Partial Report of Hearing on Johnston Sunday Bill, S. 404


How Public Worship Should be Protected

REPRESENTATIVE CAMPBELL: Suppose that within three rods of any church there was being reared a building ten stories high, and there were one hundred workmen on it. Suppose that while church was going on next door, those one hundred workmen were using structural material in the work of constructing that building. Would you be willing to see that going on? RJSB 10.2

W. W. PRESCOTT: I would say that the same law which protects public worship should protect it every day of the week that it does not require any special legislation for any day or time. Such legislation as protects public worship should protect it every day of the week. That would be my reply. RJSB 10.3

REPRESENTATIVE KAHN: Are you a Seventh-day Adventist? RJSB 10.4

W. W. PRESCOTT: Yes, sir; I am. RJSB 10.5

REPRESENTATIVE KAHN: Suppose the Seventh-day Adventists go to church on Saturday. Suppose you were in your church on Saturday, and there was a seven-story building going up near where you were holding service. Would you ask for legislation to prevent that? RJSB 10.6

W. W. PRESCOTT: We have had that sort of experience since I can remember, and have met with it in all parts of the world, and we never, in any instance, have gone to legislatures or courts to ask for protection against disturbance on the seventh day of the week. We take what comes to us, simply. We make the best of it, and we stir up no further trouble by asking for special privileges. RJSB 11.1