EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Apostate, Apostates - Appetite, indulgence of, Appetites, indulgence of

Apostate, Apostates

all walking by side of, will be imbued with his spirit TM 290

base, ministers to defend truth against 5T 528

bitterness of, against the faithful EW 69-70

called “fool” in OT MB 57

Christ waits to welcome Ed 294

church must battle 4T 594

condemning a brother as MB 57

deceptive workings of, God’s word not to be contaminated by Ev 625

divert attention from God’s work 9T 148

dragon’s words voiced by 2SM 395

enmity of, manifest during crisis 5T 463

first great, Satan as 4BC 1163; COL 318-9; 6T 407

from our ranks, will be our most bitter enemies GC 608

God’s law opposed by GC 285

once advocates of truth, greatest trials will come from Ev 624-5

opposing SDA work, do not try to convert 9T 148-9

professed Christians marked as CS 223

rulers stirred up by, against us GC 608

Sabbathkeepers to be accused before courts by GC 608

Sanhedrin treated breakers of ceremonial law as AA 405

Satan uses, to divert minds from present truth 1T 123

Satan’s most efficient agents GC 608

Solomon employed, in building temple 2SM 175

spirit and influence of, with God’s word resist Ev 625

to secure their own safety, will betray brethren DA 630

wavering souls tempted to follow 5T 525

who will surely become 2SM 379

will oppress former brethren 5T 463

Apostate church

Apostate church, symbolized by vile woman GC 381

Apostate power

Apostate power, great, Satan represented by DA 763

Apostate teacher, Apostate teachers

Apostate teacher, Apostate teachers in Galatia AA 385

Apostate world

Apostate world, God’s law made void by ML 100


Apostatized, God gives special call to the, to come fully into fold 2T 20


1. After Pentecost

2. Before Pentecost

3. Training of

4. Miscellaneous

1. After Pentecost

angels protected, till their work was done EW 189-90

before councils and imprisoned DA 508

Christ’s grace made, what they were 7T 32

consecration and devotion of AA 593-5

counseled and prayed together 6BC 1062

early, in Jerusalem AA 57-102; SR 248-67

experience of,

from Christ’s ascension and Pentecost AA 35-6; DA 832-3; GC 350

lessons from GW 25

faces of, peace of Christ shone from AA 46

fellowship of, with Christ in sufferings 3T 27

God spoke to men by 4T 147-8

gospel recorded by, for future ages GC 9

history of, example of sacrifice in gospel work 5T 87

in preaching, went back to Adam’s day 4T 401

Jewish leaders tried to stop work of AA 66

John the last surviving AA 569

knew how to speak and pray sincerely AA 594

labors of AA 48-9

during Jewish festivals AA 165, 514; SR 302

learned men listened with astonishment to 4T 378

lessons learned by, written for us ML 96

martyrdom of AA 21, 597; DA 669; EW 209

ministry and sufferings of GC 351

ministry of, at Pentecost AA 35-46; SR 241-7

miracles wrought by AA 78; EW 192; SR 245

mistreatment did not intimidate or discourage AA 79

never claimed to be without sin COL 160

no longer ignorant and uncultured AA 45; Ed 95

office of, most important among men AA 19

outpouring of Spirit upon, results of AA 22

Paul’s reverence for AA 405

personation of, by devils EW 90, 264; GC 557

preaching of, Sadducees opposed TM 68-9

rejoiced in suffering for Christ 5T 87

shook world AA 593

sick persons healed by SL 62; 1T 208

by laying hands on them CH 34

Spirit enabled,

to meet idolatry ML 48

to speak other languages accurately AA 39-40; DA 821

Spirit gave special endowment to GC 9

Spirit unfolded truth to AA 45

success of, secret of DA 667

supernatural endowments given, as seal of their mission MH 94

three leading, were Peter, James, and John 6BC 1108

truth revealed with clearness and earnestness by Ev 171

united in faith, doctrine, and spirit AA 20; DA 296

unitedly labored in Spirit’s power AA 88

what kept, laboring when in danger AA 332

wrong attitude of some, toward Paul AA 398

wrote at dictation of Spirit EW 264

zeal of Christ caught by 5T 132

2. Before Pentecost

changes wrought in DA 250; GC 349-50

character of, not perfected by miracle SL 84

Christ aided by, in evangelism DA 349

Christ’s appearances to, after resurrection DA 802-31

Christ’s ascension witnessed by DA 830-1

Christ’s family formed of DA 349; Ed 84-5

differed widely in characteristics, training, and habits AA 20; DA 292-6; Ed 85-6

