EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Oak, Oaks - Obedience

Oak, Oaks

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

of Bashan, temptation bent sturdy 2BC 1032

train sapling ere it becomes a gnarled 5T 416

2. Literal

by Shechem, Jacob buried idols under PP 205-6, 400

in acorn Ed 253; 6T 145

ivy clinging to 3T 494

love that restores is seen in Ed 101

of Mamre, Abraham dwelt under DA 290-1; PP 133; 6T 341

of Moreh, Abraham dwelt under PP 127

strong, stands alone DA 674

sturdy, character as PK 82

Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery, at Battle Creek, Mich. LS 479; 2SG 296; 1T 110, 246

Oakland, Calif.

Oakland, Calif. 5T 532-41

baptismal service near Ev 315

becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah in 1902 LS 412

beginning of SDA work in, was unpromising LS 362

camp meeting at Ev 76

evangelistic work needed in Ev 204, 315, 403-5

evangelistic workers in 4T 456; 9T 65

gifts to people married in WM 326

God has done great things for His people in 5T 533

institutions in, pioneer SDA had hard work in establishing 7T 54

SDA families desiring to settle near FE 495

is miss. field and ever will be 4T 284

med. miss. work in 7T 110

must hear God’s message LS 209

need for effort and thorough work spoken about in TDG 279:2

Pacific Press publishing house moved away from FE 492

restaurants needed in 7T 110

too much SDA work centered in 7T 53

EGW at LS 219, 234, 267; 4T 271, 284, 295; 5T 68; 7T 34; 8T 192; 9T 65

young people in, efforts in behalf of CW 174

Oakland, Wis.

Oakland, Wis. 1T 598

Oakwood College

Oakwood College 7T 231-4

small sanitarium needed with 7T 232

Oakwood Industrial School

fund raising recommended for SW 85:2

Oar, Oars

Oar, Oars, class who lay down, when rowing is hard 1T 453

do not ply, unless under divine direction 6T 241

faith and works used together like FW 5; NL 38:2

of duty, pull at TM 184

sailing with current of world does not require 6T 129

two, faith and works as WM 316


Oasis, in desert, weary traveler finding 2T 270

near Jericho, spring of waters made PK 231

Oat, Oats

Oat, Oats, preparations of, sent everywhere MH 299

wild (fig.), sowing and reaping MYP 164; 4T 622; 6T 158

Oath, Oaths

Oath, Oaths MB 66-9

between man and man, Israelites required taking of 1T 203

blasphemous, Christ was jeered with 2T 207

common, warning against 1T 201

covenant renewed to Abraham by PP 153

false, Decalogue forbids PP 306

how God regards person who takes 1T 202

God swears by Himself in taking 1T 202-3

God’s: to Abraham 1T 203

to David 1T 203

to Isaac 1T 203

God’s promise to Israel confirmed by ML 288; PK 313

Herod Antipas’s promise made to Salome by DA 221-2

importance of marriage TSB 55:0

inviolability of PP 506

Israel’s, not to intermarry with heathen PK 667

Jewish practices re, Christ condemned MB 66

judicial MB 66-7; 1T 201-4

Christ testified under DA 706-7; MB 67; 1T 203

Christ’s teaching re MB 66-7; 1T 203

Christian can consistently testify under MB 67; 1T 202

use of, not forbidden by Christ MB 66-7

when it is proper for Christian to testify under MB 66-7; 1T 202

obligation imposed by, Jews had devices for freeing themselves from MB 66

people who fear to be put under MB 67

profane, from abyss below LS 191

heard in impressive dream 2T 595

rash, King Saul’s 2BC 1015

Roman Catholic prelates’, to persecute and oppose heretics GC 565

solemn: Abraham put his servant under PP 172

Elijah made promise to Obadiah by PK 139

required of all Jews at end of year concerning compliance with laws re first fruits 4T 77

