EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Elixir of life - Enemy, Enemies

Elixir of life

Elixir of life, things that constitute MM 233; 7T 76-7


Elizabeth See Elisabeth


Elkanah, Samuel’s father PP 569, 572

Elliott, Charlotte

Elliott, Charlotte, hymn “Just as I Am” by, quoted 1SM 333

Elliott, George

Elliott, George GC 447

Elmshaven, Calif.

gratitude of Ellen White for, in old age TDG 363:3

near St. Helena 2SM 405


Elocution, became a byword 4T 605

course in, ministers do not need 4T 605

craze of, men carried away with 4T 605-6

many persons study, who cannot read in intelligible and impressive manner Ed 234

school of, ministers advised not to attend 4T 605

teachers of, ministers set themselves up as 4T 605


Eloquence, Aaron’s 3SG 193

aids in pastor’s work GW 183

alone, cannot convert sinners AA 240

Christ did not seek to attract attention by CSW 182

Christ made no parade of 5T 254

essential in gospel work AA 515

faith graced with humility is needed more in God’s work than 1SM 118

fanciful, improper in preaching GW 153

ministers warned against Ev 182

genuine quality of, minister who possesses 4T 314

gospel worker’s success is not result of GW 252

greatest, godly example that is more powerful than 7BC 916; GW 104

hearts are not reached by PK 169

highest, never is substitute for God’s wisdom and power LS 245-6

simplicity and sincerity will be your SD 274

impassioned, found in Bible CT 429; FE 542

in prayer, that God accepts 7BC 939

in simplicity of God’s word SD 70

John told story of crucified and risen Saviour with AA 568

John’s, astonished his hearers AA 569; SL 71

Judah’s touching, in plea for Benjamin PP 230

lofty, qualities that make life more powerful than 3T 23

love for God is not produced by FE 241

men are not brought to point of decision by GW 154

mingled with love, precious endowment 6T 84

minister who makes, highest aim in preaching GW 153

native, John the Baptist’s 2SM 149

no parade of, in Christ’s teaching 5T 254

not essential in order to work for God 7T 144

not most important thing in God’s work CW 108

of consistent Christian life, far more powerful than eloquence of words MH 469

Paul’s fascinating EW 206

Paul met eloquence with, at Athens 6BC 1084; AA 235-8

Paul’s persuasive, before Herod Agrippa II AA 437; GW 123; MH 489

power far more valuable than, humility of mind is TM 161

Satan’s, in portrayals of love and charity GC 554

self-discipline is more valuable for gospel worker than COL 335

silence is: on some points in planning city evangelism Ev 75

re births and marriages in new earth MM 100; 1SM 173; 2SM 25-6

re God’s nature MH 429; 8T 279

re “mysteries of iniquity” Ev 576

re nature of Godhead 7BC 914

re political questions FE 475; GW 391

re your personal trials AH 349

when mind cannot discern spiritual things 8T 167

silence often is, when under provocation CG 551

silence that is, on part of those who would alter fundamental features of faith in which they acted no part 1SM 162

re the “daily” 1SM 164, 168

simple, persons who will have storehouse of TM 120

soaring, not essential to success is gospel work SD 266

stirring, Moses’ 4aSG 57

storehouse of, how to acquire TM 120

that is as open box of ointment 5BC 1137

true, Christ’s silence on many subjects was 2SM 336

defined TM 123

vain show of, ministers should not be ambitious for Ev 181

when silence is, re attempts to describe God’s love FE 179-80

EGW’s messages given with, of simplicity 1SM 32

will not avail in gospel work CH 367; 4T 539

will not convert a single soul 1T 380

without Christ in heart, makes minister a failure DA 815

without love, as meaningless as sounding brass 5T 169

without Spirit’s presence, cannot win souls to Christ COL 328

makes a minister fruitless 8T 21

words of divine, that shook the world AA 77; TM 67

See also Oratory


consecration of, necessary for faithful service TMK 122:3

heavenly, by those who catch rays from Sun of Righteousness TDG 115:5

lack of, unimportant when blessed by God TDG 26:2

love for Christ gives, to the stammering tongue RC 368:4

love makes the most persuasive VSS 207:1

simple life in Christ is, in God’s sight VSS 283:1

simplicity rather than VSS 168:2

See also Speech


Eloquent, Apollos was AA 269

gospel worker becomes really, when he lifts up Christ through Spirit CT 509

true piety makes stammering tongue 4T 314

words are made, by Spirit’s efficiency Ev 531

Eloquent language

Eloquent language, when, is out of place in prayer 7BC 939

Eloquent oratory

Eloquent oratory, that is as sounding brass 6BC 1091

Eloquent sermon, Eloquent sermons

Eloquent sermon, Eloquent sermons, do not convert souls GW 155

Eloquent simplicity

Eloquent simplicity, Paul’s teaching in, to Gentiles 6BC 1089

Eloquent speaker

Eloquent speaker, Paul was AA 251

Eloquent speech, Eloquent speeches

Eloquent speech, Eloquent speeches, reception of gospel does not depend on GW 155