differences of opinion among DA 296

put away before Pentecost DA 827

disappointment of,

at John the Baptist’s fate DA 245-6, 526

because Christ did not secure Jewish leaders’ support DA 294

when Christ died AA 25-6; DA 379, 670, 794; EW 244-5; GC 345-6; LS 62-3

dissension among, Judas Iscariot was chief cause of DA 719

divided into groups DA 292

dress of, instruction re DA 351


40 days after Christ’s resurrection AA 26-7

10 days after Christ’s ascension AA 35; DA 832; SR 241-2

erring and faulty when Christ washed their feet DA 656

favorite idea held by DA 643

first five, call of DA 138-42

first miss. tour of AA 32; CH 497, 530-1, 541, 557; COL 308; CT 465; DA 351, 359-60, 427, 488; MH 56, 139; ML 238; MYP 217; WM 70, 74

fishermen called to be fishers of men CT 511-2; DA 244-51, 810-1

four of,

called by sea DA 244-51; GW 24

to act leading part Ed 86

God’s purpose in appointing TM 406

grievances of DA 296

highest place sought by DA 548-9, 643-4

invited to come apart and rest DA 359-63

jealousy and contention among DA 643

John the youngest of AA 545

lesson in humility and service taught to DA 644-5

meaning of message of, mistaken by them GC 348-9

men of natural ability CT 511

misconceptions of Christ’s mission held by DA 379; GC 348-9

most of Christ’s miracles witnessed by DA 292

office and mission of AA 19; DA 291

ordination of DA 290-7

by dedicatory prayer and laying on of hands DA 296

first step in church organization AA 18; DA 291

Peter not given supremacy over AA 198-9

power over unclean spirits given to 1T 208

prayer and communion of, before Pentecost MH 509

rabbinical teaching influenced DA 412, 670

regarded as ignorant fishermen SR 252

regrets of, after Christ’s ascension DA 508

reward for services of, no stated sum offered as MH 479-80; MYP 303

selfish ambition of DA 435-7

sent forth:

as Christ’s representatives AA 22; DA 351

as representatives of gospel church AA 19; DA 291, 414

to preach and heal 6T 292

two and two DA 350

serious faults of, when called to service DA 295-6

seven, in humble garb of fishermen DA 809

six long and gloomy days for DA 418

skepticism of, re Christ’s resurrection DA 793-4

slept in Gethsemane MH 509

slow to understand gospel was for all nations DA 351

studied under Christ three years CT 511; DA 809

teachers divinely appointed DA 351

thinking of, confused and erroneous DA 670; GC 348-9

three, in closest relationship to Christ DA 292, 420

unlearned men chosen as AA 593-4; CT 511-2; DA 249-50, 821; MH 197; MYP 169; SR 243

