EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Colporteur agent - Commercial work

Colporteur agent

Colporteur agent See Colporteur leader

Colporteur campaign

Colporteur campaign, organize, for sale of literature CM 84

Colporteur leader, Colporteur leaders

Colporteur leader, Colporteur leaders, efficient, mistakenly diverted from their work to preach 4T 390

general: divisions and distinct parties should not be seen among 6T 326

should hunt up and train new workers for colporteur work 6T 328

should work enthusiastically to encourage colporteurs now in field 6T 328

need: ability 4T 389

good address 4T 389

keen foresight 4T 389

tact 4T 389

need to: awaken in promising youth interest in colporteur work 6T 329-30

discern relation of each part of work to great whole CM 138; 6T 327-8

educate and train colporteurs to sell books on present truth 6T 329-30

give attention to circulation of health books CM 138; 6T 326, 328

infuse more life into colporteur work 6T 329

strengthen and build up colporteur work without weakening work of others 6T 328

ought to maintain: perfect unity in colporteur work 6T 326

proper balance between sale of health books and religious books 6T 326-8

well-balanced and symmetrical development of colporteur work in all its parts 6T 326

should be capable of educating others 6T 329

should be men of: deep Christian experience 6T 329

well-balanced minds CM 138; 6T 329

should not let sale of health books draw men away from other lines of vital interest CM 138; 6T 328

zeal and earnestness of, must be aroused to take light into earth’s dark places CM 20

Colporteur work

Colporteur work CT 524-30, 547-9; LS 216-8; 4T 389-91, 603-4; 5T 396-407; 6T 313-40; 7T 175; 9T 33-5, 71-3; TM 316-8

be careful in, not to arouse combative spirit or excite prejudice 6T 325

not to introduce controverted points of doctrine 6T 325

best education can be obtained in, by young men CM 32

best preparation for other lines of miss. work is 6T 330

blessed experience gained in 7T 23

books containing truth essential for this time should be sold in 6T 315

business in, greater precision and exactness should mark 7T 175

successful, prompt remittal is essential to 7T 175

buying and selling in, that is improper CM 97

calls into action highest mental qualities 6T 340

cannot be too highly estimated 6T 313

carelessness and abruptness in approaching people in, results of 5T 399

carry forward, with increasing success CM 17

with persevering energy 4T 390

Christ is our sufficiency in 6T 319

church members urged to engage in ChS 147; CM 15

church must give attention to CM 7

circumstances alter cases in CM 42

conduct: from miss. standpoint 6T 317; TM 318

on most thoroughly organized plan 4T 390

conducted properly, is miss. work of highest order 6T 313

conf. president’s duty re ChS 145

courtesy in, much is gained by 4T 603

departure from right principles in, warning against 6T 318-9

depending on premiums or low prices in 5T 401

difficulties must be met in 4T 603

discipline is acquired in CM 34; 5T 399

dishonesty in, warning against CS 256-7

display does not make right impression in 6T 318

do, understandingly and systematically 4T 390

do not conduct, in slack and loose manner CM 94

during Reformation in France GC 231

educates in: affability 6T 322

Christian courtesy 6T 322; 9T 77

helpfulness 6T 322

kindness 6T 322

patience 6T 322

use of words 6T 322

encourage youth to sell larger books in 9T 78

evangelistic, no higher work than 6T 331

fits people for other fields of usefulness CM 34; 5T 399

follow-up work after camp meeting by Ev 109-10

fruitful, three things that result in CM 108

gift of books, pamphlets, and tracts in, to persons too poor to buy books TM 316

God calls many more believers to engage in CH 464; CM 18

God calls workers to enter CM 23, 133

God would have His people do, at this time 6T 313

God-fearing workers needed in, for purpose of diffusing light 5T 402

good and successful method of placing truth before people 6T 313

great and good work may be done by 6T 340

health books and religious books should be presented together in 6T 326-8

health books should occupy their proper position in 6T 327-8

helps give greatly needed warning CM 15

humble and fervent prayer would do more in, than all expensive embellishments in world 6T 319

