EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

College principal - Colporteur, Colporteurs

College principal

College principal See College president

College professor, College professors

College professor, College professors, dependence on God should be constantly felt by 4T 419

influence of, upon youth 4T 419

kind of, who should be discharged 5T 14

peculiar character of SDA school must be maintained by 4T 432

students urged to hold up hands of 5T 109

unconsecrated, help Satan plant his banner in SDA strongholds 5T 12

vivid sense of present-day perils is needed by 5T 12

College regulation, College regulations

College regulation, College regulations See College rule

College rule, College rules

College rule, College rules, are of no force, unless upheld 4T 430

defiance of, disqualifies student for God’s work 4T 430

God-fearing students should help to uphold 4T 432

guarding association of young men and women FE 62

purpose of, as related to students 4T 434

regulating students’ conduct, maintain school’s standard by 4T 430

students who break down 4T 433

students’ rooms should be inspected frequently to see if, are obeyed FE 54

youth must be guarded by, from danger of premature courtship and unwise marriage FE 62

youth who broke 4T 430

College standard, College standards

College standard, College standards, do not lower, to increase enrollment 5T 31

to secure popularity 5T 31

maintain, by strict rules regulating students’ conduct 4T 430

College student, College students

College student, College students 4T 430-7

associations of FE 54-5

at College City, Calif. FE 62

between young men and women CT 100-3

influence of CT 220

beer-drinking 4T 436

billiard halls attended by some 4T 436, 651-2

boisterous laughter should not be tolerated among FE 54

card playing by 4T 436, 651-2

prohibit 4T 651-2

class of: who are inestimable treasure 4T 432; CT 98

who cast reflections upon school 4T 433

who chafe under authority 4T 435

who exert good influence in school CT 98

who hang about saloons 4T 436

who have no respect for school rules 4T 422

who leave school with scientific knowledge and shattered bodies 4T 424

who would do better to return home CT 102; FE 54; 4T 422

who would do better to stay at home 5T 109

coarse and rude, rooms of FE 54

conduct of, should be maintained by strict rules 4T 430

courtship among CT 100-1; FE 62; 4T 209, 433; 5T 109-10

evils of 5T 110

See also Courtship

Daniel as example for CT 376; FE 87

defiance of school’s rules disqualifies, for God’s service 4T 430

demoralizing influence of some, upon school 4T 649

deprived of softening influences of home circle FE 50

do not advise, to take long course of study FE 334, 336-7, 340, 362; 5T 22

do not allow, to break or deface furniture FE 54

to form lawless habits FE 54

do not leave, to chance in choosing their roommate FE 55

dress of, should not be prescribed 5T 89

duty of, to stand up for Christ in school CT 98

encouraged unwisely to take degree after degree FE 356

entertainment provided for 5T 33

erring, teachers should do everything possible to save 4T 422-3

evil associations among, danger of becoming immoral and depraved through FE 54

exposed to temptations 4T 435-6, 648-9

expulsion of, from school CT 102; FE 54; 4T 422

expulsion of vice and immorality from midst of 4T 273

exuberant spirits and pent-up energy of, vigorous manual labor needed for FE 54

failure of some, to improve their time properly 5T 110

families who furnish rooms for FE 50-1

should have rules to which they must conform FE 54

firm in maintaining integrity, God’s favor enjoyed by CT 376

first duty of 4T 425

games as played at Battle Creek College detrimental to AH 499-500; 2SM 322; 8T 52

See also College game; Game; Sport

God’s designs for 4T 425

hands of professors and teachers should be held up by 5T 109

health of, should be better when graduating that when entering school CG 343; CT 296; FE 146-7

how minds of, could be clear for pursuit of knowledge CT 376

impress, with fact that knowledge alone may be power to destroy them 4T 422

individuals of almost every stamp of mind and morals among 4T 649

inexperienced, teachers should be patient with 5T 34

influence of, should be wholly on side of discipline and order 5T 109

instruction needed by, in various departments of physical labor 5T 23

intellectual habits that hinder CT 394

knowledge that, need to get 5T 523

late hours should not be kept by FE 54

lawless, should be expelled FE 54

should not be allowed to deprave school FE 54

laws of life should be better understood by, when graduating than when entering school CG 343; CT 296; FE 146

long censorious lectures may not be as helpful to, as genuine interest in them FE 55

