EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Balaclava, Vict. - Battle, Battles

Balaclava, Vict.

Balaclava, Vict. 8T 177


Balak, king of Moab PP 438-41, 444, 448-51; 4aSG 43-4, 47, 49

snare laid by CC 115:2

Balance, Balances


condemned 4T 310

symbol of unfair dealing 3BC 1158


acts and actions weighed in 2T 48; 4T 470; 5T 411, 532; TM 438

all men weighed in 2T 43, 83, 439; 3T 243, 444; 4T 311, 339; TM 440

character weighed in 3T 370, 522; 4T 323; 5T 279, 397; TM 438-40

church weighed in 5T 83

conduct weighed in 3T 370

med. institutions weighed in MM 164

miss. work weighed in 6T 230

motives weighed in 3T 370; 5T 154; TM 438

offerings weighed in 3T 398-9

vows weighed in 4T 470

words weighed in 2T 48; TM 438


character needs OHC 212:4

character with, from early training and obedience to law OHC 309:5

Christ turned to for; counsel to one considering divorce TSB 161:0

exercising mind and body in, to prevent impurity 1MCP 120:3

faith and works give, and help perfect character FW 49:2; NL 36:3; TMK 229:3

lesson of, between physical and mental powers 1MCP 197:1

mind in, by using gifts to exalt God before others TDG 90:3

principle and conscience bring, for usefulness OHC 242:3

proper, gospel work needs 6T 291

talents to be used to develop OHC 106:7

teacher should value: physical, mental, moral and spiritual 1MCP 189:2

See also Development, balanced

Balanced mind

Balanced mind See Mind

Ball, Balls

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative


censure as 1T 696

reproachful falsehoods as 1T 353

thrown at God’s people 1T 349, 353

2. Literal

of fire See Fire

Ball, Balls

delightful, women who talk of 3T 565

wayward children attending CG 278

See also Ballroom; Dance; Dance hall; Dancing

Ball, W. H.

Ball, W. H. 1T 660, 655-61

Ballard Vale, Mass.

Ballard Vale, Mass. LS 236-7; 4T 298

Ball game, Ball games

college 2SM 322-3

See also Baseball

Ball playing

Bible study more important than CT 456

not best exercise for girls CG 352

simple exercise of,

may be overdone AH 499; 2SM 322

not condemned AH 499; 2SM 322

See also Baseball; Cricket; Football; Football match; Games

Ballroom, Ballrooms

frequenters of,

eternity out of reckoning of 6T 407

God not object of thought and reverence to PP 707

professed Christians as CT 326; 1T 404

will be destroyed with great apostate 6T 407

soul’s fine sensibilities benumbed by CD 226-7

time too valuable to be spent in 3T 483

See also Dance hall

Ballston Spa, N.Y.

Ballston Spa, N.Y. LS 141; 2SG 152


Christ’s healing, for every disease CH 529

God’s word as, to wounded spirit DA 205

of comfort, God’s promise to pour out FE 197

Balm of Gilead

bruises made by sin are healed by CH 536

Christ alone can apply TM 200

Christ applies MM 150

Christ ready to dispense CH 536

Christ’s words as DA 365

Elijah offered, to sin-sick souls PK 119


for every wound 1BC 1102; 2SM 273

for sin-sick souls 2SM 208

for soul sickness COL 418; PK 719

to restore soul’s health 5BC 1102


Balsam, healing, words of faith and courage as DA 504

Baltimore, Md.

Baltimore, Md. Ev 394, 397; GC 360; 9T 99

Bancroft, Geo.

Bancroft, Geo., quoted GC 290-6

Band, Bands

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

strong, Satan weaves around children 2T 361

strongest, class around whom Satan throws his 1T 646

2. Literal


action of heart and lungs hindered by MH 382

baby’s body compressed by 2SM 466, 468

blood circulation hindered by MH 271

overloaded stomach affected by 2SM 468

Bangor, Maine

Bangor, Maine Ev 390; LS 144; 2SG 166

Bangs, Elizabeth (Harmon)

Bangs, Elizabeth (Harmon), twin sister of EGW LS 17-8, 32, 47; 2SG 7-8, 10; 2SM 259-60; 1T 9-10, 12, 26, 38

