My Life Today

Morning and Evening Worship, January 25

Family Worship in My Life

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker. Psalm 95:6. ML 29.1

The Lord has a special interest in the families of His children here below. Angels offer the smoke of the fragrant incense for the praying saints. Then in every family let prayer ascend to heaven both at morning and at the cool sunset hour, in our behalf presenting before God the Saviour's merits. Morning and evening the heavenly universe takes notice of every praying household.67Manuscript 19, 1900. ML 29.2

Come in humility with a heart full of tenderness and with a sense of the temptations and dangers before yourselves and your children; by faith bind them upon the altar, entreating for them the care of the Lord. Ministering angels will guard children who are thus dedicated to God.68Testimonies for the Church 1:397, 398. ML 29.3

Family worship should not be governed by circumstances. You are not to pray occasionally, and when you have a large day's work, neglect it. In thus doing you lead your children to look upon prayer as of no special consequence. Prayer means very much to the children of God, and thank offerings should come up before God morning and evening. Says the Psalmist, “O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.” 69Manuscript 12, 1898. ML 29.4

It should be a pleasure to worship the Lord.... He desires that those who come to worship Him shall carry away with them precious thoughts of His care and love, that they may be cheered in all the employments of daily life, that they may have grace to deal honestly and faithfully in all things.70Steps to Christ, 103. ML 29.5

In the home it is possible to have a little church which will honor and glorify the Redeemer.71Manuscript 102, 1901. ML 29.6


When we have good home religion we will have excellent meeting religion.72Manuscript 13, 1888. ML 29.7