EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Eternal torment - Evidence, Evidences

Eternal torment

Eternal torment See Torment

Eternal world

Eternal world, borders (verge) of, we stand upon 4T 306; 5T 382, 460, 526; 6T 437; TM 147


Eternity, alone, can reveal glorious destiny man may attain MB 61

build for MM 204

can never fully reveal God’s love for man 5T 740

decision for, make your 2T 495

efforts begun here that will continue through SD 327; 4T 520

endless cycles of GC 647; 5T 699

garnered riches of, given to man in Christ GW 115

God’s people will be learners through FE 350

great and calm, God orders what His providence sees best from His 8T 273

is near 5T 11-2

keep, in view while working 9T 47

life preparation for, make your MM 129

light of, view things of time in Ed 184; PK 548

limited views of, people who have 2T 258

make thorough work for 6T 405

men may sow here but they reap in 5T 262

of bliss, will unfold new glories 8T 131

worth a life of persevering and untiring effort CS 158

past, linked by prophecy to future eternity PK 536

preparation for, should be first and only real work of life 2T 575, 600

this life is only time for COL 263

ransomed host will be Christ’s chief glory through SD 296

redeemed will advance in wisdom throughout CT 55

redeemed will study knowledge of God’s works and ways throughout 4T 581

results of leaving, out of your reckoning MH 450

rich tide of happiness will flow and deepen as, rolls on 9T 286

stretches before God’s people 5T 464

theme of redemption will be studied through all 7BC 990; 1SM 403; 5T 702

time and, weigh for COL 374

treasures of, committed to Christ’s keeping 1SM 138

work for, God’s people are doing 2T 103

work of instruction begun here will be carried on through 5T 301

years of, will bring more glorious revelations of God Ed 307; GC 678

See also New earth


building for,

as life is short OHC 187:6

firmly OHC 84:5

habit is like an iron net 2MCP 596:2

(letter to James White) UL 127:5

chosen us from, to be holy RC 37:5

Christ spoke truths about uniting humanity with UL 86:2

Christ’s lessons influence throughout RC 61:3

comprehending God’s word requires TMK 7:2

concerns of, take precedence HP 48:4

consider things of LHU 15:2

contemplation of,

instead of wasting energy HP 170:6

need not unfit for duties of this life HP 307:4

cross (harvest of) contemplated in UL 110:6

deeds of love and courtesy remembered throughout OHC 236:6

destiny for, now being determined UL 274:2

endless HP 155:6

gift of Christ praised throughout OHC 18:5

gifts lasting as, for those who come to God as children TMK 339:5

good acts and words preserved throughout HP 232:5

greatness impossible without tendency to 3SM 310:3

health guarded so results of work may last for OHC 265:3

impossible for minds to comprehend themes of HP 368:3

instruction during; Christ will impart knowledge LHU 361:4

interests of, run no risks where, are involved TDG 174:4

investment of work for, rather than for perishable things TMK 222:2

issues of, demand more than an imaginary religion HP 131:5

joy in, through provision of Christ TMK 83:2

keep, in view HP 286:4; UL 68:2

knowledge gathered from the recesses of OHC 80:4

learning in,

advances; God’s purposes by obedience 2MCP 563:0

what we could have learned here UL 103:2

lifework now is preparing for TDG 117:4

living on the borders of UL 202:6

looking into,

considering how we have used reason TDG 271:4

of Eph. 2:7; (eternal ages) TDG 127:4

loss of, in pursuit of earthly treasure FW 43:1

loss to be felt in, for abuse of moral nature TDG 350:2

lost sight of, by mixing with the world 2MCP 561:0

make diligent/sure/thorough work for, OHC 101:5, 158:5

matters of, attention to 2MCP 508:4

minds fixed on, grasp hand of infinite power OHC 319:2

mysteries of redemption continually opening throughout TMK 367:3

on borders of TMK 191:5

perfection continually approached throughout HP 186:6

powers (moral and spiritual) carried into TMK 53:6

preparing for,

by confessing and putting away sin TDG 290:6

kindness and sympathy in TDG 147:5

question concerning, to ask ourselves OHC 8:3

realities of,

fade as Satan impresses disloyal minds TDG 339:4

led Ellen White to speak VSS 396:0

seeing, while blind to contemplating evil OHC 334:2

religion demanded for issues of, more than imaginary TMK 162:2

reward of, thoughts fixed on TMK 222:4

salvation by Christ’s blood will be song for 3SM 173:0

secondary importance of, when serving self TMK 222:3

sleeping on brink of, awaken to warn those who are OHC 346:6

study and song throughout, the cross will be TDG 176:6

themes of, mingle, with duties here HP 307:4

things of,

subordinated to common life concerns OHC 280:2

supplanted the temporal for Ellen White 3SM 109:3

thorough work for, representing Christ FW 61:2

thoughts fixed upon great rewards of AG 251:4

treasures of, given in Christ are God’s gifts TDG 283:4

truths of, opened to darkened minds by Holy Spirit RC 132:5

truths to last through; plan of redemption 3SM 118:4

unity of individual minds throughout 2MCP 426:2

value of, appreciated as truth is received TMK 158:3

view of, clarified as Christ rolls back the shadow HP 307:3

vision to include UL 355:5

wisdom of the world has no foundation for HP 137:3

without chilling winds of affliction OHC 158:6


as enduring as, life lived for good accomplishes TDG 286:2

as for, every day, depending on Christ TDG 255:5

for, thorough, making best use of talents and light RC 204:2


Ethbaal, king of Zidonians PK 114


Ethics, gospel, acknowledge no standard but perfection of divine character MH 451

acknowledge no standard but perfection of God’s mind 7T 276


standard of, perfection of God’s mind and will RC 35:2

Ethiopia (Abyssinia)

Ethiopia (Abyssinia), hands of, stretched out to God Ed 262

Sabbath and Sunday observance in GC 63, 577-8

Wolff’s (Joseph) travels in GC 360

Ethiopian army

Ethiopian army, smitten before Asa PK 110-1

Ethiopian eunuch

Ethiopian eunuch, conversion of AA 107-9, 152; COL 116; MH 473; 8T 57-8

Philip did not hesitate with UL 130:4


Etiquette, court, Roman officers trained in 2SM 152

danger of attaching undue importance to GW 333-4

discard false ideas of, which lead to neglect of sacred duties MM 150

minutiae of, not essential CT 236

most valuable treatise on Ed 242

rules of, and courtesy Ed 240-1

worldly, Christ’s grace exerts more influence than TM 195-6

See also Courtesy; Deportment; Manners; Politeness

Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leaves, great healing virtue in 2SM 301

warm footbath with 2SM 301

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil, beneficial for pains in chest and lungs 2SM 301

honey and, cough treated with 2SM 300-1

throat trouble treated with 2SM 300-1

Eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus tree, charcoal powder from, inflammation treated with 2SM 298