Eloquent testimony, Eloquent testimonies

Eloquent testimony, Eloquent testimonies, success of gospel message does not depend on COL 231


Elymas, sorcerer AA 167-9; GC 516


Emancipation, redemption means, from wrong ideas, habits, and practices DA 330

Emancipation paper, Emancipation papers

Emancipation paper, Emancipation papers, human race’s, Christ has signed with His own blood MH 90


Embalming, of Christ’s body with costly mixture of myrrh and aloes DA 773


Embarrassment, God’s promise to help men disentangle themselves from DA 329

how to disentangle yourself from MH 72


better than losing soul and influencing others TSB 139:2

Christ knows our UL 296:4

foolish evangelist saved from TSB 170:1

way opened to disentangle from; bring case before the Lord TDG 82:4


Embassage, of divine grace, Christ came to earth with DA 37

See also Ambassador

Embellishment, Embellishments

Embellishment, Embellishments, artificial, ministers should not resort to Ev 181

expensive, humble and fervent prayer does more to circulate books than 6T 319

needless, of person disappears when mind is fixed on pleasing God alone 4T 645


Embezzlement, many people driven to, to keep up with fashions of dress MH 290

of God’s goods 6T 385

by use of means for selfish pleasure MYP 317

how many people become guilty of COL 371-2

persons unfaithful in tithing are charged with 6T 389

results of sin of 3T 387

sin of, warning against CS 78, 86

ways in which men become guilty of Ev 344-5

of God’s property, withholding tithe is 3T 394

persons in high places guilty of FE 233

three causes of 5T 523

why so many people are guilty of AH 383


Emblem, beautiful, of Christ’s relation to believers ML 11


Embroidering, for baby clothes 2SM 466

not proper exercise for invalid women and girls 2T 529


Embroidery, blue, purple, and red used on girdle of common priests PP 350

children’s dress should be without 4T 72

for earthly sanctuary, God taught Moses how to make 4aSG 154

in dress of high priest PP 350-1

mothers who make AH 197

mothers’ duty re MH 381

not so important as child training AH 197

of silver and gold, made by women for earthly sanctuary 4aSG 155

on curtains of earthly sanctuary PP 349

patterns of, intricate and delicate WM 155

women who devote their time to making WM 155

Emergency, Emergencies

Emergency, Emergencies, accidents and, missionaries should know what to do in Ed 221

aged workers should counsel young men in 2SM 227

bank of deposit of physical stamina on which to draw in CG 396; MYP 242; Te 101, 156

be as true in every, as needle to pole 3T 495

be prepared for any 2BC 1004

in call of duty SD 279

Christ has made provision for every 3T 505

Christ is all-sufficient helper in every 4T 599

Christ knows just how to meet every SD 160

Christ will be His people’s helper in every 2SM 408

Christ will never fail His people in any ML 316

Christian’s duty to rise to TM 298

conf. presidents’ duty re GW 415

divine help pledged for all, how to obtain 6T 145

divine illumination qualifies God’s people to meet 3T 542

do not swerve from integrity in 4T 117

efficiency in, careless and improvident use of God-given powers lessens Ev 668

Elisha relied on God in every PK 222

experience needed to help us in, results of neglecting to obtain 5T 463

faith and courage of God’s people will rise with every GC 610

faith is clasping Christ’s hand in every GW 262

falsehoods must not be used in AA 76

feel in every, that battle is God’s PK 202

five wise virgins of parable were prepared for COL 412

girl who is prepared for any AH 91

God gives special truth for people in GC 609

God has no use for two-sided men in 2SM 153

God has provided aid for all, with which human resources are unequal PK 660

God has provided divine assistance for all ChS 253; 6T 415

to which His people’s resources are unequal 8T 19

God has provided for every, that His people meet FE 251

God is able to give grace for every AH 344-5

God is wisest counselor in 2BC 993

God knows how to meet every 2BC 995

God made provision beforehand to meet terrible, of sin DA 22

God prepares His people to meet AA 574-5

God ready to give His workers efficiency and omnipotent power in any TM 312

God will be helper of His people in every MH 199; 2SM 407-8

God works for His people when they rise to MYP 106

God’s blessing in time of, results of 2T 657

God’s cause neglected, when He has provided sufficient means to meet every 4T 483

