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Appii Forum

Appii Forum AA 448


achievements winning, not essential to gospel work MH 36

cannot recommend us to favor of God OHC 218:4

Christ did not seek DA 261; MH 32, 197; 1SM 260; TMK 155:4

Christ never elated by DA 330; 3T 217

Christ never induced to wrong by DA 72; ML 74

Christ not elated by; He had no fear of threats TDG 263:4

class forever trying to gain 2T 466

danger of 3T 185-6

desire for, Paul not influenced by AA 394

do not seek, too ardently 4T 568

excitement of, ministers should work without 3T 185-6

hearts panting for 4T 375

love of,

a snare TM 250

sacrificed SW 17:2

many receive, for virtues not possessed GW 275; 2T 512

ministers should labor uncontaminated by 5T 263

of world, soul sold for 5T 133

popular, King Saul’s standard was PP 650

satisfaction not brought by UL 307:3

soul living for God and unperverted by, shall abide forever 4T 328

stimulation of, like that of wine 3T 185-6

working for, God does not approve those who are TDG 227:3

young minister injured by 4T 376

See also Flattery; Praise


Apples CD 240, 324, 330, 492

baked, with sugar CD 330

dried, recommended MH 299

fresh, eat freely of 7T 134

God’s gifts 5T 361

healthful CD 312; 5T 361

not to be eaten between meals CD 182; MM 282

stewed, with sugar CD 330

superior fruit CD 312

wormy or decayed, do not make cider of MH 332; 5T 356; Te 93-4

wrong use of 5T 361

Apple cider

Apple cider See Cider

Apple crop

Apple crop blighted 5T 361

Apple juice

Apple juice from wormy or decayed apples, do not use MH 332; 5T 356 See also Cider