injured hand treated with 2SM 295-6


Eunice, Timothy’s mother FE 96

Euphrates River

Euphrates River, Babylon captured by turning aside PK 531, 552

Babylon protected by PK 523

Israel’s dominion to extend eastward to PP 482

plain of Shinar on banks of PP 118

Solomon’s kingdom extended to PK 51, 70

Euphrates valley

Euphrates valley, Babylonians anciently dwelt in PK 344


1. Seventh-day Adventist work in

2. Miscellaneous


1. Seventh-day Adventist work in 8T 38-40

among different nationalities 9T 180-1

attention that, needs LS 384

church buildings should be erected in 6T 109

cities in, money needed for evangelizing Ev 428

colporteur work in, encouragement for LS 305

crisis of, American brethren should help in 6T 461

difficulties in, must be met LS 306

not so great in some countries 6T 25

evangelism in Ev 410-1

Bible studies a successful means of Ev 410

facilities for gospel work needed in 6T 26, 459

first angel’s message proclaimed in SR 356

gospel workers in LS 285

difficulties should not discourage LS 306

great work committed to LS 304

may meet opposition and persecution LS 285

when, should forget their nationality 9T 187

word for, is “Go forward!” LS 307

youth need to be aroused for service by GW 74

greater work needed in 6T 26

hygienic restaurants needed in 7T 51; 8T 38

institutions in, bookkeepers needed in 7T 253

institutions needed in 6T 25

large work can be done for God in 8T 38

lights must be kindled in many places in 8T 38

message will go in power to LS 209

native talent needed in 8T 38

northern: literature led many to truth in Ev 422

many people ready to accept truth in Ev 423

miss. zeal needs to be kindled in Ev 419-20

tenfold more can be done in Ev 420-1

vision re Ev 419

not to be stumbling block to unbelievers 6T 461

perplexing questions will arise in 7T 52

physicians in 7T 59

press must cause truth to shine in 8T 38

Protestant nations of, easier to reach with truth 6T 25

publications should be printed in Ev 420; 8T 87

publishing houses should be erected in 8T 87

represented at Gen. Conf. of 1878 LS 238; 4T 302

royalties from sale of EGW’s books in 1SM 103

sale of Christ’s Object Lessons for relief of schools in 6T 474

sanitariums needed in 6T 463; 7T 51-2, 99; 8T 38

schools needed in 6T 109

SDA mistaken for Mormons in Ev 410

talent among God’s people in 8T 38

needed in establishing centers 8T 38

temperance work by EGW in Te 225-6

tent meetings in Ev 412

treatment rooms needed in 7T 51

unpromising in beginning LS 362

EGW spent two years in LS 306; TM 478

2. Miscellaneous

advent movement in GC 357

Lisbon earthquake felt in GC 304

millions in, last message not heard by Ev 414

Paul and companions preached in AA 211-20; COL 78; Ed 70

Paul revisited AA 323

popular churches of, truth opposed by Ev 410

Roman Catholic lands of, God has firmament of chosen ones in PK 189

Spirit led men in, to search for truth GC 79

stagnation in, during Dark Ages GC 60


Ellen White gave royalties for work in, and had to borrow PM 234:4

Sunday law enforcement in Mar 188:3

unity in Christ of nationalities in, urged UL 281

European, Europeans

European, Europeans, immigration of, to America GC 296

European language, European languages

European language, European languages, Christ’s Object Lessons should be translated into 6T 474


Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea, quoted GC 574

Eustace of Flaye

Eustace of Flaye GC 576


Eutychus AA 391

Evangelical truth

Evangelical truth, chain of golden links of truth form FE 385

Evangelism (evangelistic work)

