EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)



Kadesh-barnea - Knowledge


Kadesh-barnea, Israel tested second time at PP 413-4

Israel’s first encampment at PP 387

Israel’s first rebellion at PP 406, 436, 485

38 years before Sihon’s defeat PP 435

Israel’s journey from Mt. Sinai to PP 374-86

Israel’s second encampment at PP 410

Israel’s second rebellion at PP 392

location of: eleven days’ journey from Mt. Horeb or Mt. Sinai to PP 376

in sight of hills of Canaan PP 413

in wilderness of Paran PP 387

near border of Edom PP 414, 422

on southern border of Canaan PP 376, 387

Miriam died and was buried in PP 410

Moses and Aaron sinned in smiting rock at PP 410-21, 426, 478; 4T 371

Passover observance suspended at PP 613

stream of living water ceased for Israel near PP 411-3, 428

Kansas, U.S.A.

Kansas, U.S.A. LS 239; 1SM 355; 3T 18, 91; 4T 303-4

meeting in, report of Ellen White on FW 81

Kedron Brook

Kedron Brook DA 449, 698; PP 732


Keeper, brother’s, Christian as his 1T 113-5; 5T 531, 611


Keilah 2BC 1020; PP 660-1

Kellogg Dr. J. H.

Kellogg Dr. J. H., blessed of God in preparing health foods 7T 127

book by See “Living Temple”

encouraged in med. miss. work CH 532

entitled to reasonable income from manufacture of food products 7T 129

erroneous theories presented by, in Living Temple 1SM 199

health-food industry developed by 7T 129

health-food secrets of, do not pry into 7T 132

health foods prepared by 7T 127

leading physician in SDA med. work for many years 8T 237

med. miss. work done by, commended 8T 71

much means invested by, in starting health-food business 7T 129

never to be leader of general work of SDA 8T 237

no strife between EGW and, for leadership of SDA 8T 236-7

on wrong track in Living Temple 1SM 202

opinion of, re use of cheese CD 369

rights of, as pioneer in health-food work 7T 130

should be respected 7T 131

JW attended by, during his last illness LS 251; 1T 109

work of, for outcasts WM 253

Kellogg, Dr. Merritt G.

Kellogg, Dr. Merritt G. LS 188; 2SM 295; Te 262

Kellogg, J.P.

Kellogg, J.P. 2SM 337

favored voting for temperance men for position of trust Te 255

prayer of, for JW and EGW 2SG 299; 1T 247-8

Kelsey, Bro.

Kelsey, Bro. LS 149; 2SG 182


Kenites, destruction of, Balaam predicted PP 451

tribe of, spared from slaughter PP 628

Kentucky, U.S.A.

Kentucky, U.S.A. LS 240; 4T 305


“Keokuk,” steamship 2T 569

Key, Keys

Key, Keys, explaining messages in Testimonies, Testimonies themselves as 1SM 42

faith is, of knowledge DA 139; Ed 24

locking heaven, Elijah’s words as 3T 276

locks and, men of principle do not need restriction of CH 410

nature as, unlocking treasure house of God’s word CT 187; Ed 120

prayer is, in hand of faith SC 94-5

of: all treasures of wisdom, Christ held CT 28

death, Christ has DA 530; ML 47; 1SM 83

heaven, Elijah took away 2BC 1033-4

hell, given to Christ 1SM 83

of kingdom of heaven, not given to Peter alone DA 413-4

words of Scriptures as DA 413

of knowledge: faith is Ed 24

faith working by love as DA 139

investigating minds that will receive MM 206

man who took, into his own hand 3T 449

OT Scriptures as, open doors of NT Ev 579

only, to mysteries surrounding us DA 606

opening hearts, love as 3T 535

opening portals of Holy City, knowledge of God and Christ expressed in character is CT 37; MH 457; 6T 97; 8T 317

Scripture is, which unlocks Scripture CT 437; FE 390; MYP 259; 1SM 42; 8T 157

to: all treasures of wisdom, Christ held FE 177

child’s heart, love is CG 271

every other mystery, knowledge of mystery in Col. 1:27 furnishes Ed 172; ML 26

heart of the most incorrigible and unruly, angels help to find CSW 176

impenitence and irreligion of thousands, wicked mismanagement of children as CG 284

Samaritan woman’s heart, Christ tactfully sought to find DA 184

unlocking: heaven, Elijah’s word as 3T 287

heaven’s storehouse, prayer as SC 94-5

mystery, Christ’s word as DA 727

mystery of disappointment of 1844, subject of sanctuary as GC 423

mysteries of Jewish economy, gospel is COL 133

mysteries SDA have never understood, in Testimonies ML 42

OT Scriptures, understanding of Christ’s ministry is AA 229

one mystery in study may develop other undiscovered gems of knowledge 4T 414

whole treasure house of God’s word, 1 Cor. 15:57 presents Ed 126


Keynote, of: anthems sung by the redeemed GC 665

Christ’s life DA 409

Christ’s teachings, self-sacrifice as CS 25

Christian life, what is to be DA 409

every message, second advent will not be long delayed 6T 406

God’s word, rejoicing as COL 162

life, what was to be to Israel as MH 281

praise of heaven, Christians learn here Ed 168

Scriptures, doctrine of second advent is GC 299

striking of true, God will reveal Himself at CM 154


voice of Christ was, of the universe HP 248:5

Kidney, Kidneys

Kidney, Kidneys, bathing benefits 3T 70

diet that greatly taxes CD 105

inflammation of, surest safeguard against ML 136

outdoor exercise strengthens 2T 533

overworked, when skin’s pores do not properly function 2T 524

Kidney difficulty, Kidney difficulties

Kidney difficulty, Kidney difficulties, salads that cause CD 345

Kidney disease, Kidney diseases

Kidney disease, Kidney diseases, olive oil as remedy for CD 360

self-abuse causes CG 444

Kilgore, R.M.