Apple of eye

Apple of eye, law of God to be kept as Ev 244; TM 226


canned in glass CD 330

sweetened as required CD 312

Apples of gold

Apples of gold in pictures of silver 4T 310; 7T 117

Apples of Sodom

Apples of Sodom, promises like COL 232-3; Ed 115


brilliant talents avail little without Ed 232

continual, accomplishes what nothing else can 4T 413

habits of, schools should train youth to FE 64

need and power of, teach youth Ed 232

responsible calling requires Ed 267

Appointment, Appointments

never be late to Ev 649-50

of God in our behalf, without limit 6T 363; 8T 177

sanitarium physician should meet, promptly CH 363; MM 148, 192-3

special, we must have with God 4T 462

while waiting to meet, meditate on God’s word CT 463


consciousness of being, wonderful stimulus and satisfaction MH 361

lightly, that which costs little is 5T 556

never feel your efforts are not MH 476


Appreciation, children need Ed 237

expressions of, as cup of cold water MB 23; ML 165

lack of, gospel workers complaining are TM 169

of attentions received, show MH 257

of God’s gifts, how to show COL 144

physician is encouraged by 7T 74



angel ministry to bring TDG 160:3

assurance of God’s love calls forth HP 58:2

awakened by scene at the cross TDG 328:3

being God’s children should bring TDG 333:4

children of Israel lacked, before brazen serpent FW 69:1

children should receive, for their help in the home TMK 149:5

Christ longed for, as God’s gift to the world TDG 189:3

Christian should experience, if anyone does OHC 201:5


sacrifice to this world brings TDG 368:2

victory in wilderness should fill us with TMK 32:4

work for us should fill hearts with TDG 315:4

conditions for having TDG 22:5

counsel and warnings as essential as HP 207:4

cultivate, rising in spirituality TDG 347:5

daily, hearts to be stirred by, and offering given FW 69:2

David felt, for Abigail’s advice RC 333:6

difficulties may blind eye to cause for TDG 42:3

eating affects 2MCP 392:0

encourage constant, to Jesus for salvation RC 119:6

expression of,

by believers meeting to glorify God OHC 168:4

for His blessings serves Christ TDG 45:2

for the gospel CME 27:0

in prayer and song, angels join in HP 288:4

neglecting, for protection dishonors HP 101:3

obliged by answer to prayer AG 325:4

rather than repining 1MCP 68:2

to God TDG 216:3

to God for Jesus TMK 277:2

when meeting together OHC 168:4

for rebuke is shown by few RC 333:5

friends bring, but Christ’s friendship is greater TDG 328:2

gift of Jesus calls for TMK 73:5

give, for keeping power of God through Christ OHC 326:4


is pleased by our showing TDG 305:3

longs to see our UL 61:2

would have you merit, of other workers HP 230:5

God’s love calls forth HP 222:3

greater depths of love revealed to one with OHC 10:3

happiness of those who have, for the favors of God TMK 127:5

heaven won back by Christ’s obedience is reason for FW 88:3

Holy Spirit,

gives, with God in the soul temple OHC 105:4

in the life produces HP 113:4

hope in Christ gives cause for, and praise TDG 304:6

important to lonely ones HP 207:4

impression that others are not showing you RY 69:0

Jesus watches for our OHC 14:2

knowing sins are taken away OHC 203:3

lack of,

alert to construe anything as a OHC 240:2

for efforts no reason for discouragement UL 55:3

imagining, weakens the mind RY 73:0

Jesus felt; tell home problems to Him TSB 45

revelations withheld because of TMK 365:5

love of Christ causes, to be cherished TMK 224:5

meditating on plan of salvation brings TMK 263:2

mountains inspired, in EGW OHC 253:5

nature teaches, of common blessings OHC 10:3

offering of,

brought in addition to the tithes FLB 245:2

EGW wanted, to ascend constantly OHC 266:4

first fruits were to be AG 149:2

morning, noon, and night RC 285:3

