Medical Ministry


Incentives to Activity

Some may say, “If the Lord is coming soon, what need is there to establish schools, sanitariums, and food factories? What need is there for our young people to learn trades?” MM 268.3

It is the Lord's design that we shall constantly improve the talents He has given us. We cannot do this unless we use them. The prospect of Christ's soon coming should not lead us to idleness. Instead, it should lead us to do all we possibly can to bless and benefit humanity. No idler is guiltless in the Lord's sight. MM 268.4

Bible religion never makes men idlers. We believe that Christ's coming is near. Then let everyone make the most of his God-given time in seeking to prepare himself and others for this great event. Teach the importance of life's duties to those who are wasting their opportunities. MM 268.5

Work for the intemperate man and the tobacco user, telling them that no drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of God and that “there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth.” Show them the good they could do with the money they now spend for that which does them only harm.—Letter 25, 1902. MM 268.6