with Christ three and a half years AA 17

words and works of, to revolutionize world MYP 170

3. Training of DA 151-2, 249-51, 294-6, 349-51

Christ’s method of DA 349-50; Ed 84-96

by personal contact and association Ed 231

for Christ’s own use 5BC 1088

for missionary work Ev 109

in school of Christ FE 359

not in false customs and traditions of world CT 511

not in schools of prophets 5BC 1088

to be leaders of church AA 17-24

training given by Christ to CT 511; DA 250-1; WM 117

4. Miscellaneous

apology to, by authorities who had imprisoned them RC 343:4

days of, submitting to Holy Spirit will bring experience of CME 22:3

errors of, arrayed 3SM 343:3

Holy Spirit enabled, to resist idolatry and exalt Jesus RC 132:4

humble workers bear fruit equal to that of HP 68:7

message of, turned souls from idols to God AG 353:4

ministry of, noticed by many because of persecution RC 343:6

power of, for those who will do God’s service HP 222:5

repentance was message of; so it is for us TDG 370:4


Apostleship, Paul’s strongest proof of AA 328

Apostolic church

doctrine of world conversion not taught by GC 321

liberality of, example for us WM 271

message of, power attending Ev 219

preparation of, for Pentecost Ev 698

Apostolic succession

Apostolic succession, true evidence of DA 467; 4T 393, 529

Apostolic times

Apostolic times, gospel preached to world in MH 141


Apparel See Clothing; Dress; Jewelry; Ornamentation

Appeal, Appeals

direct and personal, erring individuals need WM 101


in every sermon make GW 159; 4T 396

need of making GW 144

effective, how to make 1T 646-7

evangelistic, Spirit makes effective Ev 285

for funds for God’s cause 5T 733

how to eliminate CSW 138

heart’s unspoken, Christ heard MH 93

ministers, for decisions Ev 283-5; 4T 316

most solemn, consistent life that is MH 494

need of making,

in personal work 6T 68

to arouse careless and foolish 7T 155

noblest Ed 262

Paul’s toil-worn hands did not detract from his CC 342:3


in miss. work WM 94

tenfold effective Ev 463

prayer for persons responding to 1SM 144-5

prayerful and earnest, create convictions 2SM 152

response to, seeing Christ as everything would bring more FW 73:2

solemn and earnest, by Christ to people MH 448-9


in public ministry 1SM 144-52

needed to move many to stand for truth 1T 646

stirring, needed 2T 341

strong and earnest, sinners need Ev 188; 1SM 157

tenderest, sinner pointed to sacrifice of Christ by TDG 188:6

to be read at camp meetings 5T 217-35

to come to Christ now just as you are TMK 56:4

to work for God, do not wait for CS 44

unheard because of infatuation with vice Mar 108:2

wanderer given most tender, by God TMK 263:4

wayward one given, to make calling sure LYL 43:4

EGW made, in vision to seek things above TDG 15:4

wife leaving husband given, to change spirit TSB 67:1

See also Call; Persuasion

Appeal to Mothers

Appeal to Mothers, by EGW 1T 666, 689

Dansville visit did not influence 3SM 276:3

Appeal to Youth

Appeal to Youth, containing letters by EGW 1T 666, 689

Appearance, Appearances

business and spiritual character shown by OHC 230:3

Christ never deceived by GW 317; TMK 178:3

conversation on, reveals selfishness OHC 283:4

danger of looking at, instead of God PP 672

Daniel’s, revealed physical soundness and moral purity RC 143:3

deceptive 4T 66

desire to make, is tyrant MM 167; 7T 93

erroneous idea that, is great means to success MM 167

faith instead of, to be your guide PM 112:1

for sake of effect, in med. miss. work MM 161

God does not judge by CS 339

God does not judge by; He polishes rough stones 3SM 240:3

have faith in God when, seem forbidding MH 482; PK 164

honesty brings respect in spite of unpleasant 2MCP 437:4; RC 272:7

hope and strength do not depend on MM 167

index to the heart OHC 273:2; TMK 312:5

keeping up, is tyrant 7T 93

large, persons anxious to make CS 273

