EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Pacheco, Calif. - Paralysis

Pacheco, Calif.

Pacheco, Calif. 4T 284

Pacific Coast of U.S.A.

Pacific Coast of U.S.A. See United States of America

Pacific Health Journal

Pacific Health Journal CW 127-8

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, Macedonian cry comes from 5T 732

stormy weather on LS 229-30; 4T 287

EGW’s voyage on LS 229-30; 4T 287-8

Pacific Press publishing house

Pacific Press publishing house, men in responsible position in CW 173-4

need of moving, away from Oakland, Calif. FE 492

printing of objectionable matter by 8T 91

proprietor of, God is CH 422-3

Review and Herald pub. house jealous of 5T 417

SDA settling around, at Mt. View, Calif. FE 494-5

worker connected with 4T 360

workers of, EGW spoke to LS 270

Pacific Union College

Pacific Union College 2SM 202

See also Healdsburg College

Pacific Union Conference

Pacific Union Conference, schools in 2SM 202


Packs, hot, treatment of disease by MM 228


Pagan See Heathen

Pagan ceremonies

Pagan ceremonies, incorporated into Christian faith and worship SR 327

Pagan philosophers

many, had true knowledge of God UL 278:3


Paganism See Heathenism

Page, Harlan

Page, Harlan, soul-winning mechanic 5T 307-8; TM 172-3


Pageant, men were weary of, when Christ was born DA 32


Pain, bodily, small part of Christ’s sufferings were 2T 214-5

cannot exist in atmosphere of heaven GC 676; 9T 286

Christ knows all about your 2SM 237

deeper, speak no word to cause MH 168

disobedience results in 6T 358

disposition to cause, is satanic PP 443

feebleness causes, when muscles are exercised 3T 78

fruit of transgression is 3T 492

God does not cause 6T 280

God does not desire His creatures to suffer DA 207

exercise of long-disused muscles will cause 3T 78

ignorance and sin have brought 6T 280

in head, cut out of diet that which causes CD 335

in region of stomach, failure to give digestive organs proper rest causes CD 174

in right side, with lung fever 2SM 304

invalids should rise above MH 246

is nature’s protest against abuse 4aSG 134; 2SM 451

life of, revealings of Christ’s presence brighten MB 12

make hours of, hours of prayer 2SM 240

may be relieved on Sabbath DA 207

mind beclouded because of MH 251

noble nature does not exult in causing, to other people 5T 56

opportunities given in, for confessing Christian faith 1SM 117-8

persons who suffer, generally become impatient 4aSG 134; 2SM 450

why powerful drugs are preferred by 4aSG 134

physical, some people know nothing of 2SM 237

simple remedies provided by God to alleviate CH 381

slaves to appetite often have 4aSG 130

striking no responsive chord in human heart DA 483

suffered by man, how Father is affected by DA 356

throb of, vibrates to Father’s heart DA 356

water can be applied to relieve MH 237

EGW’s fortitude in suffering 2SM 233-4

See also Affliction; Distress; Hardship; Misery; Suffering; Torture; Trial; Trouble; Wretchedness


caused to bodies and souls of God’s people, judgment for TDG 371:5


hardly felt physical, because agony of sin greater FLB 104:6

never indifferent to, of His children TDG 310:5

to be praised even in 3SM 327:4

Christ’s words never gave needless UL 145:4

Ellen White turned to God in time of TDG 36; TMK 283:3

freedom from, following laws of health TMK 313:4

God judges those who cause, to others UL 364:6

God’s process for reaching soul sometimes causes RC 358:3

gone at resurrection; immortality given, then ascension 3SM 431:1

heaven will not have UL 46:3

life of, brightened by Jesus’ presence RC 349:8

lifted above, in Christ’s presence OHC 54:3

pride and worldly ambition end in TMK 253:5

promises precious to Ellen White while in HP 121:2

rest recommended when mind is clouded by UL 335:2

treatments for, know how to give RC 246:3

trials not sent to cause needless HP 269:2

trust yourself to God’s keeping when mind clouded by 2MCP 512:5

See also Suffering

Paine, Thomas

Paine, Thomas, God and His law despised by EW 89, 264

handwriting of, devils know EW 264-5

infidel EW 90, 264

one of vilest and most corrupt of men EW 89, 264

resurrection of, at end of millennium EW 89, 263

Satan’s servant EW 89-91, 263

second death awaits EW 89, 263

teachings of spiritualism re EW 89-91, 263-5

writings of: curse to world MYP 85

do not read FE 93

Satan dictated much of EW 90, 264-5

Painful movements

Painful movements, of body, lack of exercise causes 1T 557


“Painkiller,” great object of sanitariums is not to be like dose of, but to teach people how to live 1T 643