taking of: common among Jews MB 66

erroneous ideas re 1T 201, 203

principle that would make, needless MB 67

words spoken in form of, that dishonor God ML 282

Zedekiah renewed his, to Nebuchadnezzar PK 447

See also Profanity; Swearing


Oatmeal, bread made of, with wheat and rye flours CD 321


Obadiah, governor of Ahab’s household PK 126, 137-8; 3T 277


Obadiah, prophet PK 108


Obed-edom, Gittite, ark of covenant at house of PP 705-6; 4aSG 111-2; SR 192


Obedience, Abraham forsook his native country in, of faith PP 148

Abraham’s example of 4T 253

lesson from 3T 368

acceptable, God requires 2T 169

Adam and Eve were promised immortality on condition of GC 533; PP 60

all promises of blessing through, given to Israel are for us MH 405

all true, comes from heart DA 668

assisting grace for, provided in covenant of grace PP 370

belief that does not lead to, is presumption MB 146

blessing for this life and the next is possible only through COL 305

blessings of, obtained only by Christ’s grace MH 115

Cain and Abel were tested whether or not they would render, to God’s word PP 71

Canaan was given to Israel on condition of PP 315, 543

cheerful, needed to bring God’s designs to pass 9T 271

child’s, is not obtained by scolding and threats CG 76

child’s reason should be enlisted on side of Ed 287

children should be required to render CG 216

children should be shown that, is just and reasonable Ed 287

children should be taught CG 79

at early age CG 82; ML 164

at home CT 107

before they are old enough to reason CT 111; Ed 287

in babyhood CG 82; ML 164

children should form habits of, at home CT 150

children should render, to parents and teachers Ed 287-8

Christ accepts nothing short of DA 523

Christ gives men power to render SC 70

Christ never compels man to render 3T 457

Christ rendered, to every requirement of God’s law COL 312

Christ’s, accepted in behalf of repentant sinner PP 372

Christ’s life of, maintained claims of God’s law DA 309

proved that God’s law could be kept in humanity DA 309

compared to refined silver and precious stones as building material PK 409-10

condition of fruit bearing is, to laws of God in spiritual and natural world COL 305

condition of success in educational work is, to every word of God 6T 140

continual, life that will be life of DA 668

needed for retention of justification 1SM 366

deficiency of our, when Christ’s merit makes up for 1SM 382

defined clearly as way to City of God PK 179

do not defer, till all uncertainty disappears GW 262; PP 290

entire, God requires Ev 242

every act of, incense of Christ’s righteousness fills with divine fragrance AA 532

every step of, soul is brought closer to Christ by GC 476

exact, God requires PP 360, 479

example of, Christ gave DA 24

faith claims God’s promises and brings forth fruit in DA 126

faith does not release man from SC 60-1

faith is made perfect by 1SM 366

faith is to be evidenced by PP 279

filial, Moses enjoined PP 337

forced, God takes no pleasure in PP 34

future, God’s assisting grace given to believer in Christ for PP 370

genuine faith is manifest in PP 153-4

God desires us to answer Satan’s charges by showing results of, to right principles COL 296

God expects, of person He chooses and leads 4BC 1175

God justly claims, of all His creatures AA 425

God never compels man to render CS 127; PK 511; 1SM 216-7; TM 452

God requires, rather than sacrifice 2BC 1017

God rewards, with richest blessings CS 91

God tests men to show whether or not they will render, to His commands COL 283

God would have men render, because of intelligent appreciation of His wisdom, justice, and benevolence GC 541

God’s favor toward Israel was always conditional on PK 293

God’s gifts are promised on condition of COL 145

God’s people are to reflect attributes of His character by, to His moral law in their hearts COL 289