God’s grace dispensed to His servants to meet DA 354

God’s people may have strength from Him for 1SM 416; TM 386

God’s people must rise as one to meet TM 90

God’s power is given to help His people in every 7BC 929

God’s promise to help His people in every PP 493; 4T 163

God’s wisdom will teach teachers in every, what course to pursue FE 270

gospel workers must rise to, and liquidate debt in God’s work TM 298

grace is dispensed to God’s servants in DA 354

great, David trusted God in PP 657

God interposes for His people only in 1T 212

Spirit is given in large measure for ML 48

how God has used women in MM 60; WM 158

how God prepares men to be used in 4T 86

how God prepares men to meet AA 574-5

how ministers can have store of knowledge for any TM 149

how to become qualified to meet 9T 221

how to train youth to cope with Ed 215

in God’s work: funds should be reserved for Ev 89

kind of leaders needed in 3T 505

lessons that will help meet 3BC 1140

means are entrusted to God’s people to meet 6T 464

institutional workers’ duty in case of CS 268-9

King Saul’s disobedience in 2BC 1014

life’s, how girls could be better prepared for Ed 216-7

physical, mental, and moral qualifications needed for meeting MM 107-8

loyalty to laws of God’s kingdom should grow with each 7BC 981

matron in institution should know what needs to be done in MM 207

men who are not to be trusted in PP 549

men who can be relied on to keep fort in, needed at heart of God’s work 2T 460

ministers should be able in, to support themselves 6BC 1062

ministers should be minutemen ready to meet 7T 208

ministers who are strong, efficient, and reliable in 3T 14

ministers who can be relied upon in LS 194

Moses was promised strength for every PP 380

Moses’ mother taught him: that God would hear him in any SR 107

to trust in God in any 3SG 182

mother’s best friend in, Christ is AH 204

new ways and means to meet, necessities constantly arise that call for 3T 494

of final crisis, God’s servants not to trust to themselves in 5T 753

ordinary, youth should be taught how to meet FE 426-7

personal financial, part of your income should be saved for 2SM 329-30

save money for AH 395-6

saving money for, case of 2SM 329

tithe not to be used for 9T 247

Paul’s helping hand in every AA 442

people should be qualified by education and practice to meet 5T 724

persons who would not be prepared for 1T 357

persons willing to sacrifice for Him in, God will honor 6T 104

present, God imparts strength and wisdom for DA 313

rely humbly on God for strength and grace sufficient for 2T 408

sacrificing by early Christians to meet AA 70

san. workers’ duty in case of MM 176-7

seek God for wisdom in every 2SM 273

seek God’s help in, with confidence PP 554

seek help from God in every DA 369; MH 49

sin of doing nothing in 3T 281

is sin which God abhors 3T 281

sin’s terrible, provision made by God beforehand for DA 22

Spirit endows God’s people with wisdom to meet 6T 436

Spirit furnishes strength to souls wrestling in AA 51; 8T 22

Spirit will be helper of God’s people in LS 439

strength and grace sufficient for, where to find 2T 408

success in, healing power united with gospel brings CT 468; Ev 544

teachers should manifest: kindness and love in all CSW 174

patience and self-control in all CSW 174

things that help in 3T 195

three great Powers provide help for every 6T 99

times of, God has men to stand up in GW 263

God’s people have present help in Ev 306

truths for any time of, minister’s mind should be stored with TM 149

trying, preparation of med. missionary for CT 470

well-defined landmarks by which to be governed in GW 106-7

what to do in AH 208; CT 156-7


Christ is helper in, for those who love and obey TDG 142:3

daily, grace to be daily received for OHC 125:4

divine light qualifies us to meet, as we advance AG 311:5

falsehoods may seem to serve HP 179:4


has been a present help in every TDG 194:6

longs to show Himself in times of RC 353:5

provides for, as needed OHC 125:2

landmarks to be set up for guidance in 1MCP 365:2

Moses wanted to feel divine presence in HP 241:3

performance of daily duties prepares for future TMK 225:4

plan of redemption provides for TMK 96:5

power to meet, and overcome temptation 3SM 140:2

preparation for, by constantly beholding Jesus TMK 240:4

present and future, assurance for UL 17:4

strength for,

for striving souls OHC 151:4

stored from Word of God PM 205:1

trust God rather than planning easy place for future 3SM 398:3


Eminence, Christians may rise to almost any 4T 411

Eminent men

Eminent men, SDA do not need, so much as good, true, and humble men LS 274

world’s most, in last days will turn from light of truth AA 241-2

Emmanuel Missionary College

Emmanuel Missionary College, teachers at CT 253-5 See also Battle Creek College

Emmanuel movement

Emmanuel movement, is form of spiritism Ev 606


Emmaus 5BC 1125; DA 795-802; GC 349; ML 207; 1SM 20-1

location of DA 795