Painting, art of: knowledge that young women need more than learning FE 74

not to be made first in schools FE 484

schools should teach CT 310; 6T 182

Painting, Paintings

Painting, Paintings, costly, people who sigh for 5BC 1087; SD 75

imperfect, glories of nature compared with man’s ML 294

lovely, many people delight in 2T 589

on canvas, come far short of the natural MYP 366

that men admire 2T 589

which are excelled in nature 2T 589

Palace, Palaces

Palace, Palaces, avail nothing at death Te 140

erected by proud men, looked upon with disgust at second advent 2T 41

lordly, seventh plague will destroy GC 637

noblest, mansions in heaven are better than title to earth’s COL 374

of earth, fires will break out and destroy MYP 89


Paleness, children’s improper eating causes 4aSG 132

close confinement indoors causes MH 274

See also Complexion; Skin


Palestine, appellation of, Holy Land CH 526; PP 236

Assyria invaded, a few years after Samaria’s fall PK 339

heathen customs introduced into, by Roman officers MB 59-60

highways of world’s commerce ran through PK 70

hills of, site of God’s vineyard PK 21

Jordan Valley the most fertile region of PP 133, 156

northern, Josiah’s campaign against idolatry extended to PK 397-8

not fully yielded to Satan’s power in Christ’s time GC 514

people lived in walled towns in, in Christ’s time MB 138

persons who long to visit MH 105-6

population of, dense in Christ’s time DA 80

remnant of ten tribes of Israel in, during Josiah’s reign PK 397

ten tribes given no promise of complete restoration to PK 298

town gates closed at sunset in DA 802; MB 138

towns of, approached by steep and rocky roads MB 138

on hills or mountains generally MB 138

Wolff (Joseph) visited GC 360

See also Canaan


walking in Jesus’ steps does not require going to HP 225:3; TDG 68:5

Palfrey, J. G.

Palfrey, J. G., quoted GC 290

Palm, Palms

Palm, Palms, of Christ’s hands, nailprints in, seen by those who pierced Him EW 53

names of the redeemed engraved on 1SM 56

Palm branch, Palm branches

Palm branch, Palm branches, emblem or symbol of victory AA 310; 7BC 970; DA 570; GC 665; SR 421-2; 5T 384

placed in right hand of triumphant athlete AA 310

of victory: await overcomers AA 153; LS 290

await the redeemed EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 34; 1T 61; 9T 286

described EW 40

signifying victory 7BC 970

strewed before Christ during His triumphal entry DA 570; EW 175; GC 404

victor’s, given to each of the redeemed GC 646

waved by the redeemed GC 650; 5T 384

waved during: Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem DA 571, 743; GC 18

Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

Palmer, Dan R.

Palmer, Dan R. LS 162; 2SG 189, 271

Palmerston, Lord

Palmerston, Lord, premier of England, quoted SL 30

Palmerston North, N.Z.