Kilgore, R.M., LS 240; 4T 305


Killing, for sake of killing 2SM 356

See also Homicide; Insects; Murder; Self-murder

Kimball, E. M.

Kimball, E. M. 4T 300


Kind, be 5T 571

in speech 7T 47

yet firm CT 214

hundred conversions where now one would result if God’s people were 9T 189

teach children to be CG 17

truth should make men Ev 173

Kind act, Kind acts

Kind act, Kind acts, enjoined toward personal enemies PP 311

go far to lighten burdens on weary shoulders 7T 50

little, done for needy brother binds hearts together 1T 194; 2SG 235

results of MB 82

secret, brings blessings MB 82

should not always be kept secret MB 80

shown in Christ’s name will be recognized and rewarded 6T 347

Kind deed, Kind deeds

Kind deed, Kind deeds, little, Christians should do ML 219

gladden life’s path PP 574; 4T 591

love of Christ leads men to perform SD 101

make gospel attractive by MM 208

pleasure comes from doing 9T 57

secret, react upon doer’s character MB 83

your life should be faithful in Ev 630


Kindergarten, Bible, need daily at camp meetings Ev 582-4; 6T 105

See Education, kindergarten

Kindergarten method, Kindergarten methods

Kindergarten method, Kindergarten methods, useful in teaching little children Ev 583; 6T 105

