EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Breakdown - Burden, J. A.


Breakdown, mental See Mental breakdown

physical See Physical breakdown


mental, eating habits cause, more than diligent work 2MCP 388:1


Breakfast, appetite for, late supper impairs Ed 205

family worship best before ML 31; 7T 43

graham gruel for 2T 603

habit of eating sparingly at, wrong CD 173

hearty meal needed at CD 173

little relish for, cause of MH 303-4

nervous child should not go to school without CG 390

slight, not best for stomach CD 173

stereotyped, avoid CD 259

stomach best able to care for food at CD 105-6, 173

time for CD 490

unhealthful CD 105

warm, stomach benefited by 2T 603

Breastplate, Breastplates

Breastplate, Breastplates, Christ as High Priest wears EW 251

glittering, priests wore 4T 161

high priest’s, Gideon’s was imitation of PP 556

most sacred priestly vestment PP 351

names of tribes of Israel engraved on SR 183

names on, significance of COL 148; GW 34

twelve stones of, significance of Ev 379-80; PP 351; 4aSG 101-2; SR 183

two large brilliant stones on PP 351

names of Christ’s people on His HP 119:4

See also High priest; Urim and Thummim


Breastwork, mighty, Israel placed in Canaan as PP 544

Breath, Breaths

Breath, Breaths, deep, students should take Ed 208

dependence on God for every LHU 71:4; PM 156:0

each, God’s care attested by Ed 131; PP 115

God’s inspiration causes 1BC 1081; MM 9

God’s power evidenced by 6BC 1062; 8T 260

follows breath, by God’s power 6BC 1062

under God’s supervision 1BC 1081; MM 9; 1SM 294-5

God holds our life and TDG 114:5

impure, cause of 2SM 416

slaves to appetite often have 4aSG 130

invalids sometimes poisoned by their own 7T 82

leper’s, air polluted by MH 67

offensive, eating too much causes CD 137; FE 425

food decaying in stomach causes CD 137

no privation to discard things causing 2T 372

prayer is, of soul GW 254

sweet and clean, need of CD 101

tobacco stench pollutes 4aSG 127; SL 31; Te 60

tobacco user’s, air poisoned by 2SM 467

air polluted by 4aSG 127

tobacconized 1BC 1111

untainted, Daniel and companions had ML 147; MYP 241; PK 485; Te 271

See also Breathing; Effluvium; Exhalation; Miasma; Respiration


1. Correct

2. Deep

3. Miscellaneous

1. Correct MH 272-3; 2T 67-8

appetite is stimulated by MH 272

benefits of 2T 67-8

correct posture and stance conducive to Ed 198

deep inspirations of pure air required in MH 272

free, covering over infant’s face prevents MH 381

free and easy, bathing is conducive to 3T 70

full, clothing should permit CG 425; Ed 199; MH 293, 382

gospel workers, usefulness marred by ignorance re CT 207-8

good blood depends on MH 272

knowledge of, important in treating disease MM 223

sanitariums should teach people re CD 303, 444

skirts sustained by hips hinder MH 292

stooping position hinders MH 272-3

students should be taught CT 297; Ed 200; FE 147

2. Deep

abdominal muscles need exercise in CT 239; MH 264-5; 2T 67

establish habit of Ed 199

insist on practice of Ed 199

lungs expand by FE 73

sick people should be taught to practice MH 264

students need exercises in Ed 199

teachers should stress importance of Ed 198

3. Miscellaneous

abdominal muscles designed to aid in MH 273

abdominal muscles need full play in Ed 199; MH 273

compressive dress ill affects MH 292

difficult, heart disease involves LS 151; 2SG 184

nux vomica causes 2SM 449

poor ventilation causes 1T 672

imperfect, person who will suffer from Ed 200

improper, ill effects of MH 273

principles of health reform should be practiced in MM 212

respiratory organs should be unrestricted in Ed 199

superficial, soon becomes habit MH 273

teach students to use abdominal muscles in CT 216

See also Breath; Lungs; Respiration

Breath of life

Breath of life, from heaven, many souls gasp for Ev 559

God longs to breathe, into prostrate humanity PK 377-8

spirit or, returns to God at death 6BC 1093

Breeze, Breezes

Breeze, Breezes, air purified and cooled by 5T 312

health benefited by ML 177

murmuring, benefit of listening to MH 264

sense of restfulness and refreshing brought by 7T 77

summer, insect atom floating in Ed 99