Palmerston North, N.Z. LS 343

Palm tree, Palm trees

Palm tree, Palm trees, at Capernaum DA 252

at Jericho DA 552; PP 453

at Sodom PP 156

Christian life represented by 3BC 1151

date See Date palm

faith compared to 4T 567

flourishing and fruitful in desert Ed 116

symbol of what God would have Christians be in world Ed 116

graceful, stands alone DA 674

grove of, Jericho embosomed in PP 453

in Garden of Gethsemane DA 689

lessons from 3BC 1151

of tropics, in Canaan PP 472

rootlets of, faith compared to 3BC 1151

scorching sun and fierce sandstorm beat Ed 116

stately, olive tree not expected to reach height of Ed 267; Ev 99

See also Tree, palm


Palpitation, children’s bad habits cause 4T 96-7

of heart: coffee causes MH 326

improper circulation of blood often causes MH 271-2

tea causes MH 326; 2T 65

Palsied souls

Palsied souls DA 203; MH 84


Palsy, Aeneas healed of, at Lydda AA 131; SR 281

baby’s, breathing poisonous tobacco effluvia causes 2SM 467

bigotry and unbelief are worse than DA 271

centurion’s servant healed of DA 315-6; MH 63-5

Christ healed, at Capernaum DA 267-71; MH 73-7

healed under Philip’s ministry MH 139-40

moral, soul destroyed by CT 487

of disease, man cannot serve God best in CS 115

shock of, Wycliffe (John) suffered GC 91-2

sinful life caused MH 73

stroke of, Wycliffe (John) died from GC 92

See also Paralysis


Pampering, evils of, to children 4T 201

Pamphlet, Pamphlets

Pamphlet, Pamphlets, arrange, in cheap style CW 126

articles in, should be short and interesting CW 126

called Loud Cry, warning against TM 32-62

circulation of, ministers and people should engage as never before in 1T 690

colporteurs should give, to persons who cannot buy 6T 338

denouncing SDA Church as Babylon, warning against TM 23

distribute: to your neighbors Te 250

to persons with whom you associate CH 435

when riding on cars CH 435; Te 250

when visiting neighbors CH 435

distribution of, in evangelistic work Ev 159

fragments of, should be regarded as valuable CM 151

how to raise funds to buy, for publishing truth AH 384; CS 292

introduce SDA, to people 4T 391

let SDA, be working among people LS 304

little wedges opening way for larger works CM 140

miss. work done by JW and EGW with LS 361-2

on Bible lessons, need attention in colporteur work CM 140

on health reform, colporteurs should carry CM 89

prepare minds of reading class for preaching of truth LS 304

publication of, pledges of money for 1T 689

purporting to contain new light, warning re TM 32-5

sale of, light of truth can be extended by 4T 389

scatter: everywhere CW 126

like leaves of autumn 9T 231

wherever truth is presented CW 126

silent agents CW 126

spoken word may be repeated in CW 126

temperance principles should be presented in GW 385

truths that should be crowded into Ev 232

unvarnished truth must be spoken in 9T 231

use, in connection with larger books CM 122

EGW used, while a child MYP 299

at age of 12 AH 384; CS 292

written in simple form, should be used in miss. work CW 126

See also Tract


Pamphylia, Paul and Barnabas in AA 169-70


Panacea, heavenly, in God’s word 2SM 252

sure, for selfishness CS 343

Panic, Panics

Panic, Panics, failures or, capital that is unaffected by CT 225-6; 4T 656


Panoply, divine, gospel workers whom God will clothe with DA 353

of heaven, gospel workers are to labor clothed in AA 220

Panoramic scenes

Panoramic scenes, seen in executive judgment GC 666-7; SR 423-4

Panoramic view

Panoramic view, of future events, given to Moses PP 472-7


Pantalettes, muslin, children dressed in 2SM 470


Pantheism, assurances given to EGW in meeting 1SM 55

do not mix one thread of, with truth MM 98

form of infidelity 1SM 55

Satan uses, to lead souls astray AA 474

Satan’s sophistries presented in Ev 623

sensuality is sure result of MM 98

specious and deceptive errors lead to Ev 623

subject of, do not preach on Ev 623

ministers’ duty re CW 93

theories of, warning against MH 428; MM 94

warnings given against, in Vol. 8 of Testimonies are sufficient Ev 623

EGW called at early date to combat MM 94

writings on, warning against reading Ev 623


communicating, Ellen White troubled by those who were TDG 76:4

Ellen White writings not to be used to bolster 3SM 73:3

framed by Lucifer UL 336:2

threads of, not to be drawn into the web TDG 324:4

threat of, to confidence in gospel for last generation 3SM 72:1

See also Nature, worship of

Pantheistic theory, Pantheistic theories

Pantheistic theory, Pantheistic theories, danger in studying 8T 291-2

followed to logical conclusion, sweep away whole Christian economy 8T 291

not sustained by God’s word 8T 291

re impersonal God diffused and pervading through all nature Ev 600; 8T 291, 293, 298

results of accepting 8T 291-2

soul-destroying agencies 8T 291

spiritualistic theories 8T 291

tend to sensuality 8T 291

undermine faith in Bible 8T 291-2

warnings against MM 94

Panton, Vt.

Panton, Vt. 2SG 168, 170


Pants, dark, with vest of light color not appropriate for minister in desk 2T 610

girls’, for cold weather 2SM 471

improper use of, by women professing to follow dress reform 4T 637

suitable for women as part of reform dress 2SM 479

worn with reform dress 1T 521-2


Papacy, acceptance of, false science undermining faith in Bible successfully prepares way for GC 573

acknowledges act of changing Sabbath into Sunday GC 447-8

aims of GC 563-81

allegiance to, when Sunday observance is sign of GC 449

America will unite with, in forcing conscience and compelling men to honor false sabbath 6T 18

as: form of antichrist 7BC 910

man of sin AA 265-6; 7BC 910-1; EW 213-7; GC 49-60, 443-6; SR 326-34; TM 140

mystery of iniquity EW 213-7; GC 49-60, 384-5; SR 326-34

as Babylon the Great of Revelation 17 GC 59, 382-3

apostate Protestant churches as daughters of GC 382, 389-90

attempt of, to change God’s law GC 51-4, 446

attitude of, re religious liberty and freedom of conscience GC 564-5

toward Constitution of USA GC 564-5

authority of, breach made in God’s law by Ev 225; EW 65; GC 52, 446-7, 453; 2SM 107; SR 328-9, 382-3

change of Sabbath as sign or mark of GC 448

baleful work of, Paul foretold AA 265-6; 7BC 910-1; GC 49, 384, 443-4, 446; SR 326

Bible circulation prohibited by, for hundreds of years GC 51

change of fourth commandment of Decalogue by, exactly fulfills prophecy of Dan. 7:25 GC 52-4, 446

was intentional and deliberate GC 446

changed fourth commandment of Decalogue to authorize Sunday observance GC 52-4, 446

child of, Sunday baptized and presented to world as TM 140

Sunday observance as Christian institution originated as 7BC 910; GC 54

claim of infallibility put forth by, will never be relinquished GC 564

claims: right to change God’s law to suit its own purposes 7BC 910

to have changed Sabbath from seventh to first day of week 7BC 910

conceals invariable venom of serpent beneath variable appearance of chameleon GC 571

deadly wound received by, in 1798 GC 439

deceptions and abominations of, denounced by Duke George of Saxony GC 149-50

decides that Roman Catholic Church has changed God’s law TM 140

defenders of, declare Roman Church has been maligned GC 563

doctrine of, that Peter was appointed head of church AA 194-5

doctrine of supremacy of, is directly opposed to teachings of Scriptures GC 51

doctrines devised by, in darkest ages are still held GC 571

domination of churches of Piedmont by GC 64

effort to compel men to observe institution of, and to trample on God’s authority 5T 713

employs power of state for her own ends GC 443

encroachments of, Waldenses stood foremost in resisting GC 64

errors preparing way for, seen by Paul GC 49, 384; SR 326

established firmly in sixth century GC 54; SR 330

establishment of, great apostasy resulted in 7BC 910; EW 213-7; GC 49-60, 384-5, 443-4; SR 326-8