Kindest people

Kindest people, reformers should be Ev 303


Kindliness, as passive virtue, is essential grace MH 497

cherish Ed 206

Christian life is more than 5T 404

cultivate, in your associations CH 435

of manner, many people kind at heart lack Ed 240

parents should teach children with CG 33

universal, education encourages essential and enduring Ed 241

encourage spirit of GW 334


Kindling of soul, once felt at mention of Christ’s name 5T 611

Kind look, Kind looks

Kind look, Kind looks, more valuable than wealth and luxury 4T 622


Kindness, acts of tender, relieve people’s burdens and sorrows by 3T 539-40

all people need MH 496

brotherly, one round in ladder of Christian progress AA 529-30

cherish, one for another 5T 279

children are to be won by CG 33

children can make parents’ hearts glad by MYP 333

children should be instructed with CG 42

children’s reaction to Ed 240

Christ’s, Simon the leper was touched by DA 567

Christ’s lessons of, learn 9T 31

Christ’s spirit of, partake of 6T 473

Christian, powerful factor in winning youth’s affections CT 208

should be constantly manifested in life MM 204

Christianity leads men to manifest 3T 528

cruel, manifested to children 3T 141

cultivate 4BC 1160; 2T 78; 3T 417; TM 150

David remembered, of people who befriended him PP 694

David’s, to Mephibosheth PP 713

disinterested, many people can be reached only through acts of 6T 84

duty and, blend 3T 108

duty performed without, failure results from 3T 108

educate children to show, to one another CG 143

Eli’s mistaken, toward sons 2BC 1010

every word of, placed on heaven’s record 5T 133

reported before eternal throne 5T 133

exercise, at home 4T 61

father should manifest, to mother CT 128

fruit borne daily by persons truly connected with God SL 11

fruit of spirit of truth 4T 59

gave fragrance to Christ’s character ML 242

gospel worker needs to be educated in 2T 220

has its limits PK 236; 5T 45

heart filled with Christ’s love will manifest ML 53

heart transformed by grace shows it in 4T 488

hearts of, Christians should have 3T 111

how to cultivate 6BC 1083

importance of, in family life 4T 256

in home 1T 306-7

inconsiderate, hurts children’s souls CG 326

lack of, sincerity and uprightness will not account for AH 427

sincerity and uprightness will not atone for PK 237

law of, should be on your lips MB 98; 9T 41

leaves impress upon face 5T 402

let: be seen everywhere in sanitarium work 4T 587

pervade home AH 433

prevail in home 5T 558

let your life be filled with ministry of, to others 5T 487

love and, many people can be won by 3T 108

make apparent to all your Ev 400

manifest, under all emergencies CSW 174

many apparently hopeless hearts will melt under Ed 294

many souls can be won by 3T 108

mark of Christian ML 178

means of reaching hearts ML 242

milk of human, how to lose TM 156-7

ministers should be examples in 5T 160

misdirected, toward the sick MH 222

mistaken, to the sick 2SM 458

mother should manifest, to father CT 128

must have its limit PK 236; 5T 45

must rule in home to make it happy 4T 138

mutual, attracts angels into family circle AH 422; ML 200

makes home a paradise AH 422; ML 200

needs to be: abounding principle in man’s life 5T 650

seen in Christians’ lives DA 107

nothing but, should escape your lips MM 213

oil of, follow every correction with CT 212

opens way to help people WM 168

parents should set example in, for children AH 421

person filled with love of Christ will manifest SD 80

physicians should manifest CH 341; 3T 170

real, of heart is motive that Heaven values MB 81

remember that, accomplishes more than censure MH 196; 9T 224

respond to oppressive acts by 5T 344

seeds of, blossom and bear fruit 6BC 1118

sow 6BC 1118

should become part of your being ML 5

show: to people with whom we come in contact SD 60

to persons of defective character 5T 97

to sinners Ev 369

shown in spirit of service, will not fail of its recompense MB 81

shown to His servants, Christ will recognize and reward DA 358

sinful hearts not utterly closed to Spirit will respond to MB 75

spirit of: continually manifest SD 100

cultivate 5T 331

is not to be manifested by fits and starts SD 100

may save the erring PP 520

SS teachers need CSW 174

spirit of unwavering, reform others in 4T 568

stern reproof should be given in CT 212

tender, melts away prejudice Ev 543

tender words of, far-reaching effect of 5T 613

that should exist between brethren, jealous interpretation that kills TM 250

thoughtful, must find expression in home 5T 335

treat unbelievers with 7T 108

twin sister of, stern duty is 3T 108

universal, law of home should be AH 421

unpromising children need CG 260

unvarying, children should be taught to manifest CT 124; FE 67

youth should be approached with 4T 142


ability to show, delights God TMK 126:2

acts of,

considered in the judgment TMK 334:2

help family members with personal struggles TDG 225:3

home made most attractive place on earth by OHC 263:4

alert to show, building your own monument 1MCP 366:3

approach one you suppose to be at fault with TDG 105:3

bearing fruit in HP 220:4

blends with integrity and justice RC 306:6

charm of Christian influence OHC 238:2

child of God will reveal HP 365:2

Christ showed,

for needy and oppressed 3SM 237:2

in look and word OHC 236:5

to Samaritans, opposing prejudice 3SM 238:2

walking among the discourteous 3SM 237:3


followers reveal TMK 306:3

life showed, although He was King of glory TMK 100:3

comfort with, someone who is battling temptation OHC 64:5

condemnation given instead of, to tempted in church TDG 239:4

covenant to speak only words of VSS 143:1

cultivate, and never call it weakness TMK 209:5

Daniel and his companions showed HP 261:3

effective by the One who promised to be with you TDG 329:6

expected is likewise to be shown OHC 237:2

expression of Christ’s love HP 207:4

forgiveness of sins causes, when truly Christ’s TMK 163:3


revealed in eternity HP 230:3

while injury leaves an impression OHC 237:2

fruit of the branch grafted into the living Vine RC 355:5


known as One who exercises TMK 126:2

pledges security of, for His people TMK 262:4

shows, by decreasing earthly attractions OHC 327:4

grudging, for lost souls UL 71:5

important to lonely ones HP 207:4

increased by laying up treasure in heaven OHC 195:2

lack of,

creates needless trials and dissatisfaction TDG 306:7

neutralizes upright actions UL 120:4

not atoned for by sincerity and uprightness HP 180:4

law of, on lips of Christian woman TSB 51:0

learned in school of Christ UL 59:2


governed by law of TDG 111:4

of Christ expressed TMK 156:4

lives of, Lamb’s book of life records those with FLB 370:4

love is more than OHC 73:6

makes Christian influence almost irresistible RC 305:5

mercy shows TMK 46:2

more than characteristics like, are needed TMK 155:2


no excuse for AG 248:3

while looking for great opportunities TDG 144:3

parents to speak with, TDG 219:4

as in the presence of Christ 1MCP 178:3

path for weary feet made by OHC 183:5

people of God to reveal, toward each other TDG 71:2

reflects upon the one who gives it HP 30:4

religion of Christ leads to OHC 72:3

religion shown by OHC 279:6

self-examination on HP 287:4

servant of Christ to exercise HP 372:2


by those stripped of self-righteousness TDG 326:2

in dealing with one another HP 321:2

to less fortunate one OHC 259:4

social, of Christ showed He recognized human dignity HP 181:3

speaking only in, to please the Master TDG 332:4

spirit of, children of God cherish TDG 207:2

through grace of Christ OHC 169:3

treat ungodly with, but don’t choose their society OHC 258:3

truth leads to 3SM 199:0

truth may flow in 3SM 258:2

uprightness does not atone for lack of 3SM 238:5

way without, is unchristian HP 230:4

ways prepared by words of 3SM 258:2

words of,

and actions to represent truth TDG 281:3

important; we are here to prepare for future TDG 225:3

workers to show, among themselves TDG 365:4

See also Benevolence; Gentleness; Thoughtfulness; Unkindness

Kind person, Kind persons

Kind person, Kind persons, God’s cause needs 1BC 1113

most, reformers should be MH 157


Kindred, idolatrous See Idolatrous kindred

strong influence of GW 114

Kind regard

Kind regard, in caring for others, repaid fourfold 2T 329

Kind word, Kind words

Kind word, Kind words, as cup of cold water to thirsty soul ML 165; 7T 50

as welcome as smile of angels MH 158

great value of ML 242

in institutions MM 172

have soothing balm DA 92

little, importance of SD 253; 4T 543

make great men in God’s sight SD 253; 4T 543

physicians should speak 3T 170

simply spoken, sweep away clouds of temptation and doubt 9T 30

spoken to the sorrowful with right motive, results in blessing to speaker PP 218

King, Kings

King, Kings, Adam as, in Eden 1BC 1082; Ed 26

aged, jealous of best friends and relatives 1T 422

are under God’s rule and government 6BC 1081; FE 505

bowed to papal decrees GC 60

cabinets of, light of truth now shining on 8T 40

Christ as See Christ

courts of, some youth of today will stand in Ed 262

spiritualism has found favor in GC 556; SR 395

custom of Jewish, to ride upon ass in royal entry into Jerusalem DA 570

dethroned, God sees SD 338

drink wine of wrath of Babylon’s fornication TM 62

earth’s rightful, Christ is DA 129

enthusiasm of Galileans to make Christ DA 377-8, 383; MB 3

experience and work of, God is familiar with AA 134

false theory that every man is born MM 95

God has power to enthrone and to dethrone PK 498

God is above every 6BC 1081; Te 53

God is ruler over all 4BC 1169

God moves upon, in behalf of His people ChS 168; TM 202

great power of, often used to exalt self 3BC 1139

Gregory VII claimed popes had power over GC 57-8

has no right to compel subjects to reverence God PK 510-1

have no right to control conscience in matters of religion GC 249; SR 352

illustration of, journeying through less frequented parts of realm DA 135

in resurrection of the wicked GC 664

Innocent III extracted oath from GC 580-1

inviting gospel heralds to enter their gates GW 27

Israel led to see their error in demanding PP 626, 663

Israel’s: assassinated one after another in ambition to rule PK 279

directions given to Moses for guidance of PK 52

forbidden to practice polygamy PK 52

was to be God’s vicegerent PP 603

Israel’s demand for PP 603-8, 636

jealous and covetous, destroy their own children 1T 422-3

Jehovah is His people’s TM 477-84

John the Baptist rebuked, for their iniquity 8T 332

just and merciful, how God trained David to be PP 658

light is to be brought before Ev 560

most exalted of unrighteous, persons who are more honorable in God’s sight than 2T 682