look on Christ and God’s love instead of striving for RC 178:6

love of, kept woman from good 2T 393

much time and money not to be spent for 9T 56

never depend on, for success 7T 93

not evidence of Christian character 1T 322

of evil,

abstain from 4T 364-5

do more than to merely avoid MYP 348

women warned against 2T 458-9

youth must refrain from MYP 345

of wealth or position, not essential to gospel work 7T 143

often makes difference in treatment received 1T 11

outside, is index to heart 2SG 286; 1T 136


be neat and attractive in AH 22

be not careless and indifferent re AH 22

desire for, like canker MM 167

do not dishonor God by 4T 143

man judges by Ed 266

reformation of heart shown in 1T 162

reformed heart is manifested in 1T 162

seemingly most forbidding, have faith in God in face of MH 482; PK 164; 8T 10-1

too much time spent by youth on MYP 345

we may deny Christ in 1T 304

persons governed by, not good judges of what God does 3T 67

persons trying to keep up AH 151


be neat and attractive in CH 102

make the best of 6T 96

pride of 3T 335; 4T 576

among SDA EW 120

flee from TDG 295:4; UL 300:5

goes when carnal heart is changed 1T 162

slack or untidy in, never be CH 102; Ev 672

studying the law of God as critically as TMK 295:2

success depends on God rather than on TDG 26:3

time and money squandered for 2MCP 381:1

time spent for, instead of inward adorning TMK 312:3

victories not measured by, but by goodness, etc. TDG 199:5

world judges us by our 6T 397

See also Clothing; Dress

Appetite, Appetites

1. Animal

2. Control

3. Natural

4. Perverted (debased, degraded)

5. Restriction of

6. Miscellaneous

1. Animal

butter strengthens 2T 486

flesh food strengthens 2T 486

given us for important purposes 4T 244

indulgence of, degrades and enslaves CH 38

intemperance subjects higher faculties to Te 146

keep, in rigid subjection 4T 244

Nabal used wealth to gratify 2BC 1021-2

perverted, become warring lusts 4T 244

reason should control 3T 561

restrain CH 38; 4T 244

strengthened at expense of moral and intellectual faculties 2T 486

unhealthful stimulants subject higher powers to 4T 34

See also Passion, animal

2. Control of

children to be taught AH 261; CD 229; MH 385; ML 82; 3T 564-5

Christ demonstrated 1SM 272

Christ gives strength for 5T 510

Christ helps to obtain CD 169-70; 3T 161-2

Christ our example in 4T 29

Christian exercises CD 427; FE 144; 3T 570

conscience must have MH 319, 399; MYP 237; 3T 84, 491; 5T 314; 8T 63; Te 60, 145-6, 216

consecration impossible without CH 69

control of passions made easy by CD 162

essential SL 23; 3T 473, 488; Te 16

exercise, to enjoy plain and wholesome food CD 488

failure to exercise, is intemperance 4aSG 125

God’s will must have AA 311; DA 122; MYP 41-2; 3T 538

how to have 2T 507

impossible without God’s help MM 144; 2T 409

intellectual powers must have DA 101; PP 562; 1T 487

lack of, dyspepsia from 2T 374

ministers become more useful by MM 296; 3T 486

miss. work for persons without Ev 265

natural law must have CH 69; SL 29

necessary AA 307; CD 145-70; CH 588; DA 122; MH 175; SL 25-33; 4T 366, 454


essential 2T 428

increase in spiritual strength requires 2T 413

possible to all MH 176

reason must have AA 311; 5BC 1079; CH 156; MH 319, 323; MYP 237-8; 3T 84; 4T 571; 5T 314; Te 12, 146

sanctification impossible without 3T 570

Spirit must have CT 20

spiritual affection must have MH 399

students need CD 159

will must have CD 167; CH 113; Te 181

youth to be taught MYP 233

3. Natural CD 239

abundance for gratification of CH 114; 3T 50

divinely appointed Te 12

eating regularly whets CD 179

giving way to, injures constitution 2T 591

gospel workers need to restrain GW 80

health preserved by restricting 3T 63

life prolonged by restricting 3T 63

perverted by indulgence Te 19

physical exercise increases 3BC 1157

pure and holy when given to man Te 12

4. perverted (debased, degraded)