every principle of, that existed in past ages exists today GC 571

exalts itself above God by presuming to change His law 7BC 910; GC 446

false teachings of AA 194-5, 265-7; EW 213-7; GC 49-60; SR 326-34; TM 140

gigantic system of false religion of, is masterpiece of Satan’s power GC 50

is monument of Satan’s efforts to rule earth according to his will GC 50

has claimed prerogatives of God GC 571

has not changed GC 571

homage to, enforcement of religious observance which will be act of GC 442

when Sunday observance is GC 446, 448-9

horrible cruelty of, excused as result of barbarism of the times GC 563

humiliation of Henry IV of Germany by GC 57-8

image of and to, how USA will form GC 441-4

institutions of, men have paid homage to 2SM 106

is: apostasy of latter times GC 571

church that controls power of state GC 443

laws of, significance of obedience to GC 446

leaders of: hated light revealing their sins SR 334

prince of darkness wrought with GC 59

surprised at Protestant compromises and concessions GC 566

leopardlike beast of Revelation 13 symbolizes GC 439, 442

little horn of Daniel 7 points to GC 439

long period of supremacy of, gloom settled on earth during GC 61

light of truth could not be wholly extinguished during GC 61

Luther’s (Martin) appearance before Diet of Worms was signal victory over GC 155

most terrible engine of, Inquisition as GC 59

no less cruel and despotic now than when she slew God’s saints GC 571

noon of, was midnight of world GC 60

noontide of, was world’s moral midnight SR 334

obedience to laws of, as mark of allegiance to pope in place of God GC 446

paganism gave place to, in sixth century GC 54

persecution of Waldenses by GC 76-8

policy of: to assume character best accomplishing her purpose GC 571

USA especially threatened by success of GC 564

world witnessed working out of, in French Revolution GC 265-6

power of, secret of GC 572

war between rival popes greatly weakened GC 86

prepared to meet two classes of mankind that embrace nearly whole world GC 572

pride and arrogant assumption of, that lorded it over kings and princes GC 571

prophecy of Dan. 7:25 foretold that, would “think to change times and laws” GC 51-2, 446; SR 328

Protestants follow in steps of, in seeking state support for church institutions and usages GC 573

Protestants have believed that leopard-like beast of Revelation 13 represents GC 439

Protestants now ready to honor GC 571

Protestants render homage to, by Sunday observance GC 448-9

real character of, prayerful study of Bible shows GC 572

record of, for 1,000 years is written in blood of saints GC 571

revival of tyranny and persecution by, removal of restraints by secular governments would speedily result in GC 564

seat of, fixed in imperial city of Rome GC 54

second commandment dropped from God’s law by GC 52, 446

set false witnesses before people to contradict testimony of word of truth GC 267

sets itself above God openly by changing His law GC 446

sought to hide word of truth from people GC 267

spirit of: is permeating Protestant churches GC 573

leads Protestant churches to exalt Sunday GC 573

spirit of conformity to worldly customs is GC 573

veneration for human tradition above commandments of God is GC 573

subjugation of churches of Britain by GC 62-3

success of, time of great intellectual darkness is favorable to GC 572

time of great intellectual light is favorable for GC 572-3

Sunday exaltation continued as, became firmly established GC 574

Sunday exalted by GC 573

Sunday observance as Christian institution had its origin in GC 54, 573, 580; 5T 712

supremacy of, forged decretals used in establishing GC 56

Luther (Martin) struck at foundation of GC 126

terrible cruelties of: in crusades against Hussites GC 116-9

in persecuting God’s people GC 569-71

in persecuting Waldenses GC 76-8

triumph of, in USA GC 581

true spirit of, revealed in subjugating churches of Britain GC 63

truths of Bible suppressed by, for hundreds of years GC 51

1,260 years of supremacy of: began in A.D. 538 and terminated in 1798 GC 266-7, 439

began in sixth century GC 54

foretold in Daniel and Revelation GC 54, 439

tyranny of, will be exercised TM 206

USA will repudiate every principle of its constitution as Protestant and republican government when Protestantism grasps hand of 5T 451

uses power of state to punish “heresy” GC 443

vengeance on, mangled forms of millions of martyrs cried to God for GC 59

work of, done under Satan’s special direction 7BC 911

worship of, enforcement of Sunday-keeping by Protestant churches is enforcement of GC 448

