EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Angel, Angels, evil - Apostasy

Angel, Angels, evil

appear with Satan as humans mingling with defector 3SM 409:3

appearing as believers; avoid discouragement 3SM 410:2

atonement not provided for UL 262:5

attempt to destroy righteous in time of test Mar 255:3

beautiful garments of 3SM 43:1

beside readers of infidel authors TDG 217:5

choose for those deciding inspiration of testimonies 3SM 70:3

Christ came to stand against LHU 38:2

Christ’s praises drove away HP 214:4

commune with one not open to Christ TDG 332:2

conspire with evil people against good LHU 197:2

control those refusing to sacrifice their idols OHC 162:3

dead friends impersonated by; ministers tempted Con 88:2

deceive those who turn truth to a lie UL 317:3

deceptive power of Con 86:2

disguised as believers bring in unbelief 2MCP 504:3

EGW turned to God when pain was caused by TDG 36

expelled from heaven because refusing harmony TDG 128:2

experience of, helps evil people in last conflict 3SM 425:5

God’s will is greater than power of TMK 183:5

husband taking wife’s money was controlled by TSB 29:2

ideas from, countered with words of Christ 3SM 410:4

idolatry for, when representing loved ones in death TDG 247:2

influence of, minds to be aroused regarding OHC 92:2

Judas surrounded by, and ensnared TDG 267:3

meetings attended by, to work against God’s Spirit 2MCP 504:3

met after time with Source of strength OHC 116:5

minds controlled by,

if permitted 1MCP 24:2

of people in adultery TSB 132:2

mingled with Christ’s listeners to misinterpret 3SM 410:6

miracles worked in our sight by Mar 156:5

parents and children assisted by, in disloyalty TDG 111:3

persecute with evil humans UL 262:2

repentance of a soul brings consternation among OHC 89:2


effective as; angel of light 1MCP 21:4

will not lose; he has them under his banner TDG 256:4

see in judgment what they did in deception UL 203:5

souls enlisted with Christ are targets of TDG 89:2

strive for mastery in your life UL 24:6

surround us; holy angels press them back LHU 347:6

talk with those knowing truth (as men) to misinterpret 3SM 411:1

thoughts not read by, but they watch and tempt 2MCP 659:0; OHC 88:3

unbelief fostered by, appearing as believers 3SM 410:2

uniting with, to harm those who love God; lawsuit 3SM 304:3

unpardonable because of light they had had Con 21:1

wage demands brought exulting of PM 149:0

walking in the office in garments of light PM 70:3

wanted to show hatred to God UL 357:6

work to counteract work of Christ and colaborers RC 250:6

work of,

do not confirm; repeat words of Christ 2MCP 505

with evil people; bad influence of whites SW 76:0

See also Darkness, powers of; Satan, agents of

Angel, Christ as

Angel, Christ as See Christ

Angel, fallen, Angels, fallen

Angel, fallen, Angels, fallen See Demon; Devil; Satan; Spirit, evil; Angel, evil

Angel hands

Angel hands, God’s arrows barbed and true-aimed by COL 158

Angelic architect

Angelic architect with golden measuring rod TM 17

Angelic beings

Angelic beings, human family ranks next to MH 397

Angelic choir

amid anthems of, God hears cries of weakest human COL 174

apostles heard DA 831

at second advent 6BC 1093; SD 359

Christ heard 2SM 238

first note for, commanding angels strike EW 288; GC 646

God’s people joined by, in songs of praise AA 154; 6T 367; 7T 17

God’s throne surrounded by Ed 168; SD 198

harmony of, approach as nearly as possible to PP 594

Lucifer led, before his fall SR 25

praise and thanksgiving sung to God by 6T 368

redeemed nearing heavenly home will hear Ed 168

shepherds heard, at Christ’s birth ML 363

theme of Rev. 15:3, 4 sung by 7T 28

what to do to unite with ML 91; 2T 268

See also Angel

Angelic perfection

Angelic perfection failed in heaven 5BC 1132

Angel ministrations

Angel ministrations, Spirit’s subduing influence under 1SM 96

Angel of covenant

Angel of covenant See Christ

Angels of darkness

Angels of darkness See Devil

Angel of God’s presence

Angel of God’s presence See Christ

Angel of light, Angels of light

church symbolized by MM 131

false teachers clothed as Ev 364; TM 236

Satan as See Satan

why Christ did not come as 7BC 926-7

wicked physician disguised as CH 459; Ev 607

Angel of mercy, Angels of mercy

cannot shelter impenitent much longer PK 278

covering over God’s people 2T 231

family over whom hovered 2T 98, 111

folding wings,

ready to leave Jerusalem DA 578

ready to leave world ML 308; 8T 49; TM 182

hovering over eastern states of USA 1T 389

sign that, about to depart 5T 451

Angel of purity

Angel of purity, Satan in guise of 3T 483

Angel of Revelation 10

Angel of Revelation 10 2SM 107-8

Christ is 7BC 971

Angel of Rev. 14:6-12, Angels of Rev. 14:6-12

Angel of Rev. 14:6-12, Angels of Rev. 14:6-12, symbolic FE 209; GC 355; LS 429; MM 131; PK 300; 5T 455-6; 6T 17

