Selected Messages Book 3


Chapter 18—Comments While at Work on the Conflict Series Books

The Result of Visions Spanning Her Lifetime

I had been, during the forty-five years of experience, shown the lives, the character and history of the patriarchs, and prophets, who had come to the people with messages from God, and Satan would start some evil report, or get up some difference of opinion or turn the interest in some other channel, that the people should be deprived of the good the Lord had to bestow upon them.... 3SM 121.1

I could but have a vivid picture in my mind from day to day of the way reformers were treated, how slight difference of opinion seemed to create a frenzy of feeling. Thus it was in the betrayal, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. All this had passed before me point by point.—Letter 14, 1889. 3SM 121.2