See also Popery; Roman Catholic Church; Roman Catholicism


homage to,

pressure to yield Mar 204:3

United States not alone in Mar 188:2

influence of,

Sabbath keepers pursued by, in Old World Mar 188:3

still in countries where once acknowledged Mar 188:2

institution of, wicked attempt to establish, in last days TDG 69:4

laws to control conscience made after example of 3SM 392:1

order thought to be like, by some CET 201:1

persecution by, illustrations of PM 217:1

professed Christianity companion to TMK 345:3

Scriptures interpreted by; study for yourself FW 77:2

supremacy will be regained by LDE 132

tyranny of, Protestants revive, by national Sunday law Mar 179:3

warning against fraternizing with; concessions surprise 3SM 386:1

See also Beast

Papal power

Papal power, specified in prophecy as man of sin 7BC 911

under Satan’s special direction 7BC 911

Paper, Papers

1. Secular

2. Seventh-day Adventist

3. Miscellaneous

1. Secular

containing dangerous errors, SDA pub. houses should not print 8T 90

corrupting, Satan circulates CH 466

worldlings publish LS 216-7

daily, significance of news reports in 9T 11

world’s wickedness brought to light in ML 62

many Sabbathkeepers find money for buying CW 133-4

objectionable reading matter in 4T 599

put, out of sight during Sabbath 6T 355

running continued stories 5T 506

that should be kept out of home CW 134

See also Newspaper

2. Seventh-day Adventist

articles in, soon forgotten by readers CW 146

bring, to notice of people 9T 63

can reach many who cannot hear minister’s voice CM 4

circulate, in all cities and villages CH 466; LS 217

circulation of, promoted by JW in his travels LS 145; 2SG 167

colporteur experiences should be reported in 6T 336

defense of Spirit of Prophecy by 3SM 350

discussion of political questions in 2SM 336

disseminate light EW 96

distribute, in cities where camp meetings are held 6T 36

distribution of: church members can do much in neighborhood by 9T 35

in old soldiers’ home WM 339

in other languages prepares way for great work LS 215

miss. work should be done by CM 21

do miss. work by sending, to people 6T 433

do not fill, with long discussions 4T 599

with long doctrinal arguments 4T 599

duty of SDA women to persons who have received ChS 28

early, sacrifices made to sustain 1T 205

expressing truth in plain Bible language must be widely circulated 4T 392

filled with Bible truth, people need ChS 153

first: published at Middletown, Conn., in 1849 2SG 115-6; 1T 88

self-sacrifice manifest in publishing 2SM 188-9

taken to post office in carpetbag LS 195; 1T 105

JW planned to mow grass for money to publish LS 125

God’s means of keeping message before people 6T 315-6

great lack of gospel workers may be supplied by, in great degree CW 111

hand out: to neighbors CH 435; Te 250

to people with whom you associate CH 435; Te 250

while riding on cars CH 435; Te 250

while visiting neighbors CH 435; Te 250

Harvest Ingathering, use of CS 189-90

how use of, makes preaching more effective LS 217

let, be working among people LS 304

go in every direction ChS 151

letters should be written to people receiving ChS 28

light of present truth must shine forth to world from 8T 87

little, that would be like streams of light going around world LS 125

JW was instructed in 1848 to begin to publish LS 125

little wedges that open way for larger works CM 140

many people read, who will not listen to preacher CM 8-9

missionary, Ellen White gave, to lady serving her on a ship TDG 362:5

missionary, Signs of the Times is CW 110, 134

money needed to send, to people who do not have truth 5T 732-3

much more can be done when living preacher uses LS 217

need of, that preach gospel in its several lines CH 464

no one should advocate in, ideas creating controversy among us 5T 534-5

not to quote long accounts of war from political papers CW 20

often instrumental in converting souls ChS 146

on Bible lessons need attention in colporteur work CM 140

on present truth, people read with interest LS 214-5

only preacher that many people have EW 96

organize company to give away Ev 432

owned and approved by God EW 95

place, in homes of people CH 464; ChS 147; CM 7

preach gospel in their several lines CM 7

prepare reading class for preaching of truth LS 304

prices of, should not be so low that no margin is left to work on 4T 599

publication of, all SDA should support EW 95

needed on Pacific Coast LS 210

published on Pacific Coast would give strength and influence to message LS 210

pub. houses should help work in new fields by gifts of MM 330

read and study ML 89

sale of, in city evangelism Ev 108

save money for sending, to friends ChS 29

sell or lend, as case may seem to require ChS 151

send, to persons who do not know truth 2SM 318

SDA women should use, in miss. work ChS 29

SDA work is to print and circulate, containing truth for this time 8T 89

short and interesting doctrinal articles needed in 4T 599

short and interesting practical articles needed in 4T 599

should not be issued seldom EW 95

should not repeat and discuss errors that are all the time coming in CW 14

signs of last days should be clearly presented in EW 96

silent messengers EW 96; LS 126

some people receive more benefit from, than from books CM 140

soul-saving Bible truths should be published in 9T 63

spare, there are people who would be glad to read CM 151

temperance principles should be presented in GW 385

use of, do not be too fearful in EW 96

value of imprint of “Washington, D.C.,” on LS 394

weekly: God’s cause demands EW 95-6

Review should be EW 95-6

writer for See Writer

3. Miscellaneous

do not stop to read, when you have work to do SD 114

influence of, on children CW 133-4

instructive, romance and newspaper tales destroy relish for AH 411

reading of, before public assemblies COL 335

waste, pub. houses get money from 4T 451

See also Newspaper; Periodical


Papier-mâché, illustrations of prophetic beasts made of Ev 204

Parable, Parables

1. Christ’s (general)

2. Christ’s (particular)

3. Miscellaneous


1. Christ’s (general)

acted, Christ’s cursing of fig tree was DA 582

Christ did not need to talk to friends in DA 361, 525

Christ loved to teach lessons of truth by means of CSW 39; Ed 102; FE 442-3

Christ simplified His discourses by use of Ev 203

Christ used, as best method of communicating truth FE 236

to rebuke hypocrisy and wicked works of men in high positions COL 22

disciples clearly understood, after Pentecost 8T 267

disciples did not always understand 6T 248

drawn from events of everyday life CT 140

drawn from nature CT 140

eight, given by Sea of Galilee DA 333

explanation of, given to disciples FE 493

expression of “the kingdom of heaven” as used in GC 347

first, given beside sea DA 333

manner of establishing His kingdom illustrated by DA 333

nature of His kingdom illustrated by DA 333

given to warn rulers and instruct people DA 611

lessons for children in, valuable 6T 105

lessons from 1T 197-200

as leaves of tree of life to men 6T 475

nature is clothed with COL 20

object of COL 17-8, 21-2, 25, 263

in speaking to Pharisees and Sadducees 3T 426

people for whom Christ uses no DA 194; MH 28

principle seen in COL 17

reaction of scribes and Pharisees to DA 720

show how open His mind was to nature’s influences DA 70; FE 442

show what constitutes true “higher education” COL 22

simple truths of, needed today Ev 393

study, in scenes of nature COL 26

symbols and figures in, truth concealed by 3T 426

that were given in Perea DA 495

things of nature referred to in DA 291

twofold meaning in DA 164-6

EGW wrote book on 1SM 103-4 See “Christ’s Object Lessons”

work of grace on hearts is designated by many GC 347

2. Christ’s (particular)

barren fig tree See fig tree, below

coin, lost COL 192-6, 198; DA 495; Ed 102; MH 163; 3T 99-100; 4T 264; 5T 604

given in Perea in last months of Christ’s ministry DA 495

lesson for families in COL 194-6

counting the cost CS 274, 281-2; Ev 85; MM 151, 155-6; 2SM 362

debtors, two DA 566-7; SC 36

given at Simon’s feast in Bethany in night before Christ’s triumphal entry DA 566

fig tree, unproductive COL 212-8; DA 495, 584; GC 27, 601; 3T 544; 4T 188-9, 385-6; 5T 250, 352; 7T 200