See also First angel’s message; Second angel’s message; Third angel’s message; Three angels’ messages

Angel of Rev. 18:1-4

Angel of Rev. 18:1-4, symbolic EW 245, 277; GC 604

Angel presence

Angel presence in home COL 102

Angel robes

Angel robes, Satan works in CM 143; CT 134; MM 95; 2SM 100; 5T 80, 454, 573

“Angels’ food”

“Angels’ food” See Manna


appearance of, avoid 2T 52

at supposed provocation, opens heart to Satan DA 310

avoid, in discussing misunderstandings UL 106:2

born of sensitive morals, not a sin DA 310

children not to be corrected in AH 314-5; CG 244-5, 249, 254; CT 117

but disciplined 2MCP 519:0

makes two wrongs 2MCP 519:2

children not to be provoked to, by your words and actions 2MCP 519:0

Christ sang psalms instead of retorting in OHC 291:4

Christ shut out from home by AH 422; 1T 307

Christ treats, as murder OHC 235:4

Christian teacher will not manifest, to erring student CT 266

conquering, is conquering self RC 292:2

danger of one word in; description of one expressing OHC 235:5

determine not to have TMK 209:3

developing, in enemies; Holy Spirit’s work needed instead 3SM 395:3, 399:1

development of, in child’s first three years of life CG 83; Te 177

difficult to restrain, on provocation SD 142

Edson counseled to avoid, in respecting self TDG 70:2

effort required for mother to restrain RC 171:5

feeling of, hold firmly to Christ at rising of OHC 235:5

flashing out in, gives reason to believe accusers HP 246:3

God reads inward, of soul when will is crossed TMK 234:3

God’s rod of, Assyrians used as PK 349

hope in Christ for one given to OHC 235:5

indulgence of,

evil of 2T 52

makes us servants of sin SL 92

literature may arouse; eventually truth wins heart PM 397:3

met with silence, quickly dies away MH 486; MYP 136

never pays; character damaged and souls embittered 1MCP 192:1

never strike children in RC 186:3

of enemies, God’s servants tried by ChS 239-40

outbursts of, in children CG 92-3

parent giving way to, more at fault than child CG 246

parents’ show of, confirms rebellion in the child 2MCP 552:2

persons easily provoked to, remedy for SD 142

prompted by self-love or wounded ambition, not righteous indignation TM 101


erring ones to TDG 270:2

generally wrong, but there is a good way TDG 70:7

will not stir, if God controls OHC 274:4

reason dethroned by 4T 431

respect of God for everyone remembered when tempted to show 2MCP 582:4

retaliation to be refused when tempted to show 2MCP 522:2

reveal that you are slow to 3BC 1161

ruinous effect of, on health Ed 197

satanic spirit is revealed in DA 353

sets untamed human nature on fire OHC 274:4

silence in response to,

lets it die RC 293:2

words FLB 265:4

sin even in thought HP 246:4

soft answer turns away; Christian politeness needed TDG 369:3

soul’s inward, God reads 3BC 1153

spirit of, as intoxicating as liquor OHC 235:3

striking a child in UL 302:2

teacher should refuse to be provoked to CT 212, 214

teacher’s, never pays FE 278

what is done in, not excusable 4T 243

white heat of, Satan exults when soul gets into 2BC 1020

words of, not to be heard; they dishonor Christ TDG 270:4

wounded by own vehemence; words not to be as bullets 2MCP 578:4

yielding to, intoxicating; learn eloquence of silence 2MCP 582:4

yoke of Christ not worn when showing TDG 288:3

See also Bitterness; Calmness; Hatred; Impatience; Indignation; Ire; Passions; Provocation; Temper; Words, provoking; Wrath

Anglican Church

Anglican Church See Church of England


on slightest occasion, most youth become CG 440

to feel, is sin CG 95

we cannot get, and retain clear conscience 2T 590

why men become, when sins are discovered DA 392

Angry answer

Angry answer, meekness of Christ gives no MB 16

Angry blows

Angry blows, children should not be struck with CG 280

Angry feeling

Angry feeling See Feeling

Angry passions

in little children CG 92-3

Satan makes himself heard in 4T 346

Angry person, Angry persons

how to answer MYP 135-6

who are not sane 3BC 1161

words often exasperate MH 486

Angry spirit

Angry spirit, exhausting itself in torrent of faultfinding 4T 243

Angry words

let no, escape your lips 2SG 267; 7T 261

mouth always ready to utter 2T 425

not of heavenly origin CG 246

to speak, like flint striking flint CG 95


cry of, heard in impressive dream 2T 595

day of heart-rending, before us 1T 269

endured for Christ’s sake, recorded in heaven LS 157

of God’s people, in time of trouble GC 619-20

pangs of,

Christ acquainted with our 2T 313

will be rewarded 2SG 198

See Agony

Angwin, Calif.