Christ will teach us as He did on road to TMK 202:4

Scriptures explained on way to LHU 115:5; Mar 249:3

Emotion, Emotions

Emotion, Emotions, bear fruit 4T 63

cannot be trusted 5T 513

caused by competitive games 1SM 133

changeable as clouds 1SM 328

Christian should not be subject to TM 518

Christianity brings, under control of reason and conscience MYP 136; 5T 314

closely studying your, evil results of MH 249

controlled by religion, has transforming power 3T 84

deepest, Christ and Him crucified should stir 2T 634

scenes of Calvary call for 2T 213

depressing: do great injury to health AH 431; ML 153

hinder digestion AH 431; ML 153

interfere with nutrition AH 431

do not make man a child of God 5T 515

do not wait to feel special, as answer to prayer MYP 123

false sanctification based upon SL 9

getting mastery over calm judgment 2SM 17

God’s law takes cognizance of your 1SM 217

happy, is godliness to many people Ev 597

heart’s, divine grace transforms AA 120

purity is required in PP 308

heart’s complicated, critically examine your ML 92

hold all, in subjection to reason and conscience 5T 177

holy, Spirit inspires 5T 42

how to bring, into subjection to Christ 5T 514

inward, control your 3T 336

keener and holier, intemperate eating blunts 3T 487; Te 167

love for Christ must control 3T 396

make no effort to rein mind up to certain intensity of SL 90

mastery of, over calm judgment 2SM 91

ministers should not play upon GW 147

in preaching GW 153-4

most joyful, Christ and Him crucified must be theme of SC 103-4; 4T 462

noble and generous, atmosphere of selfish and narrow criticism stifles MB 123

not a sure safeguard 4T 188

not evidence of Spirit’s presence 2SM 18

not wise to look to self and study your MH 249

person who feels some, without seeing sin in its enormity 1T 159

popular revivals excite GC 463

religion is not merely 2T 506

religious, do not make prominent Ev 502

sanctified, fruit borne on Christian tree 6BC 1080

sinful, God’s law condemns SD 61

must be accounted for in judgment ML 163; 1SM 217

soul’s holy, indulgence of appetite blunts 3T 310

strong, Bible sanctification does not consist in SL 10

transitory, love is not SD 101

true love is not 6BC 1101

variable and subject to external circumstances 4T 188

violent, not essential evidence of conviction of sin DA 515

withholding offerings or service from God’s cause because, are not stirred CS 25

you can control your, by steadfastly keeping your will on God’s side 5T 514

you can control your will if you cannot control your ML 318

See also Feeling


acceptance by God based on promises not on FLB 9:3

analyzing every, not correct self-examination HP 131:2

avoid domination by TSB 59:4

changing from ecstasy to despondency 2MCP 494:1

Christ does not excite, with brilliant descriptions HP 366:3

Christ to be trusted regardless of 2MCP 812:0

Christianity is more than TMK 163:2

controlled by reason through the religion of Christ RC 293:3

conversion brings no great feeling of HP 116:3

depressing, injure health by interfering with digestion 1MCP 62:3

doubt is invited by considering 2MCP 480:1

evidence of, may contradict faith OHC 124:2

fitful, faculties not to be wasted in TDG 33:2

fruit lacking while having exaggerated TMK 133:3

God is touched by, of repentant soul OHC 127:2

good or bad, not evidence of relationship with God OHC 119:6

holy, are to be developed; we expect too little 2MCP 601:0

meat eating causes unhallowed 3SM 289:2

never walk in shadow of UL 150:5

not evidence you are Christian AG 324:3

power to restrain, control, and balance OHC 333:3

preaching to avoid exciting; but still with intensity VSS 402

reason and conscience controlling, protect from Satanic mind control OHC 87:3


governed by Mar 55:6

kept alive by, is of no value TDG 156:6

religion of Christ not of mere HP 126:2

relying on, instead of Scriptures Mar 233:6

sadness of, not cause for giving up TMK 230:3

scorn and opposition will not disturb; we trust God RC 351:4

shifting, grieves Christ UL 150:6

transformation of, by power of religion TSB 98:1

trust in Christ irrespective of changes in HP 52:5

unsafe for judging religious state HP 45:5

See also Feelings


Emotional, do not educate people to think of religion as 2SM 21

present truth as free as possible from that which is Ev 611; TM 227

See also Excitement

Emotional excitement

Emotional excitement, many modern revivals are based on GC 464

passes off as rapidly as it comes CSW 115; 4T 70


Emotionalism, extreme, that should be avoided Ev 502

Emotional life

Emotional life, Christian life should not be FE 483; GW 395

Emotional nature

Emotional nature, must not guide in marriage AH 43

Emotional religion

Emotional religion, minister is expected to use all his nervous energy in 2SM 21

intoxicating effects of 2SM 21

warnings against 4T 188

Emotional spasm, Emotional spasms

Emotional spasm, Emotional spasms, of activity, good is not to be done to fellow men by 6T 277

