Partial Report of Hearing on Johnston Sunday Bill, S. 404


“Innocent Beginnings”

Now, in the Senate discussion of this bill, gentlemen, there were some rather important statements made, that I have not time to read. But one senator, speaking of the innocent beginnings of such a law, said that out of this grows some very serious things, and he traced it from such a bill as this up to compulsory church attendance; and he said these things have “innocent begin- nings.” Now I claim this is simply the innocent beginning that means much more in the future. This tends to decide a religious controversy. It is apparent to you gentlemen, at once, when this matter comes up, that there are parties here before you who observe different days of the week. But let me say to you, gentlemen, that I would not come in here to ask you for legislation in favor of the seventh day of the week. There are sixty to seventy thousand persons in this country who demonstrate every week in the year that it is perfectly possible for citizens to respect and observe the day of their choice without asking for any legislation in any way pertaining to their day of rest. RJSB 8.4