Angwin, Calif. 2SM 202

Animal, Animals

1. Antediluvian

2. Clean

3. Cruelty to

4. Food source

5. In Eden

6. In new earth

7. Unclean

8. Miscellaneous

1. Antediluvian

amalgamation of 3SG 64, 75

angels guided, into Noah’s ark PP 97-9, 107; 3SG 67-8; SR 65

confused species of, destroyed by Flood 3SG 75

created species of, in Noah’s ark 3SG 75

fierce and powerful, in Noah’s ark PP 97; 3SG 75

large and powerful, do not exist now 3SG 92-3; 4aSG 121

much larger than now Ed 129; PP 112; 3SG 95

terror of,

in Noah’s ark PP 100; SR 68

when Flood came PP 99; 3SG 69-72, 77; SR 66, 68-9

See also Fossil

2. Clean

eating of, permitted after Flood PP 107; 3SG 76; 4aSG 121

in Noah’s ark PP 97-8, 107

Noah offered, as sacrifices PP 106; 3SG 73; SR 69

only, accepted as offerings symbolizing Christ SD 225

3. Cruelty to

angels note PP 443

antediluvians delighted in PP 92; 3SG 63-4

Balaam’s PP 442-3

community resentment against 2T 379

eating of flesh food involves MH 314-6; 4aSG 146-9; 2SM 418-9; 2T 64

intemperate man’s Te 32

judgment of persons guilty of PP 443

of killing, for food, but different for insects TDG 205:4

Satan delights in DA 356-7; GC 515; 8T 273

sinfulness of PP 443

EGW pained by 1T 25

4. Food source

disease in,

from improper care, fattening, and slaughtering CH 115; MH 314; 4aSG 146-9; 2SM 418-9; 2T 64

