Medical Ministry


United Action Necessary

It is the Lord's design that in every place men and women shall have the privilege of developing their talents by preparing healthful foods from the natural products of their section of their country. No man is to forbid them. If they look to God, exercising their skill and ingenuity under the guidance of His Spirit, they will learn how to prepare natural products into healthful foods. Thus they will be able to teach the poor how to prepare foods that will take the place of flesh-meat. MM 268.1

Those thus helped can in turn instruct others. Such a work will yet be done. If it had been done before, there would today be many more people in the truth than there are, and we should have had many more who could give instruction than we have. Let us learn what our duty is, and then do it. We are not to be dependent and helpless, trusting in human beings.—Manuscript 85, 1902. MM 268.2