The First Report of the General Conference of Christians Expecting the Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ



Resolved, That we heartily approve of the establishment of the paper in Boston, Mass., called “The Signs of the Times.” edited by Joshua V. Himes, for the dissemination of light on the subject of the near approach of the glorious kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and we believe it calculated to do immense good to the souls of men, by leading them to a more diligent study of the Holy Scriptures, and awakening in them a more earnest desire and effort to be prepared for the great and glorious event. FRGC 17.4

Resolved, That we earnestly recommend that all our friends, believers in the kingdom near, exert themselves to increase its circulation, by obtaining subscribers among their acquaintances, and thus assist in extending the knowledge of the coming of the Lord, and leading men to a preparation to meet him. FRGC 17.5

“The Literalist,” a republication of sound treatises by eminent divines of England, on the doctrine of the Second Advent, now issuing from the press of Orrin Rogers, Philadelphia, Pa., we regard as a valuable auxiliary to the study of the prophets; and we cordially recommend it to the patronage of the christian public. FRGC 18.1