makes meat dangerous to eat 2MCP 390:1

milk made unsafe by CD 359; MH 320; 2T 369

physicians to call attention to CD 388

proportionate to man’s wickedness 7T 135

rapidly increasing CD 292, 412; MH 313; 7T 124


as poisonous food MM 280; 2SM 418

used for food CD 410-3; MM 280; 4aSG 146-9; 2SM 418-9; 2T 153, 404-5

eating dead, injures spirituality 2MCP 407:3

inferior quality of, sold for food 2T 153

slain for food,

revolting thought of Ev 664; MM 279

unpleasant sight CD 401

slaughter of, for food is unnecessary CD 394; CH 450

strangled, pagan Gentiles eat AA 191

See also Flesh foods

5. In Eden

Adam and Eve obeyed by 1SM 268

Adam familiar with PP 51

Adam named PP 46, 51

devoured not one another CD 396

diet of, vegetarian CD 396

played about Adam and Eve AH 26; PP 50; 3SG 35; 1SM 268; SR 22

sported together without fear MH 261; PP 50

6. In new earth

all kinds EW 18; 2SG 53; 1T 68

dwell together in perfect unity 1T 68

gentle and trustful Ed 304

man’s sway recognized by Ed 304

7. Unclean

eating of,

fills blood with impurities DA 617

Israel forbidden MH 312

life shortened by DA 617

not best articles of food 4aSG 124

Peter’s vision of, mistaken idea re SR 285-6

Pharisees classed smallest insect with DA 617

See also Swine

8. Miscellaneous

acts of mercy due to WM 47

affection shown to caretakers by MH 316

all have ministry Ed 103

amalgamation of 3SG 64, 75

bought and sold in temple court DA 155, 589

can live only by life God imparts SC 67

can love and serve man PP 45

care of,

by Jews on Sabbath DA 286

spiritual development helped by Ed 43

childless persons lavishing affection on AH 168-9; MH 203

children to be taught to be merciful to MH 317

Christ’s tenderness and sympathy for DA 74

compassion to, love to God shown by RC 229:3

created to serve man PP 443

curse felt by, after man sinned CD 383, 411-2, 414; PP 443; 4aSG 146; 2SM 418

degenerating in size 4aSG 146; 2SM 418

depend daily on God’s providential care PP 115

disgusting habits degrade man lower than CD 399

domestic, raising of 2SM 426


a lesson book 1BC 1089

ministers to some other life DA 20

Egyptians superstitiously venerated PP 333

fear of man put on, after Flood PP 107; 3SG 75

fierce, Israel was protected against PP 429

formation and habits of, study 1BC 1089

free from disease, few CD 388; 4aSG 146; 2SM 418

God’s law requires due regard for WM 47-8

having tasted blood, illustration of 2BC 1020

hear, see, love, fear, and suffer MH 315

inability of,

to tell of their want and suffering DA 500

to understand and acknowledge God’s sovereignty PP 45

intelligence displayed by, a mystery MH 315

irregular eating by, no criterion for us CD 182

life of, Christ studied DA 70

life span of, decreasing 4aSG 146; 2SM 418

live only through life from God SC 67

living like, indulging and forgetting God’s gifts Con 79:2

lower orders of, man placed above 8T 264

Mosaic law extended to DA 500

nature of, Adam’s sin affected Ed 26-7

nature’s gifts to SC 68

never eat some mixtures often put in human stomachs CD 113

organs of, faithful use of MH 315

professed Christians more, than divine 2T 474

rebellion of, against sinful man’s rule Ed 26-7; PP 59

sacred, of Egyptians PP 266-7, 333; 3SG 201, 211; SR 112

sacrifice of, represents offering of Christ LHU 24:3

suffering of,

Christ sought to alleviate DA 90

man’s sin resulted in 1BC 1085; CD 411; PP 443; 4aSG 146; SR 50-1

sympathy and tenderness of, for the suffering MH 315-6

teachers of children Ed 117

tender compassion to be shown WM 48

that answers purpose of creation better than does indolent man CT 280

unhealthy, better never to eat CD 394; CH 450

use of bodies by 1BC 1089

vicious, possessor of Te 288

wants of, God supplies SD 139

weapons used by 1BC 1089


Creator’s law obeyed by instinct governing SL 76

pagans threw Christians to GC 40

without reason and intellect 3T 132

know no mental taxation CD 182

See also Beast

Animal appetites

Animal appetites See Appetite, animal

Animal foods

Animal foods See Blood; Butter; Cheese; Chicken; Cream; Egg; Fat; Flesh food; Lard; Milk; Swine’s flesh; Turkey

Animal instinct

Animal instinct, Satan leads men to gratify 3T 561


development of, lessens spirituality CH 576

flesh food diet tends to CD 389-90; CH 576

shameful, human bodies corrupted by AH 124

Animal life

depends on sunlight SD 281

earth teemed with, when created PP 44

lower forms of, man did not evolve from PP 45

Animal nature


flesh food strengthens MM 278-9

moral and intellectual nature not to be governed by 2T 364

Animal organs

faithful use of MH 315

man’s, intemperance strengthens 3T 51

Animal passions

Animal passions See Passion, animal

Animal products

Animal products See Blood; Butter; Cheese; Chicken; Cream; Egg; Fat; Flesh food; Lard; Milk; Swine’s flesh; Turkey

Animal propensity

Animal propensity See Propensity, animal

Animal sacrifices

Animal sacrifices See Sacrifice

Animal world

Animal world, God’s wisdom revealed in PK 33

Animate being

Animate being, humblest, Source of life replenishes DA 785


brethren EGW addressed lacked, in responding to truth FW 76:1

needed in winning souls 6T 418

preach and pray with; avoid faithless sermons VSS 225:2


banish, from soul DA 310

check every manifestation of 5T 241

cherished while asking forgiveness 5T 170

stir up no 6T 394

See also Anger; Enmity; Hatred

Ankle, Ankles

chilling of,

catarrh and scrofulous swelling caused by 2SM 477; 1T 459

guard against 2SM 479; 1T 461

sprained 2SG 206


Anna, prophetess DA 55, 231


Annals, by Roger de Hoveden GC 576-7

Annals of the English Bible

Annals of the English Bible, by Christopher Anderson, quoted GC 246

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Ann Arbor, Mich., students in peril at FE 347, 359, 451; 2SM 324


Christ’s preliminary trial before DA 698-703, 742; GC 667

ex-high priest when Christ died AA 452; DA 698

Peter and John tried before AA 62; SR 250-3


observance of AH 472-6

of Australian school opening CT 350

Anniversary occasions

Anniversary occasions, duty to God on CS 295; CSW 143-4


all beset by MH 393

cease when abiding in Christ HP 187:4

cheerful amid, when Christ dwells in us HP 231:3

committing, to Christ TMK 190:3

daily, showing the power of grace amid OHC 352:2

explained in future life OHC 318:3

failure in little things caused by our TMK 139:3

guard against little HP 231:2

how to:

forget ML 327, 338

meet 5T 344


exaggerated into grievous trials 3T 335

teach children to pass lightly over CT 123

meekness leads one to rise above DA 301

meet, in the spirit of Christ OHC 243:3

most, uncontrolled temper causes MYP 135; 4T 348

patience and faith tested by 4T 116


in times of, and be patient LHU 341:2

silently when confronted with HP 30:3

reflecting Heaven’s light amid HP 46:7

rise above, by ruling spirit RC 292:4

uncontrolled temper causes RC 292:8

voice should never show HP 204:3

who rises above ML 70; MYP 134; 5T 488

why heart rebels against 5T 176

See also Difficulties; Provocation


Annoyed, when, flee to Christ 2T 81

Annual gatherings (meetings)