mother’s responsibility greater than that of CG 71

no man is to be set as, in SDA churches TM 477

not authorized to come between God and man 9T 234

obedience due to, when he has right to command PK 542

parents should train children as PP 244

person who fears God will honor GC 278

pope claimed power to depose GC 57-8, 581

power invested in, use and misuse of 2SM 359

queens and, parents owning piece of land and comfortable home are FE 327

right of, to make public confession of reverence for God PK 510-1

smitten with leprosy, had to yield up scepter DA 262; MH 67

Solomon was world’s greatest, richest, and wisest 9T 281

some of God’s people will stand before, to answer for faith FE 217; 1SM 415

strongholds of, God’s people safe during overthrow of MB 121; PK 176; 5T 754

subject and, Christianity makes strong bond of union between AA 460

the faithful will reign as, during millennium EW 290-1

trembled before Luther’s (Martin) voice EW 225

wife’s position is more sacred and elevated than that of 3T 566

will be brought to acknowledge Creator as only true and living God FE 375

will hear of SDA through reports of their enemies Ev 560

wisdom to speak before, promised to Christ’s followers COL 252

women have work more important than that of 3T 483, 566

work of, not higher than that of a mother AH 231

See also Ruler


children of, calmness to be maintained by LHU 167:4

children of heavenly FLB 279:3

Christ as Shepherd and, our covenant; majesty and tenderness TDG 193:4

human greatness of, considered by Ellen White in France HP 40:2

humans told by Bible that they may become, in heaven TDG 30:2

make no human UL 74:4

mightiest, flowers surpass, in their array of beauty TMK 148:3

presence of earthly, compared with sonship of God TMK 310:4

think they carry out their own purposes UL 96:2

workers not to act as UL 74:2

See also Authorities; Sovereign

King, Seneca H.

King, Seneca H. LS 185-6; 1T 600; 2T 18

King’s son

King’s son, marriage of, parable of See Parable

Kingdom, Kingdoms

1. Christ’s

2. Christ’s—of glory

3. Christ’s—of grace

4. Christ’s—of righteousness

5. Earthly (of this world)

6. God’s

7. God’s—of heaven

8. Satan’s

9. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s

condition of nearness to Him in AA 543; DA 549

contrast between, and earthly kingdoms COL 76-7

duty of God’s people to advance, in world TM 58

erroneous concept of, Jews held COL 77; DA 34, 299; GC 345, 347; MB 8

established in humanity by Spirit’s work Ev 531

established in men’s hearts by Spirit DA 509

every instrument of coercion banished from AA 12

government of, is like no earthly government 5BC 1111; COL 76-7

highest place in, sought by disciples DA 549

illustrated by parable of mustard seed COL 76-7

interest and prosperity of, paramount to every other consideration 3T 397

is spiritual kingdom DA 820; MB 99

lamb as ensign of 4BC 1171; COL 77

law of DA 547-51

laws of, many people will undertake to execute DA 509

simple and yet complete 7T 215

make, paramount in your plans CS 55

manifesting love of Christ is best way to build up 5T 167-8

manner of establishing, illustrated by first parables DA 333

mediatorial, evidence of Christ’s enthronement in COL 120; ML 47

meekness is among first qualifications for entering MB 14

members of, are members of His body FE 413

are sons of God and partners in His great firm TM 422

multitudes work for, as earthly and temporal dominion DA 509

must be set up in world AA 16

nature of: explained to disciples AA 30

illustrated by first parables DA 333

not understood by disciples DA 435, 670; GC 345

plainly stated by Him DA 820

revealed by His works MH 36

no earthly government could rightly illustrate COL 76

no lordly oppression or compulsion of manner in DA 550-1

no use of brute force in, to compel conscience COL 77

not a worldly kingdom FE 142; 3T 566

not characterized by earthly dignity and display DA 437

not established by: decisions of courts, councils, or legislative assemblies DA 509

