EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Confidentiality - Conscientiousness


case of impure one to be kept in, forsake of family TSB 199:1

See also Secrets


Confinement, close indoor, ill effects of MH 274

Conflagration, Conflagrations

Conflagration, Conflagrations, final, not much of Christian’s means should be consumed in 1T 197

great, means hoarded will be destroyed in 4T 49, 143

Satan exercises destroying power through GC 589-90

great general, just ahead 4T 49

life’s labor will be swept away suddenly by 4T 49

last great, education that will be consumed in CT 444; FE 446

loss of life by, steadily increasing ML 308

New York City in, EGW’s vision of LS 413; 9T 12-3

terrible, EGW’s vision of Ev 29; WM 136-7

warning men of what is to come on world 4T 49

See also Fire

Conflict, Conflicts

Conflict, Conflicts, angels are with the faithful in all 3T 526

be armed for 3T 80

between good and evil: began before birth of time Ed 304

every human being acts part in SD 242

scenes of long-continued, opened to EGW GC 10

triumphant close of AA 602; GC 662-78

EGW instructed to portray GC 11

will increase to close of time GC 9

between truth and error, will increase in intensity GC 144

Christ overcame Satan in, with God’s word DA 123

Christ’s trying, with Satan during temptation in wilderness DA 114-6

Christian must meet, in everyday life MYP 140

Christian’s life must be one of 3T 538

Christian’s portion in this life is MYP 98

coming: God will help His people to meet new perplexities in SC 125

terrible intensity will mark GC 11

time is full of tokens of 1SM 133

view of 8T 41-7

continual, for Christian in stormy world 3T 453

created by Satan, soon to be decided 7T 141

deadly, God’s people must meet TM 339

fearful, just before God’s people AH 186

fierce, God’s promise to guide His people amid LS 92

final: Christ will strengthen His people for 5T 137

church must wear armor of light and righteousness in TM 17

great, all world will have part in 6T 352

prepare for 5T 137

progress of events in marshaling of nations for, needs to be understood MH 442

Satan’s wrath against God’s people in GC 10

truth and error are nearing their ChS 77

forefront of, peril of persons in PK 174

God permits, to prepare soul for peace GC 633

great, God’s people live near close of 8T 46

God’s people must share, if they would wear crown of victory 1SM 28-9; 5T 71

God’s people should be made stronger and more stable in faith by 4T 556

good and evil angels engaged in Ev 704

for souls MYP 52-3

great and final, nearing for God’s people Ev 30

grows more severe, as closing struggle approaches 6T 471

heat of, unseen agencies by side of God’s people in CT 237

impending, causes of GC 582-92; 5T 711-8

irrepressible, between righteousness and sin MB 29

issues in, need to be better understood MH 451; 8T 312

last, Christian’s duty in PK 627

last great: between laws of men and precepts of God PK 625

between truth and error GC 582

concerns God’s law GC 582

death decree against God’s people in DA 121-2

God’s people forbidden to buy or sell in DA 121-2

men loyal to God will see every earthly support cut off in DA 121

only persons with minds fortified by Scriptures will stand through GC 593

only two classes in DA 763

preparations being made now for PK 605

Sabbath question will be issue in 6T 352

life of, Christ lived for man DA 129

life’s, carefulness needed to ensure success in MH 128

lifelong, with Satan is before God’s people AA 560-1; MYP 104

men of moral sinew are made by 3T 495

mightiest, furtherance of God’s message involves LS 329; TM 470

most severe, church is soon to enter TM 20

most terrible, ever witnessed is right upon God’s people 6T 407

no faithful soul left to struggle alone in PK 571

not pleasant to man’s nature 3T 380

of overcoming, persons who know 5T 215

originated before time began, redeemed will study Ed 304

perilous, God will guide His people in TM 211

present, is last God’s people shall have SD 370

religious experience gained only through CT 100

severe: God’s people seen passing through EW 89

ministry of angels does not ensure God’s people against 2T 509

persons who are not reliable in 2T 488

sore, God’s people in all ages have endured GC 649

lesson to learn from AA 590

souls faithful in, commendation and promise for AA 588

spiritual life is strengthened by COL 61

stern, Christian has to meet 6BC 1111

strength of character is developed through MYP 78-80

supernatural strength promised to the faithful in every 2BC 995-6

terrible, before God’s people ML 308

in near future 9T 11

thick of, expect to enter 4BC 1153

this life is LS 291

time of, fling true colors to breeze in 3T 272

prepare children for CG 555

true soldier’s skill is tested in 3T 272

trust in God is need d in MH 500; 3T 494

two parties strive for supremacy in, and God’s people cannot be neutral in it SD 370

