Ellen G. White and Her Critics


The Nature of Our Claim for Mrs. White

We do not say that every letter that Mrs. White ever wrote to anyone displays inspired insights—some of them were patently only friendly epistles, and not intended to give special counsel. Nor do we dogmatically assert that nowhere in the great array of letters she wrote through the years can be found no instances of apparent failure to disclose the actual facts or no apparent contradictions. We cannot make such a claim for the writers of the Bible. The critics of the Holy Book keep us reminded on that point of apparent errors and contradictions in the Bible. But we answer them that the evidence of divine direction in the writings of the ancient prophets is so overwhelming that a reasonable person will not permit the few apparent exceptions to decide the case, but rather, will conclude that those seeming exceptions could be explained if only we had the full details or could reconstruct the historical framework of the incidents. EGWC 514.4

We should not be asked to prove more for the writings of Mrs. White, including her testimonies to various individuals. Faith may sometimes be required in dealing with certain details that appear to contradict the claim to a divine origin for her writings—faith is needed in relation to some Bible passages. But rank credulity is required if we are to believe that those writings had no higher source than Mrs. White’s mind—aided by a steady stream of gossip! EGWC 515.1

Note.—See Appendixes L and N. EGWC 515.2