Millennial Harp


Wandering Pilgrims

Wandering pilgrims, mourning Christians,
Weak and tempted Lambs of Christ,
Who endure great tribulation,
And with sin are sore distress’d,
Christ hath sent me to invite you,
To a rich and costly feast;
Let not shame or pride prevent you,
Come the rich provision taste.
MILHA 52.1

If you have a heart lamenting
And bemoan your wretched case,
Come to Jesus Christ, repenting,
He will give you gospel grace:
If you want a heart to fear him,
Love and serve him here below;
With your troubles now draw near him,
He the blessing will bestow.
MILHA 53.1

If, like poor Bartimaeus blinded,
You bewail the want of sight,
Cry to Jesus, son of David,
He will give you gospel light:
If no one appear to help you,
All their efforts prove but talk:
Jesus ready waits to heal, you,
He will bid you rise and walk.
MILHA 53.2

If, like Peter, you are sinking
In the sea of unbelief;
Wait with patient, constant praying,
Christ will grant you sweet relief.
Are you weary, heavy laden?
He will give you sweet repose;
Bear his light and easy burden,
He shall conquer all your foes.
MILHA 53.3

He will give you grace and glory,
All your wants shall be supplied:
Canaan, Canaan, lies before you,
Rise, and cross the swelling tide.
Death shall not destroy your comfort,
Christ shall guide you thro’ the gloom,
Down he’ll send an heavenly convoy,
To convey you to his home.
MILHA 53.4