victory and 1T 592-609

wage, against hereditary tendencies COL 331

why God lets His people encounter ChS 275

will wax fiercer and fiercer TM 411

yoking up with Christ cuts short many 8T 95

your personal, Christ does not create 4T 558

See also Battle; Controversy; Struggle; Warfare


all have; we must follow where Jesus leads TMK 280:4


Christ and Satan,

many do not understand HP 259:2

not merely between humans TMK 211:4

right and wrong since Adam yielded to Satan FLB 72:2

bitterness of, increases near close of time FW 46:3

character perfection obtained through OHC 313:3


had, in spite of angels; we can have angels too 3SM 131:2

lived peacefully in RC 278:4

prevailed in, at infinite cost FW 74:4

was exposed to, as a man OHC 57:3

comfort in looking beyond, to see glory for overcomers TDG 198:4


but obedient ones have help; loud cry 3SM 412:1

church dear to God in HP 284:4

perplexities in, but remember past 3SM 383:2

to be understood; gospel versus human tradition 3SM 385:5

continual, Christian life is TMK 253:2

decision for Christ is beginning of HP 218:2

develops character for heaven OHC 316:3

earth as battlefield for greatest LHU 353:2

Ellen White experienced, in 1888 session, but courage good 3SM 178:0

everyone aligned on one of two sides in TMK 211:5


and courage tested by, but make us strong FLB 8:5

grows through OHC 327:3


between truth and error over Sabbath worship HP 150:2

Christ fights beside and for us in 3SM 425:3

clarity of evil side before, will save some 3SM 397:4

endurance of Christ’s follower taxed in HP 297:2

prepare for, by faithfulness in duties HP 297:3

struggle of evil in 3SM 425:5

violence greater than before flood UL 365:3

freedom from, following Christ is not HP 117:3

gird for spiritual, avoiding world’s customs TMK 174:4

God shows us, assuring us divine power FW 92:2

Heaven watches, between good and evil HP 361:4

Holy Spirit strengthens and sustains in TDG 173:4

humans left on earth to encounter TMK 358:4

living above, with God’s character qualities 3SM 310:3

now on the field of TDG 265:6

path of liberty is laid through TMK 287:2

power of Christ is comfort, hope and rejoicing for RC 304:6

release from, by surrender to Satan AG 333:3

rest promised from earth’s final Mar 174:6

salvation requires HP 259:4

with self, cooperating with God 2MCP 757:2

sharing in Christ’s, with evil HP 259:2

spiritual, assurance of result of; God reigns TDG 287:5

strength for,

from truth if it is brought into the life RC 21:4

promised UL 363:4

suspicion by marriage partner creates, in the home OHC 179:5

temptations (subtle), require TMK 256:5

trusting own righteousness opens to 3SM 150:2


fortifies for, by constant contact with life RC 21:4

in the heart brings OHC 87:2


enemies of truth drives closer to Christ RC 296:6

evil, plan of, revealed by God UL 82:4

See also Trials; Misunderstandings

Conflict Series

writing of 3SM 121


Conformity, to Christ, in all things cultivate 5T 348

subject of notice and comment by world 5T 223

to God’s law See Law of God

to world See World

to worldly customs See Custom; World


Confusion, angels not authorized to bless TM 28

bedlam of, SDA faith is not based on 2SM 24

companies seen in 1T 230-1

elements of, Satan works to introduce AA 219

everything in world is in FE 483; GW 395

God has grand and overruling purpose in what appears as Ed 305

God is not author of TM 54

