Ellen G. White and Her Critics


Two More Charges Follow Closely

Thus we come to the end of our consideration of the charge that Mrs. White believed in no more mercy for sinners for a seven-year period following October 22, 1844. Probably the reader will be curious, now, to know why a specific seven-year period is mentioned. That draws us into a consideration of the charge that Mrs. White believed and taught that Christ would actually come in the autumn of 1851. We shall also find, when we are studying that charge, that it is interwoven with still another; namely, that certain of the sentences dealing with the shut door in Mrs. White’s earliest visions were deleted from later printings to conceal the fact that she thus once believed. It is alleged that she changed her views because she decided at the last moment that Christ would not come in 1851, and that therefore this fact of suppression of early statements provides an added and most weighty argument in support of the charge that Mrs. White originally taught there was no more mercy for sinners. In the following chapters these charges will be considered. EGWC 252.2