficial CD 104; 2T 530

muscles are strengthened by daily 2T 533

morning, is beneficial ML 136

proper: education needs to be given on CD 406

muscles of sick people benefited by MM 296

needed in open air CD 419

nerves of sick people benefited by MM 296

one of God’s physicians CH 261; MM 259; 2SM 281

out of doors does not break boy’s constitution 4T 97

precious blessing 2T 528

proportionate for all organs and faculties, essential to best work of each FE 418

sensible, women failing in health can help themselves by MH 293

stern and severe, young men benefited by ML 130

useful and healthful, better for sick people than certain amusements 4T 94

variety of, benefits of 3T 78

vigorous: animal passions find healthy outlet in MM 81

blood circulation equalized by MH 238

blood needs to be kept in healthy circulation by MH 385

students must have Ed 210

violent, immediately after eating hinders digestive process CD 103; MH 240; 2T 413

should be avoided immediately after eating MH 240; 2T 413

violent or excessive, evil of eating after MH 305-6

3. Lack of

blood circulation depressed by 1T 588

blood circulation ill-affected by MH 238

blood made impure by 1T 562

bowels ill-affected in some cases by 3T 78

children become sick as result of MH 385

dyspepsia caused by 2T 374

eat sparingly of even plain food during 4T 515

entire system suffers from 2T 526

health ill-affected by MH 238

ill effects of FE 146; GW 240; ML 144

limbs weakened by 2T 533

mental breakdown fostered by CD 122-3, 395; CT 299

mental effort restricted by GW 240

mental powers enfeebled by GW 230; 3T 310

mind cannot be kept in working order without ML 130

ministers deteriorate as result of 4T 269

ministers suffer from 3T 310

ministers who have 3T 309-10

ministers’ poor health often due to 3T 211; 4T 408

moral powers enfeebled by 3T 310

morbid condition produced by 3T 76

more people die from, than from overfatigue 2T 525-6

muscles become flabby and enfeebled by 2T 533

muscles ill-affected by 2T 533

muscular system weakened by MH 237-8

muscular weakness increased by 2T 529

nervous system unbalanced by CH 41; COL 346

sickness caused by 3T 489-90

skin ill-affected by MH 238

students’ health often injured by FE 60

veins ill affected by 2T 533

4. Outdoor (open air)

as part of elixir of life 7T 76-7

blood circulation improved by MM 81

body needs invigorating influence of 4T 264

children benefited by MH 382

cultivation of gardens provides 7T 78

cultivation of soil is excellent MH 265

excellent recreation for body and mind Ed 278

feeble and indolent persons benefited by 3T 78

get, as much as possible 2T 526

good and vigorous circulation promoted by 2T 526

habitual, is beneficial 2T 523-4

health requires CD 444; 4T 502

health restored by MM 232

helps to preserve body from disease MM 81

invalids benefited by 2T 526

invalids need 4aSG 145; 2SM 456

invalids who are willful in not taking daily 2T 526

is best MH 239

is health-giving and life-giving MH 264

is life-giving necessity MH 265; 7T 82

kidneys strengthened by, to perform their work 2T 533

lack of, invalids ill-affected by 2T 525

liver strengthened by, to perform its work 2T 533

lungs strengthened by 2T 533

ministers need CH 564; 3T 489-90; 4T 264

ministers should spend a few hours daily in CH 564

more beneficial than medicine CD 419

muscles strengthened by MM 81

office workers need 1T 516-7

people employed withindoors are benefited by 1T 515

persons of sedentary habits should daily take MH 240

plan, so as to strengthen weak organs MH 239

prescribe: as life-giving necessity MH 265

for san. patients 7T 78

for sick people MM 234; 7T 82

preservation of health requires 3T 489-90

regular, health requires CD 444

san. patients benefited by, in cultivation of soil 7T 78

sedentary workers benefited by 1T 515

sick people benefited by MM 296

students need 3T 489

teachers need Ed 278; 3T 489

treatment of cold is helped by 2T 530

women need 2T 531

5. Miscellaneous

Adam and Eve needed, before they sinned 3T 77

air and 2T 522-39

as restorer CH 199-200

best form of, useful work is CT 308

better than medicine in many cases MH 240

blood needs to be vitalized by 2T 525

body must have 4T 652

brain should not be overworked to neglect of 3T 149

brain workers who need more MH 238

children should have best of CG 390

clothing should be suitable for 2T 529

combine, with mental exertion 3T 490

decrease in, requires reduction in eating 2T 602

do not deprive yourself of CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 296