with wages you consider too small TDG 161:5

offerings express HP 304:3

poor in spirit show, for every favor RC 61:4

publishing work growth brings PM 271:3

reasons for UL 61:2

reformer not to consider whether received with TDG 49:3

replace complaint with HP 36:5

saved ones in heaven express, to human instrument RC 236, 257:6

sense of, felt by EGW TDG 57:2

shown by gifts and offerings OHC 198:2

shown by interest in those for whom Christ died OHC 183:5

sin blunts senses and hinders, for daily benefits TMK 168:5

soul language should be HP 36:4

See also Praise; Thanksgiving


Apprehension, no need for GW 265


Bible studies needed by 7T 196

evangelists’ duty to 7T 196

failure of, to serve employer’s interests Ed 108-9

institutional, workers who exert bad influence over 7T 202

publishing house, training of FE 492; 7T 147

supervision needed by Ev 94

work to be done for, in publishing houses PM 91:3


Apprenticeship to Christ offered to sinful men DA 297


gained in honorable way is not so sinful 3T 225

longing for, undue 4T 221

love of,

King Saul’s PP 650

ministers need to repent of GW 150; PK 141; 3T 185

must be forsaken 2T 493; 3T 52

we must die to EW 120

youth who cherish 3T 224-6

of God,

no man can live for self and enjoy 5T 113

seek first PP 650

of the ungodly, sacrifice of integrity for 4T 577

See also Applause; Approval; Flattery; Praise


mother’s, brings sunshine RC 171:4

of God, physical health promoted by LS 270

of men, longing for DA 409

mistakes resulting from desire for 5T 12-3


Apricots, dried, recommended MH 299


April, Passover time as related to DA 76; PP 537


miracles of healing connected with AA 286-7

of others, criticism of 1T 145

Aptitude, Aptitudes

gifts from God to be used with, by looking to Him TDG 32:5

God turns, into profitable channels OHC 90:4

highest use of, in study of God’s word FE 305

how to develop,

for larger work MH 153; 6T 432; WM 153-4

in God’s service 9T 129

increased by using talents TMK 328:2

increasing, miss. work results in MM 313

natural, indicate direction of lifework Ed 233

various, God created us with CT 181

See also Ability; Capability; Talent


ministers should exercise 5T 71

lack of, among gospel workers Ev 650

Aquila and Priscilla

Aquila and Priscilla AA 243, 269-70, 349, 351, 355; 6BC 1062-3; FE 97; PP 593


of desert, give drink to the thirty traveler DA 183-4

of Yemen GC 362


Arabia AA 125-8; 6BC 1058; Ed 65, 100; PK 192; PP 247; SR 274


Arad, Canaanite king PP 427-8, 434


Ararat, cluster of mountains of, preserved in Flood 3SG 77


Aratus, Greek poet, Paul quoted from poem Phaenomena by AA 238-9; SR 312


Araunah See Ornan


Arba, Anak’s father PP 697

Arbitrary exaction, Arbitrary exactions

laws of God are not MH 114

put aside all TM 215

selfish, exposed in judgment TM 224

Arbitrary manner

Arbitrary manner, knowledge of God not to be kept before youth in CT 429-30

Arbitrary measures

Arbitrary measures, youth not to be corrected by Ed 297

Arbitrary orders

Arbitrary orders to fellow workers, no man is to give TM 491

Arbitrary person

Arbitrary person, not qualified to teach CT 233

Arbitrary power

Arbitrary power, unbecoming to head of family 2T 253

Arbitrary restraint

Arbitrary restraint in child training develops obstinacy and defiance CT 264; Ed 279

Arbitrary spirit

Arbitrary spirit drives away friends 4T 126

Arbitrary words and actions

Arbitrary words and actions, heart’s worst passions stirred up by 6T 134


Arbors, Israelite, during Feast of Tabernacles PP 540


heaven’s Prince, Michael is SL 51

voice of,

living and dead summoned to judgment by PP 339

resurrection of righteous dead at AA 258; GC 321-2

See also Christ


Archangels, plan of redemption is wonder to SD 295

Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop of Canterbury, question by Ed 233


