EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Child, Children (Part 2 of 5)

too harsh, leads to disregard of Christ’s regulations CG 280

leads to disrespect of authority CG 280

training of child’s will in Ed 288-9

trifling misdemeanors should not be treated in, as grave sins CG 147; CT 113; FE 68

undue severity in, avoid AH 307; CG 263

uniformity needed in CG 248; 1T 156; 4T 500-1

unity in, needed between home and school CG 323-7

unreasonable, example of CT 117

unreasonable punishment in, ill effects of CG 249

use of chastening rod in CG 276

varying from undue severity to excessive indulgence, no sympathy for CG 263

voice should not be raised to high key in CG 246

what parents should remember in CG 263

when to begin CG 194, 229-32

whipping in, may be necessary when other resorts fail CT 116-7

often can be avoided by reasoning with them CG 250

See also Whipping

JW and EGW did not spare rod in 1T 102

wise, needed in school as well as home CT 153

wrong, rebellion too frequently established in children by 3T 532-3

3. Management of 2SG 253-6; 4T 201; 7T 47-8

authority and love should be combined in AH 308

blind affection in, do not indulge AH 307

compulsion is not best form of CG 262

control yourself in 4T 363

criminal, makes them more difficult to control CG 188

defective, affects later generations CG 278

do not relinquish your, to others CG 288

during church services 2SG 288-9

duty and love are twin sisters in 3T 439

experience of JW and EGW in 2SG 212

father should not be governed by caprice in CG 262

fitful, is ruination to child AH 310

instruction re, minister should give AH 359

is noblest miss. work 6T 205

justice and mercy are twin sisters in 4T 363

justice and mercy must clasp hands in AH 434

love and justice must clasp hands in CG 262

love must be shown in AH 307-8

methods of, nicety that is needed in FE 157

mother lacking self-control is unfit for 3T 533

only safe guide in, God’s word is AH 306

parental authority in, harsh measures not necessary to maintain CG 283

parents must not move from impulse in CG 248

parents should be uniform in CG 248

parents who are inconsistent in CG 248-9

Scriptures are guide in CG 256

tact and wisdom needed in 2BC 1009

too much: hinders child’s development Ed 288

ill effects of FE 57-8

is as bad as too little Ed 288

undue severity in, avoid AH 307

winning love needed in AH 432

4. Mind(s) of

are: active AH 282, 284

impressionable CT 192; FE 266

plastic 5T 498

devils work on 1T 279

ill effects of filling, with either true or fictitious stories 5T 545

impressions are easily made on 5T 498

influences that greatly affect CG 196

left uncultivated and to itself is generally low, sensual, and corrupt 1T 399

lessons impress, more than older people imagine Ev 581

long speeches tire GW 209

monotony of continual study wearies 3T 142

mother has much to do with molding 1T 307

naturally given to folly 1T 401

passions of, do not stir up CG 261

restless and active, light and happy employment diverts 2SM 438

room needed in, for scientific knowledge 5T 545

for useful information 5T 545

Satan strives to gain 4T 199

Satan’s efforts to control 2T 360

seeds of truth sown in, yield harvest in riper years 4T 141

set guard about 5T 520

should be occupied in physical labor or study 1T 398

Spirit impresses lessons on CT 169-70

wants of, care for 1T 384

5. Need(s)

abundance of healthful food CG 390

all-round education CT 109

amusement that is well regulated 3T 137

appreciation, sympathy, encouragement Ed 237

best of: exercise CG 390

food CG 390

books that are useful and interesting AH 284; 1T 399

change of employment frequently AH 289

Christlike treatment 4T 621

clothing that is: becoming 4T 142

neat and simple CG 424-5

comfortable food and clothing 2T 85

constant watchcare and tender love 4T 621

daily bath followed by friction CH 103

discipline that is regular, wise, and judicious 2T 433