antediluvians given to CD 373-4

as warring lust CD 167; CH 68; SL 29; 4T 215

association with persons of 5T 508

cease to indulge CH 37; MM 262; TM 114

to preserve health CD 85

crave things most injurious to health 4aSG 146; 2SM 417-8

deadly work of CW 123

depraved CD 239

disease caused by pampering 4T 582

disease overcome by denying 1T 487

Esau sold birthright to satisfy PP 181-2

excuses for flesh diet found by CD 410

false education resulting in CD 239

health reform light guards against 4T 141

how nature helps to overcome 1T 549

indulged at expense of health 1T 486

indulged in use of slow poisons 3T 140-1

Israelites controlled by 4aSG 18

laws of our being violated by CD 161; 3T 63

natural powers weakened by 1T 549

prayer needed to control MH 144-5

reason and judgment enslaved by 4T 28

reasoning faculties affected by 4aSG 13-4

remedy for 4aSG 130-1

sacrifice cheerfully gratification of 2T 99

Satan finds access to soul through Ev 515

Satan ruins men through Ev 530

sinfulness and power of 5BC 1079

sins of greatest magnitude committed through 4T 30

slaves to Te 274

warning to 4aSG 13-4

soul ill-affected by 6T 371

soul’s fine feelings destroyed by Te 149

thousands will not war against their CH 68

to deny, is brave and noble Te 189

victim of, who cannot see injury to himself CD 333

world corrupted by Te 12

wrong habits of eating produce Ed 204; MH 295

5. Restriction of

able persons accomplish more by MH 308-9

blessings Israel would have enjoyed by CD 378

Christ overcame by DA 117

Christian perfection impossible without CD 57; 2T 400

decision of character essential to CD 165

Eden regained by 3T 491

interest and zeal needed in 1T 619

Israel rebelled against 2T 394; 3T 171, 339

labor and expense saved by 2T 404

low scale of spirituality from lack of 2T 414

masses reject any theory calling for 2T 377

med. miss. workers must see need of 6T 267

moral courage needed for 2SM 416; 8T 75

necessary CH 156; 2T 432; 9T 157

only safe path is 3T 561

practice 5T 732

restoration of health requires CD 107-8

why God requires CD 160-1; 2T 591; 3T 63

6. Miscellaneous

abnormal, increases as it is fed CT 405

after resurrection, same as before COL 270

appeals to, church funds raised by CS 202-3; GC 474; 2SM 413; 9T 91

bondage of,

stand free from 5T 442

to serve Christ we must be free from CD 427; 3T 570

brakes to be put on CD 162

caprice of,

indulge not 4T 498

slaves to CD 165

chains of, may become too strong to break 5T 358


care needed in educating MH 384

educate MH 334

how mothers tempt 3T 563

mistaken idea re CD 239

parental responsibility for PP 561

parents not to pamper FE 153

parents’ duty to restrain CG 388

results of indulging, terrible 3T 568

clamoring of,

disregard strong 5T 514

heaven sacrificed rather than to deny 3SG 116

indulgence increases CD 175; 2SM 415

prevail over natural affection Te 67

reason and conscience trampled by 4T 552

what weakens power to resist 3T 563

cleansing of, God demands 9T 153-4

conform, to great moral standard of righteousness FE 118

converted man’s, corresponds to profession of faith CD 297

cravings of,

for clay, etc. CD 239

help those powerless to resist 3T 489

defiling, converted person will abandon Ev 264

delicate, children with CD 239


in right lines Ev 261

to vegetarian diet CD 381

epicurean 2T 487

note what you spend in cultivating AH 379

false, physician must talk plainly re 2SM 282-3

fleshly, sword of God must cut to marrow of TM 414

for intoxicating liquor, without foundation in nature Te 12

for stimulants, how to overcome 4T 28

for unhealthful food, secret vice encourages 2T 470

fresh air excites 1T 702

generally not natural Te 159-60

given us:

for good purpose CD 167

to be servants and not rulers TM 421

god of,

do not make CD 121, 409; CH 82; 4aSG 126; 1T 486; 2T 96-7; 9T 164

intemperance makes 2SM 441

money sacrificed to 2SM 413

tobacco user makes 4aSG 127

God’s children not to eat and drink to please 3T 239

good respiration stimulates Ed 198-9; MH 272

groveling, sense of sacred things beclouded by 4T 647

guard strictly 6BC 1089; FE 152; 3T 477-8

health reform causes no loss of 4aSG 154

higher faculties enslaved by 2T 348

idol made of 5BC 1080; CH 82, 458; 1SM 284; 1T 548; 5T 196-7; Te 20

by tobacco user CH 68

indulge not FE 425; SL 29

intemperate, do not indulge 1BC 1118

loss of,

every spring before 1864, EGW suffered 4aSG 154

good meal purchased at expense of 2T 69

overworking digestive organs at night causes CD 174; 2SM 415


as idol 1T 548

enslavement by 1T 486; 2T 95

health reform restricts 1T 486

indulgence of, wars against soul 1T 548

intellect beclouded by 1T 486

moral sensibilities stupefied by 1T 486

terrible effects of MH 337-8

morbid 2T 67

debasing passions a result of 2SM 416-7

highly seasoned food creates 2SM 420

parents’ duty to control CG 94

slaves to 2SM 416

stomach abused by 2SM 416

not safe guide in selecting food Ed 204; MH 295; Te 159-60

pampering of, self-government lost by 2T 348

parents transmit, to children CD 238; CH 49; PP 306, 561; 3T 140, 488, 567-8; Te 175, 292

