Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students


Useful Employment Versus Selfish Pleasure

In the place of providing diversions that merely amuse, arrangements should be made for exercises that will be productive of good. Students are sent to our schools to receive an education that will enable them to go forth as workers in God's cause. Satan would lead them to believe that amusements are necessary to physical health; but the Lord has declared that the better way is for them to get physical exercise through manual training and by letting useful employment take the place of selfish pleasure. The desire for amusement, if indulged, soon develops a dislike for useful, healthful exercise of body and mind such as will make students efficient in helping themselves and others. CT 354.1

God bestows talents upon men, not that these talents may lie unused or be employed in self-gratification, but that they may be used to bless others. God grants men the gift of time for the purpose of promoting His glory. When this time is used in selfish pleasure, the hours thus spent are lost for all eternity. CT 354.2


Our young people need to be surrounded with wholesome, uplifting influences. They are to be kept in the love of the truth. The standard set before them should be high. CT 354.3