1. City

2. Large city

3. Miscellaneous

1. City

best halls will be attended by but few people in 6T 31

Bible studies should be given in Ev 108

city after city needs Ev 21

costs money Ev 39

financial matters in, businessmen to look after Ev 92

great demonstrations not called for in Ev 169

Haskell (S. N.) engaged in Ev 108

health reform principles should be presented in MM 304

in unwarned cities, need of Ev 21

promise of means for Ev 62

is difficult Ev 36

large halls are expensive for 6T 31

large halls should be secured for Ev 75

literature should be circulated in Ev 96

means will be brought into God’s cause by Ev 89

men of money will help to finance Ev 87

money should be spent wisely in Ev 42

most favorable time for, has passed MM 310

opportunities for, in large gatherings in cities Ev 35-6

physician’s help greatly needed in MM 304

portable tabernacle recommended for Ev 76

sanitarium physician encouraged to engage in CH 543

selling of papers in Ev 108

simplicity needed in Ev 71

startling messages should be given in 9T 137

strength and victory in, working with Christ is 7T 39

strong and solid, money is needed for Ev 42

tact needed in Ev 71

tents used in Ev 76

theatrical performances should not be used in Ev 127

young men should work with experienced ministers in 9T 119

2. Large city Ev 42; GW 364-6; 9T 137-52

best talent needed for Ev 70

certain classes cannot be reached by public efforts in GW 364; 9T 111

economy needed in Ev 126-7

excessive display in, warning against Ev 127

expensive preparations for, God is dishonored by Ev 127

financial details of, ministers should not manage Ev 92

gospel workers should labor in unity in Ev 42

great need of LS 417-8

in Los Angeles, Calif. Ev 111-2

in New York City Ev 385-6

in San Francisco, Calif. WM 112

in Sydney, Australia Ev 335-6

needs appreciation and support Ev 42

no sensational efforts should be made in Ev 42

one man cannot successfully handle 9T 144

outward display should be avoided in Ev 85

Paul’s policy in Ev 42

personal effort needed in 9T 111

physicians should unite with ministers in MM 248

strict economy needed in Ev 85

training schools for Bible workers needed in 9T 111

variety of talents needed in 9T 144-5

why much is lost in Ev 42

3. Miscellaneous

advantages of, where there are few believers 1T 368

advertising in, spend money judiciously in 9T 110

aggressive, ministers should do Ev 382

apostles sent forth two and two in DA 350

becoming more and more difficult MM 300

best method of, for ministers of ordinary talent Ev 438-9

bind off, thoroughly Ev 325-6

bring, to completion when once started Ev 81

camp meeting followed by Ev 83, 399

Christ’s methods in DA 151; 9T 63

church members should begin, in homes of neighbors 9T 33; WM 70

colporteur as aid to minister in CM 101

colporteur work is important and profitable line of CM 8, 140

diet question should be included in 9T 112

display not essential to success in 9T 110

do not divert men from CM 23

do not do, in selfish and self-exalted manner Ev 89

during 1842-44 Ev 284

expensive display in, caution against GW 383

expensive methods of, warning against Ev 127

expensive outlay in, warning against Ev 139

field school of, Haskell (S. N.) conducted Ev 108

needed in many cities Ev 108

follow-up work in Ev 334-40

for wealthy people 9T 114-5

gospel workers for, God will raise up Ev 75

gospel workers needed to engage in Ev 24

half-hearted efforts will not prove successful in Ev 59

halls should be rented for Ev 75

handshake in, importance of Ev 439

harder now than ever before Ev 178

helpers in various lines of, intermediate schools should provide CT 203

house-to-house work in, Bible teacher should be able to show how to do CT 431

house-to-house work needed in GW 364; 3T 233; WM 97

how apostles helped Christ in DA 349

in Australia Ev 227-8

in England, hire good halls for GW 462

in Europe, use of literature in Ev 411-2

in new fields 3T 218

in rural areas Ev 46-7

in Southern States of USA 9T 214

institutions should train youth to do FE 488

larger plans must be made for Ev 46

literature in, use of Ev 159-62, 232

ministers and med. miss. should work together in Ev 397

ministers engaged in, err in devoting all their time to sermonizing GW 76

minister who labors a year in, without results Ev 686-7

misrepresentation and prevarication in, God despises Ev 132

money should be used economically in Ev 89

more successful when gospel workers are sent out two and two DA 350

needed in out-of-way places Ev 47

needed where truth has not entered 1T 368

no precise lines should be laid down for Ev 391

one-soul, Christ’s faithful regard for Ev 58

Paul’s methods of Ev 230-1

personal, needed 6T 118

women can do 6T 118

personal effort in, importance of DA 141; Ev 442-4; GW 193, 364

physicians can help in, by giving health talks Ev 392

physicians need deeper insight into, that God expects of them MM 40

poor policy in, to leave converts uncared for Ev 340

power for, Spirit supplies Ev 40

preacher should not work himself up to high pitch of excitement in Ev 657

preaching should be backed up by house-to-house work in 3T 233

preparatory work in, not half as valuable as afterwork Ev 432

presentation of subjects in, order of Ev 246-7; 3T 426

promises for future, in Eastern States of USA 1T 149

prosperity of work at home depends on reflex influence of, in countries afar off GW 465