God’s people can bring order and beauty out of Ed 215

harmony seen where finite minds see only 9T 194

holy doctrines dishonored by Ev 612

in church: displeases God 1T 145

lack of organization causes TM 26

person who causes much 1T 332; 2T 389

views that lead to 4T 19

man must exercise his talents in bringing order and harmony out of 5T 312

order discerned in Ed 270

safeguard against, order and system in gospel work are 4T 601

this time of great 1SM 98

utmost, inhabitants of earth seen in 1T 268

world filled with CG 555; 8T 28

world’s, result of failure to study and obey God’s word CT 440

sign of Christ’s second coming SD 354

you have work to do amid, of last days Ev 18

See also Babylon


angels not authorized to bless distraction and CET 199:1

avoided by trusting God UL 348:3

Christ worked with quiet dignity despite; (commotion) TDG 263:4

following own will brings TMK 249:3


is a sure refuge in times of OHC 317:6

will not leave His people in UL 69:3

many in, want help OHC 297:4

organization needed by early SDAs to avoid CET 195:2

repeat Matt. 6:24 when confronted by TMK 188:5

reproach cast on God’s messengers brings OHC 360:3

Satan causes, and distress by mixing truth and error TDG 308:5

testimonies accepted according to own ideas brings 3SM 80:0

words of love bring light to those in OHC 295:5


Congestion, in certain organs of body, as result of determined will 5T 310

of blood in brain, strengthens animal instincts CD 102

of brain, by improper clothing 2SM 469-70

overeating causes MH 306

surest safeguard against ML 136

of head MM 294-5

of lungs, by improper clothing 2SM 469-70

morning exercise as surest safeguard against ML 136

Congregation, Congregations

Congregation, Congregations, fervent responses from, during preaching 5T 318

large, God has given some ministers ability to hold 9T 109

tact and skill needed to hold 9T 109

minister’s duty to preach God’s word before AA 503

new, must be organized 6T 24

poorest, may have Christ’s joy in soul COL 298

small, minister should not be discouraged by 3T 322

souls in every, hesitating and almost persuaded to be wholly for God GW 151; 4T 447

on whom Spirit is moving GW 154

who are not satisfied Ev 350

souls unsatisfied in every,

but pleasing speech hard FW 32:2

wanting to know about salvation TDG 18:6

See also Assembly; Church; Church service

Congregational Journal

Congregational Journal, statement of Albert Barnes in, quoted GC 376-7

Congressional Documents (USA)

Congressional Documents (USA), Serial No. 200, Doc. No. 271, quoted GC 295-6

Congress of United States of America

Congress of United States of America See United States Congress


Coniah See Jehoiachin


Christians not to turn aside to TDG 40:5

Conjecture, Conjectures

Christians not to turn aside to TDG 40:5

evil, persons who eagerly seize upon 1SM 71

human, do not hamper yourself with MM 89

do not mix, with your teaching 1SM 160

philosophy of man’s, do not study MH 459-60

re God’s nature MM 95; 8T 279

persons whom Satan uses to advance MM 93

re what God has not revealed GC 523

theories based on 2BC 1011

unbelief that results from 7T 211

See also Speculation; Theorizing; Theory


Conjuration, Balaam’s pretended 4aSG 47

Connecticut, U.S.A.

Connecticut, U.S.A. GC 307; LS 125; 2SG 149; 2SM 65


Connection, no off-and-on, between Christ and believer DA 676


See Relationships

Conner, Capt.