God’s promises given on condition of 4aSG 148; 2T 148

great blessings promised to Israel on condition of PP 535

great standard of, God’s law is COL 304

health and, study relationship existing between CH 231

hearers and keepers of God’s word bring forth fruit in COL 60

highest standard of, he only serves who acts up to COL 283

how to teach a child CT 111

implicit: Christ requires 4T 187

parents must learn to give, to God’s voice CG 24

required now as in ancient times 6T 392

importance of, parable of wicked husbandmen shows COL 284

involves cross GC 316

is: Christian’s only safety PP 269

condition of eternal life COL 391; 4T 156

fruit of faith and love AA 563

highest dictate of reason as well as of conscience AA 506

liberty from thralldom of sin MH 131

reflected back in blessing PK 425

required of every follower of Christ DA 816

service and allegiance of love SC 60

test of discipleship MB 146

true sign of discipleship SC 60

is effect or fruit of: faith AA 563; SC 61; 5T 438

love AA 563

is not: drudgery to angels MB 109

mere outward compliance, but service of love SC 60

Israel’s prosperity depended on, to law of tithing PP 525

Israelite exiles were to learn lesson of, for their future happiness PK 475

Jewish, too often was observance of forms and ceremonies MB 46

knowledge of true sanctification is brought by MM 215

legal, Christ calls for more than DA 523

lesson(s) of: children need to learn CT 110-1; Ed 287

essential to Israel’s future happiness PK 475

God’s created works teach SC 85-6

learn from nature 8T 327

that Christ taught Israel’s armies 6T 140

lessons given to children on, should be repeated CG 88

life and happiness depend upon ML 162

life of continual, when we know God our life will be DA 668

lifelong, sanctification is result of AA 561

love for God is manifested in 6T 92

love is expressed in SD 51

love is to be shown to Christ by DA 668

loving, child’s first training should be to render MH 460; 8T 320

man cannot be saved without 1SM 364

man must feel his utter inability to render, to God PP 524

man of, God will reward 5T 651

man was to have access to tree of life on condition of PP 49

man’s, made perfect only by incense of Christ’s righteousness AA 532

would be forced if he were without freedom of choice PP 49

man’s well-being depends on, in this life and in life to come ML 162

many people’s, is not outflow of faith and love PK 708

is prompted by selfish motives PK 708

means eternal life CG 65

mechanical, smoldering fire of rebellion may be hidden by MM 177

necessity of, people need to be impressed with 2T 120

no other way of manifesting reverence so pleasing to God as by CT 111; Ed 244

ocean renders, to God’s law 4T 287-8

old age excuses no one from 4T 145, 253

one of child’s truest graces is CG 145; CT 113

only safe course is to render, to all of God’s requirements at any cost 5T 365

parents should teach, in simple language CT 169

partial: God does not accept PP 360, 72, 360, 706; 4T 148, 249

God is not pleased with PP 634

is disobedience 4T 146

path of: becomes brighter as Christian walks in light 1SM 166

children are not to be forced into CT 114

comfort and hope in 4T 76

departure from, is venturing onto Satan’s ground DA 126

difficulties vanish when Christians move forward in PP 437

divine help given that all may walk in 1SM 309

God preserves all who walk in DA 126

is only path of safety PP 591; 3T 108; 4T 97

is only path to heaven Te 60

is path of happiness LS 270; PP 591

is path of virtue and health LS 270

many hindrances are encountered in PK 487

safety and power in 4T 76

violence and crime are result of turning from PK 185

path of humble, God’s promise of pardon to repentant one who chooses 1T 543

perfect: Christ by His, made it possible for every man to obey God’s commandments COL 312

Christ lived among men a life of SD 112

coming short of, result of 2T 148

enjoined upon every soul SD 48

God can accept nothing less than PP 155

God expects COL 391

God requires 1SM 373-4; 2SM 381; 4T 218

God’s law demands 1SM 218

God’s promises fulfilled to man on condition of 2T 122

if we come short of, we cannot reach fulfillment of God’s promises 2T 148

in heaven there is 4T 429

inexhaustible fund of, accruing from Christ’s obedience SD 22

nothing less than, can meet God’s standard MH 180

required under new covenant 7BC 931

robe of Christ’s righteousness is, to God’s law COL 312

through Christ 1SM 373-6

to God’s commandments is evidence of love for Him 6BC 1079

perfect and perpetual, is condition of man’s eternal happiness PP 49

perfect and unswerving, God’s law demands TM 440

perfect pattern of, Christ presented Ev 636

person who defers, till every shadow of uncertainty disappears will never obey at all PP 290

till there remains no risk of failure or defeat will never obey at all PP 290

plea for delay in, dishonors God 4BC 1175

power for, Christ imparts DA 668

practical, God’s people must reveal Christ working in MM 123

prayer and fasting are not substitutes for 2T 37

precious promises given to men on condition of 2T 124

prompt: passion is not necessary to secure CG 261

require of children CG 85-6

service of Christ demands ChS 237

prompt and perfect, God requires SD 40; 1SM 216

prompt and willing, God accepts nothing short of 3T 369

question to be decided by whole world is, or disobedience DA 763

reception of God’s grace is manifest in GC 256

Rechabites were blessed for, to their father’s command PK 425

Rechabites’ example in 4T 174-5

rendered by Christ, God requires of us COL 282

rendering, merely because it is convenient to do so SL 20

requires sacrifice GC 316

result of deferring, till every shadow of uncertainty is removed PP 290; 4T 27-8

reward of, encouragements offered as PK 393

safe and sure rule is to render, to what God says PK 83

salvation is not earned by AA 563; SC 61

sanctification is received through 6T 350

should be result of choice rather than compulsion Ed 290

show children that true reverence is revealed by CT 111; Ed 244

slavish, God takes no pleasure in GC 541

spire of grain bursts through ground in, to law of God COL 81

Spirit enables believer to advance in 1SM 375

strength and blessing found in PK 294

strict: children should be guided in paths of CG 80

do not choose any other path than that of PP 361

how God taught David need of PP 706

to God’s requirements benefits health of body and mind CH 65

to God’s word is man’s only safety PP 621-2

strictest, God’s matchless love claims man’s 4T 145

taught in Christ’s life and death 4T 251

teacher should make, to his requirements as easy as possible Ed 288

test of, that which is given to us in trust is 6T 451

tree of knowledge of good and evil was PP 48-9, 53

testing questions of, present light on 1SM 165

to all of God’s requirements, true faith is manifested by PP 73

to civil government within its legitimate sphere, teach sacred duty to render AA 69

