Ellen G. White Statements Relating to Geology and Earth Sciences


Evidence of Changes Made by the Flood

God Presides Over All the Earth—On our journey westward [across the United States] we have been watching to catch everything new and interesting in the scenery. We have looked upon the lofty, terraced mountains in their majestic beauty, with their rocky battlements resembling grand old castles. These mountains speak to us of the desolating wrath of God in vindication of His broken law; for they were heaved up by the stormy convulsions of the flood. They are like mighty waves that at the voice of God stood still—stiffened billows, arrested in their proudest swell. These towering mountains belong to God; He presides over their rocky fastness. The wealth of their mines is His also, and so are the deep places of the earth.—The Review and Herald, February 24, 1885. EGWSRGES 52.8

Rocks Bear Witness to Destruction of the World by Water—When our Creator formed the world to be a habitation for man, its arrangements were prepared by the God of wisdom to help the mental as well as the physical wants of man. The great Architect has formed and fashioned the scenes of nature that they may have an important bearing upon man’s intellectual and moral character. These are to be God’s school to educate the mind and morals. Here the mind may have a vast field for study in the display of the majestic works of the Infinite One. EGWSRGES 53.1

The rocks are among the precious things of earth, containing treasures of wisdom and knowledge. In the rocks and mountains are registered the fact that God did destroy the wicked from off the earth by a flood, and the broken surface of the earth reveals, in the gigantic rocks and towering mountains, that the Lord’s power has done this because of the wickedness of men in the transgression of His law. The ever-varying scenery that meets the eye is the work of the God of wisdom, that in His stupendous works men may discern that there is a living God whose power is unlimited. The marvelous works of majesty are to refine the soul and to soften the roughness of man’s nature, to help him in character building.—Ms 73, 1886. EGWSRGES 53.2

John the Revelator Beheld on Patmos Evidences of the Flood—The apostle [John] beheld around him [on the island of Patmos] the witness of the flood, which deluged the earth because the inhabitants [of the antediluvian world] ventured to transgress the law of God. The rocks, thrown up from the great deep and from the earth, by the breaking forth of the waters, brought vividly to his mind the terrors of that awful outpouring of God’s wrath.—The Review and Herald, March 1, 1881. EGWSRGES 53.3

Rocks Bearing Appearance of Great Age—Rocks, rocks everywhere [near Cheyenne, Wyoming], bearing the appearance of great age. Rocks cast up like fortifications seem as though placed by a workman. I see at this moment immense rocks of singular shape composed of sand and coarse gravel.—Letter 26, 1872. EGWSRGES 53.4