Bangs, Eva

Bangs, Eva 2SM 259-60


assurance for the faithful in SD 260; 9T 227-8

God knows all about His people in DA 669

we may be consigned to COL 179

See also Exile

Bank, Banks

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

of heaven,

duty to invest in AH 397; CS 51

invest every spare dollar in 5T 733

failure to place treasure in, result of CS 86

good works as deposit in 2T 241

lay up treasure in 3T 546

laying up money in CS 287

lose no opportunity to invest in 4T 478

many show by works that they do not trust CS 151; 2T 681

money safely invested in 5T 532

money that accumulates no interest in 9T 131

never fails 2T 280

pearl deposited in 3T 249

put your little in 3T 83

put your mites in WM 223

physical stamina as deposit in, for emergency CG 396

safe, God’s cause is 3T 90

2. Literal

means safer than if deposited in CS 41

money deposited in 7T 56

Banker, Bankers

Banker, Bankers, at St. Helena Sanitarium banquet WM 285

Bank failure, Bank failures

capital unaffected by 4T 656

cause of FE 317-8

money lost in 5T 154

Bankrupt, Bankrupts

1. Literal

2. Spiritual

1. Literal

why many men become AH 383

2. Spiritual

for eternity,

extravagant habits make men AH 375; CG 134; CS 37

without Christ we would be TM 166

without divinely entrusted capital we would be CS 112

why many church members become ML 111


Bankruptcy, fashion drives many to MH 290

Bank stock, Bank stocks

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

of health, physician overdrawing on MM 288

2. Literal

possessor of, not independent of God 7T 88

wealth hoarded in CS 38; 6T 453

wealth sought in 5T 261

Banner, Banners

1. Christ’s

2. Satan’s

3. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s 7BC 974

angels watch Christians rally round AA 154

be faithful soldier under MYP 138-9; SD 245

children to be helpers under AH 359

choose to stand under FE 291

contract made with all who stand under Ev 250

duty of all standing under CS 35; 6T 447

grow daily in grace and efficiency under CT 246

efforts to discourage people under 2T 104

hold aloft the MYP 24

how Satan induces prominent men to abandon CS 145

infidels took position under 4T 302

invite all to stand under CSW 83

many people will stand under Ev 299; 5T 81; 8T 246; 9T 149

march under ChS 77

Moses Hull tempted to forsake 1T 427

persons under, not to unite with secret societies Ev 622

rally around 7T 17

rally without delay under 7T 30; WM 187

responsibilities and possibilities for those under, great 6T 470

Satan unwilling that any stand under 1T 646

some will take position under Ev 299

Spirit moves people to stand under 5T 40

stand under (beside) MYP 278; SD 269; Te 100

stand united under FE 477-8

struggle begins when men seek to stand under Te 110

students to be disciplined soldiers under CG 200

teachers should stand under CT 152

to wave triumphantly over His people AA 21; DA 679

what it means to serve under AA 362; GW 16

what would lead many to stand under MM 254

youth invited to stand under MH 405

2. Satan’s

angels try to rescue souls under 7BC 922

army of youth gathering under CT 47

be able to discern 4T 200

bearers of,

do not praise and honor CW 100, 102

fight against God CW 102

Moses Hull tempted to join 1T 427


figures of sun, moon, and stars on EW 211

of rebellion against God’s government 4BC 1141; 7BC 974; PK 276

children standing under 2T 285-6

circumstances will show who stand under 5T 634

class at ease in sin under 4T 421-2

disloyal stand under 5BC 1107; SD 248

efforts to enlist youth under CT 165; 5T 41

efforts to gather Christian world under GC 53

efforts to keep souls bound under 2T 151

fate of persons who stand under 6BC 1069

man who was standing under 5T 119

obedience to his will places men under TM 393

one of darkness 1T 646

set up:

amid professed Christians 2T 440

in Christian church GC 42; SR 322

in professedly Christian homes CG 195, 272; GC 585; 4T 200; 5T 325

SDA children who march under MYP 88

some take position forever under Ev 299

struggle begins when men seek to leave Te 110

talented persons lured to stand under SD 336

youth enlisted under, by artifice FE 88

3. Miscellaneous

army with, God’s people terrible as EW 52

bearing inscription:

“Purity and holiness unto the Lord” EW 211

“The Bible, our rule of faith and discipline” 1SM 416

borne by third angel Ev 581

chosen, men rapidly range selves under DA 636; TM 364

distinctive, bear to world our 2SM 385

exalt God’s law by unfurling Ev 281

faith plants, in enemy;s cap SD 202; 4T 163

given to SDA, Rev. 14:12 written on CM 122; CW 102, 144; Ev 281; FE 479; GW 393-4; ML 315; MM 94, 97-8, 164; 2SM 226, 369, 384-5, 403; 5T 501; 6T 144; 7T 150; 8T 41, 153-4, 197

