Ellen G. White and Her Critics



Principal Sources

In the writing of this book we have drawn, principally, from the following Sources: EGWC 679.1

1. Certain Millerite publications. These have been chiefly used in writing chapter 13, which gives the historical background of Seventh-day Adventism. EGWC 679.2

2. Certain current medical works. These have been drawn upon in the writing of the section: “Were Mrs. White’s Visions Due to Nervous Disorders?” EGWC 679.3

3. The writings of the critics of Mrs. White, chiefly from two books by D. M. Canright. Other critics have largely borrowed from him. Their Writings consist of pamphlets, tracts, and articles, most of them short-lived, but soon reincarnated in some variant form and under some new name and title, and by a new publisher. Sometimes no name or publisher is given. Such secondary, ephemeral literature hardly rates bibliographical notice. EGWC 679.4

4. Other non-Seventh-day Adventist works in the fields of history, sociology, theology, literary practices, etc. EGWC 679.5

5. The writings of Ellen G. White. These consist of broadsides, pamphlets, books, periodical articles, manuscripts on various subjects, and personal letters. Almost all the manuscripts and letters are filed in the office of the Ellen G. White Publications. EGWC 679.6

6. The writings of other founders and spokesmen for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These consist of books, pamphlets, articles in Seventh-day Adventist papers, and letters. The early Seventh-day Adventist books, the files of old church publications, and the manuscript material are found chiefly in (1) the library of the Review and Herald Publishing Association, (2) the Archives of the Ellen G. White Publications, (3) the Advent Source Collection, in the library of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. All are located at Takoma Park, Washington, D.C. EGWC 679.7

For a rather complete bibliography of Millerite publications the reader is referred to the author’s The Midnight Cry. EGWC 679.8

Note.—The term bound book describes volumes bound in cloth, leather, etc., in contrast to those in paper covers. EGWC 679.9