Christ cut short, without telling result COL 216

Christ’s mission of mercy illustrated by COL 212

given after Pilate’s slaughter of Galileans in Jerusalem COL 212-3

given before Christ’s last visit to Jerusalem DA 584

given in Perea in last month of Christ’s ministry DA 495

given just after references to signs in sky and signs of times COL 212

fig tree putting forth leaves DA 632

fig tree withered by curse DA 581-4

acted parable DA 582

class represented today by DA 583-4; FE 50; GC 316; 4T 403, 614; 5T 257

given after triumphal entry into Jerusalem DA 580-1

Jewish nation symbolized by DA 582

fish net 7BC 918; COL 122-3; CT 253; DA 333; Ed 102; Ev 371, 443; 8T 72; TM 61

given before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

friend asking bread at midnight COL 139-49; CH 380; DA 495; 2T 28-9

given in Perea in last months of Christ’s ministry DA 495

lesson on prayer COL 142

good Samaritan See Samaritan, below

good shepherd See shepherd, below

householder with things new and old 5BC 1094; COL 124-34; DA 333; MH 121; ML 360; PP 594-5; 1SM 157; 2SM 221; TM 149

faithful householder in, represents what teacher of children and youth should be COL 131

given before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

responsibility for truths received is represented by COL 124

houses built on rock and sand 3BC 1158; 4BC 1164; CG 165; CT 222, 225; DA 314, 599-600; Ed 102; Ev 561; MB 147-52; MM 87; MYP 71; PP 460; SD 111; 6T 16; TM 126

husbandmen, wicked AA 174; 4BC 1156; COL 284-306; DA 596-7; GC 643; PK 21-2, 710-4

given just after parable of two sons COL 284

householder in, God is represented by DA 596

importunate widow See widow, below

king’s son, marriage of See marriage, below

laborers sent into vineyard See vineyard, below

leaven in meal AH 33; COL 95-102; DA 333; Ed 102; Ev 697

given before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

kingdom of heaven represented by COL 96

lost sheep See sheep, below

marriage of king’s son 3BC 1162; 4BC 1179; 5BC 1097; 7BC 965; ChS 202; COL 307-19; CS 186, 227; CW 109; Ev 453; GC 428; SD 98, 368; 1SM 80, 109-10, 331; 4T 307; 5T 220-1, 509; 6T 296-7; WM 245

gospel invitation illustrated by COL 307

investigative judgment represented in COL 310-2; GC 428

mustard seed COL 76-9; DA 333; TM 27, 154

Christ’s kingdom illustrated by COL 77-8

fulfillment of, reached in last generation COL 79

given before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

net, fish, parable of See fish net, above

new cloth and new wine 5BC 1086, 1088-9; 6BC 1101; DA 278-9; SD 259; 1SM 386

pearl of great price CG 467; COL 115-21; CS 243; DA 333; Ed 102; Ev 16; 1SM 336-8, 399-400; 3T 545; 4T 446, 625; 7T 226; WM 169

double significance in COL 118

given before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

Pharisee and publican worshiping COL 150-63; DA 495; GW 140; MB 8; ML 19; SC 30-1, 40-1; 1T 331, 416; 4T 575; 5T 539, 638

given in Perea in last months of Christ’s ministry DA 495

two classes of worshipers represented by COL 152

pounds entrusted to servants CS 40, 111-2, 114, 116, 125; FE 83; MM 204-5; 2T 284-5; 3T 386; 8T 55

prodigal son 7BC 950; CG 271; COL 198-211; DA 495; Ed 102; Ev 56, 450; GW 140, 157; MB 9; MYP 408; SC 53-4; 1SM 184, 324-5; 3T 100-4; 5T 604, 632-3; TM 153

given in Perea in last months of Christ’s ministry DA 495

shows how Father receives the repentant 3T 103

rich fool AH 367; 2BC 1021-2; COL 252-9; CS 232; PP 668; 2T 199, 662; 3T 154, 378, 401-2, 545-6; 5T 259-60, 270; WM 16-7

given a few months before Christ’s death COL 253

given when Christ was asked to intervene in dispute over an inheritance COL 253

rich man and Lazarus COL 260-71; DA 407; 1T 539-40; 2T 197; WM 172

figurative conversation in COL 265

shows that men decide eternal destiny in this life COL 260

rock, house built on See house, above

Samaritan, good COL 376-89; DA 488, 497-505; Ev 567; MH 172; 1T 150; 3T 512-3, 523-4, 530-1, 533-4; 4T 57-8, 226; 6T 276, 294, 303; 8T 59; 9T 209; WM 45-8, 132, 332

actual occurrence COL 379; DA 499

Christ and His work pictured by DA 503-5

nature of true religion illustrated by DA 497

true significance of God’s law revealed by DA 505

sand, house built on See house, above

seed, growing 3BC 1144; 6BC 1067-8; COL 62-9, 82-4; CT 140, 252, 261; Ed 104-7; Ev 579; FE 95-6; LS 298; 6T 185; 8T 327; TM 243, 506