God’s, unfurl 6T 395

heathen and Christian, vision re EW 211-3

hide not your 7BC 950; 9T 230

in time of persecution 9T 230

lift up, for truth and righteousness ML 315

of cross,

bear before world the MYP 24-5

children invited to stand under 2T 285-6

duty to bear CS 44

planted in heathen lands AA 370; GW 465

uplifted at Paul’s second trial before Nero AA 494-5

of health reform, sanitarium workers need to stand under CD 409

of holy faith, to wave in thickest of fight 5T 309

of third angel’s message,

class who will bear 4BC 1151

do not let go the 2SM 390

hold aloft FE 483; GW 395

physicians need to stand under CH 594; CT 488; MM 32

of truth:

God’s army to stand under MM 93

hold aloft MM 163; 5T 501

neither lower nor allow to drop 8T 162

old warriors should hold up the 2SM 223-4

unfurl, in highways and byways of earth CS 199

Wycliffe (John) held aloft the GC 90

of truth and religious liberty, committed to us AA 68-9; 6T 402

seize, from hand palsied by death ChS 84; LS 254; 1T 112

two, under which people stand 5BC 1119; CSW 82; CT 343; EW 211-2; 7T 150

unfurled in proclaiming three angels’ messages CW 30



all will be under Christ’s or Satan’s UL 262:4; HP 48:2

bearer of, (ensign) story of faithful, quoted RC 248:6


call to choose UL 355:8; TMK 81:5; OHC 19:7

Christ knew His, would wave triumphantly TMK 37:2

workers for God to stand under TDG 33:2

God honored only as His people uplift TDG 53:5

hesitating to show, when principles of faith are at stake TDG 284:2

lift up, in surrender and obedience TDG 128:7

raise, showing commandments and faith in Jesus TDG 324:4, 355:4

show, when help is needed TMK 332:2

stand under Christ’s, keeping principles of truth TMK 123:2

story quoted about calling the troops back to RC 248:6

true to, raising standard of Rev. 14:12 TDG 199:7

write Christ’s name on, and never dishonor it TMK 341:3

Banquet, Banquets

at St. Helena Sanitarium WM 285-6

bread and water as CS 162-3; 7T 226; WM 169

gospel, draw souls to Ev 293

health reform promoted by WM 285

provided for human race UL 304:2

Satan’s, entertainments that are CT 341; MYP 389; TM 85

Word of Christ represented as TMK 94:3


1. Of suffering

2. Spiritual

3. Water

4. Miscellaneous


1. Of suffering 1T 130, 155

Christ received 2SG 252; SL 57

to win David’s throne DA 56

Christ’s final DA 642; 4T 121

God’s people must have EW 67; 2SM 256

God’s people will receive EW 272; 1T 183

in time of trouble EW 284; GC 630-1

John and James were to receive DA 548-9

some ministers have not experienced 2SG 285-6

2. Spiritual

anew in God’s love, by Spirit 9T 40

into larger faith and charity 5T 570

of heart, with ministry of love 2BC 1028

of love, made apostles of one accord 8T 191

of soul, with heavenly grace and love 4T 224

3. Water 6T 91-9

account of, on Sabbath afternoon; JW preached 3SM 261:1

age of sisters receiving, was about eleven 3SM 261:1

by immersion,

at early age EGW received EW 11; LS 25; 2SG 13; 1T 19-20

mode authorized in Scriptures LS 25; 1T 19-20

by John the Baptist,

class who received COL 277

cleansing from sin symbolized by DA 104

Jewish converts at Ephesus received AA 285

repentance evidenced by 5BC 1089

by sprinkling, EGW at early age rejected LS 25

children not converted by CG 499

children not made Christians by CG 499-500

Christ as an example of HP 252:2

Christ gave example in 4T 42-3

Christ instructed Nicodemus re DA 172

Christ’s death and resurrection represented by FLB 146:4

Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection commemorated by 5BC 1113; EW 217; 4T 41