lovers of pleasure among, more than lovers of God AH 499-500

lovesick or sentimental life endangers 5T 109

loving God, duty owed to school by 4T 432

self-control needed by 4T 432

majority of, seek constantly to keep religion out of sight 5T 84

minds of some, warped by bad management 4T 649

needs to be: armed with watchfulness and prayer 4T 436-7

conversant with Bible 4T 425

needs to place himself under church’s guarding care 4T 436-7

not sent to school to form attachments 4T 433

overeducating a few, warning against FE 338

persons renting rooms to, right influence should be exerted by 4T 648

personal work needed for saving 4T 423

petted, problem of FE 53

prayer meeting should not be neglected by 4T 425

protect, from temptations to immorality 4T 648

rebellion of some, against rules re courtship 5T 110

reckless sport should not be tolerated among FE 54

religious youth among, led astray by irreligious companions 4T 435

restraint spurned by some 4T 649; 5T 110

returning home with murmurings and complaints, duty of parents of 4T 428

rooms of: should be inspected frequently FE 54

should not be in homes of mere formalists FE 50

unfavorable record borne by some FE 54

SS should not be neglected by 4T 425

saloons near institution endangered FE 62

Samson’s history has lesson for 2BC 1007

school’s moral and religious influence should be preserved by 4T 431

seductive influences lead, astray 4T 435-7

sermons may not be as helpful to, as genuine interest in them FE 55

SDA, need different training than that given by common schools today FE 115

sly and deceptive, warning against society of 4T 436

some, nothing less than Satan’s agents 4T 422

souls of, teacher’s duty to care for FE 115

strong young men needed as, rooted and grounded in the faith 5T 582-3

teachers and, close union with God needed by 5T 84

teachers should not allow, to be superficial 5T 90

thorough conversion needed by many 5T 92

unconverted, should return home converted 4T 431-2

urged to enroll with spirit of learner 5T 109

use of money by, should not be limited by law 5T 89

valuable privileges of SDA FE 48; MYP 170

vigilant supervision needed by 6T 168

why some, return home in backslidden condition 4T 425

wonderful privileges of CT 512-3

worthy poor, fund needed to help 5T 556

wrongdoers among, must not be allowed to demoralize other students CT 102

youth who can be power for good among 5T 112

See also Student

College teacher, College teachers

College teacher, College teachers 5T 25-36

cases that call for greater patience and exertion by 5T 89

class of: who are most permanently successful FE 58

who exert strong moral influence 5T 555

who should be discharged 5T 14

whose course is worthy of severest censure 4T 433

whose efforts God will crown with success 4T 427

criticism of, parents warned re 4T 428

dependence on God should be constantly felt by 4T 419

duty of: to care for students’ souls FE 115

to consult with ministers and responsible men 5T 22

when students show contempt for proper regulations 5T 89

everything possible should be done by, to save erring students 4T 422-3

experimental knowledge of way of holiness is needed by 4T 427

failure of, to realize responsibility of their position 5T 91

firmness in government needs to be exercised by 5T 89

God would use, for conversion of students 5T 21-2

God’s revealed plan for school should be carried out by 5T 22

great tact needed in management by 5T 89

have most important miss. field in world 4T 426

impatience should be avoided by, in dealing with youth 4T 419

influence of: should lead students to obey God’s law 5T 29

that is pernicious 5T 60

upon youth 4T 419

kind of, that SDA need 5T 555-6

labor of, not nearly so hard as that of ministers 5T 85

maintenance of school discipline by FE 58

men and women of religious experience needed as 5T 28

minds of, should be well-balanced 5T 555

must be: Christian gentlemen 5T 31

counselor and friend to pupils 5T 31

free from selfishness 5T 28

learners in school of Christ 5T 91

successful missionaries 4T 426

must never: conform to worldly custom 5T 85

forget how they wanted sympathy and love in early life 5T 91

forget temptations and trials of their early life 5T 91

naturally combative, must carefully guard against indulgence of this trait 5T 91

need to: deal carefully with souls under their care 4T 419

know how to deal wisely with minds 5T 555

remember that youth under their charge are purchase of Christ’s blood 5T 91

stand as missionaries and win students to Christ 5T 91

stand firmly and fearlessly for God 5T 27

not subject to so great inconvenience as ministers 5T 85

one of greatest difficulties with which, have to contend 5T 89

overworked, mistakes made by 5T 91

parents should uphold hands of, in administering discipline CG 334-5; 5T 89

patience should be manifested by, with errors of inexperienced youth 5T 34

principal and, should consult together re plans 5T 22

should work together as brethren 5T 22

religion should be made attractive to youth by 4T 419

right influence must be exerted by 5T 28

safety of, is in counseling together 5T 30

school’s peculiar character should be maintained by 4T 432

school’s work demands co-operation of all 5T 34

some, scattering instead of gathering with Christ 5T 12

special interest should be shown by, in training young men for ministry 5T 85

Spirit-controlled, needed 4T 419

students and, close union with God needed by 5T 84

students influenced by, to adopt worldly customs and habits 5T 12

students should not be allowed by, to be superficial 5T 90

students urged to hold up hands of 5T 109

true missionary spirit needed by 5T 555

unconsecrated, God’s work hindered by 5T 85

help Satan plant his banners in SDA strongholds 5T 12

unity needed among, in work of saving youth from ruin FE 117

unsanctified, work merely for wages 5T 60

vivid sense of present-day perils is needed by 5T 12

weighty responsibility of, to students under their care 4T 649

well qualified, given compensation much higher than that of ministers 5T 85

why some, are not prepared to instruct others 5T 91

work of, is laborious 4T 422

worldly principles must not be adopted by 5T 85

young, things that displease God in 5T 35

See also Teacher

College textbook, College textbooks

College textbook, College textbooks FE 167-73

light must not be mingled with heresy and error in FE 167

See also Book; Textbook

College tuition

College tuition, fixing of 5T 555-6

low, disadvantages of 5T 555-6

must be sufficient to meet institution’s expenses 5T 555

See also School tuition fee

College View, Nebraska

College View, Nebraska FE 533-9; 2SM 253-4; 9T 195

publishing work at 9T 184, 189-94

school at 6T 139, 210; 8T 134

College worker, College workers

College worker, College workers 5T 84-94

class of, who can be accounted safe 5T 418

fear and love of God needed in hearts of 4T 419

influence of, caution re 5T 33

prize at stake for 5T 32-3

rules and regulations are highly essential for MM 142

Collegiate education

Collegiate education See College education

Collier, Bro.