of piety, do not make men children of God WM 38

Emperor, Emperors

Emperor, Emperors, bowed to decrees of Roman pontiffs GC 60

celebrated, victorious over turbulent temper CG 95

Luther (Martin) held fast God’s word against COL 78

power over, Gregory VII claimed GC 57-8

Roman, murdered before Jerusalem’s destruction DA 628


Emphasis, people were impressed by Christ’s, on words CH 498-9

right, needed in reading and speaking CT 208

Empire, Empires

Empire, Empires, God watches over person on whom, may depend ML 291

of purity and holiness, God’s children belong to TM 442

rise and fall, appears as if dependent on will and prowess of men Ed 173; PK 499

God works out counsels of His will in Ed 173

Satan sought to establish his, on earth DA 114

universal, Babel builders planned to found PP 119

Jewish dreams of GC 345

world’s great: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome as Ed 177

each had its period of test and failed Ed 177

God’s overruling purpose worked out through movements of Ed 177

prophecy has traced the rise and fall of Ed 177; PK 535

world’s greatest, Egypt was 6T 219

world’s most powerful, Babylon was PK 494

Employee, Employees

Employee, Employees, businessman’s, maxims for Ed 135

commandment-keeping, employer blinded by Satan will oppress GC 608

liberally pay, all that they earn 2T 159

Sabbathkeeper’s, must not be allowed to work on Sabbath Ev 245


hiring, abilities and spirituality examined before PM 93:2

just payment to RC 272:6

possessions secured unfairly from, destroyed Mar 283:4

unity of interest of, with employer TMK 93:4

See also Servants; Workers

Employer, Employers

Employer, Employers, absence of, be faithful in work during 3T 25

blinded by Satan, will oppress commandment-keeping employee GC 608

light of, to shine to workers RC 206:4

property of, workmen should care for MYP 228

Sabbathkeeping, should let workers off at Friday noon to prepare for Sabbath 6T 356

workmen’s duty to MYP 228; 2T 78

Employment, Employments

Employment, Employments, Adam and Eve needed 3T 153, 235

all manner of, under God’s eye CS 142

ancient custom of men seeking COL 396

better to lose, than to lose Christ Ev 243

change of, children need frequent AH 289

that is beneficial to health LS 354

children should not be left to choose their own AH 468

children’s, should be suited to their years AH 284

daily, do home miss. work while engaged in 9T 39

God is cognizant of your SR 284

engage in no, on which you cannot conscientiously ask God’s blessing 4T 629

exactness and thoroughness in, that will bear required inspection 4T 590

for new Sabbathkeepers, providing Ev 244-5

humblest, what throws charm around CG 121; MYP 329; PP 574

in active labor, safeguards youth against evil habits 3T 151

in heaven there certainly is, and ever will be ML 358

invalids need 2T 526

lack of, opens door to thousand temptations COL 345

man alone is capable of degrading or elevating his 4T 590

many children think useful, is degrading FE 417

parents should provide, for children FE 151

persons who desire to be useful can always find MM 177

problem of, Sabbath observance and Ev 237-41

provide, for persons endeavoring to reform MH 177

sedentary, how many people become diseased as result of 3T 158

should not consist in gratifying lust of flesh CG 449-50

some people brought into temptation because of their COL 368

students need, to exercise muscles 3T 159

that can make youth happy 1T 504

useful: best exercise for youth is Ed 215

does not excite brain as much as do some amusements 4T 94

enfeebled muscles blessed by MM 107

every Hebrew youth was to be taught some CT 307

idea that ignorance of, is essential characteristic of true gentleman or lady FE 75

parents should give children CT 146

provided for development of health AH 509

qualify students to help themselves and others AH 509

teach children to engage in CT 127

teach children to exercise systematically in MH 386

train yourself to bear responsibilities by 3T 235

whatever your, represent Christ TM 262

work in soil is one of best kinds of 6T 179

working at, in lazy and droning way COL 345

worldly, Christian has work to do for Christ besides his 5T 459

hours needed for prayer and meditation are often given to 4T 247

worthy of highest honor, laboring to save souls is GW 332

youth’s active minds and hands must have CG 341

See also Task; Work


Adam needed, to be happy OHC 223:2

Christ’s, labor dignified and idleness rebuked by TMK 30:2

connection with God wanted for one considered for TSB 187:0

interviews for, after Christ’s manner PM 93:2

leaving, with revenge PM 77:2

recommendation of Ellen White against, for one counseled TSB 155:4

secular, accountable to God in, as minister is OHC 194:3

steady, better than speculation UL 21:4, 93:4

termination of,

for unbelievers; cautions PM 77:2

if not found consecrated PM 59:1

lawsuit by one experiencing PM 248:2

lovesick sentimentalism TSB 245:2

thankfulness for being severed from, to help church RY 77:3


custom among Jews to train children for TDG 203:2

father should teach sons to love OHC 263:4

God served well by, using powers fully 2MCP 378:2

youth to be occupied with ennobling (activity) RC 250:4

See also God, works of; Labor; Work


Emulation, against one another, safeguard against CT 315

evil fruit 5T 63

holy, reading stories of Bible characters inspires to SC 88

leads to dishonesty in many cases Ed 226

spirit of: religious duty to repress 5T 242

should not be appealed to in education Ed 226; PP 595-6


Enablings, all of God’s biddings are His COL 333

Enactment, Enactments

Enactment, Enactments, divine, God’s curse on persons who exalt human above PK 186

