Sons and Daughters of God


Capabilities Increase as Spirituality Increases, November 11

We Advance Spiritually

As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. Daniel 1:17. SD 322.1

The ignorance of many is voluntary and inexcusable.26The General Conference Bulletin, July 1, 1900. SD 322.2

Some young persons ... do not improve their advantages. They would like to read and write accurately, but the price of excellence is hard work, and they will not pay it. They remind me of the youth whose father sent him to school, and gave him every advantage for gaining a good education; but he neglected to study, saying that his father was able to give him a liberal education, and he was not going to bother his brains about it. You will all say at once that he would remain ignorant, for there is no royal road to learning. But wishing for a healthy religious experience without making earnest, self-denying effort, will be equally useless. Sighing over your ignorance of divine things will never make you wise unto salvation. There are ten thousand sluggish tears and sighs toward heaven that will never win one smile of approval from Jesus. Do not think that a Christian experience will come to you of itself. When you make up your mind to do something on which your heart is set, you do not give up for difficulties, but try again and again.27The Youth's Instructor, January 30, 1884. SD 322.3

Daniel and his three companions ... were well-balanced because they had yielded themselves to the control of the Holy Spirit. These youth gave to God all the glory of their secular, scientific, and religious endowments. Their learning did not come by chance; they obtained knowledge by the faithful use of their powers; and God gave them skill and understanding.28Letter 57, 1896. SD 322.4

As in the case of Daniel, in exact proportion as the spiritual character is developed, the intellectual capabilities are increased.29The Review and Herald, March 22, 1898. SD 322.5

The Lord will co-operate with all who earnestly strive to be faithful in His service, as He co-operated with Daniel and his three companions.30The Youth's Instructor, August 20, 1903. SD 322.6