Conner, Capt. LS 229; 4T 287-9


See Overcoming; Victory

Conquering power

Conquering power, how soul becomes PK 595

Conqueror, Conquerors

Conqueror, Conquerors, faithful, will win eternal glory 1T 453

faithful Christian martyrs were SR 321

how to be, over sin GC 425

man may stand, of himself MH 131; PK 489

men may be more than: in resisting Satan 3T 483

on their own account Te 216

over evil that besets him 1SM 310

through Christ CS 21-2; 2SM 242; TM 328

through God’s power 4T 213-4

mightiest, cannot call back a day’s record GC 486

redeemed are to enter City of God as CG 567; 5T 384; 8T 125; 9T 183; Te 114

triumphant, praise to Christ as AA 602


Conquest, greatest, to subdue self is 3T 183; 9T 183


1. Classes and conditions of

2. Control of

3. Dictates of

4. Other people’s

5. Voice of

6. Miscellaneous


1. Classes and conditions of

abused, sin does not appear exceeding sinful to 3T 148

asleep at pleasure parties CT 340; MYP 387

awakened, at conversion COL 98-9

ministers who present things to quiet GC 607

blunted by some people to avoid cross 3T 51

capable of hearing faintest whisper of Christ’s voice ML 322

children’s, parent or teacher should not seek to be 3T 134

Christian’s, warns him MB 93

clean, Christ’s blood speaks for man only as he keeps 7BC 948

clear: better than drugs ML 177

countenance lighted up by 2T 535

effective in restoring health ML 177

esteem, above gold CS 177

impossible without divine aid SD 111

impossible without principle to love honesty for sake of right SD 111

intellect quickened and invigorated by 2T 327

one of God’s physicians CH 261; MM 259; 2SM 281

persons who esteem, as more valuable than riches 1T 537-8

preserve a, before God 2T 71

David’s tender, hardened by sin PP 720

deceived, danger of following dictates of 3T 457

dormant during feasting and drinking DA 222

drunkard’s, Satan takes control of Te 79

enlightened: be guided by 2T 488; 3T 222

firmly follow 4T 62

obey CT 544

subject appetite and passions to control of 3T 491; 4T 35, 243; Te 145, 150, 216

tongue must ever obey 5T 175

enlightened and wakeful, seek to follow 2T 563; 4T 244

evildoer’s, God lays heavy burdens on PK 435; 4T 178

God’s law pursues Ed 144-5

good: be true to 4T 502

consult, with Bible open before you MM 99

suffices to inspire and regulate motives and conduct 2T 487

good conversation accompanies 4T 347

sound repose that comes of SR 294-5

guilty: aroused to confession by severe sickness 2T 469

Herod Antipas sought relief from accusings of DA 223

Judas Iscariot could not endure torture of DA 721

persons who try to quiet, warning to PP 269

Spirit quickens, under preaching of God’s word GC 461

guilt-burdened, what to do with MH 250

hardened, boy who had 2T 404

illuminated, how to have 2T 565

illuminated by divine grace, will and desires should be controlled by 2T 407-8

insensible to counsels and reproofs 2SM 151

Jerome’s, troubled after his retraction GC 111

lulled to rest ceases to remind you of your errors 4T 254

perverted, can become hard and unimpressible 6T 387-8

overborne by sensual impulses CD 243; CG 461

as result of stimulating food CG 461

pure, how to have 2T 565

quick, how to have 2T 565

Samaritan woman’s, how Christ awakened DA 187-8, 190

scars of wounded, will ever remain 3BC 1158

seared: disregard of convictions of duty produces COL 279

Solomon’s PK 57

spiritualists who have 3T 485

seared and terribly hardened, persons who have 2T 468

seared as with hot iron 4aSG 118-9; Te 33

filching that produces CH 408-9

sensitive, is eye of mind 7BC 965

professed Christians who are without 4T 589

sin-burdened, what to do with MYP 108

sinner’s, quickened by influence of which he is unconscious SC 27

quickened when heart yields to Spirit’s influence DA 671-2; SC 24, 49

slumbering and deadened, needs to be awakened 2T 563

stings of guilty, no torture keener than DA 223

tender, rarely seen because of no deep movings of Spirit 5T 539

torpid, must be aroused 4BC 1165

trampled upon by appetites and passions, clamors for indulgence 4T 552

troubled: cry of GW 213-5

many people try to quiet their SC 33

Spirit’s renewing influence gives peace and hope to 3T 186

true Christian’s, is without spot of guilt 7BC 909

true to duty as needle to pole, need of men with Ed 57

violated 2T 89-93

benumbed and made insensible 3T 569

disregarding Testimonies causes 2T 447

girl who had 2T 560

harassed almost constantly by Satan 2T 90

man who had, urged to return to God 2T 296

persistence in argument may lead to 4T 239

person who had, duty of 2T 42, 89-93, 293