Collier, Bro. LS 81-2; 2SG 47-8

Collins, Gilbert

Collins, Gilbert LS 121; 2SG 108-9

Collins, Philip

Collins, Philip, and family LS 121, 237; 2SG 108-9; 4T 300; WM 322-3

Collision, Collisions

Collision, Collisions, God’s people will have, even when they do their best 4T 555

in board and committee meetings, causes of 6T 139-40

when God’s people will work together without thought of 8T 243

without a moment’s warning, will occur on great lines of travel MYP 90

See also Travel


Colonization, of America GC 296-7

of SDA: around institutions FE 492-7

around schools, avoid 6T 183-5, 187

at Battle Creek 2T 635; TM 86

at Bordoville, Vt. 2T 635-6

at Mountain View, Calif. FE 494-5

in large communities, is not God’s purpose 8T 244

to form large church, does not please God 2T 633

warning against, in one place ChS 180; MM 302; 2T 632-6; 8T 215; TM 400

true miss. workers will not be given to 8T 215

See also Centralization; Consolidation


activity for God stopped by ones who are CL 23:5

counsel against,

people of God TDG 325:5

in the South SW 85:3, 91

plants (publishing) in different places instead of PM 144:3


vulnerability of proposed, in the Southern States SW 86

Color question

traits of unconverted shown regarding Mar 142:3

Color, Colors

1. Of people

2. Miscellaneous

1. Of people

cannot elevate or degrade men ChS 218; 2SM 342

Christ loves obedient man regardless of his 2SM 342

how Christ looks upon 1SM 259; 2SM 342

prejudice of, Christ is to be lifted above 9T 209

term “neighbor” has no reference to COL 376; DA 503

2. Miscellaneous

false and flattering, Satan presents worldly pleasure in MYP 367

most restful to eye, living green is 5BC 1087

never-fading, charms that are CG 424

of clothes See Clothing

Colored people

See Blacks

Colors (flag)

Colors (flag), false, follow no 5T 309

fling true, to breeze in time of conflict 3T 272

Joseph and Daniel not ashamed to display their ML 120; MYP 27-8

never be ashamed of your ML 120; MYP 28

never hide your 2SM 373; 5T 588

officer’s order to bring men up to 9T 46

SDA, this is no time to haul down 2SM 385

teachers of third angel’s message should stand true to 9T 113

true, let every man put on his 8T 96

unfurl your, to gaze of men and angels CW 95; Ev 179; ML 120; MYP 28

See also Banner

Colorado, U.S.A.

Colorado, U.S.A. LS 238, 256; 1SM 27; 4T 272, 298, 302; 5T 67

Colored person

Colored person, treat, as respectfully as white person 2SM 343

See also Negro

Colored race

Colored race, God alone is master of 1T 358

God would have His people labor for 7T 223

in slavery, God has looked with sadness upon 7T 223

is God’s property 1T 358

oppressed, man cannot receive God’s approval while lacking sympathy for 1T 534

unenlightened, duty of SDA to 7T 223-4

See also Negro

Color line

Color line 9T 213-22

Bible religion recognizes no 9T 223

Christ’s love for men observes no ChS 218

God will guide gospel workers re, if they trust Him 9T 213

how, will be regarded during loud cry 9T 209

in Southern States of USA 9T 213-22

problem of, avoid contention over 9T 213

question of: do not agitate 9T 209, 211, 215

Satan plans to call attention to 9T 213

should be allowed to rest 9T 214-5

what SDA should do while men try to settle 9T 210

say as little as possible about 9T 206

SDA cannot lay down definite line to be followed re 9T 213


Colosse AA 456

Colossian church

Colossian church, Epaphras brought tidings from, to Paul at Rome AA 471

Mark (John) recommended by Paul to AA 170

members of, heathen influences surrounded AA 473

Colossians, Epistle to

Colossians, Epistle to AA 471-8

Paul’s prayer for (chap. 1), to be studied HP 158:2

Paul wrote, at Rome AA 440, 471, 479

before destruction of Jerusalem DA 633


Colportage See Colporteur work

Colporteur, Colporteurs

Colporteur, Colporteurs CT 524-30, 547-9; LS 216-8; 4T 390-1, 603-4; 5T 396-407; 6T 313-40; 7T 175; 9T 33-5, 71-3; TM 316-8

1. Classes of

2. Essential qualifications of

3. Need of

4. Need or ought to

5. Need (or ought) to be

6. Ought not to

7. Ought not to be

8. Ought not to sell (circulate, or handle)

9. Ought to sell (circulate, or handle)

10. Student

11. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

angels instruct, who are born again 6T 319

appropriating God’s money for their own use, rob God CM 95-6

what to do re CM 95-6

born again by Spirit, angels accompany CM 88

borrowing money and failing to pay it back, reproof for CS 256-7

borrowing money to relieve personal necessity, duty of CM 96

complaining of yoke of debt, duty of CS 256-7

confronting difficulties, unceasing perseverance needed by CM 78

consecrated, gospel work in large cities needs AA 158-9

gospel work in unwarned cities needs MM 249

co-operating with divine power, God imparts fitness to 6T 333

courteous, can accomplish much good CM 90

defiled, angels cannot accompany CM 29

defiled with sin, will dishonor cause of truth 5T 399

depending on premiums for success have no merit as workers 5T 401, 402

dishonest, baneful influence of CS 257

dishonor Christ and bring reproach on truth CM 96

efficient, who make poor ministers 4T 390; 6T 323

efficient and faithful, should have sufficient remuneration for his services 4T 390; 5T 403

experienced, should teach others CT 546-7

youth should be sent out with MYP 208

failing to report deliveries, what to do re CM 94-5

faithful, angels accompany CM 32, 88; CH 463-4; ChS 134; 6T 314, 335

as they travel from place to place TM 316

can prepare way for med. evangelistic tours among towns and villages 9T 172

Christ is companion of 6T 322

God approves, as He does any minister CM 45

is true missionary CM 45

sound note of warning to prepare for great day of God 6T 333

Spirit gives words to 6T 325

success promised to 6T 340

takes reading matter to many homes CM 31

will double and treble knowledge of present truth LS 446-7

faithful and consecrated, wide field for miss. effort lies before CH 464; ChS 134

