Ellen G. White and Her Critics


Critics Do Not Indict Paul or John

No lover of the Bible would indict Paul, for example, or John, for speaking of Christ’s coming as near, and accordingly exhorting their immediate hearers to readiness for the day of deliverance. The exhortation to readiness is the only consistent sequel to the declaration concerning the shortness of time. EGWC 340.2

But the coming of Christ brings not only deliverance to the righteous but destruction to the wicked, including slave masters. Then is not Mrs. White squarely following the prophetic pattern when, in harmony with her declarations concerning the nearness of the end, she warns the wicked, in this instance the slave masters, that judgment awaits them? EGWC 340.3

True, those very slave masters in mid-nineteenth century who may have heard or read her words, have gone to their graves. But where have those first-century Christians gone who read Paul’s epistles of exhortation? To their graves! EGWC 340.4