The Wedding Band, Ellen G. White, and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church


B. An Analysis of the Passage: EGW Raises at Least FOUR Major ISSUES:

1. The Issue of Influence: she holds that the wearing by American missionaries in Australia in 18921 is unnecessary for the following reasons: WBEGWSDAC 6.3

a. If the church worker has a pure, holy character, it will be evident in fruitage in his life. Therefore his influence will be secure.

b. The fact that non-compliance [by Americans in Australia in 1892] occasions public comment is insufficient reason for adoption of the custom; Americans can always say plainly that it is not [for them, in 1892, in Australia] a national custom, even in their own country.

c. The irrelevance of the custom:

1. Wearing is not a proof of marital fidelity

2. Abstinence from wearing is not proof of marital infidelity.

d. Compliance [by Americans, in Australia, in 1892] will not enhance their influence “down under”:

1. If one is a Christian, the evidence of Christ-likeness will be borne as fruit in the character.

2. The true Christian will always manifest the Spirit of the Master by reflecting His beauty of character, loveliness of disposition, and sympathetic heart.

2. The Issue of Leavening of the Church [in America]: WBEGWSDAC 6.4

a. The wearing of the wedding band [in America by SDAs, in 1892] is another example of conformity [there] to custom/fashion, insidiously coming in among our people [there] [since the wearing of it is not a national custom there in 1892].

3. The Issue of Stewardship of Finances: WBEGWSDAC 7.1

a. Not one penny should be spent [by Americans, in 1892] for this purpose.

4. The Issue of Individual Conscience: WBEGWSDAC 7.2

a. We recognize and accept the fact that the wearing of the wedding band is a matter of imperative social obligation in some countries [in 1892].

b. As such, we have no burden to condemn the wearing of it, under those circumstances.

c. We leave this matter, therefore, at the altar of personal conscience, to be decided between the individual Christian and his God.