Medical Ministry


Consideration for an Injured Worker

When one of your number is injured at his work, as was the case some time ago, deal with him as you would like to be dealt with under similar circumstances. Show Christlike sympathy. This is God's way of dealing. Anything short of this is not true justice or nobility. MM 171.3

Special care should have been shown in dealing with the one hurt; for he was an unbeliever. You have reason to thank your heavenly Father that his life was spared. MM 171.4

If the one injured has to be taken to the sanitarium, the charge made for his treatment should be light, if any charge at all is made. And let it also be considered if justice does not require that his wages be paid during the time that he is away from his work because of the accident. MM 171.5

In no case is advantage to be taken of any worker; for all things are open before the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. He requires that integrity be cherished in the soul and revealed in the life.—Letter 58, 1902. MM 172.1