Selected Messages Book 2


Extravagance and Influence

Among our ministers, physicians, teachers, and canvassers, there is need of an entire surrender of the mind, the heart, and the soul to God. . . . Neither dress, expensive homes, nor stylish living gives character to the work. But a meek and quiet spirit is in the sight of God of great value. Religion does not make a man course and rough. The true believer, realizing his own weakness, will guard himself at every point, and place his whole confidence in God. True Christian godliness cannot be forced; it is the outflowing of an honest heart.... 2SM 201.5

God calls for minute men, praying men, practical men. Expensive outward show does not elevate men and women in the eyes of sensible people. It is not right for a physician to make an extravagant outlay of means, and then charge exorbitant prices for performing small operations. God looks at all these matters in their true light.—Manuscript 34, 1904. 2SM 202.1