love that restores is seen in Ed 101

See also Wind


Brethren, See Brother

Breviary, Breviaries

Breviary, Breviaries, burned in France GC 276


Brevity, in writing, study 2T 671

See Conciseness

Brewery, Breweries

Brewery, Breweries, license laws foster MH 342


See Briers; Thorns

Bribe, Bribes

Bribe, Bribes, Felix willing to release Paul for AA 426-7

Jerome of Prague was offered, to renounce opposition to papacy GC 114

of gold and silver, do not expose your soul to temptation for 2SM 132

of honor, do not expose yourself to temptation for 2SM 132

refuse to accept, to dissimulate CT 486

Roman authorities accepted, from Jewish leaders AA 98

Roman guards given, to lie re Christ’s resurrection DA 782-5; EW 183; 1SM 303

rulers of Israel forbidden to accept PP 604

Samuel’s sons accepted, while serving as judges PP 604

Satan’s turn from FE 199

whisky used as, to obtain votes Te 254


Bribery, Balaam’s covetousness excited by PP 439

children should not be induced by, to obey Ed 290

Delilah induced by, to betray Samson PP 565

false witnesses induced by, to testify against Christ DA 705-6

to testify against Stephen AA 98-9; SR 263

freewill offerings should not be obtained by CS 203

gospel workers not to be kept in work by 2SM 214, 218

hands kept clean from DA 612

in France, notorious under church and state GC 280

institutional leaders should not be kept in God’s work by 7T 219

integrity that cannot be affected by, needed MH 498

intemperate persons will not hesitate to use Te 254

judges warned re PP 311

jurists perverted by GC 586

King Saul used, against David PP 659

men in judicial functions should refuse to be biased by Te 281

men will be induced by, to keep Sunday GC 592, 607

Paul too noble to free himself by AA 427

people should not be induced by, to keep Sabbath Ev 245

revelations of, daily MH 142; PK 275; 9T 89

Roman authorities induced by, not to investigate Stephen’s death AA 101; SR 266-7

rulers should scorn 6BC 1081

Satan used, in tempting Christ SD 159; 1SM 286

Satan uses, to deceive and ensnare CS 204, 237; SD 159; 1SM 194; 3T 479; 9T 24; Te 34; TM 336

stalks unrebuked in high places and low PP 102

Brick, Bricks

Brick, Bricks, character building compared to building with TDG 144:3

Israelites of Moses’ time made CT 59; PP 242, 258

sun-dried, Egypt’s most common building material PP 258

Bridal Veil Falls

Ellen White’s description of TDG 180:3


Bride, pledge of, at marriage AH 103

Christ’s, church as 7BC 985-6; Ed 268; GC 381; MH 356; 1SM 305

New Jerusalem as GC 426-7

See also Wife

Bride and groom

pledge to love as God ordained HP 202:3


Bridegroom, Christ as See Christ

friend of, messenger between betrothed DA 179

pledge of, at marriage AH 103

See also Husband


believers go to meet, with rejoicing AG 358:4

coming of; trimmed lamps and unity needed now RC 219:8

Bridle and bit

Bridle and bit, lips should be kept in as with ML 14

lust should be controlled as with AH 345

mouth should be controlled as with FE 207; 2T 185

of grace, tongue needs 2T 316

Brier, Briers

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

Christ pressed down, in path before us CS 151-2

Christ’s pardon does not make wheat of 5T 429

evil that blights and mars is represented by Ed 101

God’s commands as, to some youth 4T 626

home garden grown up with FE 66

in heart, plowshare of truth must tear out 5T 53

in path of person sinning in full blaze of light 2SM 165

in way to heaven SD 352

many persons in God’s vineyard are 5T 103

of ignorance, uncultivated mind will be overgrown with 4T 443

of sin, soul that Christ will rescue from COL 188

old habits and practices symbolized by COL 50

only wound and grieve SC 117

parents who will reap AH 202

path of, life is not 4T 364

persons not thoroughly converted bear 5T 306

person unfaithful in temporal matters brings forth 4T 311

seed that produces 5T 325

who will find, grown up in his path ML 322

woman who saw, instead of roses SC 117

See also Bramble; Thistle; Thorn

2. Literal

law of condemnation may be read in 1BC 1085; 1SM 291; 8T 256-7

uncultivated field grows AH 468; CG 169; SD 333


Christ could not help having LHU 221:7

Brighton, Vict.