feeling burden for souls, need of CM 23

God-fearing, occupies position equal to that of minister CM 8, 45, 97; 6T 321; TM 317

good, some poor preachers would make 6T 323

having received Spirit, need of CM 23

hopelessly involved in debt, what to do re CM 94-5

humble and faithful, needed to enlighten people 9T 34

imbued with Spirit, angels give success to CM 121; 6T 320

impure, angels hide their faces from CM 66

inexperienced, should work with experienced CM 58; 6T 330

intelligent and God-fearing, angels give success to 5T 403

involved in debt, treasurers’ duty to CM 94

laboring merely for financial gain, do not obtain special fitness for the ministry CM 98; 4T 604

laboring with earnestness and consecration will be greatly blessed CM 15

lacking push, are many 5T 404

lax in secular affairs, habits of carelessness and slackness formed by 7T 175

making no sacrifices, have less of miss. spirit 5T 403

meek and lowly, can accomplish much good CM 38

meeting with discouragement, promise for 6T 335

mentioning Christ’s name in love and tenderness, angels draw near to CM 112; 6T 339

missionary, SDA schools should prepare students as CM 30-1

not reporting receipt and expenditure of money that he handles, what to do re CM 94-5

obtaining money easily spend it freely 5T 404

offered flesh food to eat, duty of CH 463

places where faithful, takes place of living preacher CM 8, 141

practicing deception lose self-respect 5T 396

robbing God’s treasury, reproof for CS 257

seeking highest wages, reproof for 5T 403-4

selling periodicals, subscriptions taken by 5T 399, 401

sending in no report of his work, what to do re CM 94-5

some, should be in ministry 4T 603

trained to be good missionaries to visit families in homes, need of 4T 390; 6T 323

unable to make success in his work, duty of CM 95

unable to preach can minister CM 23

unable to return to treasury every dollar belonging to it, should stop where they are CM 94