outward display Ev 531

not of this world COL 397; DA 727

one of love, grace, righteousness MB 8

principle of preference and supremacy has no place in DA 650

principles of, learn in this life PK 548

should be revealed by His people COL 296-7

prophecy of Daniel 9 re GC 345-7

Scripture teachings re, how Jewish leaders studied DA 212

seemed humble and insignificant in its beginnings COL 77

spiritual, established by Him on earth DA 173; MB 8

subjects of: characteristics of DA 107

give evidence of faith and repentance DA 107

large (long) study of books does not make FE 413; MYP 189

made up in investigative judgment EW 280

not made thus by forms and ceremonies FE 413; MYP 189

stand as GW 393-4

teaching re, use of illustrations from nature in MH 54

temporal, Christ’s mission on earth was not to establish AA 30; DA 173

treachery against, when church commits TM 17

upbuilding of, must be made first consideration 5T 182

will embrace all kingdoms of world 5BC 1079; EW 158

2. Christ’s—of glory

Christ has gone to Father to receive EW 55, 151, 251, 280; GC 426-8

Christ is in heaven preparing, for His people 5T 732

Christ’s reception of, from Ancient of Days GC 427, 479-80

represented as marriage EW 55, 251, 280; GC 426-8

coming of, hastened by giving gospel to others MB 109

Daniel’s prophecy re DA 34

entrance into, requirement for PP 207

established on earth after second advent AA 228; 9T 63

established when His mediatorial work closes GC 416

future and immortal, yet to be set up GC 347

given to Him at close of His mediatorial work EW 251, 280; GC 428, 480

God’s people receive, at second advent GC 322-3, 347, 427; MB 108; 1T 360

God’s people seek to be fitted for heavenly society in 2T 588

how to be fitted for society of angels in SL 83; 2T 78, 355

man in his present state cannot enter GC 323

men are to be fitted for society of angels in 2T 591; 3T 162

moral fitness for, how to acquire 2T 355

New Jerusalem as capital and representative of GC 426-8

not established at first advent MB 107-9

not yet ushered in GC 416

persons who will sing song of triumph in CH 264

redeemed will enjoy society of angels in 4T 118

redeemed will have stars in crown in 4T 358

represented by throne of glory GC 347

represented in miniature, at Christ’s transfiguration DA 421-2; EW 164; PK 227

second advent message announces DA 234

sinner must receive God’s grace before he can be fit for COL 96

still future GC 347; MB 108-9

will endure forever and ever EW 151; PK 548

will have no end GC 651

will not come till gospel of grace is carried to all earth MB 108-9

3. Christ’s—of grace

Christ came to establish, at first advent COL 253-4

established at His death GC 348

existence of, before His death GC 347-8

how men became subjects of, before His death GC 347-8

instituted immediately after man’s fall GC 347

message of first advent announced DA 234

now being established MB 108

represented by throne of grace GC 347

set forth in Epistle to Hebrews GC 347

4. Christ’s—of righteousness

Christ came to establish, at first advent DA 130; 9T 218

Christ seeks to establish, in men’s hearts DA 138

prayer for establishment of MB 110

5. Earthly (of this world)

are as dust of balance FE 481

Babel builders established, for self-exaltation PP 123; 8T 213

Babylon was richest of PK 501

Christ did not come to overthrow COL 35; MH 36

Christ wrested, from Satan AA 29; EW 158

Daniel 2 shows deterioration of 4BC 1168

downfall of, things that prepared way for GW 388

every, is to be brought low FE 481

God has power over PK 498

God is still dealing with SD 338

maintained by force 4BC 1171; COL 77

many people desire to make Christ ruler of DA 509

not yet Christ’s kingdoms CT 414; FE 355

offered to Christ by Satan DA 129-30; EW 157-8; 1SM 285-9

rise and fall of, God’s word reveals causes that govern Ed 238

visions given to Daniel re PK 553-4

rising already against kingdom 7BC 968

ruled by ascendancy of physical power AA 12

Satan offers, in return for doing his will CS 144

Satan supposed, to have become his by right 5T 738

symbolized by fierce beasts of prey COL 77; GC 439-40

universal, Babel builders planned 8T 213

rise and fall of, predicted hundreds of years before they came on stage of action PK 501

6. God’s

begins in heart DA 506

Christ’s message re, based on Daniel 9 GC 345

Christians shall take up their work once more in 7T 17

comes through: gentleness of inspiration of His word MH 36

inward working of Spirit MH 36

citizens of, courtesy of 6T 190

coming of: lack of divine power hinders 6T 438

lack of faith and spirituality hinders 6T 438

pray for MB 108

condition(s) of entrance into, given in Sermon on Mount DA 299

obedience to His word is only CM 153-4

constant interchange in 6T 448

established by Christ’s death GC 347

establishment of everlasting, Nebuchadnezzar was instructed re PK 503

everlasting, church is to prepare way for ushering in PK 375

form and ceremony do not constitute Ev 511

holy men of old made disposition of their all to build up 5T 188

how to be great in 5T 130

human learning cannot qualify men for FE 413; MYP 189

investigative judgment determines who are prepared for GC 428

is everlasting kingdom SD 121

kingdom of glory as GC 347

kingdom of grace as GC 347

laws of, seek earnestly to learn what constitutes COL 280

man in his present state cannot enter GC 323

man’s old nature born of blood and will of flesh cannot inherit MB 141

many believers will fall this side of 1T 533

many people are nearer, than we suppose AA 140

many souls on verge of, waiting only to be gathered in AA 109; Te 258

marriage supper of Lamb in CG 387

must be advanced as it would be if Christ were on earth 8T 211

no caste and no aristocracy in AA 20

no territorial lines in AA 20

not an earthly empire in Christ’s time GC 347

not to prevail by force of arms COL 35

only people who do right will enter 5T 569

person for whom there will be no room in 9T 103-4

position in: not earned AA 543; DA 549

not gained through favoritism AA 543; DA 549

not received through arbitrary bestowal AA 543; DA 549

power of, greatest manifestation of MH 36

prayer for establishment of MB 107-9

principles of, must be learned here Ed 184

will be honored by all beneath sun PK 538

qualifications for entering, erroneous ideas of Jews re DA 171

rebels cannot be taken into CG 256

restoration of, Christ’s disciples wanted to know time of 1SM 185-6

seek ye first MB 98-100

spiritual in its nature FE 177

strive and agonize to enter MB 141

subjects and citizens of, men are to become here Ed 184

subjects of, all who do His will are TM 422

swift-coming, rapidly fulfilling prophecies and tokens of DA 235

teaching of Lord’s prayer re MB 107-8

train your children for CG 548

upbuilding of, retarded 6T 437-8

will be incorruptible and enduring forever GC 323

7. God’s—of heaven

comes without outward show DA 506-10; MH 36

entrance into, only qualification required for FE 398

how men are to enter DA 175

importance of seeking, with spiritual violence SD 30

is first great object of life 1T 502

Jacob took, by force SD 30

make, first in importance SD 109

many of Christ’s parables refer to GC 347

no commandment breaker can inherit 1T 498

no idlers will be found in 6T 434

spiritual kingdom MB 8

why few people will enter 5T 50

8. Satan’s

blow against, how to strike SD 41

conflict with leaders of, Christ’s followers brought into DA 277

do your utmost to destroy Ev 18

effort to build up, in opposition to God’s government GC 507

efforts to establish, on earth DA 35; GC 531; PP 331

is: kingdom of force DA 436

one of falsehood 5T 192

lost when Christ died 2T 211

overthrown by Christ’s death 5BC 1079, 1107; DA 624

self-seeking is principle of DA 436

set up on earth 7BC 973

will be seen to be only failure and ruin GC 669

9. Miscellaneous

each person belongs to one of two, in this world CH 591; MM 218

earth originally given to man as his AH 540; GC 674

existence of, existence of throne implies GC 347

man’s, betrayed by sin into hands of Satan PP 331

lost by sin, Christ recovers EW 158; GC 484, 674; PP 65; SR 430

new, Christ was founder of COL 77

law of DA 547-51

of: God’s people, is not of this world 1T 360

Israel, was to embrace whole world COL 290; PK 19

truth, secret of spread of DA 727

See Christ, kingdom of; God, kingdom of; World, kingdoms of

“Kingdom of God,”

