Millennial Harp


What sound is this

From the Wesleyan Harp

What sound is this salutes my ear?
‘Tis Gabriel’s trump methinks I hear,
‘Tis Gabriel’s trump methinks I hear;
The expected day has come.
Behold the heav’ns, the earth, the sea,
Proclaim the year of Jubilee,
Proclaim the year of Jubilee,
Return, ye exiles, home.
MILHA 26.1

Behold the fair Jerusalem,
Illuminated by the Lamb,
Illuminated by the Lamb,
In glory doth appear.
Fair Zion rising from the tombs,
To meet the Bridegroom, lo! he comes,
To meet the Bridegroom, lo! he comes,
And hails the festive year.
MILHA 26.2

My soul is striving to be there;
I long to rise and wing the air,
And trace the sacred road.
Adieu, adieu, all earthly things;
O that I had an angel’s wings,
I’d quickly see my God.
MILHA 27.1

Fly, lingering moments, fly, O fly,
I thirst, I pant, I long to try,
Angelic joys to prove!
Soon shall I quit this house of clay,
Clap my glad wings and soar away,
And shout redeeming love.
MILHA 27.2