prefer death to 3T 23

that cannot be awakened Te 183

till insensible, transgressor’s guilt not lessened by CD 426; FE 144

what to do if you have MB 115

violated once, is greatly weakened 2T 90

needs strength of constant watchfulness and unceasing prayer 2T 90-1

violated often, becomes benumbed 3T 230

weak, do not stop to argue with your CH 587

wife’s: God has higher claims than husband does on 3T 245

husband cannot be 4T 255

husband should respect AH 116

man who tried to be 2T 379

should not be violated to meet husband’s demands 2T 100, 476

2. Control of

affections must be subject to MH 399; 2T 562

appetites must be subject to MH 319; MYP 237; 3T 84; 5T 314; 8T 63; Te 146

desires must be subject to 5T 177

emotions must be subject to 5T 177, 314

give no man title of honor indicating DA 613

men are dragged down when they refuse to submit to GW 128

passions must be subject to MH 399; 2T 562; 3T 84; 5T 314; 8T 63

Spirit keeps evil under 6BC 1112

self must be subject to 4T 59

will must submit to 3T 84

3. Dictates of

follow, re diet CH 565

obey, though it be difficult 5T 548

opposition to freedom to worship God according to 7BC 983

persecution awaits persons who would fearlessly serve God according to AA 431

right of every man to worship God according to GC 252; 2SM 334

will must be trained to obey FE 57

worship God according to 6T 101

4. Other people’s

criterion for, one person’s conscience is not to be 4T 62

do not try to be Ev 216; 4T 61

God does not wish any person to be CG 429

God has appointed no man to be TM 477

men will seek to compel DA 763

men will think to force DA 630

no man is to be CD 463; Ev 373; 8T 232

no man or class of men should be TM 208

no man’s mind or power should control and rule 1BC 1107; Ed 288

not given church leaders to command TM 295

observance of true Sabbath should not be secured by compelling 7BC 977

persons who attempt to coerce, daring impiety of PK 186

person who seeks to be, places himself above God 9T 234

persons who would be, warning to TM 295

persons who would regulate, harm done by 3T 116

EGW did not bind, by her own CD 491

EGW refused to be 2T 119

JW refused to be 2T 119

5. Voice of

accusing: filled Samson with remorse PP 565

Jacob troubled by PP 195

person who constantly bears 1T 548

genuine love for Christ produced in heart by 6T 92

girl guilty of stifling 2T 560

heard less clearly when warnings are rejected 5T 682

listen to 5T 163

obey, lest its promptings cease 5T 69

without parleying or compromise 1SM 28; 5T 69

Paul’s struggle with AA 112-3

person who is too often deaf to AH 51

Roman Catholic display and rites silence GC 566

warning not to stifle 2T 560

6. Miscellaneous

America will help to force men’s 6T 18

angels move upon men’s CT 507

approval of, for duty well done CT 308

sacrificed for what is cursed PP 497

arouse: on subject of health CH 22

to break wrong habits 4T 552-3

to duty of practicing health principles Te 169

attempt will be made to compel men’s 7BC 976-7

awaken individual, re self-preservation and self-purity CD 291

balm to soothe, sought for neglect of duty 2T 394

Bible study sensitizes CT 357; FE 433-4

Bible truth is to be authority for Ev 542

Christ does not employ brute force to compel man’s COL 77

Christian is warned by SD 292

church fathers have no right to control men’s SR 352

church members who violate their 2T 447

civil magistrates should never control men’s GC 294

compunctions of, persons who rob God without 2T 520

condemnation of, many sick people suffer under MH 246

continued idolatry of self paralyzes 3T 231

convictions of, result of stifling 5T 41

councils have no right to control men’s, in religious matters SR 352

court of, promises tried in AA 74; 5T 149

cutting truth brought home to, reaction of many people to DA 171

daily review of your acts is needed to see whether, approves or condemns 2T 512

depend on no man to be your 2SM 320

dictates of, each person must act according to CD 56; MM 275; TM 422

dishonesty and 4T 468

disobedience hardens 4T 146

disobedience lulls, to rest 4T 254

do not allow taunts, threats, or sneering remarks to induce you to violate FE 93; SD 211

do not violate, when suffering persecution COL 172

do what, says is right CT 226

does not condemn person who keeps God’s commandments SD 45

dwelling on low and vile sayings blunts 3T 472

educate, re healthful diet MH 317

emotional preaching does not affect 5T 301

erroneous doctrine that church has right to control men’s GC 293

exaltation of human authority to rule men’s, has been curse to church in all ages GC 596

