Ellen G. White Statements Relating to Geology and Earth Sciences


Chapter 6—Authentic History Of The Beginning Of Our World

Authentic Account of Creation—In God’s Word only we find an authentic account of creation. Here we behold the power that laid the foundation of the earth, and that stretched out the heavens.—The Review and Herald, July 11, 1882. EGWSRGES 16.1

The Bible and Nature on Agree Because They Have the Same Author—The Bible is the most instructive and comprehensive history that has ever been given to the world. Its sacred pages contain the only authentic account of the Creation. Here we behold the power that “stretched forth the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth.” Here we have a truthful history of the human race, one that is unmarred by human prejudice or human pride.... EGWSRGES 17.1

There is harmony between nature and Christianity; for both have the same Author. The book of nature and the book of revelation indicate the working of the same divine mind. There are lessons to be learned in nature; and there are lessons, deep, earnest, and all-important lessons, to be learned from the book of God.—The Review and Herald, August 19, 1884. EGWSRGES 17.2

The Divine Philosophy of Sacred History to be Studied—The history of the world from the beginning is contained in Genesis. There it is revealed that all nations who forget God and discard His way and His sign of obedience, which distinguishes between the just and the unjust, the righteous and the wicked, the saved and the unsaved, will be destroyed. The first books of the Bible, which trace down the history of nations, including the destruction of the old world, show the overruling providence of God, which from generation to generation has provided for the education of a chosen people. The plainly written word in regard to the just and the unjust is a living testimony in regard to those whom the Lord will sanctify. None who live in disobedience can receive His blessing. Only those who are obedient can receive this. EGWSRGES 17.3

The Lord calls upon all to study the divine philosophy of sacred history, written by Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The first family placed upon the earth is a sample of all families which will exist till the close of time. There is much to study in this history in order that we may understand the divine plan for the human race. This plan is plainly defined, and the prayerful, consecrated soul will become a learner of the thought and purpose of God from the beginning till the close of this earth’s history. He will realize that Jesus Christ, one with the Father, was the great mover in all progress, the One who is the source of all the purification and elevation of the human race.—Ms. 85, 1899. EGWSRGES 17.4

An Authentic Account of the Origin of Evil and Early History—We are dependent on the Bible for a knowledge of the early history of our world, of the creation of man, and of his fall. Remove the Word of God, and what can we expect than to be left to fables and conjectures, and to that enfeebling of the intellect which is the sure result of entertaining error. We need the authentic history of the origin of the earth, of the fall of the covering cherub, and of the introduction of sin into our world. Without the Bible, we should be bewildered by false theories. The mind would be subjected to the tyranny of superstition and falsehood. But having in our possession an authentic history of the beginning of our world, we need not hamper ourselves with human conjectures and unreliable theories.—Medical Ministry, 89 (Ms 42, 1904). EGWSRGES 17.5

An Authentic Account of Creation—The divine Mind and Hand has preserved through the ages the record of creation in its purity. It is the Word of God alone that gives us an authentic account of the creation of our world.—Letter 64, 1909; The Review and Herald, November 11, 1909. EGWSRGES 17.6

Knowledge in SDA Schools—The light has been given me that tremendous pressures will be brought upon every Seventh-day Adventist with whom the world can get into close connection. We need to understand these things. Those who seek the education that the world esteems so highly, are gradually led farther and farther from the principles of truth until they become educated worldlings. At what a price have they gained their education! They have parted with the Holy Spirit of God. They have chosen to accept what the world calls knowledge in the place of the truths which God has committed to men through His ministers and prophets and apostles. And there are some who having secured this worldly education think that they can introduce it into our schools. But let me tell you that you must not take what the world calls the higher education and bring it into our schools and sanitariums and churches. I speak to you definitely. This must not be done.... EGWSRGES 18.1

The divine Mind and Hand has preserved through the ages the record of creation in its purity. It is the Word of God alone that gives to us an authentic account of the creation of our world.—Letter 84, 1909. EGWSRGES 18.2

Creation Record Preserved In Its Purity—I am instructed that we are to carry the minds of our students higher than it is now thought to be possible. Heart and mind are to be trained to preserve their purity by receiving daily supplies from the fountain of eternal truth. The divine Mind and Hand have preserved through the ages the record of creation in its purity. It is the Word of God alone that gives to us an authentic account of the creation of our world. This Word is to be the chief study in our schools.—Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, 13. (Published in 1913.) EGWSRGES 18.3