Millennial Harp


Sons of Zion

Come, all ye sons of Zion,
Who are waiting for salvation,
Have your lamps trim’d and burning,
For, behold the proclamation.
Saying, “All things now are ready
For the poor and for the needy;
All my fatlings now are kill’d,
And prepared on the table.
MILHA 28.1

O what a happy meeting,
When salvation is completed,
And tribulation’s ended,
And the spotless robe prepared,
For the Bride to be adorn’d,
In the jasper wall be crowned,
Saying, “Worthy is the Lamb,“
In the new Jerusalem.
MILHA 28.2

O sinners, don’t be be doubting,
While the sons of God are shouting;
Come and join the happy army,
And there’s nothing that will harm you.
If you follow Christ the Savior,
And break off your bad behavior,
And repent and be converted,
You may sing his praises too.
MILHA 28.3