Brighton, Vict., camp meeting at LS 344-8

church raised up in LS 348

Brilliant persons

Brilliant persons, work of, results of MH 150; 6T 443


Brimstone, Sodom and neighboring cities destroyed by PP 162

Brisbane, Queens

Brisbane, Queens, 8T 163


Britain, churches of, papal domination of GC 62-3

first churches in, Roman emperors persecuted GC 62

Saxon domination of GC 62

See also England; Great Britain


Britannicus, Nero’s stepbrother, poisoned AA 486

British and Foreign Bible Society

British and Foreign Bible Society, organized in 1804 GC 287

British Reformers-Tindal, Firth, Barnes

British Reformers-Tindal, Firth, Barnes, quoted GC 547

Briton, Britons

Briton, Britons, gospel received in first centuries by GC 62

Brock, Mourant

Brock, Mourant, quoted GC 362

Broker, Brokers

Broker, Brokers, Christ drove, from temple court DA 158

money in hands of, kept from use for the cause PM 233


Brooding, over anticipated evils, unwise and unchristian 5T 200


cheerfulness to be cultivated instead of 1MCP 62:3

experience of woman and husband hurt by; (Ellen White letter) 2MCP 400:4

idleness gives time for; trials borrowed from future 2MCP 603:4

mind unbalanced by, over supposed wrongs RY 73:0

Brook, Brooks

Brook, Brooks, babbling, invites acquaintance with God SC 85

invites attention and meditation 3T 333

mind that was like, filled with rocks and weeds 4T 498

speak of God FE 96

dancing, God’s love and care attested by 8T 325

fields and forests watered on Sabbath by DA 206-7

in its place, as necessary as mighty river SD 253

pure and flowing, health and gladness spread over land by CT 275; 4T 410

running, doctrine of Baal worship re PK 115-6

symbol of the industrious CT 275

rippling, speak of God PP 592

sunny valleys musical with PP 472

See also Rill; Rivulet; Stream

Brookfield, N.Y.

Brookfield, N.Y. LS 114-5; 2SG 101-2; 1T 593; 4T 301

See also North Brookfield, N.Y.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brooklyn, N.Y. 2SG 103

vegetarian restaurant in 7T 55

Brooks, Bro.

Brooks, Bro. LS 149-50; 2SG 182


Broom, use of AH 152


Broth, bean 2T 603

chicken CD 292-3, 466; 2SG 166

See also Soup

Brother (brethren)