publications should be circulated in MM 306

pub. houses should train youth to do CT 494; Ev 24

Sabbath question should not be made first speciality in Ev 246; TM 400

sanitariums should train youth to do CT 494; Ev 24

schools should train youth for CT 494; Ev 24; 9T 170

self-supporting missionaries engaged in MH 154; 7T 23

sermonizing is not enough in Ev 128

singing in 9T 144

Southern States of USA need more 7T 224

spending means needlessly for effect in, fallacy of 9T 110

startling advertising in, cautions re Ev 130-1; GW 383

successful, can be done in connection with med. work MM 26-7

med. miss. work opens way for Ev 516

tact used by Paul in Ev 141

tenfold more successful in Western than in Eastern States of USA 1T 147

theatrical display in, warning against Ev 137-8, 396; 9T 110, 142

theatrical style of, warning against GW 383

time of SDA should be occupied more and more in Ev 17

timidity in, produces little results Ev 414-5

too much caution in, results of Ev 298

too much display in, warning against Ev 396

tracts and pamphlets in, distribution of Ev 159

truths SDA hold in common with others should be presented first in 3T 426

visiting is important part of Ev 656

wave of fanaticism in, do not encourage Ev 136

why, amounts to nothing in many cases GW 367

women engaged in Ev 464-70

See also Cities; Gospel work


article in Testimonies on, recommended 3SM 358:3

commandments and faith of Jesus made everything in VSS 330:3

improvements in methods of VSS 230:4

lay, plan presented for RC 202:6

medical, tours for 3SM 59:4

public, expenses to be guarded in TDG 251:2

testimonies not to be used in, to support ideas 3SM 29:3

work God has given CME 7:2

See also Work, missionary

Evangelist, Evangelists

Evangelist, Evangelists GW 163-4

all points of truth should not be presented by, in first few meetings GW 367

apostles committed errors in first work as DA 359

calls of, for decisions Ev 283

can afford to be fair and pleasant Ev 172

Christ’s labors as CH 318

cities need many Ev 393

colporteur can be ChS 147; CM 23, 39

colporteur should work with 6T 315

combative armor should not be worn by Ev 248-9

companies of, med. miss. work by CT 469

companies should be organized and trained to work as 9T 171-2

condemnatory words should not be spoken by GW 163

debating spirit must be put aside by Ev 249

despised publican who became a devoted DA 275

discourses of, should be short Ev 656

does not know and cannot measure result of faithful effort CM 114

duty of, to new church raised up Ev 337

experienced, youth should be sent out with MYP 208

faithful, does work similar to that of Christ’s disciples CH 541

finances of God’s cause should not be managed by Ev 92

first, sent forth by Christ DA 349-58

gestures of, no harshness should come into GW 163

God calls for Ev 116; GW 29

God calls youth to work as CM 19; CT 494; FE 488; 8T 229

God’s purpose in appointing TM 406

harsh expressions by, grieve God GW 163

harshness should be eliminated from preaching of GW 163-4

heard by many Roman Catholics Ev 577

house-to-house work by Ev 157, 431-5

how med. missionaries and other gospel workers should labor together as CT 469

how parents can be, at home CT 157

how prejudice can be broken down by Ev 200-1

how professional men may be MM 241

important points of doctrine should be made plain by Ev 656

is teacher MM 249

labor for erring souls by CM 40-1

labor of, should not be spread over too much territory Ev 79-80

lengthy sermonizing should be avoided by 2T 117-8

little companies should go forth to work as CH 501; 9T 172

may not have success he prays for CM 114

med. missionaries as MM 249

merchandise should not be sold by, in series of meetings 1T 471-2

missionary, schools should prepare students as CM 30-1

money should not be lavishly spent by GW 459

must not: begin with most objectionable features of our faith Ev 201

dwell exclusively on doctrinal subjects Ev 163-4

need of, who have received Spirit CM 23

needed where: question of teaching religion in public schools is agitated 9T 51

Sunday legislation is agitated Ev 394-5; 9T 51

needs to: come close to people by personal efforts 6T 76

have seasons of prayer with persons under conviction Ev 155; 6T 413

labor with simplicity, humility, and graceful dignity 9T 110

make zealous efforts in behalf of apprentices 7T 196

pray in families TM 313

speak clearly and distinctly CM 71; CT 217; Ev 204; 6T 380

speak forcibly and solemnly Ev 205

speak in full, round tones CM 71; CT 217; 6T 380

water and cultivate seed already sown Ev 337

needs to be: careful not to rail once Ev 172

med. missionary MM 249

personally acquainted with hearers Ev 157

worker together with Christ 9T 63

negligent, youth should be doers of word regardless of MYP 197

never was there such, as Christ CH 318; MH 22

nurses needed as, in soul-winning service CT 471

personal work should be done by Ev 157-9; 6T 76

physicians should work as CH 546; MM 241, 248

physicians who work as CH 543-8

physician’s help as, greatly needed in cities MM 304

preaching by: house-to-house work should be combined with TM 312-3

personal work must accompany 6T 76

should not be severe and dictatorial GW 163

preliminaries in meetings of, caution re 9T 142-3

presentation of doctrinal subjects by, order of Ev 246-7; 3T 426

presentation of testing doctrines by Ev 248

presentation of truth to people by Ev 168-74

public effort should not be left by, before it is finished Ev 42, 85, 324-5, 340, 689-90

qualifications of CM 71

rash things should not be said by GW 163

schools should train students as CH 541-2; FE 489

singing, trained at Healdsburg, Calif. FE 487

small returns should not discourage Ev 329

some, can accomplish more in Western than in Eastern States of USA 1T 149

speech of, should be gentle and kind GW 163

spirit of adaptability needed by Ev 689

strength of, how to preserve 2T 117-8

successful: in danger of making shipwreck of faith 7BC 958

method of preaching used by Ev 197

young men who will become CH 538

Timothy’s work as Ev 337

title of “Professor” should not be used by Ev 132

training of apostles as DA 349

true, is lover of souls Ev 116

truth should not be taught in harsh spirit by Ev 163-4

work of CM 19; TM 313

does not end with sermonizing Ev 340

more important than that of other ministers Ev 337

necessarily combined with pastor’s work 4T 260

praying in families is 6T 76

teaching truth in families is GW 188; 6T 76

visiting is important part of Ev 656

writing by, during public effort Ev 656-7

young men in training as, fund needed to aid 2SM 208

youth should be trained as CT 493; Ev 23-4; FE 489

See also Medical missionary evangelist


canvasser blessed as; doors for truth opened PM 297:2

house-to-house work to be done by canvassers and PM 278:1

singing, counsel for, going from house to house RC 255

singing, interest in voice culture to become VSS 414:1

Evangelistic center

Evangelistic center, model, needed in New York City 7T 37

Evangelistic effort, Evengelistic efforts

Evangelistic effort, Evengelistic efforts, advertising of, economy needed in Ev 127