duties to perform in home AH 297; MH 394, 401

education for Christian service PK 245

employment FE 151; 4T 136

that is well-regulated 3T 137; 4T 97-8

encouragement and commendation as well as reproof and correction CT 114

encouragement to complete task given them 3T 148

exercise in open air in order to be healthy and happy ML 138

exercise of: mind and body 1T 394

mind and muscles 1T 393

garden to cultivate 4T 136

instruction in practical hygiene CT 125

father’s discipline as well as mother’s AH 224

food that is healthful and not stimulating CG 461

food that makes best blood 2T 359

help and encouragement to do right CG 279

help from Christ to do right CG 515

home tasks to perform AH 286; CG 350

innocent amusement CT 114

innocent recreation AH 498

instruction re their bodies 2T 536

intelligent part in health work 9T 157

intervals of rest frequently AH 289

knowledge of: health principles 7T 65-6

himself MH 402

lessons in: physiology CT 125-7

voice culture AH 435

lessons nurturing in them courage to resist evil SD 212

lessons of practical industry and discipline AH 289

lessons that encourage them to resist evil CG 49

little plot of land for garden AH 388; CG 126

manifestation of affection and interest 2T 332

moral power to resist temptation CG 189

more decided effort re religious culture CSW 159

more than word of encouragement CSW 77

nutritious diet free from grease and spices 2SM 471

opportunity to study Bible in school FE 204-5

physical labor 2T 349

physical training during first six or seven years CG 300

place of his own to care for his clothes CH 103

portion of home for their room AH 283

practical industrial training MH 402

proper education FE 204-5; 3T 142

proper occupation of their time 4T 97

reading matter that is pure and good AH 411

regular hours for: physical labor 1T 399

reading and study AH 284; 1T 399

sleep CG 111-2

work AH 284

room which they know is their own CG 111

rules and regulations 4T 621

self-denial box to save pennies CG 132

soil to cultivate as their own CT 124-5

something interesting to do to keep them busy FE 417

something to: do CG 107, 120

think of CG 120

strict watchcare 4T 651

sunshine of kind words CT 114

tenderest culture 5T 41

training in temperance 3T 567-8

variety 4T 136

watchful care and guidance as never before 4T 199

words that are gentle and encouraging AH 196

6. Need(s) or ought to

attend church services on Sabbath CG 530

bear responsibilities proportionate to their age CT 124

become: acquainted with nature and her laws CT 188

well acquainted with Scripture teachings Ev 591

begin early to seek God AH 297

bring to Christ all their perplexities and trials SD 128

come to: Christ with confidence as to parent AH 299

father with their little disappointments AH 222

confess neglect and indifference shown to parents SD 60

co-operate with God AH 19

do his part of family labor 1T 558

do their work before they play AH 282

dress quietly on Sabbath CG 528

eat only at regular mealtime ML 82; 2T 400

feel: indebted to parents 1T 395

that some burdens in life rest upon them 1T 557

that they are a part of family (home) firm CG 126; Ed 285

forgive harsh and unkind parents AH 362-3

form habits of obedience and self-control at home CT 150

give aged parents more than food and shelter AH 360

help mother with her burdens and duties AH 285, 301; CG 349

help parents AH 295

when study hours end CT 158

help to: lighten parents’ cares MYP 211

perform home duties CG 248

honor and respect parents PP 308

lay aside offerings for Christ 9T 55

learn: arts essential for practical life CG 195

from flowers MB 97

that each person stands on own merits in world 4T 201

learn to: do miss. work at home 6T 429

do things with nicety and order CG 110

draw lessons and discern truth for themselves Ed 119

eat at regular periods ML 82; 2T 400

observe rules of propriety CG 101-2

practice self-denial CS 292-6

pray in church at home CT 110

lighten cares of overworked parents 2T 325