1. In the flesh

2. Spiritual

1. In the flesh

character of, sister living right may influence 3T 80

dissension between 3T 59-60

jealousy of prodigal son’s COL 207-11

older, should help teach younger children CT 159

sisters and, tender affection should be cultivated between AH 198; ML 84

2. Spiritual

all should love their 5T 725

Amalek’s dealings between, do not follow practices in TM 372

be willing to lay down your life for SL 82

Christ in us will meet Christ in 9T 188

Christ not ashamed to call us MB 103

Christ’s spirit should be manifested between TM 187

compassion needed in dealing with 1T 166

deal with, as you expect God to deal with you 3T 93

destitute, duty to 4T 619

differing with you on points of truth, how to treat CW 50

difficulties between MB 59

remove 1T 143

disfellowshiped, how to treat DA 441

duty of, not to be exacting 3T 95

to be Christian gentlemen 5T 335

to feel interested in one another 1T 150

erring: duty to restore 6T 398

forgive your COL 249-50

how to deal with DA 440-2; 5T 58-9; 6T 398

experienced, respect counsel of 3T 417

submit new doctrine to judgment of 5T 293

fallen into temptation, duty to 5T 247; 9T 222

false, in church till close of time COL 73

will be distinguished from true 5T 81

faulty, right attitude toward 4T 131

God wants us to love one another as 9T 193

hard spirit and lack of forgiveness toward, reproved 3T 95

help, by sympathy and unselfish love 9T 222

in calling God our Father we recognize all His children as MB 105

in poor health, show kind regard for 1T 150

look upon all needy souls as DA 823

love among SL 82; 5T 341-8

must be cemented by Christ’s love DA 660

results of lack of 1T 149-50; 3T 187

love and confidence among, needed TM 189-97

love for, all who truly love God will have 5T 483

most powerful evidence of new birth SD 293

love of, love to God is increased through CS 344

mistakes of, do not make common property of 9T 222

moving independently of, warning against TM 252

needy, duty to COL 383; 1T 481

of mature experience, respect judgment of 3T 451

persisting stubbornly in variance, duty re 5T 241

persons God is not ashamed to call 4T 484

persons seeing faults in, often blind to their own 3T 93

refusing to be reconciled, duty re SD 90; 5T 241

rich, should deal liberally with the needy 1T 481

Satan strives to wedge himself between 5T 477

sins of, accountability for 2T 256

we are not required to repent of 3T 523

spirit you manifest toward, reveals your spirit toward God DA 505

think well of, until compelled to think otherwise 5T 58

trouble between, duty re 5T 241

weak and erring like ourselves 5T 247

what to do if sin is plain in 1T 165

when we shall regard all men as MH 165

who have wronged you, right attitude toward SD 90

wrong upon, suffer not TM 250


afflictions from, are light; think of heaven LHU 216:2

all are, HP 287:4

and to be treated with kindness HP 293:5

colored people to have respect SW 11:1

approaching Christ as HP 288:3

association with, spiritual fragrance to be in TDG 276:6

building up, in conversation VSS 154


calls church members, when united to Him 3SM 16:2

not ashamed to call some UL 135:2

reflected by ones He called LHU 325:3

condemning faithful, facing hatred for their obedience 3SM 401:1

confidence in, destroyed by speaking evil of them VSS 57:2

criticism of,

is criticism of Christ 3SM 345:2

revealing a lack of God’s love FW 61:4

defense of, be true as steel in HP 178:4

differences among, weakens church TDG 165:3


between, confess OHC 370:3

with, keeps Jesus outside OHC 352:4

Ellen White,

ceased to call Ira K a, because not a Christian TSB 139:0

followed advice of TDG 61:5

erring, side of devil in trying to hurt VSS 152:1

esteemed precious because of the infinite price paid OHC 72:2

fall of, triumphing in OHC 177:3

feelings toward; Ellen White’s admonition to her son, Edson UL 225:4

go to, for understanding, if you think he has hurt you TMK 181:3

incorrect views of, prayers of one with, answered for the best TDG 306:2

independent of, Satan works to lead people to be CET 201:1

interest for, same as for self if you are a Christian TDG 365:4

judgment of, leave to God TDG 265:3; UL 28:3

love for,

as Christ loved you when depending on grace RC 103:4

faith is impossible without TDG 272:7

nearness to God gives HP 220:3

with pity and courtesy TDG 78:3

ministers to respect judgment of; and good relations CET 203:1

missionaries to TDG 365:5

mistakes of, whether living or dead, not to be exposed 3SM 346:4

neglecting to unite with, in seeking the Lord HP 97:4

opinions and feelings of, to be considered CET 203:1

oppressing, following own desires and TDG 222:4

