Millennial Harp


The Lord is our Shepherd

The Lord is our Shepherd, our guardian and guide;
Whatever we want, he will kindly provide.
To th’sheep of his pasture his mercies abound.
His care and protection his flock will surround.
MILHA 45.1

The Lord is our Shepherd; what then shall we fear,
What danger can frighten us while he is near?
Not when the time calls us to walk thro’ the vale
Of the shadow of death, shall our hearts ever fail.
MILHA 46.1

Tho’ afraid of ourselves, to pursue the dark way,
Thy rod and thy staff be our comfort and stay;
For we know by thy guidance, when once it is past,
To a fountain of life it will bring us at last.
MILHA 46.2

The Lord is become our salvation and song,
His blessings have follow’d us all our life long;
His name will we praise while we have any breath;
Be cheerful in life, and be happy in death.
MILHA 46.3