freedom of See Liberty

frivolous amusements benumb PP 558

girl who corrupted her body irrespective of 2T 564

give, place of supremacy assigned it by God SD 314; Te 143, 195

God alone should control man’s DA 630

God can impress, to work under bonds to Him 8T 232

God designs that each shall use his, for himself 5T 725; 9T 222

God gave: to man SL 76; 1SM 216

that man might realize sacred claims of His law SD 40

to convict man of sin CS 114

God has given men their, for themselves 3T 523

God impresses man’s 4T 255

God never forces man’s GC 591; SD 182

God’s commandment comes home to, when Christ is beheld on cross SC 27

God’s government appeals to SC 43

God’s law confronts 1SM 240

God’s requirements misinterpreted so as not to disturb 1SM 311

God’s requirements must be brought home to MH 130

God’s servants assured by, in time of crisis GC 610

God’s word arouses GW 367

God’s word makes, smart under its application 7BC 965

gross and stimulating food ill affects CD 243

hardening of, not safe 3BC 1147

health is more closely related to, than many realize CH 566; CT 294; GW 242

hearing and reading too much of debasing crime hardens PP 459

highest dictate of, obedience to God is AA 506

how: becomes callous GC 378

becomes hardened 2BC 997

becomes less susceptible to Spirit’s impressions 2T 263

can be free from condemnation 2SM 32

is seared MYP 96

how minister can have vital power to arouse men’s 4T 400-1

importance of arousing, in health-reform education CH 449-50

indecision hardens 2T 263

indulgence of appetite benumbs PP 558

integrity of, success is impossible without 5T 70

intoxicants cause, to lose sensibility to sin PP 362

inviolability of, US Constitution guarantees GC 295

is voice of God heard amid conflict of human passions 5T 120

keep your, tender ML 322

kept sensitive by watchfulness and prayer 3T 373

kings have no right to control men’s GC 249; SR 352

leaders of God’s people have disregarded, re health reform 2T 487

lewdness defiles PP 454

liberty of See Liberty

licentiousness confuses and stupefies 5T 140

live so that you will not be condemned by 4T 38

long discourses fail to convict 4T 261

long violation hardens TM 162

lower passions blind 4T 31

majority has no power in matters of 6T 402

man cannot repent unless Spirit awakens 6BC 1056

man cannot violate his, with impunity AH 116

man must be controlled by principle to obey CD 161

man’s, belongs to God MYP 69

ministers should urge religion of Christ home upon 4T 395

needs to be: educated CD 292

enlightened 4T 501; 5T 43

more tender 4T 354

purged from dead works AA 565

quick to feel and sense danger CSW 90

quickened by constant contact with God’s word 7T 195

no need to violate your 5T 574

one departure from moral integrity blunts 3BC 1158; SD 111

oppressive measures will be used to enforce error upon men’s SD 269

peace of: forfeited by robbing God in tithes and offerings CS 78

how Roman Catholics have sought GC 72

things that give 1T 504

people who strain their 1T 542

persons who continually seek pleasing fables to quiet their GC 523

persons refusing to sacrifice, persecution will be kindled against 5T 712

persons who violate, and are deliberate enemies of God 4T 508

persons who will not stoop to anything that stains 4T 541

persons who work with Christ have, under divine guidance 6T 476

plans and movements to enslave, of God’s people 2SM 386; 5T 546

popes have no right to control men’s GC 249; SR 352

power of, set by Protestantism above civil magistrate GC 204

practice which blunts, abstain from 5T 360

press home upon, necessity of thorough reform 4T 398

pride in dress benumbs PP 558

process that hardens CH 409; 1T 532

professed Christian who warps his MM 142

promptings of, may cease if you parley and compromise 1SM 28

things that help men to listen to CT 298

quieting, by attending to religious 2T 144

receive with gratitude that which quickens ML 93

religion having no power on, is round of form Ed 76

remonstrance of, neglect of Bible study and secret prayer lessens 5T 120

remonstrates at times 4T 351

removing one safeguard from, results of 2BC 1004; PP 452; SD 154; 5T 398

render service faithfully or you will sully your 5T 568

repeated neglect of God’s warnings sears 5T 120

review your acts daily to see whether, approves or condemns them 2T 512

rights of: are inalienable GC 295

defend 6T 402

