The First Report of the General Conference of Christians Expecting the Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ



Resolved, That our Committee of Correspondence be authorized to call another General Conference, as soon, and at such place, as they may deem expedient. FRGC 18.2

J. V. Himes proposed raising FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to publish the Acts of the Conference, which, being advocated in an animated address from him, and also from J. Litch, was sustained by the addresses of several others, and by the spirit and contributions of the Conference. FRGC 18.3

The Conference now sung the following hymn:- FRGC 18.4

“When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come
To call thy ransomed people home,
Shall I among them stand?
Shall such a worthless worm as I,
Who sometimes am afraid to die,
Be found at thy right hand?
FRGC 18.5

I love to meet among them now,
Before thy gracious throne to bow,
Though weakest of them all;
But can I bear the piercing thought,
To have my worthless name left out,
When thou for them shall call?
FRGC 18.6

Prevent, prevent it, by thy grace!
Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding place,
In that expected day;
Thy pard’ning voice O let me hear,
To still each unbelieving fear,
Nor let me fall, I pray.
FRGC 18.7

Let me among thy saints be found,
Whene’er th’ Archangel’s trump shall sound,
To see thy smiling face;
Then loud, through all the crowd, I’ll sing,
While heaven’s resounding mansions ring
With shouts of boundless grace.”
FRGC 18.8

And closed with the Benediction. FRGC 18.9