unconsecrated, angels cannot accompany CM 29

unconverted, leave taint of their imperfections on everything they touch CM 29

should refrain from handling truth of God CM 29

untidy in dress, brings reproach against truth CM 65

uttering falsehood lose self-respect 5T 396

work of God-fearing, is equal to that of minister CM 8, 97

working in humility, God works with CM 89

young men faithful to truth as, will be respected 5T 406

2. Essential qualifications of

ability 4T 389

ability to: give instruction re treatment of sick 6T 324

speak clearly and distinctly CM 66, 71; 6T 380

speak plainly and clearly in full, round tones 6T 380

use simple means in treating the sick CM 89

affability 6T 322

agreeable manners 5T 396

burden for souls 5T 399-400; 6T 317

calm and noble self-possession 5T 401

charity that endures all things 5T 404

cheerful and hopeful view in every perplexity 5T 405

connection with heaven 5T 397

conscientious scruples against eating flesh foods CD 402

constant improvement 5T 396

courage 5T 404, 406

of hero 5T 404

courteous behavior CM 88

courtesy CM 66, 126; 4T 603; 6T 331

true Christian 6T 322

daily conversion 6T 317

deep Christian experience 6T 329

deep interest in perishing souls 6T 324

definite mission CM 121

discriminating minds CM 65; 4T 603

earnest activity 6T 335

earnestness CM 77; 4T 603

education in keeping accurate account of money handled CM 94

faith 5T 391, 404

faithfulness CM 95

in handling God’s goods 6T 338

familiarity with God’s word 5T 405

feeling value of souls CM 65; 4T 603

firm principles 5T 404

firm trust in God 5T 400

force of character that makes his influence a power for good 5T 404

free and pleasant dignity 6T 324

gentleness 5T 402

genuine humility 5T 401

giving self up to be worked by Spirit 6T 340

good address CM 65; 4T 389, 603

habits of industry and discretion 5T 396

heart in work CM 77; 4T 603

heart kept under control of Spirit 6T 325

helpfulness 6T 322

honesty CM 77, 95; 4T 603; 5T 402

hopefulness 5T 404

humble heart 6T 335

instruction CM 59; Ev 107

necessary FE 107-8

integrity of character 5T 402, 406

keen foresight CM 65; 4T 389, 603

kindness CM 88; 5T 402; 6T 322

love for God and humanity 5T 406

love of Christ abiding in heart 5T 396, 401, 403

meekness and lowliness of Christ 6T 325

mind expanded by truths unfolded in gospel 5T 401

neatness in dress CM 65; 4T 391

noble spirit 5T 404

patience CM 77; 4T 603; 5T 406; 6T 322

peace which Christian alone can possess 5T 401

perseverance in prayer 6T 340

persevering energy 4T 390

pity 6T 331

pleasant disposition CM 126

polished manners 5T 396

practical knowledge of causes of disease CH 463; ChS 134

practice of economy 5T 400

preparation to explain Scriptures 6T 314

proper use of God-given faculties CM 77-8

push 5T 404

readiness to perform acts of helpful service CM 66

realization of work to be done to interest people in truth CM 88

resolute purpose sanctified by Christ’s grace 5T 403

resolution 5T 391

rising early CM 77; 4T 603

self-culture 5T 396

self-improvement 5T 403

sense of value of matter contained in books CM 88

spirit and energy that kindle enthusiasm 5T 404

Spirit dwelling in heart 6T 323

Spirit moving on hearts CM 107-8

spirit of conversion 6T 317

steady pursuit of his work CM 77

tact CM 65; 4T 389, 603; 5T 405

tact and skill in dealing with minds 5T 399

taking hold of power of God 6T 340

temperance in eating 6T 336

thorough knowledge of books they handle 6T 338

thorough preparation 5T 396

thoughtful and care-taking habits 5T 396

true Christian dignity 5T 401

trust in God 6T 340

truth inwrought in soul 5T 401

truthfulness CM 95

unceasing perseverance in meeting difficulties CM 78; 4T 603

united activity 5T 400

use of talents to God’s glory 6T 340

victory over appetite 6T 336

weaving Bible principles into web 6T 340

well-balanced mind 6T 329

willingness to be taught best way of approaching individuals and families 4T 391

working industriously CM 77; 4T 603

working understandingly and systematically 4T 390

zeal 5T 391

3. Need of GW 76

for great work before God’s people CM 8

in: all parts of field 4T 389

miss. field 4T 603

to: circulate SDA publications everywhere ChS 145; CM 21

hunt and fish for souls CM 38

sell books in large cities CM 23

take literature to people ChS 147

to work: from house to house CT 471

in southern California CH 233

4. Need or ought to

account for receipt and expenditure of money he handles CM 94

aid the ministry in evangelistic work CM 101

avoid: affected and artificial manners of world 5T 396

controverted points of doctrine 6T 325

become acquainted with people and pray with them TM 316

bring no commonness or cheapness into God’s service CM 72

call attention of people to health publications ChS 152

carry light all through cities, villages, and towns 4T 389

carry: pamphlets on health reform CM 89

tracts, pamphlets, and small books to give to people who cannot buy 6T 338; TM 316

