Ellen G. White and Her Critics


Protestant Sects and 666

There is also certain evidence that some of the pioneers thought that the 666 was constituted of that many Protestant sects. Early in 1851 Otis Nichols published a prophetic chart for the pioneer Sabbathkeeping ministers to use. Under the pictorial representation of the “Image of Papacy” is found the view that the Protestant churches number 666. EGWC 287.2

In May, 1851, we find J. N. Andrews writing thus: EGWC 287.3

“An image to the beast then must be another church clothed with civil power and authority to put the saints of God to death. This can be nothing else but the corrupt and fallen Protestant church.... The Protestant church may, if taken as a whole, be considered as a unit; but how near its different sects number six hundred three score and six, may be a matter of interest to determine.”—The Review and Herald, May 19, 1851, pp. 84, 85. EGWC 287.4

Even as late as 1860 we find Andrews writing thus on the subject of the two-horned beast: EGWC 288.1

“The image it appears is made up by legalizing the various classes that will acknowledge the blasphemous claims of the beast, by taking his mark. Every class that will therefore acknowledge the authority of the beast may be legalized and form a part of this image; but when this is accomplished, woe to all dissenters. It is thus that we understand the number of the beast as six hundred three-score and six. The mark will determine to which class each individual belongs.”—J. N. ANDREWS, The Three Messages of Revelation XIV, 6-12. Particularly the Third Angel’s Message, and Two-horned Beast (1860 ed.), p. 103. EGWC 288.2