importance of 5T 396-407; 6T 313-6

equal to that of minister CM 8, 45, 97; 6T 321; TM 317

ever kept before EGW 6T 329

must be kept before workers CM 59

in Europe, encouraging words re LS 305

influence of, on one’s own life and that of others is incalculable 6T 340

injudicious ministers belittle 4T 390

instruction in: that people should receive at camp meeting 9T 82-3

that should not be given at camp meetings 6T 44-5

should be given in home churches 6T 44-5

involves performance of highest moral duties 6T 331

is: as good and successful work as can be done for God TM 316

best way to obtain experience CM 29

elevated work 4T 603

elevating work CM 77

evangelistic in its nature CM 15, 37

excellent preparation for the ministry CM 31-2; GW 96-7; 4T 603-4; 6T 322, 334

important and most profitable line of evangelistic work CM 8, 140

most blessed work CM 20

most important field of labor TM 317

most successful way to save souls CM 37; 6T 313; TM 316

sacred work CM 29

work of great responsibility CM 14, 37

is means of: education CM 31-2

enlightening many minds CM 101

true ministry 6T 322

is miss. work CM 21; 6T 317; TM 318

of highest order when conducted properly 6T 313

is one of: best ways young men can obtain fitness for the ministry GW 96

God’s appointed agencies for extending knowledge of present truth CT 547

great means of finding souls in peril and bringing them to Christ 6T 324

most effective methods of gospel labor CM 88

most efficient means of spreading light LS 305

keep heart under Spirit’s control in 6T 325

less controversy needed in CM 42

livelihood provided by, for believers losing employment when accepting truth LS 305

man cannot do, in his own strength 6T 319

men can do excellent service by CM 18

men fitting for the ministry gain large experience in 6T 334

many people reached by, who would not otherwise be impressed with truth 5T 405

many people will be brought to knowledge of truth by 7T 23

many people would never hear truth except for TM 316

many young men preparing for ministry succeed best by beginning in 6T 415

med. miss. work should be done in 9T 34

methods of CM 42

minister is not belittled by doing 6T 321; TM 317

ministers can do most precious ministry by TM 317

ministers can obtain varied experience by TM 317

ministers cautioned not to divert men from 6T 323

ministers having had experience in, can speak intelligently regarding it 6T 321

ministers who ought to be in 4T 389-90

ministerial evangelist engaged in, does work as important as that of preaching to congregation on Sabbath CM 45

ministerial work is strengthened by 6T 315-6

more difficulties in, than in some other branches of business CM 34; 5T 399

more general interest needed in CM 16

more important than many have regarded it 5T 405

more presentation of Christ needed in CM 42

neatness in dress is important in CM 65

neglect, no longer CM 16

never leave, to languish ChS 145; CM 104; 6T 329

new life should be infused into 6T 329

new workers should be trained for 6T 328

not everyone is fitted for 4T 390

object of, is high and elevating 5T 405

is to direct minds to solemn truths for this time 6T 319

old and young needed in 6T 331

opens way for God’s work to advance into new territory 6T 315

opportunity provided by, to sow beside all waters 6T 314

to speak many things re future immortal life 6T 322

ordained by God for: giving youth miss. training CT 529

presenting light in books CT 547; 6T 313

outlined in parable of great supper CM 24

painstaking effort is required in CM 59

pamphlets need attention in CM 140

papers need attention in CM 140

people reached by, who cannot hear preacher’s voice 6T 313

places of religious freedom will be opened by, when denominations unite with papacy to oppress God’s people 6T 478

poor management in, some have run into debt by CM 97

power of God’s love should accompany CM 108

power of persuasion should accompany CM 108

power of prayer should accompany CM 108

practical lessons essential to success are taught by CM 30

practical lessons learned by, that could not be learned in school 6T 331

pray and work in, and work and pray 6T 319

prepares young men for ministerial work CM 34

publishers should strengthen and build up, without weakening other work 6T 328

pub. house is financially helped by LS 305

purifies words 6T 322

recruits for, hunt and train 6T 328

recruits needed for CM 16

reforms needed in, decided effort essential to bring about 7T 175

religious books and health books should occupy field at same time in 6T 328

religious books in, education needed to handle 6T 328

revival of, call for 6T 329-40

right methods of, harvest of souls follows MYP 208

sale of books and pictures in, that do not express SDA faith 4T 604

sale of health books in, indifference toward 6T 326-7

must not exclude from field books bearing special message of truth to world 6T 327-8