link Sabbath with beauty of nature Ed 251

listen to parents’ counsel AH 298

love parents AH 295; MYP 331

make parents their confidants 1T 391-2

obey from principle rather than compulsion CG 225

obey parents CG 248; MYP 333-4

pray for grace to resist temptation AH 299

relieve tired mother by helping her 1T 683

repent of sin of disrespect for parents 2T 82-3

repress words of fretfulness and ingratitude AH 295

respect and honor parents affectionately 3T 294-5

respect: father’s wise and judicious laws 4aSG 51

ministers and teachers PK 237

parents MYP 331-2; PK 237

run little errands of mercy as miss. work AH 486

see that parental authority is respected CG 271

serve parents cheerfully and faithfully AH 282

share in: bearing burdens of home 6T 429

making preparations for Sabbath 6T 356

show: courtesy and respect to the aged Ed 244

their faith by works 6T 102

unquestioning respect and obedience to parents CG 277

shun evil influences and vicious company 3T 144

smooth pathway of parents to grave AH 361

speak respectfully and lovingly to parents and to one another COL 337

stay with parents during church services 2T 481-2

study how to make parents happy 1T 392

support God’s cause CG 134

take part in family worship 6T 357

understand: his body MH 402

human organism 2SM 443

that parent’s word is law for him and must be obeyed CG 225

true force of will Ed 289

7. Need(s) or ought to be

able to: help buy their own clothes AH 388

tell what is written in Scriptures CSW 78

advised and restrained 4T 651

allowed only: food of healthful quality 2SM 439

plain food 2SM 439

armed with revelation of God’s word CSW 78

brought to submission and obedience CG 84

called to account when absent from home at night 4T 651

commended whenever possible CT 114

converted 4T 42

corrected in way to win rather than to repel them CG 245

corrected without impatience or passion CG 87

dealt with: decidedly and yet patiently, lovingly, and pityingly 2T 405

in simplicity CG 287

kindly, tenderly and lovingly CG 33

tenderly and lovingly FE 369

disciplined until obedient to parents CG 224

drawn heavenward gently GW 209

but not rashly 2T 420

enabled to earn money for freewill offerings CG 126

encouraged to: cultivate taste for elevated reading AH 416

earn means for benevolent purposes CSW 140-1

form habits of simplicity CG 139

govern itself CG 93, 228; 4T 198

reach high standard in all habits and tendencies CG 186

save pennies for miss. work 9T 130-1

serve God in youth 4T 398

store mind with valuable knowledge CT 133

encouraged to become: Bible students 4T 212

more independent CG 122

fitted to serve as God’s messengers 7T 17

gathered away from those of world 6T 195

guarded against: associates having vicious habits CG 460

indulgence of appetite CG 405

use of stimulants and narcotics CG 405

guarded from: careless, loose, demoralizing habits CG 114

every objectionable influence possible AH 469

seeing iniquity of world AH 403-4

guided in path of righteousness from their earliest years CG 489

guided in right and proper direction CG 35

helped to see that parents and teachers are God’s representatives Ed 287

helpers under Christ’s banner AH 359

impressed with: importance of salvation from their earliest years CSW 107

sense of their wrongs 1T 401

kept: at home AH 470-1

away from corrupting society 2T 403

free from excitement as much as possible CG 216

from vice CG 33

in sunny atmosphere AH 197

under control CG 272

usefully employed AH 285; CG 126, 352

with parents when in house of God 2T 481

led by parents 1T 118

missionaries at home AH 300

more familiar with parents 1T 392

much in open air 3T 137

obedient to parents AH 298

parents’ helping hand 7T 63

prepared by Bible study to meet error Ev 591

prepared to: endure perplexities and troubles 4T 201

meet temptation 4T 201

presented high and correct motives for self-restraint 2T 260

required to: observe SS regulations 3T 189