patience with faults of, remembering own failings TMK 181:2

refusing to work with, for not exactly accepting ideas 3SM 26:1

respect, but remember they are only men not God TDG 258:6

separation from, may be from your misjudgment TDG 295:3

spirit controlling, over Galatians argument was bad 3SM 175:2

thinking evil of; cherish love instead TDG 83:2

unity among; put away fretting and jealousy VSS 306:0

unity with, produced by unity with Christ TMK 132:3

work as UL 74:2

wounding hearts of UL 122:6

zeal for, while neglecting work for ourselves TDG 83:4

See also Believers; Church members; Workers

Brother’s keeper

Brother’s keeper 1T 113-5

every child of God is his ChS 13; 2SM 344; 1T 368


Brotherhood, Christian, how to strengthen bond of CS 39; 8T 138-9

common, Christianity links Jew and Gentile in MH 25; 9T 191

Christianity links men in GC 47; LS 206; 3T 52, 209; 7T 225

divine, God seeks to awaken in men a sense of MH 159

human, all kinds of talents needed to make a perfect whole in GW 331

in Christ’s service we have more than SD 229

men closely bound together by ties of MH 496; ML 189

Paul set forth great truth of AA 238; Ed 67; SR 312

ties of, should not be always on strain 5BC 1098

true courtesy teaches regard for every member of Ed 240

love is living principle of 8T 139

of society and nations, men bound together in Ed 238; MH 442

one, God’s people are 2SM 343

universal, gospel is to unite Christ’s followers in SD 50


Christian TDG 274

colored people are to be shown SW 16:2

God is Father of all SW 57

gospel unites in one great OHC 171

principle never needs to be sacrificed to maintain 1MCP 244:1

revealed more when power of the Holy Spirit is felt RC 217:2

Brotherly confidence

Brotherly confidence, things spoken in, repeated and misrepresented 3BC 1163

Brotherly fellowship

Brotherly fellowship, blessed, binds us together 5BC 1098

Brotherly kindness

Brotherly kindness, essential quality of character ML 98

round in ladder of Christian progress AA 530


godliness added to patience needed for OHC 72

Brotherly love

Brotherly love 5T 167-77

accusers of brethren destroy 3BC 1162-3

duty to cultivate 4T 222; 8T 240

God wills that, should exist among His people PP 520

lack of, in church AA 550

need of cherishing 4T 133; 6T 398

should be visible to all 1T 165

unity is fruit of SD 293

waning of, in early church AA 548


Brows, clouded, father should not come home with 2SM 428

husband should not come home with AH 224

in heaven there are no 1T 706

let not children see you with 1T 387

let not perplexities and worries make yours a AH 430; SC 122

Brown, Elder

Brown, Elder, Christian Baptist pastor LS 40, 55-6; 1T 33, 49-50

Brown, J.

Brown, J., quoted GC 291

Brownsberger, Sidney

Brownsberger, Sidney 4T 431

Bruised hands and limbs

Bruised hands and limbs, charcoal used in treating 2SM 294-6, 298-300

Brunswick, Me.

Brunswick, Me. Ev 390; LS 105-6; 2SG 88


Brush, dirt, persons in danger of being swept away by EW 48, 81-3, 93


Brutal, transformation of man from divine to 2T 478-9


Brutality, schools of, football and boxing as Ed 210


Brutes, husbands who are rightly called 2T 380

husbands who are worse than 2T 474

strong drink reduces men to level of 5T 358


Bubble, empty, youth like ML 71


Buchez-Roux, quoted GC 276

Buck’s Bridge, N.Y.

Buck’s Bridge, N.Y. LS 150; 2SG 184

Bud, Buds

1. Opening

2. Miscellaneous

1. Opening

children should learn lessons from ML 198

“God Is Love” written on PP 600; SC 10

God’s love expressed to man by 5BC 1087; MM 233; PP 48; SD 75; 1T 19; 7T 85-6; Te 212

lessons from ML 140

Master Artist’s work seen in TM 137

means of teaching children AH 223

recompense decreed by God’s grace is attested by Ed 104

reminders of creation CG 533; ML 140

young minds should be impressed with beauties of CG 54

2. Miscellaneous

beautiful, mother should inculcate in children love for 3T 137

fruit is first seen in 6BC 1068

future pear, peach, or apple is enclosed in 6BC 1068

God brings, to bloom ML 294; SC 67

invite man’s attention and meditation 3T 333

invite men to become acquainted with God SC 85

mysterious life brings, to blossom Ed 99

See also Blossom; Flower; Leaf

Buddhist, Buddhists

Buddhist, Buddhists, phantomizing system of GC 360


Budget, of falsehoods, enmity, and evil surmisings 1BC 1115

Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo, N.Y. Ev 34

Builder, Builders

Builder, Builders, Christ learned trade of 6BC 1103-4

duty of, to serve in church offices ChS 25

gospel, work of 3T 414

opportunities for Christian service by MH 194; 9T 36


“Builders,” word, in Matt. 21:42; Mk. 12:10; Lk. 20:17; Acts 4:11; 1 Pet. 2:7 means authorities of church SR 252