Satan seeks to lead colporteurs to leave 6T 332

scheming that must not be mingled with CM 97

self-supporting miss. work can be done by 7T 23

should be: going forward in all parts of world 6T 324

means of quickly giving present truth to world 9T 69

should be part of: med. miss. work 6T 323

work of the ministry 6T 323

should become great work CM 14-5

singing simple songs as aid to CM 91

soliciting periodical subscriptions in, best method of 5T 399

some men can accomplish more in, than by preaching 6T 323

some ministers began to work for God in 6T 334

some persons are better adapted for, than others 6T 323, 333

sometimes found trying CM 90

souls won by, will be among most loyal to truth CM 154

special light re CM 31

Spirit is willing to guide workers in, who are born again 6T 319

spirit of true miss. work needed in 5T 403-4

storybooks that should not be sold in 6T 315

strengthens and purifies mind and heart 6T 340

strong and well-educated men needed in CT 546

students are benefited by engaging in CM 30; CT 525-8

students are prepared by, for work in other lands CT 526-7

students can earn money for school expenses by engaging in CT 524-8; 9T 78-9

students engaged in, training received by CT 529; 9T 76-8

students should be encouraged to engage in 6T 331

students urged to engage in, during vacations CM 31

tact is acquired in CM 34; CT 525; 5T 399

talents of youth increase by exercise in 6T 331

teachers in, have great responsibilities CM 56

should be much in prayer CM 56

telling experiences had in, encourages others 6T 336

tracts need attention in CM 140

train youth to do CT 494-5; Ev 23-4

trains students to teach others CT 546-9

true success in, Spirit moving on heart gives CM 107-8

truth brought to thousands by, who otherwise would not hear it CM 8, 20, 120; 5T 405; 9T 33-4

unconverted persons should not engage in CM 66

undeviating line cannot be laid out for everyone to follow in CM 42

unfaithfulness in, selling only books cheapest and easiest to handle is TM 317-8

vision re, given Sept. 12, 1875 LS 216-8

volunteers for, God calls for 6T 332-3

wide field of usefulness in 9T 78

women can do excellent service by CM 18

wonderful possibilities for good in 9T 34

young men may become better prepared for ministerial labor by engaging in CM 34

young men planning to enter the ministry should take up 6T 471

young men preparing for the ministry can do much good in 6T 321

young men who desire to enter 5T 390-5

young men’s efforts in, harvest for God reaped from GW 96

young ministers can do much good by engaging in 6T 321

young ministers gain valuable experience in 6T 321

young women should engage in CM 28; FE 489; MYP 208; 8T 229-30

youth benefited by engaging in CM 30

youth engaged in: can be earning and learning 9T 78

gain valuable training CM 34; CT 525-6, 529, 546-9; 5T 403; 6T 331; 9T 77-9

learn to approach people courteously CM 30; CT 525; 9T 77

learn to cope with problems awaiting them in regions beyond CM 30; CT 525

learn to exercise tact in conversing on present truth CM 34; CT 525; 5T 399; 9T 77