rise and be present at family worship 5T 424

restrained in kindness 5T 546

reverent during church services CG 546-7

rooted in true principles of health reform 6T 429

separated from harmful society 2T 402-3

shielded from temptation AH 406

soothed carefully when in trouble AH 197

surrounded by best influences and associations CSW 51

taken for walk on Sabbath 6T 358

told: about Christ’s earthly life in simple words CG 487

exactly what is required of him CG 225

of his duty to repent and believe now and not at some future date 1T 400

story of Bethlehem on Sabbath 6T 359

treated as: intelligent beings DA 515

purchase of Christ’s blood AH 279

treated in quiet and kind manner CG 286

treated with: candor, Christian tenderness, and love 1T 387

care 4T 140

trees of righteousness AH 17

true to God under all circumstances and in all places CT 150

truthful, unselfish, and industrious CT 148

watched, guarded, and disciplined 4T 198

with parents much of time on Sabbath 6T 358

8. Ought not to

center their thoughts on themselves CG 36; WM 35

control parents 2T 78

disobey God at command of parents AH 293

eat: anything between meals 4T 502

between meals ML 82

oftener than three times a day CD 229; 2SM 439

rich cakes and pastries CG 390

follow fashions of world CG 435

get idea that he is to be waited on CG 272

live to please and amuse themselves CG 223

neglect to be doers of the word MYP 197

regard everything in house as playthings CG 101; CT 123

roam streets on Sabbath for amusement 5T 36-7

rule mother CG 92

seek style and ostentation CG 135

think: they are center of everything CG 132

they can do and act without parents’ advice CG 66

9. Ought not to be

allowed to: go and come when they please FE 63

go into streets after night for sports or amusement FE 63

spend time in idleness FE 420

visit at distance without parent or guardian 1T 401-2

ashamed to: run errands 6T 429

use hands to help with home burdens 6T 429

censured because of parents’ sin CH 37

censured severely for trifling mistakes CG 279

coaxed or bribed to obey rules Ed 290

compelled to have form of religion AH 323

confined long within doors Ed 208

controlled under all circumstances by stick, whip, or blows with hand 2T 259

corrected: by censure CG 458

in anger AH 314-5; CG 245; CT 117

corrected and reproved for trivial matters 3T 531

corrected while you are: impatient or fretful 2T 259

under influence of passion 4T 362-3

dealt with harshly, severely, or impatiently 2T 405

denied: indulgences that are safe and innocent CG 285

reasonable privileges CG 285

disciplined while parents are excited and angry 4T 140

dressed in expensive or showy manner COL 83; CT 141

encouraged in pride, extravagance, or love of show 1T 396

fed: food cooked in unhealthful manner 2T 61

unwholesome food 2T 61

forced into precocious maturity COL 84; CT 142; Ed 107

given place that God claims in your affections 2T 285

given playthings that are easily broken CT 123

idolized AH 280; CG 477

indulged AH 280

in eating when and where they choose 2T 159

led to think that everything must revolve around them MH 389

left to: choose always for themselves 1T 391

come up as they will Te 215

do as they please 2T 627

drift into whatever way they are inclined 5T 546

find their own society CG 223; 2T 627

follow their own inclinations CG 223; CT 155

grow up in ignorance 2T 94

judge whether college discipline is reasonable or not CG 334-5

occupy themselves as they please AH 284

pick their tasks AH 282

wander in paths of sin AH 468

left to choose: always for themselves 1T 391

their own amusements AH 468

their own companions CG 200

ordered about as horse or dog 2T 259

ordered about in scolding tone 1T 384-5

petted AH 280; CG 477

placed: in worldly society 5T 505

where they must associate with the depraved and degraded AH 464

where they will meet unnecessary temptation CG 328-9

praised without discretion CG 178