oppressive, enemies of God’s people will resort to PK 606


Encampment, Israel’s, no refuse allowed to remain within or about MH 279

Enchanted ground

Enchanted ground, church is apparently on 4T 475

remain no longer on 1SM 125

Satan’s, men are on GC 601

sleep no longer on 5T 454

thou art on EW 60

Enchantment, Enchantments

Enchantment, Enchantments, Balaam used 4aSG 47

against Israel GC 529

Balaam’s, sought by Moab and Midian against Israel PP 439

deceiving, Satan works with CS 237; TM 336

Egyptian magicians could produce some things by means of 3SG 209

power of, Balaam tried to use PP 449


Enchantress, bewitching power of, Samson under 2BC 1007


Encomiums, SDA periodicals should not publish, on men who do not glorify God in life or character CW 174

See also Praise


Encourage, Christian love is quick to DA 462

your soul to believe and trust in God ML 313


Encouragement, Christ gave, where most needed WM 171

Christ’s, for sinners SC 53-5

costs nothing to give, by little attentions ML 152

give, to one another CH 242-4

to persons sorely pressed by temptation SC 120

God gives no, that He will do for man what he can do for himself 7BC 939

great source of, God’s blessings are MH 100

helping hand gives, to the tempted MH 168-9

how to give, to the intemperate MH 179-82

husband should speak, to wife 1T 306

message of, for God’s people in every age PK 578

sent to God’s people during Babylonian captivity PK 583

mighty, to urge men to serve God with love SC 21

needed in time of rebellion and apostasy 2T 515

show, for people in need 2T 330

source of, Christ’s promises as MH 246-51

gratitude and praise to God as MH 251-60

speak words of 4BC 1183

to people you meet Ev 430

to indolence is criminal 5T 372

EGW received, from Esther 4:16 LS 22; 1T 16

words of, be ever ready to speak 2SM 230

Christ spoke, to people in need or sorrow MH 24, 38-44, 71-2, 84-5, 89-90

God will help you to speak MM 201

that physician should speak to the sick MH 120-4


believers to bring, to tempted ones TDG 67:4

blessings experienced bring greater OHC 135:2


is always present to give TMK 203:4

longed to give His disciples, for trials TDG 142:5

consciousness of an abiding Christ gives HP 55:2

erring ones who feel shame need OHC 295:4

expressing God’s love in words of HP 67:2

from those awaiting Christ’s coming AG 353:2

God spoke, for worried lady through dream of Ellen White 2MCP 807:3

good works bring RC 235:3

Holy Spirit promised is, to keep before the people VSS 318:0

in Ezekiel 34 AG 138:3

intelligence applied to giving TDG 75:4

light reflected to others by RC 235:2

precious, of Jer. 9:23, 24 TMK 126:2

reason for; Jesus lives TMK 353:3

SDAs given, to be faithful RC 287:3

spiritual, trust God although lacking TSB 47:4

spoken by angels in human form UL 84:3

tempted ones to be given; speak of promises 2MCP 435:2

Word of God,

is the only true source of TDG 281:2

spoken as TDG 329:6

words of,

for all remembering diversity of gifts TDG 345:6

in the family TDG 225:3

Jesus blessed others by TDG 59:5

“Jesus loves you” as TDG 122:2

of Christians TMK 138:4

spoken if we constantly rejoice in hope RC 220:3

See also Comfort; Courage

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Encyclopedia Americana, quoted GC 305


End, justifies means, world’s leading maxim is 5T 562

justifies means, Satan says that UL 195:4


End, approaching rapidly AA 219; 5T 98-9; 8T 89; 9T 101

conditions showing that, is near PK 278

every passing day brings us nearer to 9T 27

how men can know when, is near 5T 451

how soon might come, with army of youth as gospel workers Ed 271

is at hand ChS 84; CM 17, 145; CW 174; Ev 30; ML 63, 109; 1SM 191; 3T 473; 4T 191, 307, 593; 5T 16, 147; 6T 148; 9T 40, 167; TM 187

if we believe 5T 547

tell people you visit that MM 332; 9T 38

tell world that Ev 217

is near CM 25; COL 319; MYP 90; 5T 537, 716; 6T 22, 436, 440; 9T 101, 203

is very near 7BC 911; CG 555; 8T 28

nearing GW 126; 5T 601; TM 60

nearness of, gospel workers need to realize 9T 27

unmistakable evidences point to 9T 25, 55

noiseless approach of, like thief in night 9T 135

of earth’s history, nearing 6T 292

of world: harvest is COL 75

people who know not signs of Ev 613

soon to come 8T 223

preparation for EW 69-71

signs of, rapidly fulfilling AA 260

stealing upon us ChS 41; 9T 135

time of See Time of end

when, will come 6T 24

will come: more quickly than men expect GC 631

suddenly as lightning flashed from heaven GC 338-9

See also Advent, second; Beginning; Probation; Time


cannot see, from the beginning HP 355:4

God sees, from beginning and sets restrictions to protect LYL 83:3

justifies means, Satan says that UL 195:4

seeing, from beginning, would confirm God’s leading TDG 122:3

End (objective)