class buried alive in 6BC 1075

cleansing from sin signified by OHC 157:4

clear lake or running stream preferable for 6T 97

conversion calls for 5BC 1113; Ev 306; SR 289; 2T 540; 5T 412

conversion represented by FLB 143:3

conversion to be evident in those who have received FW 19:0

death and resurrection of Christ are like RC 107:2

death of Christ symbolized by LHU 109:2

declaration of life hid with Christ in God AG 150:4

divine help pledged at UL 173:4

entrance to Christ’s spiritual kingdom by 6BC 1075

divine nature available through UL 148:4

favor with God entered by washing of FLB 143:3

France prohibited, in 1793 GC 274

Godhead approves RC 107:2

importance of, shown by involvement of the Godhead UL 148:4

in Christ’s name AA 283

Peter exhorted people to receive GC 9

in name of Father, Son, and Spirit AA 28; Ev 307, 615; 6T 99

in threefold name of Deity 6BC 1075

in threefold name of Father, Son, and Spirit 6T 91

infant, Menno Simons could find no Bible evidence for GC 238

Jews and John the Baptist’s disciples disputed re DA 178-82

life to be bound up with Christ after FLB 146:4

life we should live after GC 461-2

many receive, who are not fitted for it Ev 319

men put on Christ by 4T 41

monumental pillar without church Ev 273; 6T 91

necessary no matter how faultless the life 4T 40-1

not graduation from school of Christ 6BC 1075

not salvation Ev 319; 2SM 381

of aged man, in bathtub Ev 315

of children 6T 93-5

of Christ See Christ

of Cornelius AA 139

of Paul in Damascus AA 123; EW 201

of Philippian jailer and household AA 217; EW 205

ordinance of 6BC 1075; DA 178; Ev 273; 4T 43

Christ honored TMK 31:2

church ordinance 6T 91, 97

sacred and important 6T 93, 98

outward sign showing that believers should be God’s children through Christ CG 499

people are to unite with church by 8T 196

persons desiring, requested to signify it by rising 1SM 145

Pharisees and Sadducees came for, with wrong motive TDG 197:2

pledge at,

before God to do Christ’s will OHC 157:4

confesses God as Ruler AG 150:4

to be doers of the Word TDG 356:4

to break from Satan and extend God’s kingdom HP 61:4

power to change heart not in HP 56:4

promise of divine help at time of OHC 157:5

repentance and faith required for GC 238-9

requirement with which all must comply 6BC 1075; 6T 91

servants of Christ by TDG 128:4

significance of 6BC 1074-5; 7BC 908; DA 148-9; GC 461; 3T 365; 6T 91, 93; 9T 20

dedication of soul to God Ev 315

public renunciation of pride and self-indulgence 6T 98

public renunciation of world 6BC 1075

sign of entrance into God’s spiritual kingdom 6T 91

solemn renunciation of world 6BC 1074; 6T 91

sinner declared new at time of OHC 157:4

Spirit’s descent not equivalent to SR 289

unchanged heart may continue after UL 182:5; HP 277:4

unites men with three great powers of heaven Ev 307

voice of God did not call Pharisees and Sadducees to TDG 197:3

vows of, communication with heaven open to those true to HP 61:4

worthless form apart from Christ DA 181

youth unconverted have experienced CT 353

See also Christian, name of, taking; Church, joining; Rebaptism

4. Miscellaneous

as covenant See Covenant

of blood,

Christ longed for 5T 132

Christ received DA 410, 693; MH 504; 4T 121; 8T 209

of repentance, Apollos received AA 269

of Spirit See Holy Spirit

Baptismal candidates

Baptismal candidates 6T 91-9

Bible studies needed by 6T 95

children who are:

avoid undue haste re 6T 93

parental duty to 6T 93-5

pastor’s work for 6T 95

duty of, to live true to vows 6T 98-9

examination of 6T 95

gospel requirements should be brought to bear on 6T 95-6

inquire into experience of 6T 95

more faithful instruction needed by 6T 91

need instruction re dress 6T 96

pastor’s work for 6T 95

persons who receive Christ by living faith Ev 615

pray for and with 6T 95

preparation of Ev 306-9; 6T 91-7

need of thorough Ev 308; 6T 91

test of discipleship needs to bear more closely on 6T 95; TM 128

when a person may be accepted as TM 128

youthful, preparation needed by 6T 93-5

Baptismal pledge

Baptismal pledge See Baptismal vows

Baptismal rite

administered by disciples, Christ sanctioned DA 178

administered by unworthy ministers EW 99

Christ did not administer DA 178

dispute re proper form of words used in DA 178

med. evangelist should be authorized to administer Ev 513

ordained ministers authorized by church to perform AA 161; EW 101

submission to, confession of guilt to be washed away DA 110

when children may be ready to receive CG 499-500; 6T 94-5

Baptismal robes

Baptismal robes, recommendations re 6T 97-8

Baptismal service

Baptismal service 6T 97-8

angels attend 6T 97

angels joyfully witness Ev 315

hymn of praise sung at Ev 315

impressive, near Oakland, Calif. Ev 315

solemn and sacred occasion 6T 97

with Battle Creek College graduation exercises 4T 274

Baptismal vows (pledges)