“Kingdom of God,” expression used in reference to two different kingdoms GC 347

Kingly power

Kingly power, no, set in church by God LS 386; 8T 232-3, 236


Kingship, conditions of, in Israel PP 603, 608, 679

man lost his, by sin Ed 26, 304

man’s lost, restored in new earth Ed 304

that youth should exercise Ed 204

world’s, belongs to Christ DA 129-30


Kinsman, Christ as man’s, for his redemption DA 327


Kirjath-arba, Hebron’s former name PP 697 See also Hebron


Kirjath-jearim, ark of covenant at FE 96-7; PP 589, 593, 704-8; 4aSG 110-1; SR 191

location of PP 704

school of prophets at Ed 46; FE 96-7; PP 593

Kirk, Mrs.

Kirk, Mrs. Te 263


Kish, King Saul’s father PP 608

Kishon Brook

Kishon Brook 3T 285-6


Kiss, deceptive AH 307

holy EW 15, 117; LS 65; 1T 59

parental CG 263

that should be repelled with disgust 2T 458;

tobacco-polluted Te 60

Kitchen, Kitchens

Kitchen, Kitchens, affairs of, husband’s responsibility re 4T 127-9

hygiene of, importance of teaching Ed 200

if your duty is in, seek to be perfect cook COL 359

marks of negligence and untidiness in CH 420

mysteries of, schools should teach young women FE 74

pioneer SDA met for worship in TM 26

work in, what should characterize all MYP 230

Kitchen duty, Kitchen duties

Kitchen duty, Kitchen duties, exercise in, young women benefited by FE 74-5

Kitchen girls

Kitchen girls, need same privileges as seamstresses, copyists, and music teachers have 3T 158

Kite, Kites

Kite, Kites, great flocks of, feasting on human corpses GC 284

Knee, Knees

Knee, Knees, bow down upon, in public and private worship 2SM 312

bow your, when assembling to worship God 2SM 314

Christian obtains strength on his, to resist temptation 4T 616

feeble, cannot support you in adversity 4T 76

get down upon your, in prayer 2SM 311

more time to be spent on, and less planning great things TDG 277:4

prayer on bended, not always necessary 2SM 316

swelling on, from bite of poisonous insect 2SM 300

talent of, given for prayer TMK 328:2

teach students to bend, in worshiping God 2SM 314

See also Prayer


Kneeling See Prayer

Knickknack, Knickknacks

Knickknack, Knickknacks, children should be taught to deny themselves of, to save money for self-denial box CD 329

spiced, ill effects of Te 182-3

temptation to spend money for, what to do re AH 382-3


Knife, words of Christ that cut like DA 239

planing See Planing knife

pruning See Pruning knife


Knocking, mysterious See Mysterious rapping; Spiritualism


Knot, of difficulty, not to be cut by impatience 5T 348


Knowledge, ability to rightly use, is necessary MH 450; ML 111

abnormal desire for more, than is needed to do God’s work CT 405

acquire all, that is possible ML 96

acquisition of 3T 223

Daniel and companions divinely blessed with wisdom in FE 374

divorcing God from, results of CT 395; FE 375

how to have success in COL 343-4

is not enough MH 450; ML 111

precepts and principles of religion are first steps in 4T 427

present age boasts of great facilities for FE 64

purpose of Daniel and companions in PK 486

strive to reach highest round of ladder in CT 394

will not weary mind in life to come GC 677

youth should advance as far as possible in MH 402

youth should persevere in FE 49

aid in pastor’s work GW 183

alone, may be power for one’s destruction 7BC 915; 4T 422

ambition to secure, is praiseworthy 4T 114

apart from Christ, worth of 1SM 249

arising from unsatisfied desires and unholy aims 5T 504

art of cooking is important branch of 1T 685

as spiritual gift 9T 144

avails nothing unless communicated to others CT 253; 7T 268

benefits little unless put into practice CG 32

bliss of being ignorant of a certain kind of 5T 504

book, successful minister must have something more than 3T 553

cannot be obtained where it is never sought 4T 286

child may gain, as Christ did DA 70

Christ imparted only, that could be utilized MH 448; 8T 310

Christ’s, highest human knowledge is foolishness in comparison with 5T 588

continual progress in, is God’s purpose for His people MH 503

divine, becomes human knowledge through correct faith COL 113

treasure house of, draw largely from 7T 273

do not become puffed up because of 4T 413

do not pursue, merely for its own sake FE 338

do not think there is no more, to gain COL 113

does not necessarily dwarf Christian growth 3T 223

enduring CT 389-97

erroneous belief that learned and rich man is more valuable because of, than poor man WM 171

