Selected Messages Book 1


Section 2—Christian Experience


Some fifteen years after Mrs. White's death the files of her unpublished writings—then at the Elmshaven office in California—were reindexed, and certain choice materials drawn from her letters and manuscripts were at that time published in leaflet form. These covered various topics of interest especially to Seventh-day Adventist workers, such as “Christian Experience,” “Methods of Labor,” “Education,” “The Church,” et cetera. These were first published as the “Elmshaven Leaflets,” but were later issued under the title Notebook Leaflets. The series grew to a total of forty-two separate items, tied together as a unit. 1SM 78.1

In the years succeeding the publication of Notebook Leaflets, such Ellen G. White works as Medical Ministry, Evangelism, Child Guidance, Welfare Ministry, and The Adventist Home, drew heavily on the manuscript sources from which the leaflets were originally selected, and provided much of the material, or closely paralleling material, in permanent book form. This has greatly lessened the mission of and the demand for the Notebook Leaflets. 1SM 78.2

Certain of the leaflets, however, miscellaneous in nature and character, relating to Christian experience and some other important topics, have not been paralleled or duplicated in the Ellen G. White books issued since her death. These are now found, here and there, in Selected Messages. The largest grouping of such Notebook Leaflets materials appears in this section dealing with Christian experience. 1SM 78.3

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