aftermeetings needed in Ev 151-2

calls for decision in Ev 283-5

camp meeting should be followed by Ev 83, 399

church members should help in Ev 338

church members’ duty to attend Ev 111

closing lectures of 4T 395

collections of money in Ev 127

do not hold, over and over in same place 1T 148

do not leave, incomplete to ravel out Ev 85, 324

without binding off 2T 621-2

do not make, too short 1T 148

financing GW 459

halls for holding, payment of large sums for GW 459

held in: basement Ev 126

small hall Ev 126

hold, at great tourist resorts Ev 585-6

in Western States of USA 1T 148-9

house-to-house work in, importance of Ev 431-5; 9T 111; TM 312-3

often does more good than public effort Ev 463-4

immortality question should not be presented early in Ev 246

in eastern USA 1T 148

in Oakland, Calif. Ev 204

in Sydney, Australia, EGW spoke at Ev 335-6

interests created by, need of developing and binding off Ev 323-4

should not ripen off too suddenly Ev 295

involving great expense Ev 457

length of, should not be prescribed Ev 326

make, interesting 8T 82

men of best ability needed to help in Ev 338

ministers should properly bind off, before going elsewhere GW 367-8

ministers who conduct 1T 645-7; 2T 117-8; 4T 265

should carry it through successfully 4T 265

should not be burdened with sale of publications 1T 688

should not leave until his work is done Ev 689; 4T 265

minister’s work in, most important part of 4T 536

music in Ev 500-2, 504, 508-10; 9T 142-3

misuse of Ev 148

on Sunday evenings Ev 148

order and dignity needed in Ev 207-8

personal work from house to house is essential in GW 193

preliminaries in Ev 148; 9T 142-3

rigid economy without stinginess is needed in 4T 299

Sabbath question should not be presented early in Ev 246; TM 400

sale of merchandise in, minds diverted from object of meetings by 1T 471-2

signing of covenant in Ev 331

singers for Ev 127

skating rink used for Ev 39

social meetings in Ev 283-4

Spirit’s deep movings needed in Ev 169

stay-away argument is effectively used against Ev 457

success in, how to have greater MM 252

success of, church members should pray for Ev 112

prayer bands should pray for Ev 111-2

suitable hall should be secured for Ev 126

theaters and halls for, objections to use of Ev 39

unsuccessful, EGW given vision of Ev 457-8

varied talents in, advantage of having Ev 336-7

variety of Bible subjects and exercises should be presented in Ev 150

wise restraint needed in Ev 540

without house-to-house work, produce little Ev 445

worldly singers should not be used in 9T 143

worldly musicians for, use of Ev 127

See also Gospel work

Evangelistic preaching

Evangelistic preaching, house-to-house work makes success of Ev 433

Evangelistic sermon, Evangelistic sermons

Evangelistic sermon, Evangelistic sermons, first, second series should follow Ev 334

