Partial Report of Hearing on Johnston Sunday Bill, S. 404


Not a Mere Theory

We are charged with working on theory. This is no theory. I have had an experience of nearly half a century, and I can testify, both in business and in other lines of operation, that it is possible for a man to close his business on the day that he conscientiously believes to be the Sabbath, because he chooses to do so. But to ask for legislation to close certain business to prevent some one else from getting my business, is a queer sort of legislation. RJSB 9.1

For over half a century there has been this body of people Seventh-day Adventists. They do not work on the seventh day of the week. If by reason of that they miss their employment, they seek it elsewhere; but they put conscience and the authority of God’s Word above the question of whether or not they get a satisfactory place to work. And they observe the day without any legislation. This is not theory, but a fact. RJSB 9.2

We are not speaking purely upon theory, and we are not asking—in fact, we are opposed to—legislation that would favor any day of the week, for the reason, as I have stated, that any legislation favoring any day of the week as above any other day of the week must rest upon religious ground, however much you may disguise it. RJSB 10.1