End (objective), means for, must be employed to attain desired results 9T 221

End of time / End of the world

approaching; churches are asleep TDG 349:2

assurance to be firm until TDG 58:2

at hand; Mar 198:2; OHC 354:5

resources to be used wisely; (1881) 3SM 283:1

religious world to be shaken 3SM 391:7

church has gift to guide until 3SM 83:1

comes when the whole earth is warned Mar 218:4

date would bring delay in preparation for Mar 108:3

demonstrations will transpire near 3SM 367:3

destruction of Jerusalem was like PM 280:4

distinction of Christians increases as we near TMK 308:3

doubting whether we are the people of God in 1MCP 95:4

Ellen White’s vision regarding RC 243

events now leading to, call for more vigilance RC 271:4

events of, from Rev. 19 and onward summarized UL 277:6

evil near, from appetite and passions 3SM 292:1

evil set more decidedly toward perdition nearing TMK 307:6

experience of God’s people at, impossible to describe FLB 340:4

fellowship important near OHC 166:3

growth (spiritual) or decline,

as we near TMK 117:4

is faster near 3SM 407:4

hatred for Christ’s followers increases near 2MCP 527:3; UL 303:5

Jerusalem, destruction of, typifies LDE 18

light increases from God’s servants before 3SM 407:1

lost respond to those who could have warned them of RC 243:6

nearness of,

all are to distribute literature showing PM 57:2

amusement and evil increasing (1908) CL 14:3

converting power of God needed in churches 3SM 154:1

distraction from subjects needing action 3SM 23:2

keep future world in view 3SM 425:2

know work to be done and UL 272:2

many do not know, but Satan does HP 309:2

means little time to develop character TDG 35:7

not realized; overcoming important HP 280:2

not understood by some UL 368:4

preparation needed: education of Holy Spirit TDG 198:2

rapid and startling developments; zeal against Ellen White 3SM 351:1

shown by signs UL 79:2

signs and fulfilled prophecies reveal TMK 352:2

signs of the times declare Mar 39:2, 106:2

stay close to Christ TDG 309:5

truth of, we are to believe and practice TDG 238:5

unrealized by many TDG 168:5

we cannot afford mistakes TDG 369:3

pestilence, plague, famine, food, fire at Mar 174:6

plagues begin at Mar 264:4

publications calling attention to last

scenes of 3SM 114:2

righteous call for God to do His work in HP 345:3

righteous people near, See God, people of

Satan’s work more pronounced with nearness of 3SM 387:4

scenes of, will come suddenly and swiftly 3SM 113:4

sensed by few despite signs; peace and safety felt 3SM 408:2

shrinking from consequences of faith near 3SM 398:4

shut door at, like in Noah’s time and other times TDG 235:5

signs of, rejecting inspiration and exalting humanity are TMK 345:3

soon; unselfishness in every transaction PM 210:5

standing firm at 3SM 390:3

temptations near, as before entry into Canaan CC 115:3

throne seen by saints through opened heavens at 3SM 428

two parties only near 3SM 422:5

war will rage in Mar 297:4

warnings about,

disregarded CC 37:6; HP 343:5

for some inaccessible by personal contact 3SM 413:3

“watch and pray” was command in reference to LHU 368:2

wickedness and polluted high places at 3SM 429:2

work of God increasingly earnest until; more faith needed TDG 198:5

workers coming from other churches uphold cause in 3SM 387:0

See also Day of God; Last days; Scenes, final

Endearment, Endearments

Endearment, Endearments, little, essential during babyhood and childhood AH 197


Endor, cave of PP 681

location of PP 679

evil spirits haunted PP 679

mystic voices spoke at AA 290; Ev 608; 5T 193

path leading to, cursed CH 458; 5T 197

witch of, as sorceress PP 676, 679, 681, 683

covenant made with death by 4aSG 84-5

covenant made with Satan by 2BC 1022; PP 676

had a familiar spirit PP 676

King Saul’s interview with PP 676-81, 683-9; 4aSG 84-5

Satan’s agent PP 683

Endowment, Endowments

Endowment, Endowments, God-given powers as, must be put to stretch 8T 64

gracious spiritual, God wants you to have Ev 299

heaven’s, bestowed on men that they might return them to God 5T 736-7

how to receive new, of physical, mental, and spiritual power DA 827; MH 159; 6T 306