Evangelistic spirit

Evangelistic spirit, Adventist, in 1843-44 WM 79-80

Evangelistic talent

Evangelistic talent, best, should not be tied up at centers of SDA work Ev 22-3

Evangelistic worker, Evangelistic workers

Evangelistic worker, Evangelistic workers, calling and transferring Ev 687-91

experienced, med. missionaries should labor with CT 469

of varied gifts, city evangelism needs 9T 144-5

should learn to minister to needs of both body and soul CT 468; MM 240

See also Medical missionary


Evangelization, of world, personal selfishness hinders 9T 52

God-given work of SDA is CH 499; ML 224; WM 57

Evasion, Evasions

Evasion, Evasions, of truth, God condemns Ed 236; 2T 388


Eve, Adam blamed, for their sin PP 57; SR 38-9; Te 284

angels cautioned, not to separate from Adam PP 53; SR 31

astonished at serpent having power of speech EW 148

attempted to climb higher than her original position 3T 483

beautiful PP 45, 56; 3SG 34; 4aSG 120; SR 21

believed God’s promise of salvation 1BC 1084

blamed serpent for her sin SC 40; 5T 638

bore likeness of Maker in outward resemblance Ed 20

cast away faith, key of knowledge Ed 24

charged God with responsibility of her sin PP 58; SC 40; 5T 638

countenance of, glowed with tint of health Ed 20

coveted what God had forbidden Ed 24

created from rib taken from Adam’s side PP 46

created sinless 3SG 34; 4aSG 120; SR 21

Creator’s glory reflected in Ed 20

curiosity of: allowed to control her reason 3T 483

at hearing serpent talk PP 54; 3SG 40

re tree of knowledge of good and evil PP 54; 3SG 39-40; SR 32

Satan exploited Ed 24; SR 32-3

described Ed 20; PP 45; 3SG 34; SR 21

doubted God’s goodness and love 3SG 43

endowed with: high mental and spiritual gifts Ed 20

power of choice Ed 23

experience of, arrayed against God’s positive command 3T 72

feelings of, after eating forbidden fruit CH 108-9; PP 56; 3T 72

felt sincere sorrow and repentance for her guilt 1BC 1084

first error of, wandering from husband was EW 147; PP 53-4; 3SG 39; SR 32

flattered by tempter Ed 24; GC 554; PP 54; SR 33

flattered herself that God was too kind to punish her for disobedience SL 67

full of vigor imparted by tree of life PP 50

given to Adam as his companion and helpmeet MH 356; PP 46

God’s purpose in creating AH 99; Ed 15-6; PP 46; 3T 484

graceful in form Ed 20

had all that her wants required 3T 483

hands of, serpent placed forbidden fruit in PP 55-6

head of, reached little above Adam’s shoulder 3SG 34; SR 21

intemperance of, in eating forbidden fruit 4aSG 120; 2SM 411; Te 15

lacked nothing to make her happy 3T 483

lie first repeated to, Satan’s efforts to spread EW 218; 2SM 118; 1T 342

lost all glories of Eden by her disobedience 2T 561

love for, Adam ate forbidden fruit out of EW 148; PP 56-7

lying spirit enticed 7BC 950

made Adam’s equal PP 46, 58; 3T 484

made little lower than angels Ed 20

noble in stature 4aSG 120

not quite as tall as Adam PP 45; 3SG 34; SR 21

perfect in symmetry 3SG 34; 4aSG 120; SR 21

perfectly happy in Eden home 3T 483

placed in subjection to Adam because of sin PP 58-9; 3T 484

possessed individuality in thinking and acting 3T 484

presumptuous in seeking forbidden knowledge 5T 504

regular and beautiful in feature Ed 20

remorse of PP 66

Satan artfully approached, with doubt DA 118