children answer to blade in COL 84

given after parable of sower COL 62

God at work in nature is revealed by COL 63

one of most beautiful and impressive parables CT 140

servant, unmerciful COL 243-51

given after Peter’s question re measure of forgiveness COL 243

servants, faithful and unfaithful (Matt. 24:45-51) GC 371, 393; 1T 57

sheep, lost AA 370, 472; ChS 178; COL 186-92, 198; CT 198, 261-2; DA 440, 693; Ed 102; Ev 16, 110, 112, 292-3, 346-7, 368, 431, 433-4, 462-3, 628; FE 210, 273-4, 283; GW 16, 181-4, 211, 465; LS 186-9; MM 210; SD 277; 1SM 339, 390; 2T 19, 21-3, 218-9, 341; 3T 99, 186-7; 4T 263-4, 387, 423; 5T 603-4; 6T 22, 124-5, 315, 479; 8T 14; Te 134; TM 232, 324, 351

first giving of DA 440

repeated in Perea DA 495

sheep and goats, separation of DA 637-41

shepherd, good DA 476-84; Ed 102; Ev 176; GW 181-4, 211; 1SM 301-2; 4T 377, 503; 5T 346

sons, two 5BC 1097; COL 272-83; CT 419; DA 595-6; FE 367; TM 184

given shortly before parable of laborers sent into vineyard COL 284; DA 595-6

Israel’s history presented in 5BC 1097

sower sowing seed AH 402, 468-9; 1BC 1086; 3BC 1144; CH 465; COL 20, 33-61, 87, 411; CG 169; DA 324, 333; Ed 102, 104-6; Ev 347, 431-2; EW 88-9; LS 216; SC 67; 2SG 229, 236; 2SM 288; 1T 190, 194, 249, 352; 2T 125-6, 166, 657; 3T 111-3, 384; 5T 286; 7T 36

given before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

given while early grain was being harvested COL 34

much questioning excited by COL 62

nature’s living parable COL 87

not valued because of its simplicity COL 33

Pharisees perceived meaning of COL 35

spirits, eight unclean 5BC 1093; DA 323-4; GW 287

steward who was unfaithful COL 366-75; CS 178; GW 267; 1T 198-200, 538-9; 3T 117; 6T 297-8

supper, great AH 351-2; CM 14-5; COL 219-37, 307; DA 495; Ev 16, 45, 150-1, 383, 433-4, 436, 481; FE 366; MH 164, 353-4; 1SM 174; 2T 39-41; 3T 383-4; 6T 76, 78, 83, 294, 412; 8T 71-2; 9T 115, 133, 168; TM 198; WM 98, 122, 245, 287

colporteur work outlined in CM 24

given in Perea in last months of Christ’s ministry DA 495

talents entrusted to servants 5BC 1100; COL 325-65; CH 529; CS 40, 85, 112, 114-25, 129, 198-9, 304; CT 234; CW 86; Ev 646, 653; FE 48-9, 83, 119-20; GW 222-3; ML 113, 116; MM 204-5; MYP 301; SC 82; SD 334; 2SM 133-4, 184, 211-2, 323, 362; 1T 197-8, 530, 538-9; 2T 243-6, 250, 282-5, 629, 656-69, 674; 3T 53-4, 57, 66, 386-7; 4T 386, 412-3, 468, 479, 481, 612, 618-20; 5T 182, 271, 282-3, 389, 462, 465; 6T 431-5; 8T 55; TM 166-7, 184, 379, 399-400; WM 101-2, 120, 159

explain to all the 6T 432

given on Mt. of Olives just after Christ’s prophecy re signs of second advent COL 325

tares and wheat See wheat and tares, below

ten virgins See virgins, below

treasure hidden in field COL 103-14; CS 243; DA 333; Ed 102; MM 203-4; 1T 300; 5T 262, 704; 6T 131-2

given by sea before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

heavenly treasure’s value illustrated by COL 104

unclean spirits, eight See spirits, above

unjust judge, See widow, below

unmerciful servant See servant, above

vine and its branches AA 284; 5BC 1091-2, 1138, 1142-4; 6BC 1090; CT 231, 329; DA 674-7, 830; Ev 101, 352-3, 361; EW 73; FE 178-9, 284; GW 287; ML 11, 50, 93; SC 68-9; SD 77, 92, 287-92; SL 80; 1SM 251, 334-8, 385; 2SM 212, 368; 1T 289, 300-1, 340, 453; 2T 114, 152, 263, 441, 453-4; 3T 387, 522, 528, 543; 4T 353-5, 542, 560; 5T 18, 47-8, 228-32, 344-5, 348, 540, 591; 6T 133; 7T 171; TM 151-2, 282, 324

vineyard, laborers sent into AA 110-1; 5BC 1125; ChS 80, 179-80; COL 396-404; CS 339, 341; SD 250; 2SM 182; 1T 519; 2T 114; 3T 64; 4T 386; 5T 203-4, 380, 462; 9T 73-4

given after interview by rich young ruler COL 390-6

given to murmurers 2SM 182

study FE 512

vineyard entrusted to wicked husbandmen See husbandmen, above

virgins, ten AA 55; 4BC 1179; 5BC 1099-1100; 7BC 966, 982; ChS 263; COL 405-21; EW 55, 238, 242, 248-9; FE 366; GC 393-5, 400, 402, 426-7; GW 104; LS 59; MM 332-3; MYP 387; SD 118, 326; 1SM 189; SR 367; 2T 191-2; 5T 220, 276, 413, 485; 6T 129; 8T 212; 9T 48; TM 86, 130, 149, 164, 233-4, 236, 443, 445, 510

based on Eastern marriage SR 367

Christ represented by bridegroom in 6T 129

church represented by virgins in GC 427

church’s experience just before second advent is illustrated by COL 406

given on Mt. of Olives after Christ’s prophecy re signs of second advent COL 405-6; GC 393