power of 3T 485-92

millions destroyed by Te 12

reason often controlled by CG 392; 4aSG 120; 1SM 274; 2SM 413; 2T 95; Te 15

self-indulgence increases DA 117

souls struggling with DA 123

thousands of God’s people overcome by 3T 473

thousands ruined by 3T 491-2

pregnant woman’s, mistake re 2T 382

prepare food so as not to disgust CD 260

principle should rule instead of 6T 374

religion of Christ subjects, to control of conscience and reason 5T 314

ruling principle with many 3T 563

Satan controls man through CD 150, 153; MYP 236; 4aSG 15

Satan’s plan to ruin man by Te 12, 273

slaves to 4aSG 133; 3T 490

children become CD 238; FE 140; 3T 568

children should not grow up as CG 406

Christian character not perfected by 3T 492; Te 16

earnings spent in sensual indulgence by CD 423

men have made themselves 4aSG 131

youth in general are 3T 564

strait jacket not to be suddenly put on MM 285

strength to curb, God’s grace is 2T 92

strong, victory can be gained over Te 267-8

sways many of God’s people 4T 403

tyrannizing, break from CH 22

unhealthy 2T 67

reluctance to restrain 3SG 252

unnatural 2T 69

easier to create than to correct CD 232-3

intemperance is indulging Ev 266

patients who have MH 263

reason and judgment enslaved by 4T 28

restrain and deny 3T 63

sin of indulging Ev 266

unwholesome diet creates Ed 203; 2SM 420

wrong to cook merely to suit 1T 681

youths’, clamor for indulgence 3T 84


Adam and Eve’s fall caused by HP 194:3

Adam failed on, and Christ must conquer there 3SM 128:4

allurements of, youth surrounded by OHC 269:3

appreciation for atonement negated by indulged HP 193:2

body and soul damaged by indulgence of 1MCP 317:2

change in, required 3SM 191:0

children not to be indulged in, but taught obedience TMK 40:2

Christ overcame,

for humanity Con 37:1; OHC 93:2

in self-denial; gluttony rebuked Con 59:1

Christ realized power of HP 194:2

Christ resisted Satan’s strongest efforts on point of Con 78:3

Christ tempted on, HP 252:3; UL 39:3

responded with “It is written” TDG 215:4

Christ’s victory over, appreciated by few AG 164:2

conscience and spiritual affections to control HP 141:4

control of,

by an enlightened conscience OHC 42:5

by the will in view of accountability TMK 313:3

by those whose works confirm their faith TMK 169:3

clearness of mind requires Con 57:2

easier in the wilderness for John the Baptist CC 270:4

intelligently glorifies God and lengthens life TDG 123:6

Satan’s control of minds reduced by 2MCP 394:2

danger of eating meat because of 3SM 289:2

Daniel followed principle rather than to indulge CC 248:2

death was the cost of, for sons of Aaron Con 81:2

denial of,

Christ’s first work in redemption AG 164:6; HP 194:3

for Christ’s sake to bring rejoicing OHC 265:4

honorable TMK 314:3

money wasted on rich food; poverty possible 3SM 275:1

seen important; put money in treasury (1854) 3SM 274:2

depraved, broad way provides room for TMK 304:2

destruction by flood,

because of corruption in Con 24:2

from Satan’s success in temptation of Con 39:2

Eden lost through, and regained only by denial of it CME 41:0

education of, needed for physical and spiritual strength TDG 185:5