to Christ: does not detract from true happiness and pleasure 3T 374

is life-giving power that gladdens the soul 7BC 989

live every day and hour in 3T 211

to earthly powers, God’s people will be forbidden to buy or sell because they refuse to break His law in DA 121-2

to every precept of His law, God accepts nothing less than 2BC 1012

to God: always brings favor 3BC 1132

children failing to honor God-fearing parents fail to render MYP 331-2

Christian’s first duty is to render Ev 243; 4T 610

faith enables man to render SC 60-1

involves obedience to parents 6T 94

Israel was given promises only on condition of PK 704; SD 39; 1SM 218

Israel was promised God’s blessings on condition of PK 535; 6T 222

Israel’s prosperity depended on PK 704; PP 451

man is utterly unable in himself to render PP 524

man’s natural powers are enlarged by MH 466; 8T 323

must be rendered from sense of principle FE 125

no such thing as following Christ without determination to render 5T 515

parents should render Ed 287-8

Satan could not harm Adam and Eve while they rendered PP 53

so-called faith that releases men from, is presumption SC 61

teachers should render Ed 287-8

to delay, is unsafe COL 281

wisest course to pursue is ML 180

to God is: liberty from thralldom of sin TM 247

more valuable than gold or silver 8T 95

possible only by laying hold of His strength MYP 165

sure to bring victory 4T 27

true sign of discipleship SC 60

to God’s command to do His work, render unquestioning PK 243

to God’s commands: do not stop to inquire into reasonableness of PK 243; 6T 466

King Saul failed to learn PP 627

probable result of, do not stop to inquire into PK 243; 6T 466

render, even though your eyes cannot penetrate darkness and you feel cold waves about your feet PP 290

to God’s commandments: Christian can be secure only by GC 530

genuine evidence of conversion is shown by 5BC 1077; COL 313

glorious possibilities set before Israel could be realized only through COL 305

is only true sign of sanctification 7BC 908

is only way to obtain His favor 4T 28

is price of heaven CG 224

proves your right to inheritance with saints FE 125-6

strict, inhabitants of another world render EW 40

surely results in prosperity MH 187

understanding means COL 112

to God’s law: Abraham’s, was without murmur or reproach 4T 253

Adam could form righteous character by, before his fall SC 62

Christ died on cross because man could be saved only through DA 763

excellence of character is developed by DA 309

faith in Christ enables man to render SC 60-1

fatal mistake of Jews in outward show of DA 310

God requires prompt and unquestioning 4T 146

great controversy from Adam’s day to the present has been re PP 73

is essential to happiness 1SM 218

is foundation and framework of society Ed 76

life of Adam and Eve depended on PP 53

man cannot now form righteous character by, because his nature is fallen SC 62

no man compelled to yield 2T 210

Paul strove by willing, to reach his ideals AA 314-5

perfect, condition of eternal life has always been SC 62

Pharisees prided themselves on DA 307

protects men from sinful practices PK 18

should be perfect and entire 1T 416

strength to render, only by faith in Christ can man receive PP 524

through Christ’s grace man can render PP 372

true prosperity depends on PK 708

true sanctification involves SL 66-7

was to be Israel’s protection COL 287-8

would have made Israel marvel of prosperity before nations COL 288; 6T 222

to God’s laws: ennobles and elevates men COL 288; 6T 222

Israel would have been preserved from diseases by COL 288; 6T 222

vigor of intellect results from COL 288; 6T 222

would make us marvels of prosperity before nations 6T 222

to God’s requirements: brings His blessings in both temporal and spiritual things 6T 388

is to be rendered in Christ’s strength 5T 504

soul is preserved unto eternal life through SD 123

to God’s will: is essential in spiritual warfare PP 554

is not an unpleasant task 3T 378

parents should learn lessons of CT 108

what to do when, appears to mean loss of means of support DA 121-2

to God’s word: condition of success in His work is 6T 140

is condition of entrance into His kingdom CM 153-4

Israel’s unwillingness to render, in Christ’s time COL 304-6

leads men to shun worldly amusements CT 328

only safeguard against evil is 6T 119

only safety is found in CH 290

produces fruit of required quality AA 520

Satan knows results that will follow PK 53

way of God can be learned only through careful MYP 391

will make SDA a separate people CT 329

to His voice, Christ will conduct His battles in ways surprising greatest powers of earth when there is 6T 140