good habits of, children should be trained SD 140

good health requires ML 138; 2T 432, 525, 697; 3T 158; 7T 247

gospel workers need AA 356

heaven provides, to keep the well in health 2T 535

to make the sick well 2T 535

indisposition to, is very bad 2T 324

indoor workers need 1T 515

invalid women and girls need 2T 528-9

invalids benefited more by, than by water treatments 4T 94

invalids inclined to fear 2T 535

invalids need 4aSG 145; 2SM 456; 2T 530

invalids should begin to take, moderately at first 2T 535

invalids who would recover health should not discontinue 2T 529

is good MM 79

man must have, to have strength 3T 67

many sick people can never get well without 3T 76

mental condition that leads to dread of 2T 249

mental effort needs corresponding FE 146; ML 144

mental effort without, ill effects of FE 146

mental health requires 2T 413

mental workers need MH 310

ministers find, in cultivating garden CH 564

in tilling soil FE 325

ministers greatly benefited by 4T 408

ministers need CH 564; LS 354; 3T 235, 309; 4T 264, 269

daily CH 564

ministers should not neglect 3T 211; 4T 269-70

mother’s need of AH 251

office workers need 1T 516-7

one of life’s greatest blessings CD 293

people who fear, will make them sick 2T 523

persons attending council meeting need MM 295

persons of sedentary and literary habits need 3T 157; 6T 192

persons sluggish in temperament need MH 308

persons who eat too much need 2T 428

persons with highly wrought imagination need 5T 310-1

physical powers need, for proper development 4T 410

physicians need MM 292

physician’s erroneous views re 1T 554-6

pitching hay is valuable FE 73

powerful agent in recovery of health ML 150

preservation of mental powers requires Ed 207; MH 238

preservation of physical vigor requires MH 238

principles of, parents should become acquainted with Ed 276

principles of hygiene as applied to, give more attention to Ed 197

proper periods of, in treating disease 1T 553

proper use of, blessings of 2T 535

prudence needed in 2T 434

restoration of health by use of 2SM 298

san. patients need 7T 78

school children need FE 60-1

sedentary workers need CD 110; MH 240, 310; 1T 515

should be: in harmony with Christ’s lessons to disciples CT 281

proportionate to mental taxation 3T 309

sick people are benefited by daily MM 297

sick people too feeble for, movement cure helps some 3T 76

sound constitution and vigorous health are impossible without PP 601

speakers err in not taking sufficient MH 309

students need CG 339-44; Ed 210; FE 72

in sunlight and open air CT 295; Ed 208

students should devote part of each day to CG 342-3

students’ health requires CG 339-44

teachers need CT 281; Ed 278; FE 221; LS 354

therapeutic value of 3T 76

time spent in, not lost CT 295; FE 418

treatment of invalids by use of 3T 76

treatment of mental breakdown by use of CH 199-200

treatment of the sick by use of 1T 555-6

use of, in treatment of breakdown from overwork CH 199-200

vigorous health cannot be had without CT 307

walking is beneficial as 3T 75-6, 78

because all organs of body are used 3T 78

when but little outdoor, becomes slow murder 4aSG 146

why indolent persons are disinclined to 2T 528

why some people become easily wearied by 2T 528

will must be called to aid in taking 2T 428

within reach of all 2SM 287

woman who was not inclined to 2T 427

women need 2T 531

writers err in not taking sufficient MH 309

young women need 3T 150

young women who think that they are invalids need MM 107

youth need, to be healthful FE 114

youth should have best of CG 390


aversion to responsibility and, by invalids 2MCP 604:2

balanced, of all organs indispensable to health RC 147:3

brain and muscles to receive, proportionally TDG 129:3

circulation and respiration quickened by RC 147:4

combined with mental taxation in educating youth RC 147:7

daily physical, needed for health 2MCP 375:4

depression calls for, of all powers RC 161:3

faith grows by TMK 231:2

gardening brings, which is God’s work RC 152:4

heart and mind kept young by RC 163:7

knowledge about, to regulate us OHC 69:5

labor affording, benefits mind, muscles and circulation RC 160:5

mind uninterested in, prevents benefits RC 147:6

moderate, eat sparingly and take, for self-worth 2MCP 394:1

neglecting spiritual and physical OHC 221:2


needed by one in despair TDG 129:3

remedial agent 1MCP 117:1

severe, strengthening for healthy young man 1MCP 117:4

spiritual, essential for spiritual muscle and strength OHC 260:2

work of God as much as is holding meetings RC 152:4

See also Inactivity