Satan deceived, by speaking through serpent PP 53-6; SL 67; 3SG 39; SR 33

Satan led, to distrust God’s wisdom and goodness Ed 24

Satan promised, freedom and bliss Ed 24; Ev 609; PP 55; 3SG 40-1; SR 33

high state of felicity 2T 561; 4T 79

Satan used, to tempt Adam PP 56-8; CH 108-9; EW 147-8; GC 532; 3SG 40-2; SR 35-6; 3T 72

saved from utter ruin 1BC 1084

second error of, lingering around forbidden tree was EW 147; PP 54

sermon preached by Satan to, on immortality of soul 1T 342-4

should not have argued with tempter GC 531

sophistry by which Satan enticed SL 67; 1T 565

sorrow and pain of, as result of sin PP 58

startled at hearing serpent speak SR 33

symmetrical in form Ed 20

temptation and fall of 1BC 1083; 2BC 1031; CH 108-9; DA 118; Ed 23-7; EW 147-8; GC 531-4; PP 53-62, 378; 3SG 39-47; 4aSG 15, 120, 150; SL 67; 1SM 131-2, 214; SR 32-41, 398; 1T 551; 2T 89, 561; 3T 72; 4T 584; 5T 738

tempter plucked forbidden fruit and passed it to SR 35

third error of, doubting what God had said was EW 147; PP 54-5

transgressed God’s commands to gratify taste Te 15

was free moral agent 1BC 1084; PP 48; 3SG 43; SR 30

See also Adam and Eve


enjoyment Satan promised to TSB 191:3

lie to, about death, repeated in days of Noah RC 322:2

misstatement of, used by serpent in deception Con 14:2

Satan presented God’s commands to, as arbitrary and unjust TMK 121:2

serpent believed by Con 14:1

taking forbidden fruit seemed small matter to UL 32:2

temptation of, as today UL 338:2

wandered away enjoying beauties and bounties Con 12:4


Eves, modern, placed in subjection to husbands by God PP 58-9

restless PP 58-9; 3T 483

Even (evening)

Even (evening), begins at sunset 6T 355-6, 359

does not begin at six o’clock 1T 116

early Sabbathkeeping Adventists inferred that, began at six o’clock 1T 116

Evening, Evenings

Evening, Evenings, cherish, at home as precious seasons CSW 48

cool of, extra clothing may be needed in 2T 527-8

family prayer should be offered every 7BC 971

See also Family worship

long winter, how families may profitably spend CW 134

parents should devote, to family CH 100; FE 154

spent at home, should be made as happy as possible CH 100; FE 154; ML 199

should be pleasant social season MH 294

work of day should not be prolonged into, as a rule CH 99; FE 154

your earnest prayer should ascend to God every 4T 615-6

Evening Advertiser

Evening Advertiser, quoted GC 334

Evening sacrifice

Evening sacrifice See Sacrifice

Event, Events

Event, Events, anticipation of great, opening before us Ev 219

belong to God Ev 445

coming: cast their shadows before DA 636; Ed 180; PK 537; TM 364

cast their shadows on man’s pathway CG 557

in which God’s people should show great interest PK 731

program of, is in God’s hands MB 121; 5T 753

complicated play of human, is under divine control Ed 178; PK 536

disposing of, is of God’s providence PP 268; 3SG 239

every, of life is great for good or evil 4T 561

everyday life’s: Christ illustrated truth by means of COL 338

Christ taught by illustration and parables drawn from CT 140

use of illustrations from familiar CT 261

fearful, of prophecy must speedily take place 4T 612

great and decisive, do not be surprised at PK 278

great and solemn, we stand on threshold of Ed 179; MB 121; PK 536; 1SM 221; 5T 753; 6T 14; TM 116