youth should consider SD 118

wedding garment See marriage, above

wheat and tares growing together AA 299; AH 319, 402; 5BC 1093-4; COL 70-5, 123; CT 47, 121, 136, 189; DA 333, 656; Ev 443, 620; EW 88-9, 118; FE 90, 184, 250, 295; GC 321, 631; MH 493; PP 541; 2SM 68-9, 114, 127, 353; 3T 113-6, 406; 4T 594; 5T 100, 333-4, 493; 6T 239, 242; 8T 72, 326; TM 45-7, 54, 61, 234-5, 266, 411

given by sea before stilling of tempest DA 333-5

shows that not all the wicked will turn to God COL 123

widow, importunate COL 164-80; DA 495; 2T 131

given in Perea in last months of Christ’s ministry DA 495

3. Miscellaneous

acted, Jeremiah taught by means of series of PK 423, 431, 444-5, 466-70

Balaam’s, re Israel’s future 4aSG 48

Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones 4BC 1165

food for parents and children CG 506

Haggai used 4BC 1176

instruct God’s people by means of 4BC 1159; Ev 131; GW 316-7

Isaiah’s, of vineyard illustrating God’s plan for Israel COL 214-5, 284-5; PK 17-22

lessons in, ceremonial law set forth 4BC 1176

ceremonial washings and sprinklings presented 4BC 1176

Nathan’s, of ewe lamb 2BC 1023; DA 566; PP 721, 727

nature’s living COL 87

of what should be, and will be MM 305

persons in higher walks will grasp truth presented in MM 318

referring to vineyard, study FE 512

teaching in, effective method of instruction COL 21

popular in Christ’s time COL 21

truths Christ taught in, understood more fully by disciples on Pentecost MH 420

Zechariah’s messages contain COL 206-7; PK 580


Christ used, to conceal doctrines from those not loving truth TDG 361:2

how Christ used UL 167

minds to be impressed and instructed by God’s 1MCP 91:1

of hidden treasure, See Treasure, hidden, parable of

See also topics of specific parables

Parabolical prophecy

Parabolical prophecy, Zechariah’s COL 206-7; PK 580


Parade, church does not need 5T 130

external, by worldly powers will increase 7BC 980

great, not needed in evangelism ChS 181 of heathen powers TM 117-8

persons who make, often call attention to self MH 477

schools should not make, before world CT 205-6

Parade ground

Parade ground, church service as, for fashion Ed 247

world is not, but battlefield Ed 295


Paradise, Christ did not go to, when He died DA 751

Christlike character opens ChS 247; ML 340

penitent thief’s request to be with Christ in DA 750-1

things that make home a 1T 386-7

See also Eden, Garden of


gaining, temperance required for, as appetite caused its loss TMK 314:3

lost, regained through Christ OHC 66:3

restored, no middle path to UL 310:2

See also Eden; Heaven

Paradise Valley, Calif.

Paradise Valley, Calif. CH 231-2; LS 403-4; 9T 271

Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital

depressed patient at, helped 2MCP 493

number of rooms in, statement re 1SM 38

property purchased for CH 231-2; LS 403-4; 9T 271


Paradox, of plenty and want 6T 274

Paragon, Paragons

Paragon, Paragons, of wisdom, people who regard themselves as TM 196


1. Spiritual

2. Miscellaneous

1. Spiritual

benumbs the spiritual and devotional 2T 486

in spiritual knowledge, no need of FE 434

ministers should shake off their Ev 655

upon God’s people 6T 445

keeps them from understanding their duty COL 303

2. Miscellaneous

abuse of nature causes 2T 69

baby’s, breathing poisonous tobacco effluvia in air causes 2SM 467

body conditions that lead to 1T 520

breathing air laden with tobacco fumes causes Te 58-9

healed by prayer LS 153, 163; 2SG 186-7, 271-2; 1T 93-4

man in danger of being suddenly stricken down by 1T 546

Nabal seemed smitten with, before death PP 668

of brain: excessive indulgence of animal passions causes 2T 477

experimenting with drugs has often caused MM 228

girls entering womanhood are in danger of 2T 409

self-abuse causes 2T 409

of nerve, excessive indulgence of animal passions causes 2T 477

of tongue, experimenting with drugs has often caused MM 228

office workers who are in danger of being stricken by 1T 588

partial shock of, desperately wounded spirit caused 4T 334

Pharisees regarded, as evidence of God’s displeasure DA 267

physical effects of, described LS 151, 162-3, 168-9; 2SG 185-6, 271; 1T 93

reading excessively causes CT 135; FE 163; MYP 281

recovery from, strict attention must be given to laws of health to secure LS 247

Satan caused 2SG 271-2

severe shock of, JW was healed of 1T 104, 610

JW’s brain affected by 1T 104, 610

shock of, eating too much may cause 2T 428

sinful life that caused MH 73

strychnine taken immoderately often causes 4aSG 138

suffered by EGW in spring for several years 4aSG 154

EGW never stricken with, after adopting health reform 4aSG 154

EGW stricken by, early in 1854 LS 151-3; 2SG 185-7; 1T 93-4

EGW stricken five times by, prior to March 6, 1869 2T 371

EGW stricken third time by, in summer of 1858 LS 162-3; 2SG 271-2

EGW’s condition for three weeks following LS 163

JW enabled to rally from, by strict attention to laws of health 1T 105

JW providentially recovered from 1T 610

JW stricken with, in 1865 LS 168-9; 1T 103

three times LS 247; 1T 105, 107

JW threatened with, in 1877 LS 224-5; 4T 271, 277

See also Lethargy; Lukewarmness; Palsy