to His will, God values CT 207

to laws and regulations of SDA institutions, youth should render CT 99-100

to laws of his being helps man to conquer himself PK 489

to laws of His kingdom, God gives men health, happiness, peace, and joy through CT 454

to natural law(s): all our enjoyment may be traced to 3T 161

earth produces its treasures in COL 289

helps man to prepare for life to come CH 386

is obedience to divine laws 3BC 1144

nature renders COL 81

promotes man’s happiness in this life CH 386

urge 3T 161

to principles of God’s law, Christ showed that happiness of mankind is involved in Ed 76

Israel’s protection was in COL 287-8

to Ten Commandments, curse of disease would not have flooded world if man had rendered 3T 161

is personal duty 4T 58

to truth 1T 543-9

sanctification comes through Ev 599

to whole truth, failure to purify soul by EW 71

true: comes from heart DA 668

is outworking of principle within COL 97

is surrender of heart to sovereignty of love MB 46

springs from love of God’s law COL 97

springs from love of righteousness COL 97

unquestioning: God requires 4T 145

Jonah would have been spared bitter experience if he had rendered PK 266-7

men cannot overestimate value of 4BC 1137; SD 71

unswerving, God requires PP 52

when His people render, Christ will conduct His battles in ways surprising greatest powers of earth 6T 140