Annual gatherings (meetings) See Assembly; Camp meeting



by Spirit See Christ

with ointment by Mary DA 559-68; EW 165; 4T 550-1

See also Alabaster box; Christ; Holy Spirit; Mary Magdalene; Ointment

David’s, with sacred oil PP 702

of Saul as king by Samuel PP 610

of the sick with oil,

in prayer for healing MM 16

See also Healing, prayer for; Oil; Prayer for healing

Anonymous writers

Anonymous writers See Poet; Writer

Answer, Answers

gruff, loss of friends by GW 121

pleasant, reply not unless with WM 153

to queries, how to give 6T 69

unwise, victory lost by ML 52

Ant, Ants

diligence and perseverance of, accomplish wonders 3BC 1157-8

industry of, reproach to the indolent 3BC 1157-8; CT 190

lessons taught by,

in faithfulness 4T 456

in patient industry Ed 117

in perseverance in surmounting obstacles Ed 117

in providence for future CT 190; Ed 117-8

skill and perseverance of CT 190

in building habitations 3BC 1157-8

superior to man in many respects 4T 455


avoid, in Sunday legislation issues 3SM 396:5

enter not needlessly into DA 434

guard against arousing Ev 564

in periodical articles, caution re CW 66

preach the love of Christ 1MCP 40:3

toward God, Satan inspires men with MYP 54

toward truth, strengthening ChS 158


Antagonistic, ministers should not be 1SM 181

Antagonist of sin

Antagonist of sin, successful, Christ the only CM 153

Antediluvian, Antediluvians (people who lived before the flood)

Antediluvian, Antediluvians (people who lived before the flood) Ed 20-7; EW 145-53; PP 44-116; 3SG 33-96; SR 20-71

1. Faithful

2. Ungodly

3. Miscellaneous

1. Faithful

apostasy among 5T 93

Christ and angels taught PP 83

God’s commandments obeyed by 3SG 53

only a few of most prominent of, mentioned in Bible PP 84

Sabbath revered by 3SG 53

worshiped at gate of Garden of Eden PP 83-4

See also Enoch; Noah; Seth

2. Ungodly

absorbed in worldly pleasure and business 9T 14

Cain’s influence on GC 543; PP 78-9, 325

cities becoming as those of TDG 152:2

continued in disobedience saying God’s threats impossible RC 322:2

corruption of; world now is reaching serious point TSB 98:4

destroyed for making void the divine law OHC 252:4

drunkenness a prevailing sin of Te 25

efforts of, to save themselves from Flood PP 100; 3SG 71-2; SR 68-9

Enoch’s message rejected by PP 86

flesh foods used by CD 373; CH 109; PP 92; 4aSG 121; 2SM 412

frivolous behavior of, degenerated to debasing sin TSB 147:1

given to sin without restraint CH 19

God expelled from thoughts FE 421; TM 335

God pitied, although wickedness too great RC 321:3

God’s existence denied by some PP 91; 3SG 62

God’s law disregarded by COL 178

human sacrifices offered by PP 99

idolatry among CD 374; PP 91, 95-6, 99; 3SG 61-3, 87; 2SM 412

intemperate in eating and drinking CD 373; CH 109; PP 101; 3T 162-3; 4T 29; Te 13, 95, 227

law of Jehovah made of no effect by HP 345:2

living as, treasure to be in heaven instead of RC 269:7

many things devised by, to nullify God’s law 9T 92

marriage of, great crime in MYP 456; 5T 365

message of Noah refused by LHU 371:3

Noah’s warning scorned by 1BC 1090; COL 228; EW 45, 284; GC 26, 337-9, 431; LS 205-6; MB 33; PP 95-6, 104; 3SG 66; SR 62-3; 3T 207; 4T 308; 5T 99; 7T 107; TM 75, 233

opportunity given to, but they yielded to Satan RC 321:4

perverted what was lawful in itself 1BC 1090; Te 141

polygamy among PP 91-2, 338; 3SG 63, 99; SR 64, 75-6

probation’s close for 1SM 63

sin of, perverting that which was lawful OHC 79:3

sins of, rampant in our day 4BC 1144, 1155; CH 23; COL 414; DA 633; Ev 26; GW 126; PK 717; 5T 10, 134, 218, 361; 9T 14, 43; TM 91, 457

sinful amusements and festivities of PP 97, 103

terror of, when Flood came PP 99-101; 3SG 69-72; SR 67-8

truth set aside by; at peace with Satan RC 323:3

unsound reasoning of, re nature PP 96-7

unthankful people are like HP 343:2

violence in last days to exceed that of UL 365:3

warned but they laughed HP 343:4

wickedness of 1BC 1090; 6BC 1112; CD 446; CH 23, 506; COL 292; DA 633; Ed 183; EW 45; FE 421-2; PK 297; PP 62, 78-9, 91-5, 363, 492; 1SM 277; 2SM 151; 3T 162-3; Te 25, 95, 100, 246, 281; TM 75