lessons of thrift and economy learned by 9T 77

lessons valuable to missionaries are learned by 9T 77

would be acting as missionaries GW 96; 9T 78

youth lacking religious experience should not engage in CM 29

youth may obtain miss. training by CT 529; 9T 77

youth should be encouraged to enter CT 526; 9T 78

youth should engage in FE 489; 6T 331; 9T 78

See also Book work

Colt, Colts

Colt, Colts, unruly, children who are like CG 248


Columba, Irish missionary to Scotland GC 62, 249

Columbia River

Columbia River 4T 289

Columbia Union College

Columbia Union College, land secured for LS 396-7

location of CT 519

SDA settling close to FE 494


See Battles; Conflict: Strife; Union


Combative, minister who was naturally 1SM 181

Combative armor

Combative armor, debating spirit as Ev 249

evangelists cautioned not to wear Ev 248-9

lay off Ev 249

Combative disposition

Combative disposition, be careful not to arouse, in children CG 286


Combativeness, argument arouses Ev 446

best method of presenting truth without arousing, study carefully GW 118

debate and controversy used by Satan to stir up Ev 163

do not arouse, in teaching others CD 464

do not meet, with combativeness CSW 174

frankness that arouses 4T 134

man whose, was large 2T 163, 388, 422

ministers should not educate themselves in 3T 215

opposition stirs up 2T 422

person’s society made disagreeable and annoying by 2T 163

provoking controversies arouses Ev 155

reproved 2T 162-5

severity arouses 3T 108

spirit of conviction is quenched by Ev 155

spiritual advancement hindered by 2T 163

too often aroused when trying to correct others CH 451

trait of, college teachers warned against indulgence of 5T 91

woman who had too much, in her religious life 2T 436-9

would-be health reformers arouse 6T 336

Combative spirit

Combative spirit, Christ did not manifest, in teaching the people DA 299

do not arouse your 1SM 182

man who cultivated 2T 422; 3T 423

minister warned against 3T 423

not overcome, strengthens at any provocation 3T 452

parental severity arouses, in children CG 262

repress your 5T 339

there must be no, in gospel work Ev 142

woman who possessed too much 2T 436

Combination, Combinations

Combination, Combinations, poorer classes forming, to defend their interests and claims Ed 228

vast, for enriching few at expense of many Ed 228

See also Labor union


See Goodness

Comfort, Comforts

Comfort, Comforts, Christ ever had word of, for the needy and oppressed GW 121

Christ’s source of, is for His people too MH 489

consecrated Christian life is ever shedding PP 667

for the bereaved See Bereaved persons; Bereavement

in affliction 2T 318-20

in path of obedience 4T 76

life that will be full of ML 160; SD 98

life’s: help the needy by forgoing some of 5T 151

indolence causes many people to lack 2T 255

men are indebted to God for all CS 17; SD 17

not ordinarily attained except at price of earnest industry 5T 180

no, without Christ in this world ML 157

of Christ’s presence, men may have the perpetual SC 125

personal: God would not have His people deprive themselves of what is essential to AH 379

men of common sense appreciate, above elegance and display 7T 93

must be secondary to truth 2SM 370

neatness and order essential to AH 152

persons looking within for, will become weary and disappointed 5T 200

true religion alone can be, in trouble 5T 509

See also Consolation; Sympathy


Abraham didn’t ask about, when God called him HP 112:3

angels minister, through Christ TMK 328:4


followers to give RC 219:6

presence brings HP 188:3

(consolation), in trial may bring happiest period of life RC 355:2

examining God’s promises brings TMK 213:4

find time to bring, to another heart OHC 64:5

followers of Christ bring, to those cast down TDG 311:5

forfeited by neglecting communion RC 207:4

given those who walk with Christ UL 131:4


has provided everything needed for our TDG 162:6

offers, to worshipers TMK 263:3

wants us to draw near Him to give us TMK 246:6

God’s promises give, to develop fruits of the Spirit UL 15:5

Holy Spirit,

brings, to heart 2MCP 492:0

invited for, in place of despondency TDG 305:2

imparted by those partaking of living water TMK 370:5

in old age UL 164

Jacob had no friend to give, but God’s eye was on him TDG 323:4

laying burdens on Christ gives HP 187:5

love of the Saviour was, to Ellen White during suffering TDG 45:6

others to be given, in sorrow TMK 45:2

prayer instituted for HP 75:5

sacrifice of, for future; heaven more important TDG 328:5

seeking God in humility brings 2MCP 764:4

shared from God’s Word UL 379:8

sick one to find, in words of those who are not sick TDG 268:2

sorrowing ones often bring greatest HP 273:2

speaking the Word of God as TDG 329:6

thoughts of heaven bring HP 36:5; UL 15:3


brings OHC 329:2

expressed brings TDG 346:2

woman may look to God for, doing duties in His strength RC 190:6

Word of God is only true source of TDG 281:2

words of,

for God’s children bring joy throughout eternity HP 230:3

God praised by TMK 219:2

in the family TDG 225:3

pleasant tones for VSS 157:2

work of, angels accompany those in HP 295:5

See also Consolation

Comforter, Comforters

Comforter, Comforters, Christ desires to be, such as world knows not MH 106

exasperating, persons who become TM 350

God desires to be a, through His human agents WM 22

Spirit as See Holy Spirit


abiding presence of, we should never feel alone with FLB 57:6

called Spirit of Truth because truth brings comfort, etc. OHC 329:2

Holy Spirit is; Jesus’ representative and our Advocate RC 285:4

invite Christ in order to have a TDG 34:5

promise of, sure and steadfast TDG 158:5

See also Holy Spirit


Comical, do not mix the, with the religious Ev 644

Comic almanac

Comic almanac, article in Signs of the Times that was fit for CW 17

SDA publications should not resemble CW 172


illustrations proposed for Ellen White book were like PM 217:2


Coming, Christ’s second See Advent, second

“Coming up,”