Christian physician’s CT 487

consecration to God’s service by CG 530-1

embrace much 6T 98

fulfill faithfully your 6BC 1074-5; MM 315-6; 6T 98-9

help new converts to be faithful to AA 298

in fulfilling,

men grow in self-distrust MM 127

men will not be drawn from Christ by world SD 133

made at time of baptism AA 475-6; MYP 317; SD 15

many give no evidence of being true to 9T 155

mutual, made by the penitent and God 6BC 1074

oath of allegiance to Christ Ev 307

virtually a solemn oath 1BC 1120

obligates men to:

be true to allegiance to Christ AA 475; Ev 307

bring no reproach on Christian name MM 127

discourage pride, covetousness, and unbelief MM 127

do all possible to build up church 7T 188

guard interests of brethren 5T 480

honor Creator 3T 45

live in newness of life CT 258

observe laws of God’s kingdom Ev 307

put away erroneous beliefs and ungodly practices AA 475

renounce world Ev 307

seek things which are above MYP 317

stand in opposition to evil SD 15

support soul-saving work Ev 354-5

withdraw affections from dress and display 3T 379

persons true to, empowered to fulfill all righteousness Ev 307-8

promise to persons who fulfill their 6BC 1075

significance and obligations of AA 475-6; 6BC 1082; 7BC 908; AA 475-6; 6BC 1082; 7BC 908; Ev 307-8; MYP 317; SD 15, 300; 9T 133

before angels and men 1BC 1120

taken by parents CG 510

what to do to keep your AA 475-6

youth should help one another to live faithful to 3T 379

See also Covenant

Bar (room)

Bar (room), hotel,

means spent at GW 386

See also Saloon


choosing, instead of God of love in coming crisis 3SM 416:2

claimed to be Messiah DA 733

countenance of DA 735; 1SM 348

cross of, placed on Jesus CC 325:2

cross prepared for, Christ crucified on SR 220

hardened and desperate villain DA 733

men today choose TM 131

ministers who embrace, while professedly receiving Christ TM 409

Pilate released, instead of Christ DA 733-9; 1SM 348

presented with Christ before people AA 43; DA 735; 2SM 129

robber and murderer DA 622, 733, 739; Ev 400; 1SM 348; TM 38

rulers today choose TM 39

Satan’s representative DA 739

sedition excited against Roman government by DA 733

sentenced to death DA 733

two companions of, crucified with Christ DA 741, 744, 749-52; SR 220-3

unbelieving Jews chose 5BC 1105; COL 294; Ev 400; TM 37-8


Barak, judge 2BC 1002; PP 545, 614

distrustful although God called him; called for war RC 329

Barbed-wire fence

Barbed-wire fence, against debt 7T 235-6


getting best end of 4T 359

hard, who make a CS 155

poor side of, is poor man’s legacy 1T 479

trying to get the best, to another person’s disadvantage TDG 201:5

work belittled to get PM 232:2


Bar-jesus, sorcerer See Elymas


Bark, frail, driven by Satan 4T 584


Barkeeper See Saloonkeeper

Barley harvest

Barley harvest DA 76-7, 786; PP 472, 538-9; 1SM 305

See also Wave sheaf

Barley loaf, Barley loafs

Barley loaf, Barley loafs DA 371; MH 45, 49-50

Barley sheaf

Barley sheaf See Barley harvest; Wave sheaf

Barn, Barns

building bigger; send treasure ahead to heaven instead RC 269:3

conference held in LS 110, 112; 2SG 97, 99; 1T 86

not fit place for worship 5T 269

pioneer SDA assembled for worship in TM 26

unfaithful steward’s, destroyed by fire 4T 484


acquainted with Paul when he opposed Christianity 6BC 1058

as apostle, general council commended AA 195, 401; SR 308

attitude of, to ceremonial law AA 188-9, 198

described AA 181

disagreed with Paul re John Mark AA 202

early labors of, among heathen AA 177-87

first miss. journey of AA 166-76, 187

general council at Jerusalem attended by AA 190, 194-6; SR 304-5, 308

hazarded his life for Christ AA 195

John Mark a kinsman of AA 166

John Mark trained by AA 166-7, 170, 202

labored at:

Antioch of Pisidia AA 170-6, 185

Antioch of Syria AA 155-65, 187, 195-6, 197-8, 202; SR 301, 308

Cyprus AA 166-9, 202

Derbe AA 185

Iconium AA 177-9

Lystra AA 179-85; EW 203

Lycaonia AA 185

Perga in Pamphylia AA 169-70

Lystrians regarded, as Jupiter AA 181-2

man from Cyprus AA 166

men trained as gospel workers by AA 367

money contributed by,

to aid the poor SR 277

to sustain Christ’s cause 6BC 1058; SR 277

ordination of, as gospel minister AA 160-5; SR 303

Paul befriended by, after conversion AA 129; SR 277-8

Paul introduced to apostles by AA 129; 6BC 1058-9; EW 202-3

second miss. journey of AA 201-2

separation of, from Paul in gospel work AA 202

visited churches raised up AA 367; GW 102; 7T 15

went to Tarsus to find Paul AA 156

Barnes, Albert

Barnes, Albert, quoted GC 376-7

Barnes, Robert

Barnes, Robert GC 248; SR 351

Barnum, P. T.

Barnum, P. T. LS 221; 4T 275

Bar of God

wicked world arraigned at GC 668

See also Judgment

Barren fig tree

Barren fig tree, parable of See Parable

Barricade, Barricades

against temptation, God’s word as CT 172; Ed 190

effective against evil CSW 139

soul’s, against temptation MYP 31

writers build up, that should not be made CW 66

Barrier, Barriers

broken down,

by energetic person RC 163:2

letting the Saviour into your heart TDG 323:6

which separate one you think injured you TDG 121:4

enemy erects no, that faith cannot penetrate DA 403

God raises, between His followers and the enemy OHC 333:2

guarding us from Satan’s power PK 212; 5T 199

peace through Christ instead of 1MCP 68:2

Pharisaical, Christ’s love breaks down OHC 183:3

social discouragement because of TDG 269:6

strongest, message will cut through AA 601

See also Obstacle; Obstruction

Barrier builder, Barrier builders

Barrier builder, Barrier builders, God’s work retarded by 1SM 88


overreaching in 1T 150

See also Business; Business transaction; Trade

Bartholomew, St.

Bartholomew, St., See St. Bartholomew


Bartimaeus, blind 5BC 1111; Ev 553; SD 126; 2SG 202; 4T 355


Baruch, Jeremiah’s scribe PK 432-4, 437; 4T 177-8

Baseball game, Baseball games

not useful CT 274; 8T 52

See also Ball game; Ball playing

Basel, Switz.

Basel, Switz. GC 173, 184, 233

SDA work in GW 74; LS 281-2, 289; 1SM 147; 2SM 376; 5T 692; 9T 179

soldiers training in GW 74-5

vision of publishing house in LS 282


Basement, not fit for evangelistic meetings Ev 126, 422


1. Country of

2. Figurative

1. Country of MB 56; PP 433-7, 471, 492, 517

stone cities of PP 435

2. Figurative,

sturdy oak of 2BC 1032

Basin, Basins

two silver, in Feast of Tabernacles DA 449

use of, in ordinance of humility DA 644


Basket, with holes, treasure put in CS 122; WM 200 See also Bag

Basle, Switz.

Basle, Switz. See Basel, Switz.

Bastard, Bastards

Bastard, Bastards, Christians who are 1T 632

Bates, Joseph

Bates, Joseph CW 145; LS 95, 97-8, 108, 110-5, 127, 276; 2SG 82-3, 92-3, 97-102, 104; 1SM 206; 1T 76, 79-80, 85, 612; TM 24

acquainted EGW with Sabbath truth LS 95; 2SG 82; 1T 75-6

early attitude of, to visions LS 95-8

“hewing book” on Sabbath written by LS 115

letter to, in old age about diet and rest RY 126

Sabbath kept by LS 95; 2SG 82; 1T 75-6

saw EGW in vision 2SG 83; 1T 79-80

See also “History of the Sabbath”