effort to attain victory over Con 79:3

epicurean, tables spread to satisfy CC 35:3

faculties sold for Con 80:0

first commandment may be broken by TMK 322:2

health and spiritual growth,

destroyed by Con 74:2

injured by indulgence of 1MCP 297:3

improvement in mind and sanctification hindered by 3SM 291:4

influence decreased by indulgence of HP 192:2

intemperance in,

caused the loss of Eden TMK 314:3

resulted in impatience TSB 215:2

leading temptation HP 194:6

minds clouded from, led Nadab and Abihu to use strange fire Con 81:1

murder charged against victims of Con 77:1

natural, to conform with God’s will UL 214:2

nurse may pray with and for those with degraded RC 254:6


by divine power and human effort AG 164:5; HP 194:4

example of Christ in, shows us how 3SM 129:0

in character development OHC 87:3

means ability to conquer on every point HP 194:6

through faith in Christ Con 74:3

pampering of OHC 265:4

parents not to indulge, telling children no 3SM 293:2

Paul battled, with firm resistance TDG 277:3

perversion of,

danger in cultivation of TDG 138:7

determine to overcome TDG 210:8

habits of eating should not gratify RC 138:3

money spent to gratify OHC 268:2

organs of body enfeebled by HP 191:4

power of God lost by 2MCP 792:4

preserve body by avoiding TDG 123:3

power of, realized by Christ; indicated by length of fast AG 164:2

power to control, in Christ 3SM 292:0

promised land not entered because of CME 40:5

purity of, to be shown CC 248:6

relationship with God must not be hurt by 3SM 283:2

restoration of, by patient who was inactive TDG 129:5


had almost entire control of the world regarding Con 40:1

has overcome many by tempting the OHC 93:2

sickly ones among remnant indulging 3SM 274:4

sickness from indulgence of, displeases God TDG 206:2

sin of indulging,

seen by length of Christ’s fast HP 194:2

will our people see? 2MCP 394:3

sinfulness of debased, shown by Christ’s long fast Con 37:4

slave to, by overeating and too much variety 2MCP 388:3

spending more for indulgence and, than for gospel Con 59:1

spoiled by indulgence; character unsettled 1MCP 170:1

strength of temptation of, measured by Christ’s time in wilderness TDG 206:5

subject to moral and intellectual power TMK 86:5

temptation of,

designed to work our ruin Con 61:1

reaching sinless Adam and Eve Con 15:4

temptation resisted less by indulgence of Con 60:1

time and money squandered to gratify 2MCP 381:1

tobacco use is a gross 1MCP 76:0

truth counteracted by indulgence of Con 60:1

unnatural, indulged cause enfeebled conditions TMK 315:3

victory over,

by Christ began redemption where ruin began 3SM 128:4

impossible without Christ HP 194:4

possible through Christ’s victory Con 66:2

vitiated, food served to meet, of yachting friends TDG 138:2

warning in 1 Peter 2:11 includes perverted Mar 81:2

weakness (debility) of mind and body caused mostly by 3SM 292:0

will power needed to control; do not give in TDG 210:6

See also Lust; Passions

Appetite, indulgence of, Appetites, indulgence of

Appetite, indulgence of, Appetites, indulgence of AA 317; CD 161-2; CH 67-8; GC 473-4; 2T 397; 3T 475; 4T 28-43, 293, 582

