Millennial Harp


Lift your Heads

Lift your heads, ye friends of Jesus,
Partners in his patience here;
Christ to all believers precious,
Lord of lords, shall soon appear:
Mark the tokens,
Mark the tokens,
Mark the tokens
of his heavenly kingdom near.
MILHA 54.1

Hear all nature’s groans proclaiming
Nature’s swift approaching doom!
War, and pestilence, and famine,
Signify the wrath to come;
Cleaves the centre,
Nations rush into the tomb.
MILHA 54.2

Close behind the tribulation
Of the last tremendous days,
See the flaming Revelation!
See the universal blaze!
Earth and heaven
Melt before the Judge’s face.
MILHA 55.1

Sun and moon are both confounded,
Darken’d into endless night,
When with angel-hosts surrounded,
In his Father’s glory bright,
Beams the Savior,
Shines the everlasting light.
MILHA 55.2

See the stars from heaven falling!
Hark! on earth the doleful cry!
Men on rocks and mountains calling,
While the frowning Judge draws nigh;
Hide us, hide us,
Rock and mountains, from his eye!
MILHA 55.3

With what different exclamation
Shall the saints his banner see!
By the monuments of his passion,
By the marks received for me!
All discern him,
All with shouts cry out—“‘Tis He!”
MILHA 55.4

“Lo! ‘tis He! our heart’s desire,
Come for his espoused below;
Come to join us with the choir,
Come to make our joys o’erflow:
Palms of victory,
Crowns of glory to bestow.”
MILHA 55.5

Yes, the prize shall sure be given;
We his open face shall see:
Love, the earnest of our heaven,
Love our full reward shall be;
Love shall crown us
Kings thro’ all eternity.
MILHA 55.6