“Coming up,” Greek word rendered as, in Rev. 13:11 GC 440-1


Command, men must learn to obey before they are fitted to GW 75

Command, Commands

Command, Commands, Christ’s, is promise DA 369

each of God’s, is a promise Ed 126

power in COL 38

God accompanies His, with promises CS 90-1

God does not give, without giving power to obey them 2T 166

God enables His people to do His PP 482

God’s positive promise underlies MB 76

ironclad, youth should not be given MM 180

loud-voiced, mother should not give CG 211-2; 7T 48

requests produce better results than Ed 290


powerful and protecting, sinner pointed to Christ by TDG 188:6

See also Commandments; Law of God; Orders; Requirements

Commandment, Commandments

1. God’s

2. Man-made

3. People who keep God’s

4. Miscellaneous

1. God’s

adapted to man’s necessities 2T 169

antediluvians who obeyed 3SG 53

are life of His people 9T 251

as clouds of night to the disobedient 4T 27

attempting to keep, merely from sense of obligation is not obedience COL 97

authoritative influence wielded by, over affections and actions CS 343

be loyal and true to all FE 514

believe and obey 4T 247

benediction on persons who keep 1BC 1104; TM 235

binding for a thousand generations FE 413

breaker of, man does not need to trample upon whole moral code in order to be 4T 253