Archelaus, son of Herod the Great DA 66, 104


Archery, exercise more valuable than FE 74-5

Architect, Architects

heart to be worked as building is constructed by TDG 112:4

of Christ’s church, disciples as 8T 14

of earthly sanctuary, Bezaleel as 1BC 1108

of his own fortune, adage that man is CD 29; MYP 242; Te 156

training needed by GW 92


buildings of skillful, destroyed when mercy ceases TDG 152:3

costly, not essential to God’s work MH 36; 7T 143

Egyptian, in Moses’ time PP 248, 258

fine piece of, anxiety to erect 7T 284

Archives of heaven

Archives of heaven, God’s law kept in 7BC 972

Arctic regions

Arctic regions, cedars in PP 450


needed in place of listlessness and indifference 1BC 1096

of Christian hero, needed 8T 45

revival of first, needed 5T 612

soul’s, grows with Christian experience MYP 198

See also Earnestness; Enthusiasm; Zeal


entering, by literature; places we cannot go PM 196:1


annexing, fulfilling the gospel commission LHU 294:4

consecrated workers to obtain victories in PM 175:2

God’s people to take publications into RC 202:5

gospel work in, to continue until churches built RC 241:4

missionary work blessed in LHU 123:6

publications are not enough for; preachers needed PM 308:2

time for aggressive work in TDG 325:6

work in, and conversions will be made TDG 179:5

See also Places; Satan, strongholds of


Areopagus See Mars’ Hill

Argument, Arguments

1. Against truth

2. Effective

3. Inadequacy of

4. Unwise use of

5. Miscellaneous

1. Against truth

against Sabbath observance, how to refute GC 455-6

all-convincing, “my experience” as 3T 71


opponents use falsehood when lacking 5T 601

opponents use force when lacking Ev 235-6

conscientious, what is not CW 50

disobedience covered by 1BC 1084

force as only, left to sinking cause SR 276

founded in falsehood,

class ready to accept 1SM 70-1

used against Christ 1SM 70

on Scripture passages, Satan seeks to arouse GW 312

only irrefutable, against truth GC 460


against truth GC 455

in debates 3T 425

periodical writers to dwell little on 7T 156

publication of 3T 427

re Sabbath EW 68-9

strengthened when we repeat them 9T 148

persuasive, Satan can use 2T 287

Satan uses, to entangle souls ML 105; MYP 104

skillful covering of clear points of truth by 3T 426


effectively used against evangelistic effort Ev 457

used by priests against SDA Ev 574

subtle, minds perplexed by PP 41

subtlety of, erroneous idea of TM 108

unsound, for tea, coffee, opium, and alcohol Te 74

with Satan, only God can win 5BC 1083

2. Effective

bearing searching scrutiny, use only 5T 708


children to be interested in CT 137

ministers need to be fortified with 2T 499, 556

present truth by Ev 204

centurion’s only, his great need MH 65

chosen men have prepared clear, plain, and convincing 2T 650-1

Christian beneficence as, world cannot gainsay 5T 156

clear and convincing, in apostolic preaching AA 45

convincing, truth has 3T 205

disinterested love as, men cannot gainsay DA 142; ML 220

energy of, powerful to convict and convert 4T 526

few, opponents often convinced or silenced by GW 376; 3T 37

for present truth, schoolboy may understand 2T 651

from pens of others, excellent aid to ministers GW 99

in prayer, our great need as SC 95

in preaching, good in its place GW 169; 4T 260


re God’s law FE 413-4

that God is truth, light, and love 5BC 1133

“It is written” our only Ev 361

men cannot gainsay life of holy purpose and disinterested love lived in their behalf as, in favor of truth ML 220

mighty, crucified Christ as COL 169; SC 74; 1SM 241

most conclusive, consistency and patient forbearance as MH 494

most forcible,

for the careless and skeptical CT 478; MM 39

let your life and character be, for Christianity CT 478

most powerful (strongest) for Christianity:

Christlike life is 9T 21

kind and courteous Christian is GW 122

loving and lovable Christian is MH 470

success founded on simplicity is 9T 175

truth expressed in unselfish deeds is CH 537

of cross convicts of sin 4T 375

of truth,

Almighty’s sharp arrows SR 245

need of solid Ev 365

sent to hearts by Spirit SR 245

persuasive, presentation of doctrines calls for Ev 399

plain and pointed, most convincing 3T 39

present every, for drawing men to Christ MH 164

prevailing with God, our great need is MB 131; 5T 410

re Sabbath question, caution re Ev 228

reserve of, to be kept in meeting opposition 3T 37-8

sacrificial spirit is, world cannot gainsay 4T 484

short and conclusive, print truth in Ev 159

simple explanations of God’s word better than GW 169; 4T 260; TM 154

solid, sermons need TM 310


opponents to be silenced by 5T 708

ridicule a poor substitute for FE 88-9

source of, God’s word and nature as DA 208


give greater force to Sabbath truth by 6T 61

presented with meekness convince 1T 648


angels help statesmen to use GC 610

opposition may be provoked by AA 511; GW 59; SR 318

unity in home and church is more important than Ev 342

well-balanced, need for FE 257

well-ordered home as, infidel cannot gainsay PP 144

3. Inadequacy of

allegiance to God is better than MYP 88

Christ did not meet argument with DA 171

combativeness raised by Ev 446

conclusive, men who cannot be convinced by GC 524

deep, success of gospel depends not on COL 231; GW 155

defense of truth by, is not enough 2BC 998


John the Baptist did not use GW 54; 8T 332

when Paul determined to avoid AA 244; MH 214

forcible, gentleness under provocation is better than DA 353

futility of using, in meeting despisers of Christianity MYP 88

in debate, ministers not to rely solely on 1T 624-6

labored, greatest victories not result of GW 259; 4T 443

large array of, least effective 3T 39

logical, hard hearts not melted by AA 31

love gains victory not obtained by GW 121, 185; 2T 135

message not carried so much by, during latter rain GC 612

midnight cry not carried so much by SR 370

most convincing, avail little Ev 178

multiplies opposition 9T 147

Nicodemus not helped by TM 368

powerful, proving our position correct do not prove us right with God 2T 125

sensual man whom, cannot lead to see his folly AH 51

truth not best recommended by 3T 334

unsound, silencing opposers do not honor truth 5T 708

well-prepared, trust not in 2BC 1004; SD 279

with whom, is useless TM 165

4. Unwise use of

about the “daily,” caution re 1SM 164


gospel workers not to rely on EW 98; GW 381; 1T 113

Jews not won to Christ by AA 409; SR 245

ministers fail who trust in 4T 261

ministers not to rely on 3T 210

not enough 2BC 1004; SD 279

sinners not converted by AA 240; COL 57; Ev 341-2; 1T 113

good, there may be too much 3T 419

gospel workers’, reading false sentiments influences 9T 68

long and labored, few people interested in 3T 38

man who loved 2T 104


one sentence of Scripture more valuable than 10,000 of 7T 71

turn not from investigation of Bible truth because of FE 128

minister depending more on, than on God’s strength 1T 428

over minor matters CW 77-8

playing on words in TM 108

sharp, not best for reaching the learned Ev 557

short, John the Baptist’s sermons used 2SM 149

some people more ready for, than for prayer 4T 448

that was not spiritual food 3T 228

unsound, never defend doctrines by 5T 708

we have left out Christ and preached Ev 232

with sanitarium patients, cautions re Ev 540

writers not to use too many 3T 35

5. Miscellaneous

avoided by EGW in defending her work against critics 3SM 350:0

death came to those who stopped for, when serpent lifted up FW 69:4

not given by man who was told to take up his bed FW 68:2

opinion to be yielded to avoid, unless a vital issue VSS 143:2

with an enemy doesn’t help UL 363:5

See also Combativeness; Contention; Controversy; Debate; Differences; Discussions; Dispute; Parleying; Quarreling; Strife; Variance


and practical, Signs of the Times needs both the CW 110

minister who was 3T 237, 419

weave Christ into everything Ev 300

Argumentative demonstrations

Argumentative demonstrations of doctrines seldom impress sinner TM 154

Argumentative portions

Argumentative portions of Scriptures, show no partiality for Ev 199

Argumentative sermons

Argumentative sermons See Sermon

Argumentative subjects

not best in first contacts Ev 485

people need practical as well as 3T 228

preaching too much on CW 79; 3T 215

presentation of, that does little good 6T 67

Argumentative way

Argumentative way, preaching in GW 156


Arioch, captain of Nebuchadnezzar’s guard PK 493-4


Aristarchus, Paul’s fellow worker AA 293, 390, 439-40, 455



in Christ 6T 294

in God’s kingdom AA 20

of birth, Christ ignored MH 197


Aristocratic, as well as the common, would visit New England Sanitarium CH 555


Arithmetic See Figures; Figuring; Mathematics

Arkansas, USA

Arkansas, USA LS 240; 4T 305

Ark of bulrushes

Ark of bulrushes See Rushes

Ark of Covenant

Ark of Covenant (Testament)

1. Earthly

2. Earthly (history of)

3. Heavenly

4. Figurative

1. Earthly

acacia wood used to make PP 348

angels guarded PP 589; 4aSG 108, 110; SR 188-92

four 4aSG 102; SR 184

ark in heaven represented by PP 356

artist’s poor illustration of CW 171-2

blessing and strength to the obedient 4aSG 111-2; SR 192

book of laws of Moses kept in side of PP 466, 524; SR 172


ark of God’s testament PP 348

ark of God’s testimony SD 66; 4aSG 8; SR 154

care of, given to Kohathites PP 375

cover of See Mercy seat

covered when removed from sanctuary CW 171-2

Decalogue on tables of stone in GC 415, 433; PK 38, 453; PP 348-9, 365, 500-3; SD 66; 4aSG 7-8, 101, 115; SR 153-4, 183, 187-8

law of God as 1BC 1109; Ed 38; GC 415; PP 348-9, 356, 376, 393, 500-3, 584; 4aSG 59; SR 153, 176, 377

law that sinner transgressed was GC 418; PP 354; 4aSG 106

transcript of law in ark in heaven GC 434-5

described GC 412, 415; PP 348; 4aSG 7-8, 101; SR 153, 183

divine presence attended PP 585, 588; 4aSG 101; SR 183

glittered with gold 4aSG 63; 4T 160

God communicated with high priest before PP 349; SR 184

God’s care continually over 4aSG 55; SR 172

God’s law alone gave sacredness to 2BC 1011

God’s supervision over CW 97

halo of glory over PP 488; 4aSG 63; SR 179; 4T 160

high priest ministered once a year before 4aSG 102; SR 184

high priest saw, only once a year PP 589

idolatrous regard of Israel for PK 416; PP 584; 4aSG 105; SR 186

illustration of, misrepresenting Bible truth PM 216:4

Israel to reverence PP 589

King Saul sent for PP 622

location of,

beyond second veil of sanctuary GC 418; PP 349; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154