reading during church services CG 546

reproved for every little error 4T 61

required to eat: too much MH 384

what is distasteful to them MH 384

ruled with rod of iron CT 113; 4T 368-9

sent to distant schools and sanitariums 8T 224-5

sent to school when too young CG 302; CT 145; 2SM 436-7

taught: little pranks 1T 396

that they are not to be happy on Sabbath CG 533-4

told to wait till future to repent and believe truth CSW 79-80

trained like dumb animals 3T 132

trained to be: dependent and self-absorbed CT 123; MH 389

devotees of society CG 181

treated as playthings CT 113

underfed in least degree CG 390

unfaithful stewards in home CG 124

waited upon CG 125-6

wearied with long prayers and tedious exhortations DA 517

10. Seventh-day Adventist 1T 154-64

advantages of SDA schools for CT 118

all, should have privilege of Christian education CT 158

Bible should be foundation of all study for 6T 109

corrupt, who are worse than children of worldlings in general 2T 403

deportment of some church members is stumbling block to 4T 40

feeling no need of repentance, dangerous condition of 4T 40

God’s purpose for, is wider than our restricted vision has comprehended Ed 262

hypocritical, cause unconverted youth to stumble 2T 460

living in cities need church schools CG 306

many, attending SDA schools have not had proper home training CT 192

need to be converted 4T 40

may become impatient of restraint 1T 400

may think parents are too strict 1T 400

need to repent, believe, and be baptized 4T 40

petted and indulged, who are proverb in mouth of unbelievers 2T 460

pious hypocrites among, are many 2T 460

place of worship often desecrated by CG 540

send, to church schools CG 306

separate, from worldly associations 6T 109

should be educated in SDA schools CG 332

should be under best teachers 6T 109

terrible ruin of many MYP 87-8

too little attention given to 6T 196

under strict care and watchfulness will later bless their parents 1T 400

unsaved, terrible ordeal of seeing ChS 91

vain, whose society should be shunned 1T 217

watch deportment and efforts of professed Christians 4T 40

whom other children should shun 1T 217

why, should not be sent to public schools CG 305

work that should be done for CT 168-72

11. Should be taught (educated or trained) to

abhor stimulants CG 404

act from principle FE 57

act part in: church capacity CG 482

family circle AH 285-6

act with reserve and modesty 2T 459

adhere strictly to principles of temperance in eating and drinking 3T 567

amuse themselves CG 37-8; CT 123; MH 389

avoid company of vain worldlings 1T 395

avoid evil influences and vicious society AH 471

be missionaries 6T 198

be useful by developing their talents 5T 327

bear bravely their little disappointments and trials CT 123; MH 389

bear their share of home burdens CG 352; 6T 429

care for: furnishings of home CG 101

their bodies CG 187; FE 425; 2T 536-7; 6T 429; 7T 64

their clothing CH 103

conduct themselves with true politeness CG 143

control: appetite AH 261; MH 385; ML 82

himself Ed 287; FE 57; MH 401

cook CT 127; 2T 537

cultivate habits of industry FE 65

deny appetite and restrict desires 3T 141

deny themselves to aid poor parents CS 251

do: home duties AH 265

little errands for the less fortunate 9T 37; WM 75

little errands of love and mercy 6T 435

physical labor 1T 700

practical duties appropriate to their age FE 369

practical miss. work CT 130; 6T 203

service for Christ TM 217-8

their share of home burdens CG 120; CT 146; Ed 285; 6T 429

dress in: accordance with physical law 3T 138

reference to health CD 229

drink to health CD 229

eat in: accordance with physical law 3T 138

clean manner CG 107

reference to health CD 229

eat to live and not live to eat Te 181; 3T 567

enjoy beauties of nature MH 386

enter sanctuary with sobriety and reverence 5T 496

exercise: care in handling property CG 101-2

self-control AH 383, 386, 471; CG 116, 459, 558; Ed 287; 1T 547; 3T 143-4, 562, 567