Bath, Baths

blood circulation benefited by 3T 70

cold or cool, excellent tonic MH 237

cool, skin toned by 1T 702

cool or tepid, most persons benefited by daily MH 276


children need CG 461; CH 103

health and mental action promoted by Ed 200

disease can be intelligently treated by 1T 553

Friday the day for, in Sabbath preparation HP 151:2

good rub after, benefits of CG 461; CH 103

fortifies body against cold MH 276; 3T 71

frequently needed CD 419

kidneys and urinary organs benefited by 3T 70

loss of good effects of 3T 69-70

mind impressed that, will injure 3T 69-70

muscles benefited by MH 276; 3T 70

nerves soothed by MH 237, 276; 3T 70

obstructions in body system overcome by 3T 70

occasional, beneficial when taken with studious care 3T 70

perspiration generally promoted by 3T 70

sick people helped more by regulating diet than by CD 408

sponge (or hand),

benefits of CH 58; 4aSG 143

impurities removed from skin by CH 58; 4aSG 143; 2SM 463

most people benefited by CH 58; 4aSG 143; 2SM 463

take, before Sabbath begins 6T 355

twice a week,

persons in health need 3T 70

woman who needs 1T 702

uterine organs relieved by 3T 71

warm, help skin eliminate impurities MH 237

warm and neutral, benefits derived from MH 237

why we need CG 107

with a little mustard, congested head treated with 2SM 297

See also Bathing; Foot bath

Baths (treatment rooms)

Baths (treatment rooms), gardens, and workshops, boys kept from street corners and reformatories by Ed 218