defended at Diet of Spires in 1529 6T 402

USA will follow papacy in trampling on GC 588

sacred demands of, dangerous to trifle with 8T 195

sacrificed by professed Christians for sake of worldly gain 2T 440-1

Satan and agents seek to compel AA 541; DA 487

Satan requires that men disregard DA 130

Satan resorts to force to compel men’s, when alluring temptations fail GC 610

Satan seeks to make, insensitive to wrong 1T 274-5

Satan seeks to rule, through fear or force GC 591

Satan’s efforts to blunt MYP 54

Scripture precept should rule GC 102

Scriptures neglected by many people in order to quiet their GC 572

seared by neglect to heed reproof, warning, and invitations 5T 120

secular rulers will unite with ministers to dictate in matters of AA 432

self-abuse hardens 2T 404, 406

selfish prayers and religious forms may soothe 4T 625

selfishness long-cherished sears 2T 519

selfishness sears, blackens, and crisps 2T 305

sensitiveness of, filching that causes loss of CH 408

setting aside light of God’s word blunts LS 201; 2T 607; 5T 667

sin sears, blackens, and crisps 2T 305

social gatherings that put, to sleep MYP 387; TM 83

soul must be left untrammeled in matters of DA 550

soul must purpose sinful act before iniquity triumphs over 5T 177

Spirit convicts of sin through ML 332

Spirit is grieved when men resist 5T 120

Spirit must awaken, to make repentance possible SC 26

Spirit should control 8T 164

Spirit will not work through another man’s, to reach yours 7T 214

Spirit’s influence sensitizes 3BC 1150

standpoint of, medical students should be educated from 9T 175

stifling of, heart made callous by 8T 95

seeds of unbelief sown by COL 84

student’s, should not be subject to teacher’s control FE 58

teacher should not seek to be 3T 134

taught of God, each person must have MM 123

tedious prayers fail to convict 4T 261

tells people when they hear truth Ev 201

temptations confuse AA 299

when soul refuses to fully surrender to God 6T 92

tenderness of, dissipation causes loss of Te 274

trifling spirit blunts 3T 225

truth must control 2SM 125

turning from light pointing to duty blunts CD 49

understanding and, unite in serving God 1BC 1096

unhealthful diet stupefies CD 426; FE 143; MH 384-5; 3T 569

violation of: Pilate took step after step in DA 732

loss of moral power caused by 4T 234

long, results of 3T 214

love of money leads to 5T 360; Te 99-100

requirements of military officers in US Civil War in 1863 that involved 1T 361

warnings of, how worldling disregards SD 292

witness of, against evildoer in judgment Ed 144-5

worker for souls needs GW 111

working with Christ sensitizes 6T 477

worldling’s disregard for SD 292

worldly associations affect 5T 93

your own, prayer to offer re 2T 144

you must have SD 292

youth who sought pleasure and selfish gratification at expense of 3T 82


antediluvians’, unimpressible CC 39:3

appeal for life change asking about LYL 43:1


to be controlled by HP 141:4

rules mind and, in this age (1896) 1MCP 297:3

aroused by

beholding Christ crucified Mar 99:4

spiritual leaven 1MCP 67:2

authority assigned to; do not misuse it 1MCP 319:1

awakened by leaven of truth HP 21:4

by truth by words of minister with Spirit of God VSS 320:2

for quitting the use of meat TDG 210:8

biased and warped by preconceived opinions 1MCP 322:4

Bible a book for FLB 20:8

blunted, sin may be termed little by OHC 81:4

body appetites and passions brought under control of Con 74:3

character transformation needed to have a good 1MCP 320:2

Christlike one has, sensitive to sin NL 57:2

Christlikeness in 3SM 130:2

cleansed and refined by obedience TMK 174:5


before God and man OHC 143:5

choosing right and refusing wrong with TMK 290:2

Jacob would have been strong if he had had TDG 323:2

not preserved without struggle HP 149:2

sharp mind needed for, in God’s work 2MCP 407:1

condemnation of, worldlings suffer anxiety from TDG 264:4

confession without repentance hardens TDG 134:5

convictions of, must reach heart and purify the soul 1MCP 324:2


defiled by lewdness, at Baal-peor CC 115:2

not asleep; he was aware of his sin TMK 242:3

then idolatry practiced TSB 84:1

demon intelligence hurts when it can’t control UL 285:3

depending on another as OHC 341:3

dictates of own, must control acts RC 138:5

education of, permitted in order to learn truth TDG 112:4

emotions and passions to be controlled by OHC 87:3