carry SDA publications from: city to city and from country to country 9T 34

house to house MYP 208

cherish spirit of self-denial and self-sacrifice CM 59

choose to suffer want rather than to commit dishonest act CM 96

consider: how best to arrest attention 5T 405

needs of unwarned cities MM 331

co-operate with living preacher 6T 315

cultivate active virtues as well as passive 5T 404

cultivate habits of: discretion 5T 396

industry 5T 396

cultivate thoughtful and care-taking habits 5T 396

depend constantly on God 6T 334

do: evangelistic work at health resorts in Calif. Ev 406

large work 6T 315

med. miss. work CM 90

miss. work CM 21

personal miss. work 6T 323-4

drink in spirit of books he sells 6T 320

dwell on doctrinal subjects in conversing with people CM 102

eat temperately 6T 336

educate himself to speak distinctly and impressively CM 66

engage in follow-up work after camp meeting 9T 120-1

exalt value of books they offer 4T 392

feel: burden of service for God 6T 317

dependence on God 6T 317

that they are God’s workmen 5T 399

value of souls CM 65; 4T 603

find opportunities for Bible studies 6T 324

give: Bible studies when they can CM 102-3; 5T 403; 6T 324; TM 316

God chance to work with their efforts 5T 396

light to people 6T 317

literature judiciously to persons who cannot buy 6T 74; 9T 121

go out into various parts of country CM 8

go out two and two CM 38, 58

help in follow-up work after camp meetings 6T 74

help one another 6T 331

help the sick in home where he is entertained ChS 134; CM 89

hold up banner of strict temperance CH 463

keep: Bible near for reference CM 37

eyes and ears and understanding open to receive wisdom from God 6T 339

out of debt faithfully CM 96

strict account of every penny received and spent CM 94

keep living connection with God CM 107

know how to give simple treatments to the sick CH 463-4; ChS 134

labor to advance Christ’s kingdom CM 108

learn: how to make their work successful 6T 339

how to treat disease MM 249

simple methods of hygienic treatment 6T 324

to sing simplest songs CM 91

let God impress their minds 5T 396

lodge with private family rather than at hotel CH 463; CM 90; 6T 323

maintain sweet, free, pleasant dignity 6T 324

make: right use of gift of speech 6T 337

wise selection of books to sell CM 139

manage his affairs in way not to incur debt CM 93

minister to the sick CM 89

obtain subscribers for SDA: health journal 4T 391

periodicals 4T 391

open Scriptures to people they meet CM 39

pay: accounts promptly 6T 337

promptly for books received 7T 175

place high estimate on humanity 6T 317

place no bounds to their improvement 5T 403

practice economy 5T 400

practice temperance 6T 336

pray and work, and work and pray 6T 319

pray for: deeper religious experience 6T 320

heavenly wisdom 6T 339

increased light CM 105

others CM 58

power of Spirit 6T 319

Spirit’s guidance CM 105

the sick CH 464; ChS 134; CM 89

pray to Christ as to trusted and much-loved friend 6T 324

pray with: families 4T 390

people CM 38, 58; MYP 208; 6T 314, 324; TM 316

prepare to work as med. miss. 6T 324

present truth in humble simplicity 6T 319

put forth strong and united effort to spread light 6T 332

reach high standard of conduct CM 66

read Isaiah 6 CM 59

refuse tea when it is served CD 402

remember they are in God’s service CM 58

report: his deliveries CM 94

their experiences in SDA papers 6T 336

rise early and work industriously CM 77; 4T 603

send in reports of his work CM 94

sense value of contents of his books CM 88

shed about him fragrance of Christian courtesy CM 66

show: interest in children CM 89

people value of healthful living CM 90

shun evil associations 5T 397-8

sing with interested people CM 38; MYP 208

speak: clearly and distinctly CM 71; 6T 380

of healthful diet as opportunity affords CH 463

plainly, clearly, in full, round tones 6T 380

to people re love of Christ 6T 324

steadily pursue work 4T 603

step under banners of strict temperance CD 402

study how to make their work successful 6T 339

surrender wholly and unreservedly to God first CM 47; 6T 471

take: no glory to themselves for success 6T 335

the sick to God in prayer 6T 324

take books to: businessmen CM 39

leaders of people CM 39

teachers of gospel CM 39

world’s most gifted men and women CM 39

talk with families 4T 390

teach people how to keep well CM 89

treat the sick by use of simple means CM 89

watch for opportunities to speak to souls seeking light 6T 339

work from house to house in out-of-way places CM 39

work in: humble and prayerful spirit 5T 405

humility 6T 319

unity 6T 331

work with: humble heart 6T 335

tact CM 65; 4T 603; 5T 405

5. Need (or ought) to be

above all suspicion of meanness 5T 404

always under Spirit’s control 6T 331

as true as steel to principle CM 95

as true to duty as needle to pole 5T 406

Bible students 5T 401

both educators and students 6T 335

brave and of good courage under rebuffs and hardships 5T 406

careful not to turn from work God called them to CM 23

careful re their words 6T 325

chaste like Joseph 5T 396

consecrated workers 6T 319

converted daily 6T 317

courageous and hopeful 5T 404

courteous CM 126; 6T 331

earnest 4T 603

educated to sell books 6T 328

ever ready to perform acts of helpful service CM 66

examples in practicing health reform 6T 336

faithful CM 95

faithful students 6T 339

familiar with God’s word 5T 405

God’s evangelists CM 39

honest CM 95; 4T 603

imbued with Spirit CM 121

impressed that they are doing God’s work CM 58

improving constantly 5T 396

meek like Moses 5T 396

noble-spirited 5T 404

particular in their work CM 78

patient 4T 603

pitiful 6T 331

pleasant CM 126

prepared to: do med. miss. work 9T 34

explain Scriptures 6T 314; TM 316

quick to discern opportunities 6T 339

ready always to give reason of hope within him 6T 325

ready to give soft answer that turns away wrath 5T 404

stationed in: great centers of tourist traffic CM 40; 9T 122

world-renowned health resorts CM 40; 9T 122

strong 6T 329

taught how to approach individuals and families 4T 391

temperate like Daniel 5T 396

trained in city missions 9T 137

trained to sell: books 6T 329

literature 9T 120-1

truthful CM 95

well-educated 6T 329

willing to be taught best way of approaching individuals and families 4T 391

worked by Spirit 6T 340

6. Ought not to

act as if ashamed of his work 5T 404

allow themselves to be diverted from their work CM 102; 6T 339

argue on points of doctrine or theology 6T 325

arouse combative spirit 6T 325

become entangled with business perplexities CM 23

borrow money of men not of SDA faith CM 97

complain because of adversity 6T 334-5

complain of hardships and self-sacrifices 5T 406

depend on premiums to sell literature 5T 401-2

discredit SDA literature CW 151

draw money from treasury before he has earned it CM 93-4

dwell upon doctrinal points CM 102

eat food that confuses mind 6T 336

exalt: one book above all others CM 139

self 6T 331

excite prejudice 6T 325

expect to succeed by their own exertions 5T 400

go over ground in careless and unconcerned manner 5T 399

labor with expectation of receiving reward in this life 5T 406

magnify matters of minor importance that need careful study and correction in SDA books 1SM 165

make himself a burden to persons who entertain him CM 88-9

neglect to sell books which give most light TM 318

press doctrinal points on people 6T 325

rob God’s treasury: of its means by getting into debt CM 94

to defray his expenses CM 95

sit idly dreaming of ease and success in work 5T 406

spend needlessly in hotel bills 5T 400

talk of themselves in boastful way 5T 404

turn from his mission to side issues CM 121

use God’s money to defray his expenses CM 95

use light and careless words CM 72

work: for gain 6T 317

in careless and unconcerned manner 5T 399

yield to discouragement 6T 335

7. Ought not to be

actuated by selfish motives TM 317-8

called away to other work 6T 329

content with set form of words 5T 396

controlled (dominated) by spirit of financial gain CM 97-8

discouraged by: difficulties CM 115

hardships 6T 335

overbearing or domineering in manners 5T 404-5

self-inflated 5T 404

selfish in habits 5T 404

supported by tithe 9T 248-9

taught that one book is to occupy field to neglect of all others CM 138

8. Ought not to sell (circulate, or handle)

books of: biography CM 121

cheap order CM 121

frivolous and exciting tales CM 143-4

men’s theories and speculations CM 121

narrative CM 121

books on Indian warfare and similar topics CM 142-3

books that: contain love stories CM 143

delineate satanic deeds of human beings CM 143

do not express SDA faith CM 98; 4T 604

do not give light 4T 604

give publicity to horrible details of crime and misery CM 143

have no bearing on present truth CM 121

historical books portraying enormities, cruelties, and licentious practices CM 143

only books that: are cheapest and easiest to handle CM 97; TM 318

bring in most money to him TM 318

pictures that do not express SDA faith 4T 604

popular books that do not treat on present truth 5T 404

storybooks 6T 315

9. Ought to sell (circulate, or handle)

books dealing with Bible doctrines 9T 61

books that: bring light and strength to soul CM 121; 6T 320

have Bible for foundation 5T 402

books that contain: light 6T 313

light and knowledge 5T 681

message CM 39

truth for this time CM 105, 120, 122; 6T 313, 315

books that give: most light CM 97-8; TM 318

testing messages for this time CW 144

Christ’s Object Lessons CM 124; CT 524-8, 546-7; FE 520-4; 6T 468-78; 9T 35, 76-80