Building, Buildings

1. Construction of

2. Large

3. Spiritual

4. Miscellaneous


1. Construction of 7T 53

art of, schools should teach CT 310

as worldlings do, Christians guilty of 2BC 1013

better methods of, intelligence and educated ability needed to devise FE 316

consideration due in, for all parts of God’s vineyard 7T 284

desire for appearance in, do not be influenced by 7T 60

doing God’s will in, essential COL 350

expenditure of money in 7T 215

expenditure of much money in, warning against 7T 284

needless expense in, avoid 7T 92

profit from mistakes made in 7T 92

students engaged in, should work with thoroughness CT 312

2. Large

erection of 7T 283

expensive, give character to God’s work by refusing to erect 9T 71

influence and success not given to God’s work by 7T 93

God does not require 8T 183

in cities, do not erect 7T 115

in cities of southern California, do not build or buy Ev 406

in cities to care for sick, do not erect 7T 60

require large patronage 8T 141

rivalry with enemies should not lead to erection of MM 158

victory for God’s cause not won by erecting MM 158; 7T 100

3. Spiritual

constructed for eternity MYP 15-8

laying of foundation for 5T 129-30

living stone in 2T 168

heavenly, preparation of material for 4T 258

See also Stone; Temple

4. Miscellaneous

adding of building to, in one place MM 165; 8T 133, 146

character not given to God’s work by TM 319

where many interests are centered 6T 450

as heaps of rubbish, vision of 9T 93

brick and stone, costly, cold, and damp, not most desirable for sanitariums 7T 83