essential CT 11-8

for this life and life to come, Bible contains CT 395

in gospel work AA 515

knowledge of God is MH 401

essential qualification needed with 4T 100

essential to teachers proceeds from Christ CT 230

experimental: importance of knowing God by MH 461; 8T 321

many professed Christians do not know Christ by 1SM 81

needed in way of holiness 4T 427

of things of God, all men need 5T 273

persons educated principally from books are novices in 4T 546

SDA teachers should be acquainted with God by CT 248-9

that is gained by searching God’s word COL 114

that is worth more than gold CT 487

faculties must be exercised to acquire FE 374-5

failure to gain, eternal loss from COL 363

failure to put, to practical use 3T 223

first and most precious, knowledge of Christ is 5T 322

forbidden, books that lead thousands to CT 402

man’s inquisitiveness and presumption in seeking 5T 504

fountain of, result of drinking at 4T 414-5

gained: learn how to use faithfully SD 72

minister needs divine enlightenment with his 5T 529

put to practical use MH 499; MYP 193; 4T 561

that aids in developing capacity and Christlike earnestness 5T 529

you do much for yourself by imparting CT 485

gained by disobedience, knowledge of consequences of transgression is CT 12

given not merely for your own benefit 4T 80

God desires His children to have MH 149

God would not have men obtain, having foundation in disobedience 5T 503-4

great, to know oneself is CT 67, 419; FE 525

greater, do not let intellectual slothfulness close your path to 4T 561

growth in, men in whom there will be continual 2SM 161

human, zeal for God and obedience to His law should be united with 4T 116

hunger for, to bless others COL 334

ignorant men sanctified through truth should constantly gather FE 120

imparted by God does not belittle man’s ideas of sacred things CW 167

imperfect, often prevents right understanding of matters MB 68

in spiritual things, apply every mental power to FE 376

increase of, on subject of Sabbath 2SM 106

people are to be prepared to stand in latter days by 2SM 105

increases with experience COL 65-6

independent of human inventions, reveal depth of TM 209

infinitude of, men have only a glimmering of COL 113

is power 4T 656

for good or evil FE 111

when united with true piety CT 38; 4T 427; TM 197

is progressive GC 678

it is not enough to have MH 450

key of, faith is Ed 24

faith working by love is DA 139

large claim to, while ignorant of spiritual things 9T 146-7

larger, reach out for CW 34

light and, result of sinning against MM 224

little, increases by use COL 354

some persons made self-conceited by 4T 584

little advantage in, unless talent of speech is cultivated 6T 380

men increase in, as they cultivate their God-given powers FE 48

men of great breadth and extended, why there are so few FE 110

minds stored with, modesty of men who have 4T 338-9

ministers should bend their minds to, in connection with their work TM 193-4

most precious, that man can possess SD 233

must be vitalized by Spirit to serve noblest purposes CT 38; 4T 427; TM 196

objectionable, never become acquainted with 5T 504

obtained merely from books, higher education calls for something greater than CT 11

of Christ’s attributes is obtained from Christ alone FE 343

of evil, brought in through Satan’s cunning 5T 503-4

God would not have men acquire SR 34

man gained, through sin MB 126

why God withheld, from man Ed 23

of God See God

of God’s will, personal experience needed in obtaining MH 58

of God’s word, great responsibility of persons blessed with AA 69

of God’s works and ways, in this world men can only begin to obtain 4T 581

studied throughout eternity 4T 581

of good and evil Ed 23-7

of highest worth in world is knowledge of Christ FE 376

of mysteries of heaven, most desirable education is CT 399

of practical things, essential in everyday life FE 132

of principles of life, men need MH 115

of sciences, do not exhaust and waste physical and mental powers in acquiring CT 405-6

of self, men need true COL 158; MH 455; 8T 316

need of, to be fitted for translation 1T 486

of the divine will is essential to successful presentation of truth 3T 553

of true science, is power CT 19

should be taught in SDA schools CT 19

of truth See Truth

of world in which you live, is essential MH 450

of world’s wise men is limited and comparatively inferior 4T 361

one round in ladder of Christian progress is AA 530

perfect, faith is not to rest on 3T 258

personal responsibility for, that you might have gained but did not TM 147

persons thirsting for, need not go to polluted fountains MH 447

portion of your, Christ must be 4T 100

power for good when used in God’s cause GW 505; MYP 34; 5T 529

preaching should do more than impart GW 152

progress in, is essential GW 505; MYP 34

pursuit of: merely for its own sake CT 405

students who will have clear minds for CT 376

without becoming dizzy 4T 413-4

quest for, great evil that has attended MH 427; MYP 190; 4T 585

re that which God has not revealed PP 687

persons who seek PP 687

Satan leads men to seek 3SG 40-1; SR 33-4

received through God’s word MH 458-66; 8T 318-28

redeemed will advance in, through ceaseless ages CT 55; Ed 301-9; GC 677-8; SR 432-3

right use of, Christian alone can make 4T 427; TM 196

sanctified, divinely imparted is of right quality 4T 422

Satan presents, craved by perverted taste 5T 505

scientific See Scientific knowledge

secular, SDA educators who spare no pains or expense to impart FE 135-6

soaring high but resting nowhere 9T 135

Source of, privilege of drawing from 4T 413

speculative, danger in MH 427-38; 8T 290-304

Satan insinuated into minds of Adam and Eve desire for 5T 503

spiritual, how to advance in true 5T 704

youth have privilege of growing in MYP 121

stock of, youth should gather 7T 281

strengthening mind and soul, God’s people need MH 450

students imbued with Spirit grasp CT 37

substantial, gold or silver cannot buy 5T 544

superficial, do not be satisfied with 4T 567

superiority in, God’s people should show COL 358; MM 200

surpassing previous disclosures, Christ could have imparted MH 448

talent of, used in Christ’s service is never lost CT 451

teacher’s, increases as he uses it CT 234

that is fruit of experience, need of ML 109

that opens portals of heavenly city MH 457

treasures of, in which the redeemed will share in life to come Ed 307; GC 677

tree of See Tree

true: comes from God CT 360-1; Ed 16; FE 437

decreased with every successive generation 4aSG 154

does not come from wicked men FE 437

importance of seeking MH 451-7; 8T 312-8

is divine 5T 503

knowledge of God and His ways lies at foundation of CT 167

of Bible is gained only with Spirit’s aid Ed 189

truest and most exalted, found in God’s word SD 70

understanding of God’s word is better than all other 4T 27

undiscovered stores of, Christ was able to reveal CT 28

use wisely, that you have 7T 281

useful, ministers should store mind with 4T 412

valuable, from God proceeds all FE 437

vast amount of, disobedience has closed door to CT 440

want of, souls perish for 5T 11

ways to acquire COL 343-4

why some ministers have only superficial, of Bible GW 93-4

will be increased ML 63

withheld from Adam and Eve, knowledge of guilt was 1SM 214

without curse on it, God would have imparted to Adam and Eve 8T 290

worth little unless: communicated to others CT 253; 7T 268

put to practical use 3T 223

worthless unless made steppingstone to accomplishment of highest purposes FE 541; 8T 311