mental, lent to man on trial TM 377

natural and acquired: are all gifts of God 7T 189

gospel worker’s success is not proportionate to CT 537-8

need to be constantly controlled by Spirit 7T 189

person’s, does not make him rank high in God’s esteem 1SM 258-9

spiritual, committed to us for wise improvement LHU 66:5

God’s richest blessings in store for man in 9T 165

how to increase your 1SM 138

talents include all COL 328

See also Faculties; Talents

Endowments, financial

Endowments, financial, how to sustain institutions without 4T 478


Endurance, bitter cup is sweetened by EW 47; 2SG 290

men of, God calls for Ev 63

power of: courageous spirit gives 4T 341

foods that impart MH 296

how men lessen or increase 4T 498

how to increase Te 167

temperate habits increase CD 29; CG 396; Te 101, 156

youth who have no MYP 102; 2SG 261

trials develop 5T 344

See Perseverance


See Satan

Enemy, Enemies

Enemy, Enemies, attacks of, do not be diverted from God’s work by PK 659

cannot ensnare person who is watching, praying, believing 6T 404

cannot touch God’s children except by His permission MB 71

Christ is His people’s defense against MB 71

Christ on cross prayed for His DA 744; EW 176; SR 222

Christian’s duty to love his MM 253-4

Christian’s threefold, consists of world, love of self, and lusts of flesh 4T 155

class of, most to be feared in God’s work PK 570-1, 658; 5T 273-4

continually on track of God’s people PK 659

designs of church’s, are subject to God’s overruling providence 5T 452

do not despise or fear our PK 645; 7T 108

do not parley with 5T 53

faithful souls will be safe when arrows of wrath strike through, of God’s people 5T 754

fiercest opposition of, warning message must be given under 5T 463

forgive your, as Christ did His SD 90

friends and, Christ made no difference between MH 25

God is mightier than, and is His people’s Helper 5T 21

God often employs His bitterest, to punish His people’s unfaithfulness PP 585

God was Israel’s defense against PP 325

God’s people dwell in peace and safety among, because He reigns 1T 286

God’s people should recall His past dealings to save them from 5T 714

God’s servants should not be taken unawares by DA 352

God’s servants will be tried by anger, contempt, and cruelty of ChS 239-40

how to deal with, of SDA 9T 239-44

love your, as Christ loved His MM 253-4

most bitter, of God’s people will be former brethren GC 608

most to be feared, self is MH 485

Nehemiah’s policy re PK 635-45, 653-60; 3T 570-5

no need to fear any, without CS 21

of SDA faith: effects of true Christian living upon 4T 356

have no right to knowledge of church matters 2T 54

personal, kind acts enjoined toward PP 311

purposes of, how God works to defeat PK 576

put, to flight in Christ’s strength 5T 34

Sabbath truth disturbs, of SDA faith 3T 573

sharp thrusts made at, will come back in double measure 9T 241

side of, never be found on 5T 520

some, will become valuable helpers in spreading truth 7T 37

some of truth’s apparent, will invest means to develop properties and erect buildings for institutions 7T 102

soul must be barricaded against CT 257

speak guardedly re, of SDA 6T 394-5

spirit possessed by, gospel workers must not manifest 9T 241

strongest plans of, God can overthrow PK 164; 8T 10

tool of, be especially guarded against becoming 5T 478

truth’s: God’s people must strictly guard themselves from flattering inducements by PK 570

must not be allowed to gain your friendship and sympathy PK 659

watch God’s people closely 1SM 168

truth’s bitterest, Satan seeks to make the reproved become TM 408

unguarded spoken or written expressions made by SDA will be used by, to condemn them 6T 394-5

unite strength and wisdom to destroy character and influence of God’s servants 2T 139

watch God’s people for evil, to betray them and ruin their souls 5T 520

what it means to love your, as God requires MB 73-5; MM 253-4

woman who made, when she might have had friends 2T 437

worst, persons who try to destroy influence of watchmen on walls of Zion are 5T 294

See also Adversary; Opponent; Satan


avoid arousing combative spirit of 3SM 395:1

calm before, by faith HP 252:5


died to purchase the privilege of saving His TDG 270:6

had peace when pursued by, knowing Father’s presence RC 278:4

cities to be left for rural areas with freedom from CL 10:0

combativeness of, should not be aroused unnecessarily 3SM 396:4

conflict with, drives nearer to Christ RC 296:6

enlighten, rather than irritate, about the false Sabbath 3SM 395:3, 399:1

evangelist with weakness watched by TSB 167:1

eye to be on, in warfare TDG 27:4

face, in last conflict in the strength of Jesus HP 297:3

God helped Joseph and Daniel during plottings of UL 211:3

instruments in God’s hands, although seeming to triumph RY 173:2

land of, but God can vanquish foe OHC 22:2

lips of, closed by light from Christ in last conflict HP 297:2

neither despise nor fear, in doing duties OHC 344:3; TDG 196:2

reasoning with, prevents verification of God’s promises OHC 326:5

self is greatest of, by perverted thinking; wrong habits 2MCP 381:4

unguarded suggestions in Review, used by PM 225:4

victory over, when God with us; cleanliness required 3SM 273:2

words of, reference is not to be made to VSS 241:1; UL 270:3

words of unlearned given power before, to convert thousands Mar 252:5