church See Church building

costing millions, men will continue to erect 5BC 1098-9

debt in erecting, do not needlessly incur CS 280

denial of SDA faith by 5T 188

display in, make no 6T 101

earthquake will shake down 1T 184

erected already, may be purchased for sanitarium work 7T 97, 102

erected as temple of God, church compared to AA 275

expensive: erroneous thinking re MH 213-4

God’s money should not be bound up in 5T 465

happiness not obtained by Ev 556

strength of benefiting humanity lies not in 7T 60

will be destroyed 5BC 1098-9

fireproof: destruction of LS 413-4; 7T 83; 9T 12-3

in New York City LS 413-4; 9T 12-3

not proof against destruction by God 8T 99; 9T 13

for care of abandoned babies, SDA should not erect WM 258

grand, institutions need fewer 7T 88

in retired locations, advantage in locating SDA MM 309

institutional 7T 90-4

guard against extravagance or improvidence in 7T 92

large outlay of money not to be put into 7T 91

investing means in, character not given to God’s work by 7T 92

laying plans for, divine wisdom needed in CS 280

lofty, in cities Ev 27

men of common sense appreciate comfort above elegance in 7T 93

miserable and out-of-the-way, not desirable as place of worship 5T 269

money required to complete, need not all be in hand before work begins CS 280

money spent for gratification of pride in, how to use CS 299

money too largely used for, in America Ev 523

most magnificent, that world ever saw GC 23

needed in many localities 8T 60

of homes MH 274-5

of mansion CG 165

parts of, illustration from Ev 103

plans for, brought to camp meeting detract from its benefits 2T 597

preparation of material for, illustration of LS 306, 323; TM 464

pride of spending money on, results of AH 370

rent no, to dealers in intoxicating liquor Te 204

rented, for starting sanitarium work in cities MM 323

for treatment rooms in cities 7T 60

sacred, God taught Israel by means of Ed 41

sanitarium CS 275

economy needed in erecting 7T 83

sermons preached by 5T 188

SDA faith should be represented in 7T 91

simplicity of, harmonizes with truth MM 309

size of, school is not made a power by CT 213

suitable for God’s work, offered at price far below cost MM 324

towering, in American cities 8T 31

ventilation and sunlight needed in MH 274

when, give character to God’s work 7T 101


build simple, for sanitarium UL 108:4

burn if touched by God; we are piling them up PM 190

Christlikeness not given to the work by PM 190:1

construction of,

cooperation with God represented by TDG 276:4

where they are abundant SW 38:1

destruction of costly 3SM 418:3

destruction of, in New York City LDE 112

establishing, under hardships RY 25:3

field robbed of, by centralizing investments PM 145:1


become ashes as Sodom Mar 175:5

destroyed by fire when mercy ceases LDE 111; TDG 152:3

maintenance and cheap additions recommended for, in Huntsville SW 86:0

Redeemer must find a home in His (of the heart) FW 26:2

size of, for publishing work felt too large by some PM 27

workers on, instruction from Word of God to help TDG 29:6

See also Institutions

Building program

Building program, college See College building program

denominational 7T 283-5; 8T 48-9

excessive, in Battle Creek FE 224; 8T 48-9, 59-60, 133, 146

in one place, avoid 8T 48-9, 133

in Battle Creek 8T 48

too much money spent on FE 336

in places already provided with memorials for God MM 165

of institutions, should avoid heavy debt paying interest 7T 206

of medical institutions 1T 634

of publishing houses 8T 88, 97

of sanitarium, not to be at expense of workers 8T 143

person in charge of, needs sound and sanctified mind 7T 284

Spirit’s guidance needed in 7T 284

Bull, Bulls

Bull, Bulls, blood of, offered for sin DA 774

Bull, papal, Bulls, papal

Bull, papal, Bulls, papal: Inquisition re-established by GC 235

Luther (Martin) excommunicated by GC 143

Luther (Martin) ordered by, to recant SR 344

Luther (Martin) publicly burned GC 141-2

public worship in Bohemian tongue forbidden by GC 97

silencing of Wycliffe (John) ordered by GC 85

Waldenses delivered to slaughter by GC 77


Bullock, between plow and altar 5T 307

Bulrush, Bulrushes

Bulrush, Bulrushes, ark of, Moses hidden in PP 243; 3SG 180; SR 106

Bulwark, Bulwarks

Bulwark, Bulwarks, build, around children CG 479

strongest, of vice Ed 150; MB 94

Bundle, Bundles

Bundle, Bundles, truth binds God’s people together in EW 88-9

wicked being bound in Ev 26; EW 88; 2SM 53, 143; 5T 384; 6T 242; 7T 84

with world, God’s people not to be bound in TM 460

with worldlings, be afraid of being bound up in TM 272


binding in, for fires of last days Mar 148:3; TDG 336:2


Bungling, in gospel work, avoid GW 369

in work, inexcusable COL 344; FE 316

Bunyan, John

Bunyan, John: allegory of, man with muck rake in COL 253; 9T 217

redeemed from use of profanity COL 236

wrote in loathsome dungeon GC 252