carelessness and indifference re, warning against 4T 248

child of God should obey SD 51

children should be trained to: obey CG 69

respect CG 225

Christ demonstrated that men may keep TM 226

Christ made it possible for man to obey COL 312; ML 311

Christ showed, to be exceedingly broad 5T 595

Christ was loyal to COL 171

comprehensive and far-reaching 1SM 320

contest between, and commandments of men PK 188

continuous insult to PK 276

disobedience to, brings disaster and dishonor at last 2BC 1018

divine care promised to persons who obey Ev 240

divine grace enables man to obey SL 81

do not ignore, to avoid persecution 9T 230

do not keep silence when, are trodden underfoot 5T 716

do not make, a matter of convenience 4T 249

endure through all time and eternity FE 414

erroneous idea that part of, are nonessential PP 360

false doctrine that man can be holy while breaking Ev 595

first great, comment on 1T 436

given to men as rule of life PP 91

human invention substituting, is worthless DA 398

Israel chanted Ed 42

Israel sang, verse by verse as they marched in wilderness SD 43

with musical accompaniment Ev 500

keep, as apple of eye 1T 77

keep all, irrespective of circumstances SL 67

keeping, from sense of obligation is not obedience COL 97

kept on another world EW 40

love for Christ leads man to obey SD 193

man cannot keep, while world is first in affections DA 520

man cannot obey, in his own strength COL 314

man must learn to obey, before entering mansions above CG 84

man’s whole duty unfolded by 1SM 320

many persons professing to keep, are breaking them 5T 597

meditate continually on EW 58

ministers should preach more on EW 63

Moses embodied, in sacred song SD 43

must not be set aside for precepts of men GC 588

no lax way of treating, is acceptable to Him PP 706

not a grievous yoke SL 81

not an unpleasant restraint SL 81

obedience to: for man’s best interest SL 76

human theories accepted by many people instead of obeying GC 532

is price of heaven CG 224

is to do right and only right 5T 597

love is shown Him by COL 283

man cannot be saved without 2T 169

molds character after divine similitude SD 52

one of main pillars of SDA faith CW 77

only safeguard of His people PK 83

prosperity would be result of MH 187

proves your right to inheritance with saints FE 125-6

requires moral courage Ev 240; SD 195

requires more than some people are willing to perform 4T 228

requires of man good works, self-denial, and self-sacrifice 3T 526

sincerity of prayer can be proved by CH 504

threefold message of Revelation 14 leads to GC 437

obey, whether they seem proper or not to human reason FE 344

outward regard for, will not preserve men from exercise of divine justice PK 416

partial obedience to, not acceptable 4T 249

perfect obedience to, is evidence of love for Him 6BC 1079

is required 3SG 293

persons Christlike in character will obey COL 315

persons professing holiness while disobeying Ev 596

persons who seek to obey, but have little peace and joy Ev 599

persons willfully departing from, place themselves under Satan’s control MH 92

pilgrim travelers to Jewish feasts sang COL 299

pillar of fire to the obedient 4T 27

power to obey, Christ gives COL 314

powers of earth will unite to war against GC 604

probable results of obeying, do not stop to inquire into 6T 466

promise contained in each of MB 76

reach to thoughts, intents, and purposes of heart 5T 595

reasonableness of, do not stop to inquire into PK 243; 6T 466

rebellion against, almost universal Ev 18

sacred and immutable PP 80

sacredness of 4T 247-54

Satan bitterly hates all persons who obey 3T 456

Satan influences popular ministers against TM 472

second great, class who transgress 3T 524

services due to others which Christian cannot ignore and yet keep 4T 339

set to music in Israel COL 299

sharpers do not keep CM 97

strict regard for, exacted from His creatures 4T 11

strictly regard, in all details of worldly matters 4T 190-1

substitution of precepts of men for, has not ceased DA 398

teach children that, must become rule of life CG 43

test character TM 233

testimony of Jesus and, are united 8T 117

burden of SDA work CW 79

keep in mind continually EW 58

time for, to shine out with all their importance EW 42

transgression of, man will lose heaven by TM 141

true obedience to, is outworking of a principle within COL 97

two, all the law and prophets hang on 2T 43

whole interest and duty of moral beings hang on 2T 550-1

veneration of human tradition placed above GC 573

violation of, evil thoughts and unlawful desires lead to 2T 300

way of, is way of life MH 114

way to salvation illuminated by 4T 27

willful disregard for, cannot be excused MH 180

willful violation of, cannot be accepted by Him PP 634

See also Law of God; Ten Commandments

2. Man-made

Christ broke oppressive power of DA 205

contest between God’s commandments and PK 188

Jews saw impossibility of keeping COL 292

rabbis would not give up COL 304

religious leaders teach adoption of 8T 120

3. People who keep God’s

blessings promised to CD 375

Christian world making movements which will bring, into prominence 5T 546

class of, who are idlers COL 279

do not fear to let it be known that SDA are 5T 527

kept by His mighty power Ev 316

motives of, worst construction will be put upon GC 592

Satan will assail, in every conceivable manner 4T 306

Satan’s efforts against, will be untiring TM 474

SDA are 1SM 208

SDA are to be distinguished as 8T 200

soon will be placed in most trying position TM 206

third angel’s message points to GC 445-6

true, strictly keep all of God’s requirements 4T 253

true and faithful, there have always been EW 216

will be misrepresented and condemned in courts of justice and legislative halls GC 592