self-reliance Ed 287; FE 57

their own ingenuity and skill CT 123; MH 389

their own judgment FE 58

expect temptations and meet difficulties and dangers 3T 144

finish tasks they have begun 3T 147-8

form right habits PP 561-2; 5T 319

go to Christ for forgiveness CG 494

guard their words and actions AH 437

habits of: economy AH 373

industry AH 373; CG 23-4, 120, 122-7

neatness and order CG 23-4

self-control AH 386

self-denial AH 386; CG 406

usefulness CG 120

hate dirt and filth CG 107

have amiable and affectionate dispositions CG 171

help: bear home burdens CT 158; 1T 683

in miss. work CS 292-4

parents to develop their characters 1T 402-3

with home duties CG 126

helpfulness CG 119-21

keep: accurate account of his income and expenses CG 136; Ed 238-9

Sabbath according to commandment 2T 702

their beds clean CG 109

their clothes neat CG 107

their clothes tidy CG 110

their persons clean CG 107

their room tidy and pleasant CG 111

know and love Christ AH 183

labor for the unconverted 6T 429

leave beer, wine, and strong drink alone CG 401

look to God for strength SD 371

look with disgust on habits of selfishness CSW 139-40

love and fear God LS 293

love and obey God CG 141

love and tenderly care for parents AH 360

love and trust and obey parents PK 245

love heavenly Father 3T 137

love truth because it is truth AH 186; ML 261

make best use of their time CG 123

make garden CT 124-5

manifest unvarying kindness, courtesy, and self-control FE 67

meet: temptation and danger AH 471

troubles coming upon earth CG 122

with difficulties AH 471

meet bravely life’s troubles and burdens Ed 295

minister to others instead of being waited on 2T 459-60

move from reason and principle 3T 132

neatly fold and put away clothing CG 111

obey CG 263, 271

as children of God CG 544

laws of nature if they would have health and happiness MH 386

parents and teachers Ed 287-8

rules of home 7T 186

obey God Ed 287-8

obey God’s law CG 81

strictly from principle 5T 38

overcome: difficulties AH 471

temptations and difficulties nobly 3T 144

pass lightly over little annoyances and discomforts CT 123

perform: domestic duties faithfully FE 65

unselfish acts TM 217

persevere under discouraging circumstances 3T 148

practice: economy and thrift AH 373, 376; CG 134-6; CS 37, 292-4

health reform 9T 157

tithing AH 389

practice self-denial AA 376, 383; CG 116, 558; 3T 562, 567; TM 218

in order to give to God’s cause 6T 102

pray with clear and distinct voice CG 522

prepare: for Sabbath 6T 356

healthful and wholesome food CT 127; FE 160

preserve: their health 9T 160

their physical, mental, and spiritual powers MH 385

themselves in best of health 2T 94

read: God’s message of love in nature MB 97-8

with clear and distinct utterance AH 435; 6T 381

reason from cause to effect FE 160; MH 386; 7T 65

regard Sabbath as day of delight CG 531

rely on God’s help to resist temptation CG 172-3

repeat: God’s law CT 110

Lord’s Prayer in concert CG 522-3

repent and be baptized 4T 42-3

resist temptation FE 153; Te 71

respect: God’s word CG 539

hour of prayer 5T 424

mother’s judgment 4T 255

property of other people CG 101-2

themselves AH 16

respect and honor persons in positions of trust 7T 185-6

respect and obey God’s law AH 305

respect and reverence hour of prayer CT 110; 1T 397

respect and yield to parental authority 5T 323

respect experienced judgment 3T 133

reverence: house of God 5T 494

time and place of prayer and worship Ed 243

right dietetic habits MH 383

right views of life and its responsibilities LS 224

sacrifice for God’s cause 6T 451

say No to temptation CG 218

see God in nature 3BC 1143

seek to alleviate sufferings of the poor and distressed 6T 429

share in home duties AH 282; CT 149; FE 369

shine as lights in world LS 345-6

show reverence for God PK 236

shun evil influences and vicious society 3T 144

sleep in accordance with physical law 3T 138

speak plainly 6T 381

speak respectfully from their earliest years COL 337

study Bible CG 494

submit to authority 4T 92

sympathize with the afflicted 6T 429

take: common sense view of life AH 285

responsibilities in household labor 1T 557

their mistakes to Christ CG 494

think and act for themselves 3T 132-3

use their hands CG 350

in useful labor 3T 150

wait on themselves MM 178

work 1T 399; 4T 97

aright COL 345

even if there is no want 3T 151

for Christ 6T 430

12. Should be educated (instructed, taught, or trained) to be

blessing and help to others 7T 63

compassionate CG 143

content with: neat and inexpensive clothes CT 158

plain and simple food CT 158

simple pleasures CT 123

small and helpful duties CT 142

courteous and tenderhearted CG 143

diligent in miss. work 6T 429

economical 5T 329

