Ellen G. White and Her Critics


Chapter 32—Was Mrs. White “Influenced to Write Testimonies”?

Charge: Mrs. White’s allegedly inspired testimonies to different persons presented only what she had learned from gossip, or what some interested party had influenced her to write. She really had no more enlightenment than anyone else. She included the names of people in her early printed testimonies. Later she left them out. That proves false her claim that God directed her writing. That she had no special inspiration is further revealed in her claim to reveal hidden sins, which claim she could not support. EGWC 487.1

As might be expected, certain “proofs” in support of this charge are wholly in the realm of rumor and hearsay, with no documentary evidence submitted for examination. No reasonable person will expect us to take time considering seriously, for example, an alleged conversation of the long ago that is said to have disclosed damaging evidence against Mrs. White, but which conversation, if it really took place, was recorded only in the memory of an avowed enemy of Mrs. White. When such worthless “proofs” are eliminated there remain two specific exhibits in the writings of Mrs. White’s most voluminous critic that can be examined. EGWC 487.2