Daniel and the Revelation CM 88, 123-4

Desire of Ages CM 88, 123-4, 126-7

Great Controversy CM 88, 123-4, 126-30

health publications CM 132

larger books containing present truth CM 122

Ministry of Healing CT 525-8; FE 521-4; 9T 77-80

Patriarchs and Prophets CM 88, 123-4, 126, 129-30

publications that contain promise of Christ’s soon coming 9T 34

10. Student CT 546-8

should learn lessons of thrift and economy CM 30

should learn to: approach people courteously CM 30

exercise tact in conversing with people CM 30

should sell books dedicated to: educational work CM 30

san. work CM 30

worthy, wise plans to be laid to give special help to 9T 78-9

See also Colporteur work

11. Miscellaneous

accounts of, prompt remittal essential in payment of 7T 175

all real workers among, should receive good wages 5T 403

angels accompany CM 32, 38, 88, 91; CH 464; ChS 134; 6T 314, 319, 335; TM 316

angels draw near when Christ’s name is mentioned by CM 112; 6T 339

angels give, words to speak 6T 314; TM 316

angels give success to CM 121; 6T 320, 335

angels go before, to prepare way CM 88; 6T 319

angels work with CM 111

as gospel workers 6T 321-5

as teacher of health reform CH 462-4

as watchmen must arouse sleeping world 6T 315

banner to be held aloft by CM 122

Bibles sold by, in France GC 231

blessed as are ministers and evangelists 6T 340

books by Reformers were circulated by, in Germany GC 194

books should be sold by, in many different languages 9T 33-4

in towns and cities GW 96

books sold by, God’s care for 6T 313-4

open riches of Christ to many people CM 16

can be: evangelist ChS 147; CM 23

God’s helping hand by opening doors for truth CM 20

can do much to show value of healthful living CH 463

can point the discouraged to God’s word 6T 324

can scatter seeds of truth by his work TM 317

cannot be successful soul winner unless surrendered to God CM 49

cannot do their work in their own strength 6T 319

cherishing and tampering with sin imperils 5T 396-9

Christ accompanies, in his work CM 107

Christ impresses hearts spoken to by 6T 472

Christ knows and watches over His CM 24

church members called to enter God’s service as CM 20

class of, should be instructed and drilled to handle publications CM 55

clothing of, need not be faultless apparel 5T 402

should be neat but not foppish 4T 391

companies should be organized and thoroughly educated to work as CT 546; 9T 171-2

complaint of, re sales of books at reduced price at camp meetings 9T 71-3

correct utterance helps 6T 380

courteous behavior by, may open door of many homes CM 88

deny Christ by loose, lax, and undecided character 5T 406

deportment of 5T 402

dignity of, should correspond to his work 5T 405

difficulty most to be dreaded by, is lack of conversion CM 49

diligence by, doubles his usefulness CM 42

divine assistance assured to 6T 340

divine efficiency promised to, by Christ 9T 34

divisions and distinct parties should not exist among 6T 326

do God’s work in ministering to souls who know not truth 6T 333

do not know and cannot measure result of faithful effort CM 114

do not restrict, to sale of one book CM 138-9

do not select, from floating element in society 4T 389

from people good for nothing else 4T 389

does not need: address of dandy or clown 5T 402

boarding at best hotels 5T 402

stylish and elegant appearance 5T 402

door of temptation for, to go into debt must be closed and barred 6T 337

duty of: to ignorant and debased persons 5T 405

to people who are abusive 5T 405

to people who entertain him CM 88-9

to the bereaved and disheartened 5T 405

to the sore and wounded in spirit 5T 405

encouragement for LS 446-7

enemy uses every means possible to divert, to some other line of work 6T 332

everyone is not fitted to be 4T 390; 6T 333

failure of, because not genuine Christians 6T 317

to pay accounts involves tract societies (book and Bible houses) in debt 6T 337; 7T 175