willing: child who loves his parents shows it by SL 81

God calls for your COL 117

love for God is shown by SL 81

new birth leads man to DA 189

on man’s part crowns Christ with honor 5T 87

only by lives of, can we render to God service He requires CT 111

peace and rest follow TM 247

salvation is obtained by COL 117

vital energy and power given to soul by 4T 613

we are to live life of, to all Christ’s requirements COL 116

without external or selfish motives is needed 2T 487

you can render, with Christ working in you SC 63

you will never learn, unless you learn it here 1T 498



example of HP 213:2

taking Isaac to be a sacrifice showed HP 251:4

acceptability of, through imparted righteousness Con 38:1

acceptance of Christ brings His love then TDG 86:3

accepted while in fellowship with Christ’s sufferings TMK 116:2

according to knowledge, without fear of results OHC 323:3

acts of,

steps in the march to glory OHC 25:3

steps to final victory TMK 253:2

advancement in, clarifies promise of Hosea 6:3 HP 185:2

arouse minds to importance of, to God’s laws TDG 20:3

assures that God will do what He has promised OHC 97:6

avoiding, plausible reasons from Satan for FW 41:2

balanced through TMK 196:4

belief and: simple conditions for eternal life 3SM 151:0

belief without, TDG 64:2

is based on feelings FW 32:2

makes sanctification impossible FW 31:2

best of ability in, brings strength of intellect 2MCP 562:3; TMK 294:3

blessings from, demonstrated through us AG 149:5; TDG 304:8

brings soul to highest laws UL 25:3

broken by fall of our first parents LHU 169:2

call to/for,

as Christ would, for their good TDG 108:3

invitation LHU 98:4

silenced UL 285:3

character perfection by, OHC 138:5

in simple faith TMK 116:2

characters different of those who yield RC 355:4

cheerful, required by the Father TDG 116:3

childlikeness in, for happiness now and eternal life TDG 310:3


are to be impressed that life is in, to God LHU 160:6

required to give, to God HP 210:2

taught, will be blessed by Christ 3SM 314:3

children of Israel were to learn, in their experiences TDG 254:4

children’s first lesson in Christian life RC 190:7

choice of, to God or to humans UL 101:4


built on by HP 130:3

demonstrated; we are to do the same LHU 169:3

did not deviate from, even to death RC 57:5

followed in,

by only a few professed Christians Con 73:1

subdued by His character OHC 73:4

gave not only rules for, but also example 3SM 139:1

had perfect, to His Father’s commandments 3SM 133:3

invites us to follow His Sonship in 3SM 135:3

is only perfect example of TMK 359:6

joined in; taking His yoke LHU 221:2

known through, endeavors in vain without OHC 68:3

(right of) to our, not half acknowledged TDG 290:2

showed possibility of,

before unfallen worlds 3SM 136:3

for all humanity 3SM 135:2

taught, in His life and death TDG 162:5

to be studied to learn LHU 169:4

was pattern of, from childhood TMK 30:2

Christians to unite on importance of HP 182:5

Christlikeness in,

if our will is placed with God’s OHC 107:2

possible HP 129:2


claim to, recognized when in right relation to God OHC 99:4

death on the cross was part of FLB 97:3

example encourages, within humanity’s sphere TMK 291:3

prayer of sinner mingled with merits of HP 69:3

reproaches our disobedience 3SM 135:2

to His Father HP 254:6

circumstances determine specifics of; Sabbath hours 3SM 317:2

clarified by asking wisdom from God 3SM 135:3

closest to divine law makes one of most service to God OHC 182:5

communion with God requires HP 72:6; UL 295:4

concern for, while neglecting weightier matters FW 15:2

condemned by past sins even with; Christ is only hope FW 30:1


for acceptance by God HP 361:5

for eternal life under both covenants TMK 299:4

for life under the new covenant AG 138:4

connects humans to purposes of God UL 25:3


of Nehemiah cleansed and refined by TMK 174:5

sure in one who will let nothing prevent 1MCP 325:2

not deemed a necessity 3SM 138:2

considered unnecessary; own imagination followed LHU 169:2

cost of,

may be loss of wealth, honor, or power OHC 193:6

not too high UL 154:8

counteracts inclination toward pleasure HP 160:2

covenant of, in 2 Cor. 6:17, 18 UL 144:7

cross involved in UL 325:4

daily, to be learned OHC 76:3

darkness becomes light through TDG 91:4

decision for each individual UL 125:8

delight to honor God by VSS 347:2

departure from, is rebellion HP 361:5

desire for, brought by Holy Spirit HP 372:3

despised while claiming sinlessness FW 95:2

determination required for HP 185:2; RC 235:4

difficulties not to deter LHU 239:2

division of world between those with and without 3SM 391:7

easier if Christ’s words heard more frequently OHC 281:4


accepted when heart is set on FW 50:1; NL 37:3

(sincere) regarded as; imputed righteousness 2MCP 787:3

toward, Christ makes up deficiency when we exert TMK 229:4

enabled by leaving Babylon 3SM 406:1

enlightenment is reward of RC 78:6

essence of, is outworking of love of righteousness TMK 118:4

essential for true goodness and greatness OHC 264:3


of a saving knowledge of God TMK 9:3

of allegiance to God TMK 293:2

exactness in, to God TMK 252:4

excuses for avoiding explicit FW 42:1

exercise all human powers for ability for 1MCP 120:3

experience in the divine life necessary for AG 311:2

failure to understand the law makes, impossible TMK 297:3