human, principles that govern Ed 304

important, ancient custom of commemorating PP 187

important and fearful, are before us 3T 53

not one of life’s, is unknown to God 3BC 1141

of greatest magnitude, signs that forecast approach of 9T 11

of vital importance, taking place around us GC 601

outline of prominent, that will take place before end GC 25

overruled by God GC 291

in deliverance of Israel SR 113

passing, is text for impressive discourse 9T 63

predicted impending years ago are now taking place 5T 711

predicted in prophecy, for which God’s children have watched, waited, longed, and prayed Ed 183

present, God’s power to overrule PK 474

Satan closely watches 2T 171

series of, will reveal that God is master of situation LS 415; 9T 96

shaping of, seems determined by man’s power, ambition, or caprice Ed 173; PK 499-500

solemn, connected with close of probation GC 310

yet to transpire 7BC 982

sound of, that causes earth to tremble Ed 180; PK 537

startling, preparing for development 2SM 85

succession of, leading to opening of judgment GC 356

taking place about us, rulers and statesmen fix attention on Ed 179

unfulfilled, persons to whom Satan will reveal 2T 171

will come in their order EW 41



character kept strong by remembering RC 318:2

described 3SM 427

lessons from, to teach greater vigilance RC 271:4

showing God in control; truth is given PM 386:4

trumpets and vials 3SM 426:1

final, come suddenly; urgency of writing Great Controversy 3SM 413:1

fulfill God’s word UL 96:2

future, prepare for, coming with blinding force CL 10:3

terrible, on the threshold of; short conflict 3SM 419:3

unexplainable, trust God through UL 65:3

unforeseen, to take place UL 177:2


coming; time of trouble LHU 347:3

prepared to watch, with daily reconsecration TDG 238:5

Everett, Edward

Everett, Edward, quoted GC 440-1


Evergreen See Tree

Everlasting life

Everlasting life See Life


See People, all


Holy Spirit may be, with us; ask in prayer TMK 171

Evidence, Evidences

Evidence, Evidences, Christian, that church needs is found in Bible ML 25

confirming truth, must be proclaimed over and over again MM 15

faith must rest upon, not demonstration Ed 169; SC 105; 1SM 28; 5T 69

few conscientious souls are ready to decide from 1T 113

for or against any point of religious faith, voices that should not be regarded as GC 595

given by God, carefully investigate 5T 675

fatal neglect of 3T 356

unbelief demanding perfect knowledge will never yield to 3T 258

God gives sufficient, on which to base faith PP 432; SC 105; 3SG 94; 4T 232-3; 5T 303, 675

God’s word contains, of its divine character GC 526

grasping at apparent, in controversy CW 76

importance of looking carefully at, before forming conclusions 3T 105

many souls decide in favor of truth from, without being converted 4T 396

mere external, persons who could not be benefited by DA 406

mistaken, that one is called of God 1T 208

obedience is, that a person is Christ’s friend 1T 691

of experience, open to all men SC 111

of SDA faith, ministers need to be thoroughly acquainted with GW 249

revive the old 2SM 25

of SDA position, increases with every year 4T 592

of truth, are best means of exposing error Ev 577

one of greatest, that end is near TM 426

overwhelming array of, few strong proofs better than 3T 36

people wander in mazes of philosophy searching for PP 432

persons whom no amount of, will ever convince 1SM 72

rejected, may never be repeated to rejecter 3T 258

search for, that will never be found PP 432

skeptic refuses all, until it is brought under domain of his faculties FE 332

sufficient, promised to all who honestly seek truth 1SM 72

that God rules in heavens 1BC 1113

weight of: decide from 1BC 1120; DA 458; Ev 478; 3T 255; 5T 675

results of deciding from 4T 583-4

turning from, because some things cannot be understood 4T 232-3; 5T 675

world needs to see in Christians, of Christianity’s power GW 29


day of Ellen White begun by receiving, of help and grace TMK 261:2

demanding more, for unbelief 2MCP 679:2

Ellen White had, of God’s blessing; she could not doubt TDG 76:5

feelings considered as, instead of assurance from Word TDG 223:3

hesitation to accept, increases risk TMK 244:2

Holy Spirit not perceived by corrupt ones in spite of TDG 361:5

indifference to, kept Pharaoh from light 2MCP 724:4

mind blinded by, when in rebellion CC 89:3

Pharisees not converted by, of healing of paralytic FW 68:1

rejecting, brings indifference OHC 26:2

Satan not given, to prove Christ’s divinity UL 39:3

wish for feelings as, that one is a child of God TDG 223:2

withdrawal from, draws curtain of unbelief OHC 26:2

See also Light; Truth