and its results set before God RC 321:2

world-wide rebellion of, against God PK 687; PP 332

worship of nature by PP 91

3. Miscellaneous

beautiful houses built by PP 90; 3SG 62

capabilities of, greater than those today CC 34:4

fossil relics of See Fossil

gospel teachers among 6T 392

history of, lessons from 1BC 1090; 5BC 1103; PP 325; 4T 309

intellectual giants GC 664; PP 82-3

long-lived FE 421; GC 664; 3SG 64

because Adam and Eve had eaten of tree of life 7BC 988

considered youths at age of 100 years 4aSG 156

most active when modern man is ready to die 4aSG 156

of Noah’s day, described PP 90-2

120 years of special probation given to 1BC 1088-9; GC 337-8

only a few steps from the Creator CC 34:5

physical endurance of CH 19

probation closed for, short time before Flood GC 491

scenery in Switzerland reminds one of TMK 146:2

seven generations of, on earth contemporaneously PP 83

skills and arts among 1BC 1089; GC 664; 3SG 62; 4aSG 155-6

stature of,

giantlike 7BC 986; GC 664; PP 90, 112; 3SG 61

more than twice that of men now living 7BC 986; 3SG 84

without books or written records PP 83

Antediluvian age

not one of ignorance and barbarism PP 82-3

one of great religious light PP 83

Antediluvian countries

Antediluvian countries, some, uninhabited PP 108


angels sing, at second advent GC 641

David composed, for sanctuary services PP 752-3

keynote of,

in heaven SR 422

that redeemed will sing GC 665

most sublime, one of earliest and PP 288

of adoration, immortal tongues sing 5BC 1127

of devotion, David sang PP 642

of praise, redeemed will sing GC 545, 650, 665; ML 307

of thanksgiving, Israel sang at Red Sea PP 288

See also Hymn; Psalm; Song


Antics, in pulpit, improper Ev 640


allegiance to God’s law broken by 1T 77

avoid power of people worked by spirit of 3SM 400:2

brand of, rulers have taken TM 39

counterfeit of, distinguished only by Scriptures Mar 156:2

followers of, subjects of Satan 7BC 949

form of, revealed in apostasy 7BC 910

in Protestant churches GC 384

marvelous works to be performed by GC 593

meaning of,

all who exalt themselves against God 3SM 402:1

failure to see 7BC 949

means all opposed to God’s will and work 7BC 950

men worked by spirit of, do not yield to 9T 230

not to be respected among us CW 96

pope denounced as, by Luther GC 142-3; SR 344

prevails in world 7BC 950

rival popes condemned each other as GC 87

Satan as, began rebellion in heaven 7BC 949-50; 9T 230

side of, class who will be on 7BC 949

would-be judges and critics MB 126

spirit of,

developing rapidly UL 293:3

prevails as never before 5T 80

works in evil people against the obedient 3SM 401:1

spiritualism as manifestation of PP 686

will appear as true Christ Ev 365; TM 62

wrath of God for those who are with 3SM 402:1

Wycliffe (John) regarded rival popes as GC 87

Antichristian power

lost supremacy sought by GC 205

papacy as TM 37

protesters of Spires rejected GC 205

Sunday as institution of TM 37

Anticipated evil, Anticipated evils

Anticipated evil, Anticipated evils, brooding over, unwise and unchristian 5T 200

Anticipation of evil

Anticipation of evil, some people always given to PP 293

Antidote, Antidotes

for death, fruit of tree of life as 7BC 988; MM 233; 8T 288

for disease, in simple plants 2SM 289

for grief MH 248; 2SM 274

for sin, Christ’s grace the only CG 188; CH 366; CT 468; Ev 517, 544; MH 141

for soul’s diseases CH 366

no, for strychnine 4aSG 138

when God will not provide TM 455


in early church AA 553

in time of Wesley (John) GC 260-4

Antioch of Pisidia

Antioch of Pisidia AA 170-6, 185

Antioch of Syria

Antioch of Syria AA 96, 155-66, 187-90, 196-8, 281; 6BC 1108; SR 301-2, 305


Antipopes, deposed by Council of Constance GC 106 See also Pope


Christ was,

of ceremonial law COL 35

of Jewish ceremonies AA 424; 5BC 1139; COL 126; DA 709

of Passover lamb 3SG 225

of wave sheaf 6BC 1092; DA 785-6; GC 399; 1SM 305

type almost reached, when Christ was born DA 52

type met,

in Christ as High Priest 5BC 1104

in Christ’s death AA 120, 189, 227-8; 5BC 1109; 7BC 913; DA 757, 774; Ev 598; FE 382, 398; GC 328; PK 626-7; PP 365; 1SM 237-8; SR 306; 3T 432