words of, false coloring will be given to GC 592

4. Miscellaneous

Christ’s, that should be strictly obeyed 4T 310

God has given no, which cannot be obeyed by all DA 204

hard, what many persons regard as MM 253-4

new, to disciples DA 677

of God’s word, men are to obey all Ed 189


all broken by little sins; sensuality in marriage TSB 91:0

ask God to show you any disregard of TMK 297:4

breakers of, city of God not entered by FW 43:2



one under infatuation LYL 70:3; TSB 118:2

sharp dealing; not loving neighbor PM 280:0

unkindness in the home 1MCP 157:1

unmarried couple 1MCP 231:3

sin is not always defined as FW 117:2

thought not to matter; Christ does it all 3SM 153:4

while teaching them TSB 184:3

calling on others to keep TDG 325:5

children to be taught HP 150:5


held up, as pure truth TMK 292:4


as a human RC 56:5

exalting His Father’s law FW 29:2

in God’s love; so may we TMK 125:3

only as we can 3SM 140:3

cultivation of love required to fulfill TMK 288:4

danger of considering, invalid Con 75

deception that, were abolished TDG 246:2

disobedience to, claiming sanctification while in FW 41:3

disregarding least of, prevents being in Christ TDG 142:2

distinction between those who do and do not keep HP 254:4

evil in society because children not taught respect for 2MCP 567:0

express God’s character UL 347:4

faith of Jesus and, to be made everything in meetings VSS 330:3

faithful of all ages walked in the way of TDG 124:3

feet to be prepared to run in the way of TMK 328:2

fifth, marriage suffering saved by obedience to LYL 47:6

firmness not to violate, at any cost 3SM 153:4

first, broken in more ways than bowing to idols TMK 322:2

first four and last six FLB 80:4; TMK 9:3; UL 126:2

follow all UL 196:2


all commandments obeyed when it is obeyed FLB 291:4

creation declared by UL 39:2

distinguishes worshipers of God in closing scene TDG 69:4

explicit, no work to be done on the Sabbath HP 151:2

hatred against keepers of, increases, but be true 3SM 401:1

judges know the arguments for, unanswerable Mar 195:4

SDAs are watched to see response to 3SM 260:1

seal of God in FLB 287:5

See also Sabbath, commandment about

given by loving, wise, perfect God OHC 262:4

glory from heavenly temple for churches that keep TMK 273:4

God vindicated by people respecting all His FW 42:4

heaven watches people who claim to keep FW 59:1; TMK 370:2

hope in doing, is gospel down through time TDG 28:6

human, beware of, that obscure God’s commandments TMK 318:2

ignoring, to have easy time 3SM 401:1

importance of knowledge and practice of TDG 142:2

influencing others to disobey UL 272:4

keeper(s) of,

armor to be put on by TMK 346:3

calling others to take their place with Mar 107:3

cheerfulness of, has converting power TMK 138:3

Christ’s power identifies righteous as UL 370:4

colaborers with commandment-keeping Christ HP 38:4

distinction of, OHC 344:4

marked; many will join Mar 199:3

to be clearer TDG 196:6

favor from God received by UL 263:6

God praises UL 333:4

heavenward steps to be revealed by HP 263:4

moral weakness alarming in HP 199:6

oppression of; rebellion demonstrated 3SM 414:2

power from Christ so all know you are TMK 214:3

Satan determines to destroy TMK 355:3

standing with, after Bible study Mar 170:5

truth rather than gloom to be seen FW 61:1


all ten, if we love Him TDG 319:3

as a boy drudging through his lessons TMK 118:3

as advocating, to avoid ruin 3SM 384:3

as well as advocating UL 356:4

by loving God and others in daily life RC 61:3

by taking Christ’s righteousness by faith FW 71:3

by those looking for Christ FW 115:3

Christ not known when feeling, unimportant TMK 125:3

evidence of pure love OHC 73:5

freedom in UL 344:4

honors and glorifies God TMK 297:2

impossible without grace FW 95:3

in truth and righteousness UL 159:6

is sanctification FW 121:3

judgment relates to TSB 173:2

looking for coming of Christ who kept them RC 59:2

pleasurable to obedient TMK 159:4


only in Christ TDG 142:2

or God would not require it TDG 346:6

through divine nature LHU 152:4

requires work of the Spirit on heart RC 208:4

results in love for God and others UL 126:3

shown possible by Jesus 3SM 139:2


loyalty HP 298:4

we trust and obey God FW 122:1

thankfulness that Jesus proved possibility of LHU 169:5

through Christ OHC 66:3

to please Christ UL 348:3

without claiming promises OHC 119:4

kingdom of God governed by TMK 297:2

labor unions make it impossible to keep CL 11:4

last six,

keeping, as Jesus told the young man TDG 239:2

specify humanity’s duty to humanity TMK 180:4


for God makes transgression of, impossible OHC 73:4

of God is exercised for keepers of TMK 342:3

prompted God to give OHC 138:6

loved by those abiding in Christ OHC 145:3

loving to keep, characteristic of Christians FLB 130:4

loyalty to, Christ’s love in bringing us to RC 63:5

needs listed for those claiming to keep UL 296:3

ninth, broken by angry words OHC 235:5

obedience to,

complete, for overcoming TDG 322:2

for health and life of all humans 2MCP 786:1

for present and future good AG 149:5

reconciled and sanctified by UL 50:3

