Ellen G. White and Her Critics


Appendix B: Perpetuity of the Gifts

[Under the above head there appeared in the Review and Herald (beginning September 29, 1949) a series of articles by W. E. Read, that gives special attention to the phrase, “the testimony of Jesus,” in the book of the Revelation. With the kind permission of its author, we give here the series.] EGWC 543.3

Not only the writers of the New Testament but the prophets of the Old Testament tell about the church of the last days. In the main, they call it the remnant of the people of God. In the Holy Scriptures we find listed a number of important characteristics of those who are waiting for the return of the Saviour. We might profitably meditate on the following references to the remnant: EGWC 543.4

1. They will be gathered. (Isaiah 11:11.) EGWC 543.5

2. They will be a peculiar people, distinguished from all others. (Micah 5:7, 8.) EGWC 543.6

3. They will travel the highway of holiness. (Isaiah 11:16; 35:8.) EGWC 543.7

4. They will keep the commandments of God. (Revelation 12:17.) EGWC 543.8

5. They will have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 12:17.) EGWC 543.9

6. They will be saved from sin. (Zephaniah 3:13.) EGWC 543.10

7. They will be saved in the kingdom of God. (Romans 9:27.) EGWC 543.11

It will be observed that one of the special features of the remnant church is “the testimony of Jesus Christ.” This expression occurs in this form in the book of Revelation only; and seeing that it is specifically mentioned as one of the marks of God’s remnant people, we do well to investigate and seek to understand what the Lord means by it. EGWC 543.12

In Revelation 19:10 John calls it “the spirit of prophecy.” If this refers to one of the gifts of the Spirit, of which prophecy was one (1 Corinthians 12:10), it would certainly indicate that spiritual gifts would be seen in the true church in the last days. EGWC 544.1

This question, however, has been one upon which there has been considerable discussion in the Christian church for centuries. Most people believe that such gifts as prophecy and healing ceased just after apostolic days. Let us study this question and seek to ascertain what the New Testament suggests so far as the perpetuity of spiritual gifts is concerned. EGWC 544.2