in center of camp PP 483

in most holy place GC 412; PP 349, 356, 584; SR 377

never exposed to view; misrepresented in illustration PM 217:0

pattern of, given by God to Moses 4aSG 7

patterned after ark in heaven 1BC 1107; 4aSG 7-8; SR 153-4

people perished for rashly looking into FLB 194:3

Philistines dared not open SR 189

Philistines punished by means of PP 585-7

Philistines regarded, as Israel’s god PP 583; 4aSG 106; SR 187-8

Philistines took, from Israelites more than 100 years before Jer. 26:4-6 was given PK 415-6

pledge of God’s favor to the obedient PP 589, 706

pointed to Christ’s sacrifice 4T 120

power of Israelites FLB 194:3

priest looked toward, when offering incense on golden altar PP 353

priests appointed to cover PP 705

priests only might touch PP 705

punishment for opening MH 436; PP 589; 4aSG 110; SR 191

resplendent, in early dusk of morning 4T 161

rest and prosperity brought to Israel by 1BC 1096; SD 320

sacred symbol PP 706; TM 348

sacredness of 1T 652

Shekinah rested over PP 349, 584

staves of, never to be removed PP 705

symbol and pledge of deliverance and victory PP 732

symbol of:

God’s presence CW 172; MH 436; PP 483-4, 523, 584, 705-6, 708, 732, 705-6; 4aSG 59-60, 106; SR 176, 187-8; 4T 154, 157; 8T 284

Israel’s invisible King PP 707

terror and death to the disobedient 4aSG 111; SR 192

token of God’s presence abode over 4aSG 101; SR 183

transportation of:

before armies of Israel PP 393, 437

behind Moses and Aaron 1T 651

by Levites PP 589; 3T 345

by priests 2BC 1030; PP 483-4; 4T 157

by sons of Kohath PP 375-6, 705

by special family of Levites 1T 650-2

instructions re PP 705

type of Christ 4T 120


Levites not to look upon PP 589

none but priests to look upon PP 705

Uzzah slain for touching See Uzzah

wings of golden cherubim shadowed PP 584 See also Cherubim

See also Mercy seat

2. Earthly (history of) 4aSG 101-15; SR 183-95

at Mt. Sinai PP 343, 348-9

in wilderness Ed 38-9; PP 375-6; 4aSG 10-1; SR 156-7

in crossing of Jordan CW 171-2; PP 483-4; 4aSG 59-60, 102, 105; SR 176-7, 184, 186; 4T 157-8

in marches around Jericho PP 488-91; 4aSG 63, 102, 105; SR 179, 184, 186; 4T 160-1

at Gilgal PP 514

at Mts. Ebal and Gerizim PP 499-503

at Shiloh 300 years PP 514

at Shechem PP 522-3

among Philistines 2BC 1011; PK 415-6; PP 514, 581-91, 622; 4aSG 105-6; SR 186-7; 1T 119; 4T 166, 200, 516

seven months PP 586; 4aSG 108; SR 188

in Dagon’s temple at Ashdod PP 586; 4aSG 106-7; SR 188

at Gath PP 586; 4aSG 108

at Ekron PP 586; 4aSG 108; SR 189-91

at Beth-shemesh MH 436; PP 588-9; 4aSG 109-10; SR 190-1; 8T 283-4

never returned to Shiloh PP 514

at Kirjath-jearim PP 589, 593, 704; 4aSG 110-1; SR 191

till David became king 4aSG 111; SR 191

in King Saul’s camp PP 622

David’s first effort to move, to Jerusalem MH 436; PP 704-6; 4aSG 111; SR 191-2; 8T 284

