Reflecting Christ


Every True Christian to Be a Light Bearer, July 2

I am the light of the world. John 9:5. RC 197.1

God desires us to shine as lights in the world. Darkness has covered the earth, and gross darkness the people; and Christ says to His followers, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” We are to give the light of truth to others, ever asking, ever receiving, ever imparting, working in all simplicity through the sanctification of the Spirit. RC 197.2

Christ pointed out the position His people should occupy when He said, “Ye are the light of the world.” From the members of the church there is to go forth an influence which shall enlighten others. The Light-giver arranges the lamps so that all in His house (the world) may be enlightened. He has an inexhaustible supply of light, and He places those who truly believe in Him where they will shine brighter and brighter. Constantly our light is to increase in brightness because we are constantly receiving light from the Source of all light. Beholding Christ, we are to become changed into His image, reflecting His light to the world. RC 197.3

Each soul united to Christ becomes a light in God's house. Each is to receive and impart, letting his light shine forth in clear, bright rays. We are held responsible by God if we do not let light shine to those who are in darkness. God has given each member of His church the work of giving light to the world, and those who faithfully act their part in this work will receive an increasing supply of light to impart. By His Spirit the Lord will mold and fashion the human agent, quickening his energies, and giving him light wherewith to enlighten others. RC 197.4

Life always shows itself in action. If the heart is living, it will send the lifeblood to every part of the body. Those whose hearts are filled with spiritual life will not need to be urged to reveal this life. The divine life will flow forth from them in rich currents of grace. As they pray, and as they speak, God is glorified. RC 197.5

There is no limit to the Lord's efficiency. He is prepared to advance and to add new territory to His kingdom; but His people must do their part in carrying forward this work. “Ask, and it shall be given you” is the promise. Our part is to rest on the word with unwavering faith, believing that God will do according to His promise. Let faith cut its way through the shadows of the enemy. When a questioning doubt arises, go to Christ, and let the soul be encouraged by communion with Him. The redemption He has purchased for us is complete. The offering He made was plenteous and without stint. Heaven has a never-failing supply of help for all who need help.—The Bible Echo, June 11, 1900. RC 197.6