type to meet, in Christ FE 382


Bible as, many hammers worn out by GC 288

blacksmith’s strength for ringing COL 349


Anxiety MB 134

aged person’s,

re earthly goods 3BC 1148

re money 1T 423

borrowed, increases 2T 72

burdens of, faith lightens PP 600

busy, weary not yourself with 2T 576, 601; MH 199

cannot remedy one evil AH 431; SD 168

dismissal of all, what would lead to SC 86

expression of, too much SC 121-2

from fear of poverty PP 293

grieves Spirit PP 294

harassing souls, God aware of SC 100

harmful AH 431; SD 168

health broken down by MH 241

health injured by 4T 64

John the Baptist would not discuss his DA 216

Joshua’s PP 482

life forces crushed by MH 115

minds continually harassed with AH 150-1

not a fruit of Spirit GW 287; SD 290

parental, re external appearance 4T 198

Paul’s, preyed on his physical powers AA 488

re outcome of future affairs MH 478

spiritual growth cannot be secured by SC 68

spread your, before God DA 329; MH 72

stamped on features of some people 1T 566

supreme, worldly things not to be made MB 98-9

treadmill of COL 343

undue, re worldly things CS 159

weakness and disease caused by MH 229

when our, displeases God CS 159; Ev 81

when we are pressed under, God is near SD 19

whether you will be saved, do not indulge SC 72

yoke of, lay off PP 294

See also Care; Worry

Anxious care

Anxious care re necessities of life CS 227

Anxious forebodings

Anxious forebodings, feelings of, what to do re PK 164

Anxious thought

at mealtime cast off MH 306

Christ’s rebuke to CS 227; SC 124


Apart See Alone

Apartment, Apartments

cheap and forsaken, undesirable place of worship 5T 269

light and ventilation needed in 4aSG 142

small and unhealthy, danger of living in 4aSG 143

See also Sleeping room


appearance of, throw off Ev 284

cold and dead 2T 325

our own, should alarm us 3T 397

to be dreaded CT 394; FE 373

See also Asleep; Indifference; Indolence; Lethargy; Lukewarmness; Neutrality; Stupor; Torpor

Ape, Apes

Ape, Apes, man has not descended from Ed 130


Apocalypse See Revelation, book of


Apollos AA 269-70, 274, 279-82, 300, 355; 6BC 1063; MM 251; 6T 167


Apology by Tertullian, quoted GC 41-2, 240

Apology, Apologies

for being a Christian and daring to be right OHC 333:4

in preaching, do not make GW 168; 2T 616

sword of truth blunted by 2SM 150

thoughtless one to be reminded of duty of TDG 332:4


body conditions that lead to 1T 520

causes of:

disobedience to laws of health 4T 502

flesh foods 4aSG 147; 2SM 419

sour cider 5T 357; Te 95

despondent man who died from 2SG 153-6

EGW believed to have LS 151; 2SG 185; 1T 92-3


1. Future

2. In early church

3. Israelite

4. Past

5. Present-day

6. Miscellaneous


1. Future

be surprised at nothing in line of 4BC 1170; 2SM 147

deepest, God’s people as lights during PK 189

leaven of, to work with increasing power 7BC 910


by Sunday law 5T 451

God will work for His people in time of 3SM 388:5

registered in heaven when religious liberty sacrificed Mar 216:2

signal for national ruin 2SM 373

will end in national ruin 7BC 977; Ev 235

ruin follows LDE 134

ringleaders in 5T 212

test will bring FE 460; 6T 132

till conflict ends there will be PK 83

way for image to beast prepared by GC 444

will be seen in our ranks Ev 593; 6T 400-1

will develop into darkness deep as midnight PK 717

will increase Ev 363; 2SM 383

2. In early church

aid of civil government sought during GC 443

gradual, led to establishment of papal power GC 49-60, 443

great, Paul foretold GC 49, 444

in first centuries EW 210-3, 226-7; GC 42-9, 298, 384-5, 551; SR 322-4, 354-5; 8T 26, 241-2