Bathhouse, Bathhouses

control of 8T 232

See also Treatment room


before retiring at night, beneficial CG 461

benefits of, to mind and body CH 61-2; MH 276; 3T 70-1

children’s CG 461

early morning, beneficial CG 461


good health requires MH 276

in pure, soft water as treatment for disease 2SM 446

skin pores quickly clogged without MH 276

very beneficial CG 461

young women who need MM 106-7

Israelites needed, before hearing God’s law MH 279

persons in health must not neglect 3T 70

soft water best for CD 419; CH 56, 62

twice a week, persons feeble and diseased need 3T 70

See also Bath


Ahithophel’s granddaughter PP 735

David’s wife See David

Solomon’s mother 2BC 1025; PP 718, 720, 722, 735, 749; 4aSG 86

wife of Uriah the Hittite See Uriah the Hittite


Bathtub, baptism in Ev 315


Battery, Spirit of God like, arousing faculties of unpromising ones RC 300:6

Battery, Batteries

Battery, Batteries, Satan’s, opened on advocates of truth Ev 301

Battle, Battles

1. Spiritual

2. Political

3. Miscellaneous

1. Spiritual

against self,

angels attend us in MH 105

character is formed by hard COL 331

God is with us in 2BC 994

greatest battle ever fought is SC 43; 3T 106

how to obtain victory daily in SD 160

maintain a constant AA 565

alliance for, against God TM 465

angels fight, for us HP 34:2; TM 148

between satanic agencies and heavenly intelligences UL 95:2

call to,

against invisible foe UL 71:2

push to the front in meekness TDG 370:6

character and plan of, Christ revealed DA 352

Christ does not leave us alone in, with evil DA 483; MB 119

Christ will conduct His, in surprising ways 6T 140

Christ will show us how to conduct 6T 111

Christ, fights, for us and places us on vantage ground LHU 152:4

Christ is only safety in, with evil HP 117:2

Christ knows; we can conquer through Him RC 213:6

Christ shows us, and offers help of angels RC 356:2

Christ’s disciples have, to fight with sin SC 73


ability to stand firm in OHC 330:4

against the supernatural; Jesus gives power FW 92:3

all powers of being to be engaged in RC 295:3

eternal life lost by failure in TDG 374:2

eye to be on adversary and self in TDG 27:4

requires difficult work HP 259:4

success in; watch and deny self HP 260:5

to expect AG 271:3

commandment keepers have continual HP 260:2


we must fight CT 20

when hearts are set on God TDG 320:2

continue as long as there are temptations FW 85:2

cost of, Christians should count OHC 311:2


aggressive work of every believer TDG 11:5

we must fight with evil a AA 477; 2BC 994; 7BC 943; SD 160; 4T 429; 5T 47

desire for, with satanic agencies; seek the Lord 3SM 252:2

difficult, halfhearted in TDG 13:4

each conflict has place in, for righteousness DA 306

each has personal, and Christian experience 2MCP 430:2; OHC 323:2; HP 231:3

each person has personal, to fight MH 487

easy to give before properly considering matters 1T 527

faith requires a difficult LHU 372:3

fierceness of, between good and evil has not lessened OHC 155:5

fighting Satan’s, while professing Christ OHC 360:4

fighting, in own strength realized impossible, knowing self RC 352:2

for God,

be determined to fight ML 266

fight manfully the 1T 433

men armed and equipped are needed in 6T 148

powerful stimulus and support in MYP 113; SL 91

God leads in, to advance His cause TM 211

God needs men for, against wrong PK 142

God’s promise to fight our 3BC 1138; SD 213; 3T 573; 4T 531

good and evil angels fight real Ev 704; PK 176

good and evil in ceaseless UL 110:2

great, in closing scenes of earth’s history PP 509


is against self SC 43; 3T 106

surrender of self to God’s will is MB 141

hand-to-hand, Christ’s regard for souls fighting with Satan a MH 26

hard, which God will help us to fight Te 103

home, sapping courage and faith, known to Jesus TDG 144:4

human help absent in fighting own; Jesus helps TDG 190:6


between: Bible religion and religion of fable and tradition PK 625

laws of men and commandments of God GC 582

obedient and disobedient 9T 15-6

last great,

between good and evil will be fought soon ML 308

fought after God’s servants are sealed 6T 14

preparations of evil forces for 7BC 983

two opposing powers in 7BC 982-3

when powers of earth will marshal forces for 7BC 968; 6T 14

let God fight our 3T 98

with our co-operation SD 160


each must fight 2T 433

encourage each other in fighting MH 360

how to be successful in 2T 565

how to help persons fighting MH 158

let God plan, direct, and fight 2BC 994

habits of early years affect outcome of MYP 134

sympathy and praise do not sustain men in 5T 579

what gospel workers lose sight of in 5T 584

will power needed in Ed 289

lifelong, following conversion ML 313

meek will be made strong for MM 203

men weak and faithless in, for right MYP 46


good and evil angels fight no Ev 704; PK 176

God’s people not engaged in Ev 704; MH 128; 6T 140; 7T 213

nearing, of great day of God Almighty TDG 308:2

necessary for bringing thoughts into captivity 1MCP 69:2; RC 308:4

no one else can fight our MH 453

not left to fight, alone LHU 239:2

of Armageddon See Armageddon

of great day of God Almighty is near ML 308

persons unprepared for CW 120

our test will be to fight, of Lord when champions are few 5T 136

parents who must fight, to bring children to God CG 550

persons who can fight His, God will raise up 2SM 228

personal, each person must fight with evil a FE 124; MH 453, 487; 1SM 315; 5T 345

plan of, against evil presented by Christ OHC 311:2

press, to gates Ev 414, 426; LS 441; 2SM 230; 5T 439; 7T 14, 30

push, a little longer ChS 275

Satan will use every kind of, against advocates of truth TMK 183:3

SDAs forgetting warning about, in Ephesians 6 UL 200:7

self to be hidden in Christ in planning for TDG 13:2

self-denial is, before us 4T 457

spiritual, neutrality impossible in UL 339:5

stand ready for, where needed 3T 316

stern, we must fight 4T 124

stimulus for, by dwelling on Christ and heaven 1MCP 68:3

successful action in, discipline and order essential to Ev 115

that must be fought repeatedly MH 173; 8T 196

truth has, to fight COL 78

unity in fighting, called for by heavenly being TDG 35:2

universe sees us fighting; we cannot afford harsh words 2MCP 804:0

until Christ bids us rest; giving all to Christ TDG 152:5

victories and acts of obedience are steps in TMK 253:2

victory in, not always to the strong 4T 410; 5T 180

victory over sin in, is one’s own responsibility 4T 258

when going into, it is not safe to cast away our weapons 7T 190

whole armor of God must be worn in CT 182; EW 46; 7T 190

with invisible foes, speak of, and keep armor on HP 117:2

See also Conflicts

2. Political

armies mustering for, seen in vision by John 7BC 982

earth’s last scenes will be raging with Mar 174:6, 297:3

God fought, for Israel with Barak and Deborah RC 329:6

nations stirred by, but righteous unmoved in time of trouble TDG 69:5

of nations, prompt action important in 3T 499

singular way of going to PK 201-2

tumult of, at second advent GC 642

United States preserved from; refuge for oppressed SW 42:0

weapons of, knives on chariots used as, against Israel RC 329:5

3. Miscellaneous

Satan’s, to capture New Jerusalem EW 293; GC 664