in Obed-edom’s house PP 705; 4aSG 111-2; SR 192

David’s removal of PP 706-8; 4aSG 113; SR 192-3; 5T 318; 8T 284

to tent at Jerusalem PP 708-11; 4aSG 113; SR 193

not with sanctuary at Gibeah PP 711

at Jerusalem during David’s flight from Absalom PP 731-5

in Solomon’s temple 2BC 1030; PK 38; 4aSG 113-4; SR 193-4

hidden in cave in Jeremiah’s time 1BC 1109; PK 453; 4aSG 115; SR 195

not in second temple GC 24; PK 597

3. Heavenly

Aaron’s rod that budded is in EW 32; LS 100

angels stand by 1BC 1107; EW 32; LS 95, 100; 4aSG 8; SR 154; 1T 76

ark on earth represented GC 415; PP 356

ark on earth was patterned after 4aSG 8; SR 153-4, 377

attention drawn to the law in, before Christ comes Mar 170:4

called ark of God’s testament GC 433; SR 377, 379

cover of See Mercy seat

Decalogue contained in 7BC 972; EW 32-3, 42-3, 252, 255, 279; GC 433-5; LS 95, 100-1; 2SG 82-3; 1T 76

God’s law contained in 1BC 1109; 4BC 1152; 7BC 972; CW 30; EW 252, 254; GC 415, 433-4; LS 95; 4aSG 8; SR 153, 377, 379-81; 2T 693

on two tables of stone 7BC 972; EW 32; LS 95, 100; 1T 76

glory of God above EW 32, 252; LS 100

golden pot of manna in EW 32; LS 100

light shines from, through open door OHC 138:2

location of, in most holy place EW 32, 42-3, 252, 254-5; GC 414-5, 433; LS 95, 100; PP 356; 2SG 82; SR 379; 1T 76