failures seen when living in, with eyes on Christ TDG 16:3

faith in Christ,

consists of exact, not doing what was not asked TMK 226:4

establishes the law and works RC 54:5

is the only way of HP 146:4

leads to; He died to redeem us TDG 315:5

favor of the world should not influence TDG 354:3

fear of lacking complete FW 51:3

feeling of forced, deprives one of enjoyment TMK 118:3

followers of Christ walk in, not in darkness TDG 320:5

following the Lamb in willing; not capriciously 3SM 424:2

forced, religion is, when Bible counters inclination TMK 118:4


deals with humans according to TDG 352:3

desires, UL 61:2

willing, without mistakes UL 184:6

expects, without questioning TMK 219:4

glorified by AG 58:5

helps those like Daniel who are committed to UL 47:3

honored by loving HP 326:3

represented by those rendering HP 189:5

requires implicit RC 54:2

trusts as representatives those who yield TMK 219:5

working within us leads to, in heart and action TMK 150:2

works for His people who yield UL 241:5


authority demonstrated is not the object of UL 347:5

oracles known more as we follow path of TMK 114:5

request is to be enough for TDG 207:4

goodness to be revealed by, not assertiveness TMK 133:4


enables; gospel points to the moral code 2MCP 563:2

expected by Ellen White when in 3SM 71:2

holds you in willing LHU 252:3

of a child; happiness in firm discipline 1MCP 171:1

habits of, those trained in Christ’s school have OHC 105:2

happiness and protection in RC 56:3

hardest, subdues pride and quickens moral nature RC 108:4

harmony of body, mind and soul through UL 241:5

health and strength are blessings of 2MCP 407:4

health returned through Con 74:3


entered by those showing UL 97:4

home in, foreseen by those rendering FLB 279:5

is only for those purified through TDG 315:5

holiness is, to will of heavenly Father OHC 214:4

Holy Spirit,

never forces TMK 57:2

seen in those rendering HP 22:7

holy, strengthens to be steadfast TMK 318:3

home having, rewarded by eternal life HP 216:7

honor of, as a son of God; no one is forced LHU 221:3

honoring God by giving evidence to universe of our TMK 297:2

hope of pardon through blood of Christ UL 189:5

human sympathy disappointing for those desiring TMK 268:2

humans, merit of, in God’s history is related to TDG 352:3

humility needed by those who believe impossibility of 2MCP 787:2

image of Christ regained by faith in Jesus and 1MCP 29:1

immortal life given to all who choose path of LYL 55:0

implicit, See Obedience, perfect

importance of, to commandments TDG 142:2

impossibility of,

claim of, is a deception UL 373:2

in our own power HP 129:2

while keeping personal differences TDG 19:3

increased by working for others OHC 260:2

individual work; will must be personally exercised 2MCP 423:2

influences in plan of salvation bound up by LHU 229:3

intelligent, teaching others LHU 169:3

joy in,

and peace and keeping power of Christ HP 53:4

from internal principle; love of righteousness TMK 118:4

justification by, through faith in Christ HP 146:4


a delight for those rendering UL 297:3

shown as test of, after showing Christ SW 77:2

leading youth in path of, by being yielded to God RC 41:4


daily in the school of Christ HP 266:5

from obedience to parents 3SM 314:3

lesson of, needs repeating RC 184:3

liberty from sin, passion and impulse HP 259:5


eternal, results from HP 183:2; UL 224

of continuous HP 201:3

is progression OHC 67:4

life preservation less important than HP 286:3

lifelong, shown possible by Christ 3SM 139:2


benefits only in TDG 293:3

does not save without willingness for 2MCP 757:1

God gives surpasses our TDG 50:3


for Christ leads to perfect TDG 291:4

for, if Christ is in the heart LHU 325:2

for God expressed by TDG 142:3

for God makes, a delight HP 128:4

for Jesus revealed by; be doers of the Word TDG 299:4

leads to FLB 92:5

of God is expressed by LHU 266:3

of Jesus results in TDG 299:2

provides the standard of FLB 80:4

shown in, HP 129:5

will elevate and refine 1MCP 352:2


attributed to those rendering AG 58:3

proved by TMK 252:3

measure of, to be after Christ’s obedience OHC 107:4

merit impossible from; it is only duty FW 23:0


disciplined for OHC 110:3

enlarged in, also character and soul TMK 121:5

ministers to give food for experience in practical 3SM 188:3

motive (only acceptable) for going into danger UL 48:4

motives for, set forth in Scripture TMK 204:2

nature shows LHU 66:2

nearness of, to divine law affects service HP 287:5

nearness to God’s throne when in HP 23:5

necessity of, not felt important since the fall RC 56:5


by healers working under Satan’s power NL 56:2

by some; others neglect weightier matters FW 15:2

object of, unity with God in character UL 347:5

old age does not excuse from TSB 179:2

only way of happiness OHC 24:4

ordinary mind trained in, qualified for God’s work Mar 63:6

others led to, by seeing it RC 346:5

overcoming only by complete, as Christ TDG 322:2

pardon requires turning to TDG 355:4

parents to require,

and they are to obey God TDG 293:5

to help children obey fifth commandment OHC 262:3

partakers of divine nature through TDG 254:5

partnership in, with Christ who is partner with firm 3SM 135:3

path of, intemperate ones led farther from TMK 313:3

path to paradise restored UL 318:3

Paul believed in UL 16:2



did not come to lessen obligation of 2MCP 565:1