endangered by calling work of God fanaticism TDG 52:3


by God OHC 143:3

needed for influence to be saving RC 208:5

social pressure when following UL 109:2

evil done without, in churches 3SM 416:1

eye of soul used to estimate good and evil 1MCP 323:1

freedom of,

in worship, should be sought 3SM 384:1

removed by violated consciences 1MCP 321:4

gift of, to feel claims of God’s moral law OHC 137:2

God alone is to guide; preach truth in openings 2MCP 709:1

good and bad OHC 143:2; 1MCP 323:4; 2MCP 725:2

guided by working with the Great Teacher OHC 306:3


appeal to one with TSB 144:4

by least departure from integrity OHC 266:5

danger of TMK 242:4

sensitivity renewed in, by right course 1MCP 323:3

through the deceitfulness of sin TMK 287:3

trail of misery in, left by serpent TDG 33:3

harmony lacking among people’s; some are dead 1MCP 322:4

hatred of those unable to force, should not surprise TDG 371:5

healthy, soul is taught aright by 1MCP 323:1

impressed less in those who refuse light TMK 243:3

jurisdiction over another’s 2MCP 709:0


pure and sensitive UL 32:3

tender; hear faintest whisper of Jesus TDG 284:2

laws to force,

as restraint is thrown off 3SM 417:2

in effect make God’s law void Mar 179:2

wine of Babylon 3SM 392:1

liberty of, United States has been home of 3SM 386:3

loss of shield of, means losing cooperation of heaven TDG 240:5

made faithful to guard soul by entering school of Christ TMK 63:2

maintain clear, in business TMK 290:5

meddling with another’s; Nebuchadnezzar and furnace 1MCP 327:1

mental and physical powers preserved by following OHC 269:5

moral independence in matters of OHC 341:2

new, not given at conversion, but sensibilities aroused OHC 104:2

not safe guide OHC 143:3

obedience to, counseled TDG 153:6

paralytic had been tortured by; Jesus forgave him FW 67:4

parents should help children have a clean 1MCP 327:3

proved by trial HP 269:2

purged UL 99:2

purity of, lost by sin HP 360:6

quieted with false hope by minister FW 32:2

rejecting light abuses, and places soul in danger 1MCP 320:2

removal of safeguard from, may cause change in life 1MCP 320:4

reproach never comes from, when following Christ OHC 149:3

resistance to Holy Spirit hardens TDG 52:3

Rome’s oppression of, revived with Sunday law Mar 179:3

safe, indications of having UL 140:4

safeguard removed from, may lead to entire change HP 258:5


controls unenlightened OHC 143:2

tries to drown the voice of God and HP 346:3; 1MCP 320:3

seared by,

familiarity with heathen; worship adopted RY 180:0

own way; tenderness if God’s peace in heart PM 131:1

self-deception about, in one receiving counsel 2MCP 725:2

sensitivity of,

lost as truthfulness is violated OHC 81:2

under influence of Holy Spirit OHC 153:4

sermons to enlighten, leading to truth VSS 341:1

sin against own, and involving others is mystery TSB 90:1

sold for the love of money; higher wages demanded PM 148:1

soul closet of, needs cobwebs cleaned out 1MCP 327:4

stifling, sows unbelief OHC 26:4

stupefied by indulgence of appetite 2MCP 394:2

subordinate to law of duty to God UL 25:3

supremacy assigned to RC 165:7

sure, truth from Word is not questioned by 1MCP 325:2

tenderness of,

given when united to Christ OHC 306:4

to hear Christ’s whisper OHC 341:4

trials arouse, to think we have left God RC 353:4

true to, compels one to stand alone OHC 328:5

trustworthy only when under influence of divine grace 1MCP 323:5


held only by, troubles the mind 1MCP 324:3, 325:0

known by, is not enough LHU 106:5


be accepted by, not just by intellect TMK 192:3

be presented to, and lived to see heaven FW 32:1

control, in work in institutions PM 156:0

uncondemned by, no proof that God does not condemn 1MCP 323:4

United States provided as asylum to worship by Mar 193:4

unreliable, by turning from light; value of pure one 1MCP 321:2

unsullied, resting in God TMK 268:4

violation of, tyrannizes other consciences 1MCP 321:4

weakened by worldly influences OHC 71:3

See also Duty


Conscientiousness, needed in doing God’s work CH 285

of old-fashioned gospel religion, efforts to corrupt MYP 85-6

put-on, selfishness hidden under 2SG 233; 1T 192

that carries everything to extremes 2SM 319

unhealthful TM 210

unwise and incorrect, re religious liberty TM 200

zeal and fanaticism mistaken for 1T 356


claim of, while refusing counsels of the Lord 2MCP 725