youth should gather up every jot and tittle of MYP 41, 199

youth should learn to impart MH 402



constantly; it is food for the mind 1MCP 105:1

keeping eternal realities in view HP 217:4


in, of God by communion with Christ OHC 279:3

in temporal and spiritual, by seeing Jesus RC 159:4


by partaking of the divine nature HP 29:2

to all who want it, 1MCP 105:2

God wants people to think 1MCP 226:6

to children of God, explained by Paul OHC 365:4

to the humble who search for God’s will TMK 126:4

capacity for, increases with application OHC 261:3

character formation for heaven is purpose of OHC 35:6

choice to accept, from God UL 47:4


taught actions as well as TDG 108:2

was the treasure house of UL 80:2

Christian alone can make right use of 1MCP 16:3

cleanness of heart more valuable than Mar 63:6

contentment without more 1MCP 101:3

depths of, as gifts UL 379:3

destructive power of, in hands of the enemy OHC 309:3

displaying, exalting self by TDG 132:2


may become ours; study Christ’s teaching 1MCP 185:3

progress in, adding graces through Christ 1MCP 94:3

drink from pure streams when thirsting for TDG 217:2


God’s word contains 3SM 313:2

is of God and His Word TMK 193:2

knowing God and Jesus; we should teach this 1MCP 52:2

eternal things important in obtaining HP 137:2

eternity penetrated for, by godly one OHC 80:4

excelling in, requires connection with God UL 156:2


of faith and trust TDG 301:3

of true godliness ensures culture 2MCP 737:4

finite, result of Christ’s teachings TMK 97:2


from infidel authors 1MCP 196:0

was knowledge of guilt 2MCP 562:1

fountain of, inexhaustible AG 124:6

genuine, knowing Christ and the Father RC 346:7

gift of skill and, to Daniel and companions LHU 366:3


gave, to Daniel 2MCP 742:4

gives, to committed youth for service FLB 247:4

has withheld no, needed for His children UL 224:8

God of, weighs character and motives HP 156:2

great and essential, knowledge of God and His Word AG 303:2

grow heavenward in, not earthward TMK 191:2

hidden treasure of UL 66:4

highest, of Christ OHC 14:3

Holy Spirit gives eternal, as we unite with God TMK 160:5

Holy Spirit’s guidance assures certainty of LHU 181:2

importance of, of truth in Jesus and of salvation OHC 68:4

increase of,

by dependence on saving grace TDG 135:6

in eternity possible because God is infinite Mar 365:6

in temporal and spiritual things daily RC 159:3

with time TMK 197:4

inexhaustible, available from God LHU 76:6

intelligent, being a follower of Christ by 1MCP 156:1

knowing God is most wonderful TMK 98:5

Lamb leads redeemed by living waters and reveals LHU 361:4

need of more, by physician 3SM 53:0

Nicodemus considered to have great, but valueless with God TDG 231:3

Paul gained, through difficulties depending on Jesus TDG 191:2

people of God to grasp, taking God at His word LHU 291:6


for good only when united with piety 1MCP 16:4

to destroy in hands of enemy CC 344:5

practice made from TMK 163:3

privilege of receiving, from the greatest Teacher TMK 126:4

relationship to God important for those wanting UL 47:4

religion needed to make, valuable LHU 229:6

rocks contain treasures of OHC 252:2


Christ could have opened UL 105:5

placed between your soul and the Bible TMK 124:2

secular and spiritual, compared Mar 63:6

seeking, from God with all our strength TMK 136:3

self exalted by displaying HP 221:6

sinful, wisdom from God received by becoming fools in OHC 337:4

Source of, offers grace, prudence, discretion, judgment TMK 126:4

Spirit of God vitalizes, to serve noblest purposes 1MCP 16:2; 3SM 311:1


Christ’s words required, to be understood TMK 191:4

Cornelius led to those with, by God’s plan TDG 342:3

development of, provided for 2MCP 658:1

gained by prayerful study of Scripture TDG 150:6

God unable to teach us because of dwarfed TMK 365:2

hunger for, important; food for the brain 1MCP 92:1

important in the future Mar 148:3

lost through bustling activity OHC 281:2

needed; secret habits displease God 1MCP 317:1

spiritual understanding from UL 169:3

street, See Knowledge, sinful

suffering for want of, pray for God’s light to relieve TDG 20:5

superiority in, belief in God and His power gives RC 164:5

teacher’s lack of skill in presenting 1MCP 200:2

tree of,

fruit from, is vanity compared with holiness OHC 276:2

yields nothingness compared with holiness TDG 169:6


and abiding, only by earnest labor TDG 18:4

from diligent, humble searching of Scripture TDG 43:3

from God and returns to Him TDG 253:4

unsatisfied with superficial, of Scriptures OHC 205:2

use of, determines guilt HP 153:3

usefulness not measured by, from books TMK 193:3


like feeding on brackish waters HP 161:4

time and money spent for 1MCP 53:0

valuable only when used righteously TDG 78:4

Word of God,

contains priceless OHC 31:5

gives all essential; knowledge of Christ LHU 130:5

has more firm, consistent and far-reaching HP 135:5

imparts OHC 35:4

is the most valuable source of TMK 8:3

provides needed Mar 120:3

worldly, without knowledge of Christ is ignorance Mar 63:6

See also Books, knowledge from; Enlightenment; God, knowledge of