Ellen G. White Statements Concerning Cancer

Pork and Cancer

God expressly commanded the children of Israel not to eat swine’s flesh. The heathen used this meat as an article of food. God prohibited the Hebrews the use of swine’s flesh because it was hurtful. It would fill the system with humors, and in that warm climate often produced leprosy. Its influence upon the system in that climate was far more injurious than in a colder climate. But God never designed the swine to be eaten under any circumstances.... EGWSCC 1.15

In order to preserve health, temperance in all things is necessary. Temperance in labor, temperance in eating and drinking. Because of intemperance a great amount of misery has been brought upon the human family. The eating of pork has produced scrofula, leprosy, and cancerous humors. Pork-eating is still causing the most intense suffering to the human race.—Spiritual Gifts 4a:146 EGWSCC 1.16

Those who subsist largely upon flesh meats inflame the stomach, thereby the blood becomes torpid and impure, headaches and indisposition follow. The system is filled with humors; fevers, scrofula and cancers are the consequences. Especially is this true of those who eat swine’s flesh. Yet so great is the tendency to ignore these evils that few can be brought to realize the true effects of this sort of diet upon the human system.—The Signs of the Times, January 6, 1876. EGWSCC 1.17