3. Israelite

after rending of kingdom of Israel PK 109

Ahab’s reign marked by PK 116; 3T 273-86

at Sinai PP 315-30; TM 98-102

Bible presents results of PK 668

blessings of God’s presence lost by PP 343

deeper, followed every reformation DA 28

developed gradually PK 55, 147, 296

Elijah stood grandly alone amid 5T 526

gathered strength with passing years PK 384

God bore long with 3BC 1132

heathen abominations prevailed during PP 337

in reign of Ahaz PK 322, 331-2

in Solomon’s time 2BC 1026, 1028, 1032-3; FE 499; PK 47, 51-8; 4aSG 100-1

inquiry by many people during PK 326

Isaiah saw, in vision DA 590

Jeremiah labored in time of PK 408

Jews subject to Rome because of DA 602

laws given as safeguard against PK 620

leaders of, death penalty for PP 455

marriage and mingling with heathen led to PK 620; PP 171, 544-5

more dreadful than famine PK 127; 3T 276

Moses foretold results of PK 295

results of, in kingdom of Israel PK 281

speedily brought punishment PP 557

unparalleled, in Habakkuk’s time PK 387

Zephaniah’s warnings re results of PK 389

4. Past

ancient, recorded as warning to us 3SG 5


God’s people before Flood 5T 93

Noah’s descendants 1BC 1091-2; PP 118; 2SM 412; SR 72; 8T 213

centuries of, treasure up wrath GC 286

church often afflicted by 5T 688

in Abraham’s time PP 125

in 1844 LS 61-2

in England GC 388

in every age of, people true to God PP 338

in Galatia, how Paul dealt with AA 383-8

in some churches in Paul’s time AA 296

judgment will reveal heinous character of DA 58

man alienated himself from God by 5T 230

man united with Satan in FE 199

man’s, has brought discord, wretchedness, and ruin 2BC 999

martyrs refused deliverance on condition of 4T 336

original, deplorable effect of MH 129

sad history of, exploited by infidelity 3SG 5-6

Satan and man became evil by GC 505


how world was to be kept from PK 687

in Christ’s time 5T 421

5. Present-day

almost universal TM 151

who will be able to stand in 6BC 1106

among God’s people FE 197; LS 326; 5T 72

characteristic PK 185

encouragement to stand for right during PK 177

general, promise to the obedient amid 4BC 1148

God’s judgments invited by PK 305-6

great, will develop into darkness deep as midnight COL 414

in air we breathe 1BC 1114; 2SM 58, 394

met everywhere 4T 448

only obedience to God’s requirements will keep man from PK 83

prevailing spirit of PK 178; 5T 79

in religious world PP 166-7

promises for the faithful amid PK 427

similar to that of Elijah’s time PK 170

regarding iniquity in heart leads to 5T 680

Satan diligently works to win men to TM 163

work of, culmination not yet reached in GC 389

world lies in Ev 18

6. Miscellaneous

abhor evil if you dislike the thought of TMK 254:5

call, by its right name 1BC 1114; 2SM 393

complete, backsliding often leads to 2BC 1000

fanciful views of God lead to 8T 292

God willing to hear and forgive in time of PK 334

honest souls led away by, will be rescued 2T 111

hosts of, we cannot avoid conflict with SD 41

how believers may fall into 5T 537

least deviation from right may end in 4T 578

obedience to God keeps men from PK 83


does not change truth into lie 4T 595

neglect of light leads to 2T 627

open, not more offensive than hypocrisy PP 523

Satan works to exalt, as truth TM 16

sign of, disobedience is 7BC 908

slight difference should not lead to CW 31

speak courage in time of 2T 515

those choosing, will perish with Satan 6T 407

through eternity all will be secure from DA 26

to enter new organization would mean 2SM 390

when light is not security against PK 83

why God permits 4BC 1152; 2SM 394-5

why many go off into rebellion in 1BC 1114

widespread, not yet universal PK 171

See also Heresy; Shaking; Sifting


acceptance of, to get revenge 3SM 397:2

begins in secret rebellion against God’s law OHC 347:3; TMK 254:4

character of some we trusted will develop into 3SM 411:3

cleansing of soul (from adultery) to avoid TSB 193:1

confederacy of, tries to divert allegiance of faithful Mar 204:3

darkness of, coming; use any method PM 324:5

end of, after apparent success of Satan 3SM 393:3

expected in last conflict 3SM 425:3

first step in, is losing faith in writings of EGW PM 360:1

harm not to be feared because of 3SM 37:3

humility is antidote to Satan’s type of TDG 16:4

illiterate safe from, with evidence of truth in heart 3SM 400:0


adds to accumulation of ages TDG 84:2

until the Lord comes UL 352:2

instruction in Rom. 12:9 for those who find, grievous OHC 347:5

light and blessings no security against UL 310:3

nominal Christianity in time of, is greatest fear 3SM 399:3

now is time of, with seducing spirits (1907) 3SM 408:3

obedience keeps people from UL 318:4

others led astray by those in; we are not to join them 3SM 412:0

prevailing spirit of our time TMK 206:2

rapid descent in, after believer listens to temptation OHC 347:4

rebellion against God’s law begins AG 333:4

replacement of ones leaving because of Mar 200:6; 3SM 422:3

rise of, known from beginning by God and Christ LHU 74:6

safe in time of, by living experience 3SM 399:3

security from, light does not provide, unless received UL 318:4

Solomon’s, misusing talents caused CC 193:5

stopped if ministers studied character of Christ 3SM 187:1

truth held too lightly prepares for 3SM 415:4

See also Rebellion