Buoyancy, genuine faith gives COL 147, 191

Burden, Burdens

Burden, Burdens, borne for Christ, who pronounce light the SL 82

Christ bears our, only when we trust Him 7T 297

crushing, if borne alone DA 328-9

faith lightens PK 175

heavier the, greater the need of divine aid MH 511; 4T 543

heavy, he who works with Christ’s spirit will not carry 6T 63

invitation to take, to God TM 487

lay your, on Christ CG 487; 2T 72, 118; 5T 347; 8T 126

life’s, men may deny Christ by shunning DA 357

man’s heaviest, is sin DA 328; MH 71

may be left at foot of cross MB 10

of care and sorrow, Christ bears our DA 329

of man’s guilt, Christ has borne DA 329

of SDA work, commandments of God and testimonies of Jesus are CW 79

roll your, upon God 2SM 232

that He has not appointed, God does not help men to bear 6T 245

that only Christ can remove DA 328

all are weighed down with MH 71

what to remember when your, seem too heavy DA 659

willingness to bear, true test of character is found in Ed 295


ask for prayer for; do not lay burdens on people 1MCP 262:3


Christ’s, in buying eternal treasure TMK 83:3

one another’s TDG 274:3

others’ TDG 160:6

speaking comforting words LHU 148:4

today’s, bravely HP 269:4

bring, to the Lord if you love Him; trust not in humans TDG 82:3

Christ bears/bore/takes/took,

as you abide in Him HP 55:2

cares and will accept your OHC 312:4

He was addressed as a tried stone OHC 54:3

if we take His yoke and learn of Him RC 367:4

invites us to come with, for rest TDG 63:4

is ready to bear RC 367:3

not humans, to be given our LHU 55:4

offers companionship to those bringing TMK 320:3

pities those who are called to bear greater SW 12:0

shared, and repeated lessons about God HP 181:3; 3SM 238:0

which we are asked to bear FLB 249:3; TDG 166:2

cling more firmly to Jesus as, grows heavier OHC 317:3

comfort in laying, on Christ HP 187:5

cross bearing removes, and replaces with Christ’s burden TDG 212:6

Ellen White experienced,

as cart under sheaves, for those in blindness of error TDG 198:6

for spiritual condition of God’s people TDG 15:3

family, mothers should train daughters to share OHC 263:4

fashions followed are an unnecessary 3SM 245:1

forgotten by helping others with theirs 2MCP 603:4

giving, to Christ,

for happiness UL 180:3

more easily as the mind dwells on Him HP 127:4

go to Christ with UL 74:4


can remove TMK 224:3

delights in our bringing, to Him TDG 184:4

does not give, that you cannot carry; He gives joy FW 78:3

takes all, when you cast them on Him TDG 194:6

going to humans with, dishonors God when we know prayer 1MCP 262:3

greatest, human has to bear is self 2MCP 541:0


is your own—not Christ’s; remorse increases it RC 367:5

with our own yoke UL 34:4

without Christ to carry the heaviest part TMK 120:2

help those with heavy, winning their confidence 3SM 239:2

increased by worry HP 120:3


to come with TMK 260:3

to roll, onto the Burden Bearer 2MCP 811:2


after hurried prayer TDG 154:5

while longing for rest OHC 97:2


at feet of compassionate Redeemer OHC 319:3

on Christ, accept His peace 2MCP 508:3

let Christ carry UL 314:2

lifted by, when carrying cross UL 376:4


by acts of kindness and love HP 180:6

others’, TMK 187:3

others’, by showing love of Jesus OHC 181:4

lightened by promises OHC 10:2

manufacture of, that Christ has not laid upon us RC 367:7

many gather, that God did not give them RC 292:9

necessary, yoke of Christ will help carry TMK 120:2

Paul carried, for the churches CC 353:2

peace and strength from Christ for TMK 92:5

prayers are, to God when long and spiritless TDG 285:2

refusing Christ’s help and clinging to TMK 225:6

relief from,

coming to Jesus as a child to parents LHU 277:2

does not come by sharing them UL 359:3

words of enemies therefore don’t move us RC 351:3

roll, on the Burden Bearer as in Daniel’s prayer TMK 271:4

Satan pleased when you talk about OHC 86:4

seek grace to lighten, instead of murmuring about them OHC 147:3

selfishness binds heavy, which might be changed TMK 121:3

study of Scripture should not be neglected because of TDG 150:5

sympathy and kindness would lift HP 207:4


to Christ instead of to a third person TMK 282:3

to Christ rather than gossiping RC 283:5

to the divine Burden Bearer and leave them HP 275:2

too many, wrong because we scold from weariness RC 292:9

unnecessary; you are Christ’s property 2MCP 809:1

unknown God would bear, if we asked RC 353:6

victory through fervent prayer when pressed with TMK 269:2

weight known by Christ TMK 53:3

worry over supposed future UL 180:6; HP 269:4

See also Trials; Wretchedness; Yoke

Burden bearers

Burden bearers, appeal to 3T 9-21

consideration that we should have for MH 483-4

in church 2T 165-73

true, why many cannot appreciate work of MH 484

warning against criticizing 4T 193-7


Burden-bearing, youth not naturally inclined to MYP 368

Burden, J. A.

Burden, J. A. LS 405; 2SM 199; 9T 173