1. Consequences of

2. Temptation to

3. Miscellaneous

1. Consequences of

Alexander the Great fell 4T 348

animal propensities strengthened CD 62; CH 67; SL 25; Te 18

antediluvians destroyed 1BC 1090; CH 109; 3T 162; Te 95

appreciation of plan of redemption lessened PP 68

appreciation of sacred truth lessened 1T 693-4

body enfeebled 3T 63

brain and nerves robbed by 1MCP 316:1

brain beclouded CH 68; GW 230; SL 29; 3T 310, 491; 4T 28, 454; TM 114

brain enfeebled CS 134

brain nerves ill-affected 3T 51

brings degradation UL 321:2

brought woe to world AG 164:4

caused fall of man AG 164:6

causes decline in virtue 2MCP 567:2

causes dissension 2MCP 392:0

causes loss of vigor TMK 313:4

children harmed 3T 141

children’s conduct ill-affected CG 392; 2T 368

conqueror of nations fell 4T 348

conscience benumbed PP 558

death for many 6T 372

declension in virtue 3T 486

degeneracy of human race 3T 486

destroys brain power and God’s temple AG 161:3

digestive organs enfeebled SL 25

discrimination destroyed TM 473

disease MM 263-4; 1T 461, 693; 2T 69; 3T 63; 4T 31, 582

dissension, strife, discord, etc. CD 53

dyspeptic stomach CH 68; SL 29

effects of HP 193:3

eternal things not valued due to 2MCP 392:3

eternity left out of reckoning 6T 407

excesses and extravagance ML 97

faculties benumbed CH 68

family, church, and prayer meeting ill-affected CG 392; 2T 368

God’s law violated 1BC 1082; CH 21; 3T 161

guilt before God 3T 62-3

health injured 4aSG 124, 129

heart hardened PP 558

heaven sacrificed for SL 28

heavenly reward lost CS 29

holy emotions of soul blunted GW 230; 3T 310

human race enfeebled 3T 139

impatience 2T 697

increased in time; moral power decreased Con 36:3

injury to self Ev 265

intellect benumbed CD 159-60

intellect injured 4aSG 129

intellectual clearness sacrificed ML 75; SL 23

Israelites overthrown 1SM 277; Te 13

judgment confused TM 473

life’s relations ill-affected CG 392; 2T 368

light given of heaven eclipsed 2T 97

manhood and honor sacrificed 2SM 420

mental improvement hindered 9T 156

mental powers enfeebled PP 545; SL 26; 1T 487-8

mind controlled by Satan CD 167

mind fettered GW 230; 3T 310

ministers pale-faced GW 230; 4T 417

money needlessly spent AA 338; 3T 164, 401; WM 291

moral powers enfeebled CH 24; PP 545; SL 26; 1T 487-8, 693-4; 3T 164

natural law violated 3T 161

nature’s work crippled CH 66; SL 26

parents palsied CD 399

passions inflamed CH 23

people forget God and His laws Te 34

perception of sacred things deadened CD 167

perceptive faculties beclouded or deadened 4aSG 148; 3T 486

physical and mental debility CD 135; 3T 487; 9T 156

physical powers enfeebled SL 26; 1T 487-8, 693-4; 3T 486

physical strength lessened PP 545

physical vigor sacrificed CH 66; ML 75; SL 23

pleasure of eating diminished 2T 69

premature death 3T 562; 9T 156

prevents acceptance with God 1MCP 76:2

reduces clearness of intellect CC 248:3

resistance to temptation lowered PP 378

sacrifices made MYP 236-7

sanctification’s chief hindrance 9T 156

Satan controls whole being CD 167

Satan works for; conscience stupefied 2MCP 394:2

sensibilities benumbed or blunted GC 519; MM 278; 4aSG 129, 148; 3T 476

sensuality PP 378

separation from God CD 159; FE 147

sickness CD 110

sin appears less sinful 4aSG 129; 3T 164

sin brought into world CH 109; 5T 93

Sodom and Gomorrah sinned CH 110; 3T 162

soul diseased 4T 215

spiritual power sacrificed ML 75; SL 23

spirituality destroyed 2T 93

stomach taxed 2T 432

strength wasted 3T 164

suffering for many 6T 372

temper perverted SL 29

thoughts sluggish 4T 454

time wasted 3T 164; 5T 162

torpid liver CH 68; SL 29

truth’s effect blunted CD 427; 3T 570

unnatural desires created 4T 29

vital forces weakened 3T 139

weakens human machinery RC 154:3

2. Temptation to

alluring forms of, many CD 29, 235; CG 395; PK 488

becoming more powerful 3T 492

courage needed to resist Te 199

failure to overcome, souls lost by 4T 31

few have moral stamina to resist 4T 574

God’s help needed to overcome CD 154

Israel’s yielding to CH 111; PP 382

more difficult to overcome 3T 492

one of:

strongest temptations CH 108; 3T 485

three leading temptations 1SM 280; 4T 576

powerful 3T 561

resist CD 161

strength of, how to measure 3T 486

teach people to resist MM 263

triumph of principle over SL 23

twice as great effort required now to resist 3T 488

what to remember in Te 276

why many fail to overcome Te 105-6

3. Miscellaneous

Bible teaching feebly impresses souls benumbed by CH 68

by many rich people UL 113:2

children not to be encouraged in 2T 62

decided testimony to be borne against CD 401

desire for, overcome MM 296

excuses offered for, have no weight with God CD 154; Te 106

far greater now than generations ago CD 167

foundation of sins CH 110; 3T 561-2

gatherings for pleasure given to PP 460

God marks sin of FE 147

God’s plan to check PP 60

greatest evil MM 85; MYP 233

grievous sin AG 164:2

grows with children’s growth 3T 564

guilt for, pressed upon Christ HP 194:5

guilt of, while closing eyes to God-given light 3T 62-3

hurtful PP 182

forbidden CD 167; SL 25

is intemperance CG 394

truly converted persons abandon 9T 113

John the Baptist’s diet as rebuke to 3T 62

law governing people generally 3T 140; 6T 374

loose rein given to, ill effects of 1T 362; 2T 92

lover of, will be destroyed 6T 406-7

many people live for 3T 564

means not to be spent for COL 334

not man’s chief end CH 116

not mark of truly great man MYP 66

obedience to the Word saves from TMK 196:4

prudence to be consulted before spending means for 2T 431

put away 6T 373

Satan tempts professed Christians to WM 292

second nature to some people 3T 563

sought as chief good MYP 66


abstain from Ev 515

conquer every CH 464

unrestrained, guard against CD 243

world largely given to CD 17

wrong to eat merely for MH 300

See also Eating; Flesh food; Food