refused, making a big thing of faith FW 47:1; NL 34:2

Sabbath observance indicates OHC 343:5

taught in both Old and New Testaments TDG 254:5

title to heaven for ones proving TMK 203:3

to see King and stand around throne TDG 320:7

when God’s Spirit controls UL 353:3

people of God who keep, He will favor TDG 258:2

proclaimed from Sinai; holy precepts FLB 80:4

professed keepers of, blind, wretched, etc. FW 31:3

punishment soon for those who refuse to keep TDG 152:2

purpose of, to reveal duty to God and others AG 150:2

refusing to keep, is allegiance to Satan TDG 84:3

righteousness is defined only by RC 59:4

running in the way of; not standing still UL 47:5


importance shown by grandeur in giving UL 124:2

in midst of, as tree of knowledge in Eden OHC 343:3

sanctification shown by regard for all, etc. FW 53:1


accuses people who keep TMK 355:3

controls those who willfully disobey FLB 312:2

said that Christ’s sacrifice was for freedom from keeping FW 118:2

second, pictures thought to be breaking 3SM 330:1


body violates, because mind is impure TSB 100:1

broken in our churches TSB 188:3

fellowship of church with some breaking TSB 248:1

liberty in violation of, promised by spiritualists Con 90:3

transgressor of 3SM 53:1

speech and tone of voice show what it means to keep HP 220:4

Spirit of God will lead in the path of RC 52:2

standard we are to reach TDG 137:4

study how to keep, in sincerity and truth TMK 244:5

teach obedience to, through the grace of Christ TDG 200:6

teaching of, risked if appearing to love self more than God TDG 214:5

temptation to those claiming obedience to break HP 196:3

trample as Satan trampled them in heaven UL 262:3

transcript of the divine character SW 43:0

trying to keep, without claiming promises TDG 9:3

unchanged by death of Jesus; it established them FW 30:2

walking in the way of, TDG 124:3

affords a safe path UL 148:3

intelligently FW 49:0; NL 36:1

warfare for those who keep HP 260:2

wisdom in walking in the way of UL 125:4

Word of God reveals, for holy living 1MCP 94:2

worldlings do not keep, yet claim blessings FW 59:2

young ruler had not kept, at all FW 70:5

See also Law of God

Commandment breaker

Commandment breaker See Commandment

Commandment keeper

Commandment keeper See Commandment

Commandment-keeping people

Commandment-keeping people See Commandment


Commandments of God and faith of Jesus on our banner UL 258:2

Commencement exercises

Commencement exercises, at Healdsburg College FE 487


Commendation, apparent friends’, more dangerous than reproach 4T 607

bestowal of, dangerous 3BC 1131; CS 147

children given, for good conduct 3T 532

for gospel workers, caution re CS 147

men filled with thoughts of pride as result of CS 147

wife should speak words of, to members of family 4T 65

See also Flattery; Praise


“well done,” not given to the disobedient TDG 87:4

words of, lacking while speaking evil of brethren TDG 298:3

Commentary, Commentaries

Commentary, Commentaries, on Scriptures, use with caution FE 187-8; GC 320

Waldenses wrote GC 68

Commentary on the New Testament

Commentary on the New Testament, by Adam Clarke, quoted GC 547

Commentator, Commentators

Commentator, Commentators, are erring mortals TM 106

opinions of, should not be accepted as God’s voice TM 106


Commerce, centers of, special opportunities for gospel work in 9T 122

warning message needs to be given in CW 14

din of, Christ’s voice heard above Ev 559

gateways of, Solomon built fortified cities at PK 71

Israel’s, with other nations during Solomon’s apostasy PK 58

Solomon used ships in PK 72

world’s highways of, ran through Israel PK 70

Commercial advantage, Commercial advantages

Commercial advantage, Commercial advantages, many people go to other countries to obtain CS 56

men cheerfully endure sacrifice and hardship for MH 156

Commercial alliance, Commercial alliances

Commercial alliance, Commercial alliances, Solomon formed FE 499; PK 52-4

Commercial business vocation, Commercial business vocations

Commercial business vocation, Commercial business vocations, men will be called from, to gospel work LS 415; PK 223; 9T 96

Commercial enterprise, Commercial enterprises

Commercial enterprise, Commercial enterprises, interest and capabilities of too many SDA absorbed by Ev 51

must not interpose between gospel workers and work of saving souls CM 38

Satan uses, to imperil men’s hope of eternal life CS 219

schemes of, Solomon vainly sought happiness in carrying out ML 167


Commercialism, danger of, in sale of SDA publications 9T 62

pub. houses in danger of becoming engrossed in 9T 62

spirit of: put away CS 240

should not supplant miss. spirit PK 71

restaurant workers warned against CD 473; WM 286

Satan uses, to crowd God out of men’s minds CS 219

See also Publishing house


danger of Pacific Press swerving to PM 165:2

Satan entered, when expelled from heaven TDG 309:4

temple cleansed because of; God forgotten PM 171:0

Commercial work

Commercial work, colporteur work must not be regarded as CM 141

mistakes made by publishing houses in handling 8T 87-9

objectionable, by publishing houses 8T 91-3

publishing houses and 7T 161-8; 8T 87-93