finances of CM 92-9

first attention of, to be given to books dealing with Bible doctrines 9T 61

five requisites that come to, as they put armor on 6T 333

God calls, back to His work 6T 332

God calls for Ev 109; MM 249

in His work MYP 208

God strengthens and blesses CM 16

God’s helping hand CM 20

good nature of, should never fail 5T 405

great and good work done by 6T 340

haphazard work among, too much 6T 337; 7T 175

have constant angelic ministration 6T 319

health books should be given wide circulation by 6T 326

heart of: must be in his work CM 77; 4T 603

should be imbued with spirit of truth they sell 6T 319

should be kept under Spirit’s control 6T 325

should be kept under Spirit’s influence CM 37

help to give last warning message to world 6T 313

how: can be power wherever they go 5T 396

can gain attention of persons too busy to listen to canvass CM 89

can win respect of people 5T 406

should meet prejudice Ev 446

humble and fervent prayer gives success to 6T 319

hundred, needed where now one 6T 315

hundreds of men should be engaged as 4T 389

important lessons that, need to learn 7T 175

improvement of, no bounds should be placed to 5T 403

in time of: Luther (Martin) GC 178, 194; LS 305

Wycliffe (John) GC 88-9

indebtedness of, embarrasses publishing houses CM 96-7

influence of, in deciding on illustrations of books CW 169

injustice of letting, get into debt CM 94-5

is: engaged in honorable business 5T 404

self-supporting missionary LS 305

lack of miss. spirit among 5T 401-4

learn how to pray as they work 6T 322

light is brought to people by LS 305

love of Christ should lead, to feel it a privilege to diffuse light 5T 403

Luther’s (Martin) writings circulated by, in Germany GC 194; LS 305

men of intellect needed as LS 277

men of well-balanced minds needed as CT 546

men should be educated as CM 31

men should educate themselves for work as CM 31

manner in which, presents truth may decide destiny of a soul 5T 405

manners of, should not disgust people 4T 391-2

many believers who cannot preach can be ChS 147

many people can best learn truth through 6T 315

many souls would never hear warning message except for 6T 313

may not have success he prays for CM 114

meets men of varied minds 5T 405

message of, God prepares hearts to receive CM 107-8

ministers should encourage church members to go out as 6T 470

miss. spirit needed by CM 97-8; 5T 403

monks became, during Reformation LS 305

in Germany GC 194

motives of, angels weigh 5T 396

much responsibility rests upon 6T 314; TM 316

need not board at best hotels 5T 402

Negroes should be trained as Ev 469

not all believers can be 4T 390; 6T 333

not at liberty to act from selfish motives TM 317-8

offered tea should refuse it CH 463

opportunity for, to work till probation closes 6T 478

opportunity of: for personal ministry while selling books 6T 314

to sow beside all waters 6T 314

payment of accounts by 7T 175

person defiled with sin should not be 5T 399

persons desiring to become: need essential instruction Ev 107; FE 107

should be able to speak plainly and distinctly in full and round tones CT 217

persons from floating element in society should not be chosen as 4T 389

persons having made success of nothing should not be 4T 389

persons of ability needed as CM 141; 4T 390

persons of best talent needed as 4T 390

persons of unclean hands and defiled hearts should not be CM 29

persons of uncouth manners are not fit to be CM 65; 4T 603

perverted ideas of, re true honesty CM 96

places of religious freedom will be opened by, when denominations unite with papacy to oppress God’s people 6T 478

power promised to, by Christ CM 108

practical lessons from Bible may be safely presented by CM 103

prayers that should be offered by CM 41-2

promising young men in training as, fund needed to help 2SM 208

reach souls who otherwise would not receive truth 7T 23

Reformers’ writings sold by, in France GC 231

remuneration of 5T 401-2, 403-4

responsible if they make no effort to win souls to Christ 6T 332

rewarded by seeing souls converted 6T 315

righteousness of Christ goes before CM 16

sale of books by, helps pub. house LS 305

sale of health literature by CH 462-3; ChS 152-3; CM 90, 132; 6T 326-8

Satan tries to keep, from selling SDA books CM 115

Satan’s efforts against, angels oppose CM 115

seek to impress, with qualifications essential to success 5T 403

with spirit of true miss. work 5T 403

select, with as much care as in choosing men for ministry 5T 405

selection of 4T 390; 6T 317, 333

care and wisdom needed in 5T 405

discretion needed in 5T 403

self-supporting missionaries can sustain themselves as MH 154

self-supporting miss. work as, church members should do 7T 23

SDA intermediate schools should send forth students as CT 203

should be trained to help in evangelistic work Ev 107; FE 107

special help given to, by God CM 88

Spirit aids CM 107; 6T 319

Spirit gives words to 6T 325, 472

students in SDA schools should be trained as CH 541-2; CT 546

students should be sent into field as CT 546

success of, as his richest recompense 6T 340

is due to working of angels on hearts 6T 335

successful in sale of books in Europe LS 305

take(s): books to many people who otherwise would never be enlightened 9T 34

message where living preacher cannot go 6T 313

truth to homes of the prejudiced 6T 314

things that disqualify: carelessness in manners CM 78

contentment with superficial attainments CM 78

deception 5T 402

deficient habits 6T 337

dishonesty 6T 337-8

feeling no need of being particular in work CM 78

haphazard work 6T 337

harsh and unkind words and feeling 6T 322

inclination to act the minister and theologian 6T 324-5

insistence on receiving highest wages 5T 402

intemperance 6T 336

laziness and indolence 6T 337

love of gain, dignity, or position 6T 317

mental laziness CM 78

pomposity of manner 5T 402

prevarication 6T 337-8

selfish principles 6T 317

spiritual indolence 6T 332

uncouth manners CM 65

untidiness in dress CM 65

words savoring of self-importance 6T 325

working in loose way 6T 337

zeal not according to knowledge 6T 324-5

tithe should not be used to support 9T 248-9

train and educate, to sell books on present truth 6T 329

train people to work as Ev 470

treasurers’ duty re CM 94

unconverted person is not qualified to be CM 66

undeviating method cannot be marked out for 6T 339

use of gift of speech by 6T 337; TM 316-7

voluntarily involving himself in debt, entangles himself in snare of Satan CM 93-4

wages should not be increased in order to buy 5T 403

Waldenses as CS 303-4; GC 70-2; 5T 406

warned against: borrowing money CM 96

habits of carelessness and slackness 7T 175

looseness in doing business CM 95-6

looseness in management of money CM 95-6

side-line selling and buying CM 97

temptation to reap worldly advantages 6T 318

wide field of miss. effort lies before CH 464; ChS 134

wider circulation of books by, greater will be demand for books making plain Scriptures of truth 4T 392

women should be educated as CM 31

women should educate themselves for work as CM 31

words of, angels listen to 5T 396

work of, equals that of minister CM 8, 45, 97; 6T 321; TM 317

work with God to save souls CM 72

working two and two, advantages obtained by CM 58

young men desiring to be, need mental training and special preparation 5T 390

young men should be educated to become CM 19

young men should labor as ChS 153; CM 19-20, 28, 105, 134; FE 489; MYP 208; 6T 331; 8T 229-30

as missionaries GW 96

young men uneducated, untrained, and unrefined are not qualified to be 5T 390

young men who might be fitted for usefulness as 4T 606

young women should labor as CM 28, 134; FE 489; MYP 208; 8T 229-30

youth called by God to work as CM 19; CT 494-5; FE 488; 8T 229

youth should be trained as Ev 23-4; FE 489; 6T 329-30; 8T 230

youth without religious experience should not be accepted as CM 29

See also Canvassers