Millennial Harp


“Lead me to the Rock.”

O, Savior of sinners, when faint and depressed,
With manifold trials and sorrows oppressed,
I’ll bow at thy feet, and with confidence cry,
“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I!”
MILHA 46.4

When tempted by Satan the Spirit to grieve,
And the service of Christ, my Redeemer to leave,
I’ll claim my relation to Jesus on high-
The Rock of salvation, that’s higher than I!
MILHA 46.5

When judgments, O Lord, are abroad in the land,
And merited vengeance descends from thy hand!
O’erwhelmed with the sight, for protection I’ll fly,
And hide in the Rock, that is higher than I!
MILHA 46.6

When summoned by death before God to appear,
By free-grace supported I’ll yield without fear!
Most gladly I’ll venture with Jesus on high,
To enter the Rock that is higher than I!
MILHA 46.7

‘Tis there, with the chosen of Jesus, I long
To dwell, and eternally join in the song,
Of praising and blessing with angels on high,
Christ Jesus, the Rock that it higher than I!
MILHA 46.8