honored by UL 322:2

deliverance from sin requires OHC 20:2

demanded UL 284:5

essential notwithstanding grace TMK 299:3

fits for the mansions above HP 155:2

gifts of God would not be appreciated without HP 155:2

God expects, to law OHC 213:4

Jesus requests TDG 255:3

made possible by Christ before leaving world TDG 204:4

not dishonoring the cause UL 173:6

possible by partaking of the divine nature TMK 292:5

required, 3SM 202:5

as Christ obeyed His Father UL 341:2

conflict with selfishness TDG 162:2

now as in Eden FW 52:1, 89:3

rewarded UL 288:7

robe of Christ’s righteousness is UL 378:3

value of LHU 139:6; TMK 116:5

perfected by Christ’s righteousness HP 129:3

pleasure in, for one united with God TMK 159:4

pledge of, doing valiantly in God TMK 268:3

position in kingdom of heaven determined by AG 60:3

possibility of,

by same divine power Christ received 3SM 132:4

for a human 3SM 140:2

opened by Christ 2MCP 565:1

through Christ’s sacrifice UL 64:4

to every command of God UL 20:5

united with divinity, shown by Christ 2MCP 564:4

power and grace pledged to all sanctified by TMK 344:5

power for,

at our command TMK 292:6

by obeying Christ TMK 92:4

given in addition to freedom from sin RC 55:5

granted 3SM 136:3

power of redemption shown by AG 10:3

powers enlarged by UL 156:3

practical, cleansing by truth 3SM 199:0

prayer heard when attempting FW 47:2; NL 34:2

pretending to love God without TDG 319:3

prevention of, attempted in time of Noah RC 321:4

price of eternal life UL 221:3

probation given to test HP 145:3

promises of God depend on, TMK 224:3

marriage with unbeliever LYL 83:1

protection provided to permit OHC 317:6

protects from ungodliness HP 160:2

purity and purpose result from UL 129:2

qualification for citizenship in heaven TMK 353:4

question of, to test the world TDG 325:5

reason for, appreciation instead of earning favor HP 130:4

refreshed by fellowship and communion in path of OHC 166:3


becoming unworthy; workmanship of God FW 21:1

fallen by; happiness if passions controlled TSB 100:2

humans have learned results of UL 318:2

in honor to Christ by wealthy TDG 102:4

in willing ignorance TDG 87:2

religion (true) means complete 3SM 150:4

reminds us that God is the giver UL 126:4

repentance and faith in Christ bring humanity back to RC 53:3

requirement of,

as Christ’s obedience to His Father 3SM 139:4

in the life of Christ TMK 363:3


entering heaven HP 361:4

every child of fallen Adam FW 41:2

salvation for Adam and for us LHU 139:6

those in responsible positions TDG 40:2

taught by experience of Israel UL 341:6

that Christ rendered HP 128:2

to be sons and daughters of God TMK 310:4

to truth given UL 339:5

respond to Christ in FW 76:0

rest found in restraint and TMK 293:3

rest only through perfect HP 277:4

restores humans to condition before the fall OHC 138:5

result of faith TMK 229:3

results in love, peace and joy TMK 96:3

reward for, UL 111:4, 353:2

even if life is lost UL 35:6

for Daniel and companions RC 141:3

heavenly mansion OHC 261:4

righteousness yielded by AG 249:4

Sabbath is a sign of 3SM 318:3


in, to Word of God OHC 277:5

only in CC 20:4, 34:5


impossible without FW 96:0

but law does not save us FW 95:3

not merited by FLB 96:3

sanctification by,

and knowledge LHU 152:5

needed for God to work with His people TDG 341:5

to God’s law TDG 148:3

Satan bewitches those who do not ask for help in UL 209:4

seal of God requires exact FLB 288:4

self-respect by, as purchased by Christ HP 345:2

serving God requires highest standards of HP 128:3

sign distinguishing those on path to heaven RC 235:2

sincerity in trying to obey is counted as HP 23:5

sinlessness reached by those with, to the commandments Mar 224:5

standing amid these evil times requires TMK 301:2

strength for,

Christ came to bring 3SM 180:0

from Christ is essential HP 53:2

(not liberty to sin) provided FW 31:1


by precept and example TDG 200:6

Christ made possible 2MCP 565:1


of character RC 79:3

of love and of being God’s children UL 44:3

test of,

as before fiery furnace; may be martyrs 3SM 420

by the God jealous of His law TDG 137:4

through God’s providences HP 128:4

tree of knowledge was Adam’s, as Sabbath is for us OHC 343:3

tree of life promised on condition of TDG 207:5

trials not escaped by UL 325:2


in Christ as Saviour accompanies TMK 293:2

of humans in heaven shown by FLB 114:2


in Jesus is complete LHU 152:5

known by those who walk in OHC 16:6

requires OHC 33:3

sanctifies by; loyal ones overcome all weakness FW 85:2

unacceptable, is willful and imperfect 3SM 199:2


through TDG 147:2

with God through Jesus attained through OHC 170:2

unquestioning, See Obedience, perfect

weakness in, Spirit of God must help TMK 302:3


light and peace and joy of HP 183:2

one with Christ in TDG 355:4

wisdom (human), thought to make, unnecessary OHC 252:3

Word of God,

followed in TDG 128:7

known and practiced for HP 345:2

not neglected by those in 1MCP 89:1

words of Christ influenced prompt TDG 41:3

work of, UL 341:3

begins at the heart OHC 140:4

through Christ eternally lasting AG 66:6

worship cannot be pleasing to God without RC 62:2

yield, for sake of Christ and your own soul TDG 153:6

yoke of, Christ invites us to wear TMK 293:4

See also Christ, obedience of; Life, holy; Right, doing; Service; Word of God, doers of; Works