without being avaricious CG 189

followers of Christ AH 234

free from every particle of egotism and bigotry CSW 84

grateful for plain and simple diet CG 391

helpful AH 288; CG 120

in home CG 31, 119-20

honest 5T 329

industrious CT 148; FE 420; 5T 329

kind CG 17

loving CG 143

missionaries CSW 85; 6T 201

obedient CG 120

patient CG 17

pitiful CG 143

pleasant AH 432

polite CG 143

pure in morals CG 171

quiet and respectful before visitors AH 267; CG 97

quiet in house CG 97

refined in taste CG 171

self-sacrificing without being extravagant CG 189

simple in manner without being bold CG 189

social FE 65

strictly temperate CH 113

subordinate to law CG 97, 186

temperate 5T 329

thoughtful of others AH 288; CG 18; CT 123; MH 389

true to God under all circumstances and in all places CT 150

truthful CT 148; FE 420; 5T 329

unselfish CT 148; FE 420

upright amid scorn and ridicule AH 463

workers for God CT 165

13. Should be taught that

all men depend on God CG 43

Christ is calling them MH 44

God does not like to see them in untidy and torn clothes CG 461

God has claim on all they possess CS 37; 6T 451

God hears their prayers CG 172

God is: eternal guardian of right Ed 257

love CG 487

God is not pleased to see them with unclean bodies ML 129

God wants them to have clean bodies CG 461

God’s commandments mean much more than we realize CG 304

God’s commandments must be rule of life CG 43

God’s law is great rule of life 5T 329

labor is noble CG 127

path of self-denial is only safe path 6T 370

resisting temptation is noble and manly CT 127

suffering is penalty of violation of laws of health 7T 65

Sunday is not true Sabbath 6T 193

their help is needed 1T 687

their wills are not to be made law CG 194

they are: only probationers here AH 146

to be managed CG 186

to become God’s children CT 113

they must have new heart CG 515

willing obedience to God is test of conversion CG 489

yielding to temptation is weak and wicked CT 127

14. Should not be permitted to

associate with worldlings 5T 78

be: alone with other children CG 114

careless and boisterous CG 97

hindrances 7T 63

out in evening without parents knowing where they are and what they do FE 63; 7T 66

complain about good, wholesome food CG 391

control home CG 212-3, 235

dictate to parent what they should eat CG 391

do as they please AH 468; CG 271; CT 154

dress as they please CG 37

eat: as much as they feel inclined CG 391

between meals CD 181; CG 388-9; 3T 136

irregularly 3T 136

only what he likes CG 391

what they choose and when they choose MH 384; 3T 489

eat and drink whenever they please CG 388, 406; FE 140

fall into habits of untidiness AH 253

follow natural impulses CG 491

go as they please AH 468

go hither and thither without restraint CT 154

go out and come in when they choose CG 37; FE 63; 5T 78

grow up in: idleness 6T 430

indifference to needy 6T 430

handle everything they see CG 102

have their own way CG 186

in everything CG 272

indulge appetite when and as they please 2T 62

learn little pranks 1T 396

play on Sabbath CG 533

pollute house with tobacco stench CG 241

rule parents 4T 192-3

scream and cry CG 97

see that you take their word in preference to that of older Christians CG 273

sit in idleness 1T 393

sleep in same bed or same room with associates CG 115, 460

spend time in idleness FE 420

think they can plague mother CG 253-4

15. Small (very young) MH 379-87

acquaint, with things of God CG 487

activities of, mother should supervise AH 527

allow, to run and play like lambs in open air (out of doors) CT 146, 188; FE 60, 146; 3T 137

amusement or light work for, mother should plan MH 388

angels ever near AH 432

are: most susceptible to teachings of Christianity CT 180; 4T 142

simple and natural in appearance 3T 529

to be adopted into God’s family at tender age CT 169

attracted to Christ 3T 422

be meek and humble like, in spirit 4T 220

believing in Christ is as precious to Him as angels AH 279; 4T 591

best food for, mother’s milk is MH 383

blessing of, by ministers AH 274; Ev 349-50

born with: animal propensities largely developed, parental responsibility for 2T 391

natural irritability of sexual organs 2T 391

can be missionaries for God in early years COL 345

can be molded 5T 329

can comprehend at very early age what is plainly and simply told them CG 82

Christ blessed FE 161; MH 38-44; 4T 141-2

Christ healed MH 38-9

Christ loves CSW 55, 158; FE 161

Christ saw in, heirs of His grace and subjects of His kingdom CT 180

Christ took, into His arms and blessed them AH 273; COL 388; CT 179; GW 188; 4T 141; 5T 421

Christ’s interest and love for AH 273

Christ’s loving ministry to WM 116

Christian experience that God expects of CT 142