seen in heaven containing tables of law FW 46:2

See also Mercy seat

4. Figurative

a people will bear TM 411

keep hands off CW 97; Ev 116; TM 294

removal of, by sin of adultery TSB 248:3

some men will go out from us and no longer bear TM 411

what would remove, from God’s people CW 95-6

when holy hands no longer bear 5T 77

Ark of Noah

angels guided animals and birds into PP 97-8; 3SG 67-8; SR 65

animal entry into, did not impress antediluvians CC 39:3

antediluvians urged to find refuge in 4T 308

but they would not GC 338; 7T 36

clouds appeared seven days after entry into CC 40:3

construction of,

cypress or gopher wood used in PP 95; 3SG 66; SR 64

every blow in, a sermon PP 95; 3SG 65; SR 63

lessons from 7T 94

Noah invested all in PP 95

Noah preached during PP 92; 3SG 65; SR 63

Noah’s helpers in PP 92; 3SG 65; SR 63

on dry land PP 95; 3SG 65; SR 63

slow and laborious PP 95; 3SG 66; SR 64

trees of great size used in PP 95

described PP 92-5; 3SG 66; SR 63-4

houseboat in form PP 92; 3SG 66; SR 63

three stories high PP 92; 3SG 66; SR 63

window in top admitted light PP 95; 3SG 66; SR 63-4

God closed door of, shutting Noah and family in and others out TDG 235:3

God designed PP 92; 3SG 66; 7T 94

immense structure PP 95; 3SG 65; 4aSG 154; SR 63

no windows in sides of 3SG 66; SR 63

Noah called for wicked world to find refuge in RC 322:3

outer door of,

could not be opened by man 3SG 72-3; SR 68-9

in the side PP 92-5; 3SG 66; SR 64

massive PP 98, 105; 3SG 68; SR 65

opened by angel PP 105; 3SG 72-3; SR 69

shut by angel PP 98-9; 3SG 68-9; SR 65-6

shut by God GC 491; PP 98-9; 3SG 71; SR 69

slowly swung into place PP 98-9

people clinging to, swept away by waters PP 100; 3SG 71; SR 68

preserved during Flood,

by angels PP 100; 3SG 71; SR 68

by Christ 1BC 1091

by God 7BC 986; EW 284; GC 69; PP 95; 3SG 87; SR 69

miraculously 3SG 66; SR 64

protected by group of mountains PP 105

seams of, covered with pitch 3SG 66; SR 64

Spirit of God pleaded until door of, shut RC 321:3

stored with food for man and beast PP 97; 3SG 67; SR 64-5

tossed about for five months PP 105

trials for people inside, after door was closed TDG 56:4

Ark of safety

Ark of safety, labor to save souls out of MM 317

Arm, Arms

1. Body’s

2. God’s

3. Figurative

1. Body’s

baby’s, needs clothing 2SM 467-8

bound up, become weak MH 237-8

children’s, need protection from chilling air 2SM 469-70

chilling of, ill effects of 2SM 467-8

diseased 2T 272-3

exposure of,

disease and premature death caused by 2SM 471

ill effects of 2SM 469

pain in LS 340

paralyzed LS 151, 168; 2SG 186, 271

sore on, prayer for healing of LS 122; 2SG 109-10


should not be left naked 2SM 467

use, in doing good AH 510

See also Extremity; Foot; Hand; Limb

2. God’s

almighty, we need Ed 133

alone able to uphold all who lean on it 4T 594

everlasting, about you LS 251

one saint could move, if he were right EW 120

strong to deliver 6T 404

strong to save will destroy enemies of the kingdom UL 301:6

we let go, too soon EW 73

3. Figurative

cannot take place of body CW 139

do not link, with demon TM 333

health question as, to third angel’s message MM 266

relationship of, to body CD 75; CM 138; CW 139; 6T 288; WM 123


body served and protected by 6T 327

health reform as, of third angel’s message 6T 327

med. miss. work as, to third angel’s message MM 237, 312; 6T 229, 288 See also Medical missionary work

not to become body MM 159, 312; 6T 241; WM 123

what is like cutting off 3T 550

See also Hand

stronger, needed by those in high position UL 259:3

that moves world, prayers of faith can move AH 264

two, faith and prayer as GW 259

Arms (weapons)

clash of, at second advent GC 642

God’s kingdom not to prevail by COL 35

Moses hoped to deliver Israel by Ed 62

prepared by the wicked at close of millennium EW 293; GC 664

Armadale, Vict.

Armadale, Vict. 9T 206

Armageddon, battle of

Armageddon, battle of 7BC 982-3

awake for, as wise virgins; Christ will give power 3SM 426:1

day of, must not find us sleeping 7BC 982

earth is battlefield for LDE 250

good and evil (battle of) LDE 249

Providence has part to act in 7BC 983

satanic agencies kept under control until 7BC 967; ML 308

soon to be fought 7BC 982; 6T 406

we are nearing ML 308

See also Eastern question


Armenians, of Asia, Sabbath observed in Dark Ages by GC 63

Armona Academy

Armona Academy 2SM 202

Armona, Calif.

Armona, Calif. 2SM 202


battle for truth with whole; consecrate all powers TDG 91:3

Christ is, for afflicted one UL 335:4

faith in God as AA 307

family encased in cold 3T 527

God’s people clothed in, during shaking time EW 271; 1T 181-2

Goliath’s, described PP 646-7

King Saul’s, described PP 647

laying off, with sanctified dignity 2SM 230

never be without 2BC 1004

of God,

gospel workers of past generations used MYP 33

needed at camp meetings 6T 41

put on every piece of 6BC 1119; MM 93; 7T 190; 9T 219

of gospel, wear with dignity 5T 115

of light, church in final conflict will wear TM 17

of righteousness,

clothe yourself with ML 311; 4T 596

enemy’s darts warded off by 5T 281

victory gained by PK 111

requisites that come as we put on 6T 333

Scriptures furnish whole TMK 346:4

self-righteous, not pierced by the Lord’s arrow TDG 169:4

time to put on; carry truth house to house PM 312:2

truth’s, wear ML 315

weak place in our, Satan finds TM 248


till the end 8T 175

till victory is won ML 105; MYP 104; 1T 164

when we lay off, Satan has free access to us 2T 126

whole, needed for overcoming EW 273

See also Combative armor